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  • Hiking with Friends

    2/24/2020 12:47:00 AM, by ALIHIKES

    Barbara, Hanne, and I enjoyed a beautiful hike along the Deshutes River. We are having very little snow this year. The hiking is glorious; but we are all worried about drought. Our region relies on snowmelt for our water supply. In the meantime, we are enjoying beautifu... Read more

  • Forgetting the phone

    2/23/2020 11:22:29 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Sometimes I think this is something one should do on purpose. Yesterday I took advantage of a kind offer by a friend who had extra tickets to the last home game of our local University's women's basketball team. "Just in time", I picked up kid sis ALICIA363 to use one of the extra tickets, sin... Read more

  • xxxx Monday 10k+ day 22 of streak 2beers

    2/23/2020 11:18:38 AM, by JOE14250

    Carrom balance board 12:55 min no F 11 AM In just sox. walked the Awbury Arboretum with my wife and checked out the Philly goat project. Got in the 10k+ steps and went to brew pub for an early dinner.... Read more

  • The Food Tracker is My New BFF

    2/23/2020 10:42:32 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    For 11 years here on SP I resisted tracking food. Then, two months ago, I started daily food tracking and now can't go a day without it. It has been an invaluable tool and I can't believe what a bonehead I've been about doing it. (smiling) Wishing all a fun day. "Ours is a world where p... Read more

  • Cardinals!!

    2/23/2020 10:16:41 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Cardinals stay all winter in my neighbourhood. They're not particularly active . . . and their feathers (both male and female) are rather subdued. . They come to our feeders: but not every day. . And I see them on my lunch time walks too. They are mostly silent, although som... Read more

  • Daily Highlight 357 - What Was I Thinking

    2/23/2020 9:52:01 AM, by NANCY-

    ✨ Highlight - Oh my, oh my, oh my! I remember as young child cutting off all fat and was meticulous about it. However, temptation won out at the deli. Traditional for Polish pączki (doughnuts) and other fond memory items were purchased. My body does not like fried or greasy food. It rebelled, and le... Read more

  • 211.4 Day 22/23 will walk with sweet wife 0 beers 23/40 for February

    2/23/2020 9:31:30 AM, by JOE14250

    Walked with my "Little" brother BBBS We walked Nolde Forest SP nice kid a 9 year old into Pokeman. Carrom balance board 9 min no touches 10349 steps overall finished at 11PM. Already doubled the streak goal! 0 beer 23/40 I will make the February weight goal! ... Read more

  • decluttering for Lent

    2/23/2020 9:02:26 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Best app for tracking habits?

    2/23/2020 5:37:39 AM, by HAKAPES

    It sounds like a simple thing, still, I didn't find the solution. I need a good app to track my habits. As I discovered, tracking habits helps a lot. I used paper sheets with a calendar, where I made a big checkmark for each day completed. I even created nice templates that showed rewards,... Read more

  • Day 20: no sugary snacks

    2/23/2020 5:31:58 AM, by SUNSHINE20113

    Twenty days! Only ten left. Although I am now thinking of extending this to another 30 days, with the allowance of a piece of dark chocolate in the evenings. I haven't quite decided, yet, though. Why? Because I feel much better, now, emotionally. Just more balanced. And, I'm not jumping on the... Read more

  • We Are on Our Way to South America!

    2/23/2020 1:10:21 AM, by KALISWALKER

    Today I finished packing for my trip to South America. My medium sized suitcase weighs 35 pounds, but I am allowed 50 pounds. I have a carry-on duffel that is almost empty, so I can do a little shopping. I wasn't sure what to pack or how much. I have 3 pairs of pants, 2 dresses, a romper, 4 pair of ... Read more

  • What are we afraid of?

    2/22/2020 8:12:58 PM, by POSITIVEHOPE

    This journey stirs things up in our heads. Old wounds resurface. Old guilt trips resurface. It is a lot to face and I’m glad I’m not facing it alone. Fear of failure is there. We’ve all tried our best through the years and then given up. The reasons for being on this journey don’t disappear, t... Read more

  • The Problem with "Finding My Why"

    2/22/2020 2:06:43 PM, by A-NEW-CHAPTER

    I've struggled with "finding my why" ever since I joined Sparkpeople. I've written about that before so I won't repeat my struggles here -- but my latest thought on the 'why' problem is that I can't see it. Goal setting always starts with having a good reason for achieving your goal. I state th... Read more

  • Henry Joy

    2/22/2020 12:56:27 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    Henry (my 8 month old golden retriever) is the epitome of joy in the moment. He lets life live him. When I got him up this morning, he greeted me exuberantly. Wag wag wag in a blur, on his hind legs. Kisses! Brought me a personally-selected toy (today, his big red kong!) And then wanted to g... Read more

  • 784

    2/22/2020 9:26:14 AM, by BCHARIE

    Here's a cute little guy to brighten your day. Sun is shining 🌞 through my window, blinding me but who would move. The light streams through reviving my withered soul after days of gray. It's still crazy cold and listening to the weather report last night made me shiver. Cold rain/ s... Read more

  • Daily Highlight 356 - Pushing Through

    2/22/2020 8:33:11 AM, by NANCY-

    ✨ Highlight - Still working on regaining my stamina and getting stronger to reduce the back spasms. Just walking any distance is challenging, I envy those who can go for a walk. I count my blessings that I still can do what I can, but I want more. Now I am able to push myself to do a bit more. When ... Read more

  • The Craving Brain: Neuroscience of Uncontrollable Urges

    2/22/2020 8:08:35 AM, by WHITE-2
    v=p0lL1MN2yCs What I learned in the first 15-20 minutes: Even after more than 20 years of abstinence, after using even a limited / small amount of the substance, an ex-addict will go straight back to the level of use that they had back when they were ful... Read more

  • Day 19: no sugary snacks

    2/22/2020 6:50:16 AM, by SUNSHINE20113

    Not too much to say about today that I haven't said before. This morning, I really wanted a hot chocolate, and yet again, I had to work to persuade myself not to. My husband is ill with a fever (caught from my son) and my in-laws were arriving - so these were the reasons for the need for... Read more

  • Overate at dinner

    2/21/2020 9:57:27 PM, by A-NEW-CHAPTER

    Hubby came home with fish and chips - and side salads - and dessert. A pig-out! I hadn't planned on it; I'd had a lot of carbs for the day already. At least I skipped dessert. And I didn't eat all the fries - it was a huge portion - and I took some of the batter off the fish to try to minimize the ... Read more

  • Refusing to Give In or Up

    2/21/2020 6:33:43 PM, by SPICY23

    Admittedly I panicked last weekend after getting my lab results and then checking my own data by testing at home. Yes, it scared me. I don't understand the results I am seeing. They don't make sense. My PCP added some tests to confirm that I have not somehow suddenly become a Type 1 diabetic in dang... Read more

  • Walked Anyway

    2/21/2020 5:11:49 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Casey and I got our walk in today. Most of the day I just rested, trying to get over this cold. Hope to be more active and productive tomorrow.... Read more

  • "The better we feel about ourselves...

    2/21/2020 1:13:27 PM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    the fewer times we have to knock somebody else down to feel tall." Odetta Not much to say today. I just like to stop in and wish all a happy, healthy day.... Read more

  • Daily Highlight 355 - 10 More To Go

    2/21/2020 9:11:49 AM, by NANCY-

    ✨ Highlight - Ten more days to a year's worth of highlights. So many highlights. Hope you enjoy the highlights in your life. 🎁 Grateful - SparkPeople and SP friends have helped me make changes. For the internet to help me connect.... Read more

  • 213.0 Day20 /21 Friday biked 8 miles 0 beers 23/40 b

    2/21/2020 8:51:58 AM, by JOE14250

    biked the highlands trail, it was cold, but invigorating. Did do Carrom balance board this morning 5:23 interrupted by phone call robo call at that. no touches.... Read more

  • To A Skylark, With Apologies to Percy Bysshe Shelley!

    2/21/2020 7:47:16 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    We look before and after, And pine for what is not . . . Yes, that's good ol' Percy Bysshe Shelley, a little excerpt from his incredibly overwrought (at least, to my sensibility) "To a Skylark". Of all the Romantic poets, perhaps the leading exponent of UPE: Ultra Processed Emoti... Read more

  • Day 18: no sugary snacks

    2/21/2020 4:53:38 AM, by SUNSHINE20113

    Another no sugary snack day. Also a week where I have cooked meals every night. Not the healthiest meals - last night was hamburgers - but at least it was made at home, right? I know the whole family will slowly adjust to home-cooked food again. This is me stepping in that direction. I wa... Read more

  • scientific research

    2/20/2020 5:59:38 PM, by CTUPTON
    l_exercise In NOOM (a weight loss app) I learned about a brain chemical that helps cognitive function and in general making more brain cells. Whoopee! BDNF brain derived neurotropic factor 58 So how can we get more of ... Read more

  • Limited Walk

    2/20/2020 5:38:29 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Due to a bad cold and congestion, I'm not feeling very good, but I thought getting outside for a few minutes would help. So Casey and I walked mostly in our yard. I didn't want to risk running into a friendly neighbor because I definitely feel contagious. We walked not fast, but together. Here he is... Read more

  • This is from my NASM's lesson....good ju ju

    2/20/2020 2:37:01 PM, by BCHARIE

    I know we hear this all the time but it's a good reminder as we approach the end of February when all our goals are fading into the dark moments of giving up. "The process of setting a goal directs attention and, therefore, affects behavior. Setting goals improves performance. Th... Read more

  • February 20, 2020 - My boss is back!

    2/20/2020 1:19:23 PM, by DSHONEYC

    Suddenly my workload has jumped up...she appears ready to jump in and go to work. Have to put on my research hat...yikes. I am abbreviated today. Though the decaf worked ok this morning, I can tell the difference in the taste.This will not be a permanent alteration to my diet in the future. Pl... Read more

  • 215.5 Day 19/20 Thursday SS class at Gold's 0 beers 23/40

    2/20/2020 1:11:46 PM, by JOE14250

    Did Sue's class. hardest while leaning forward and stretching a tube out in front from left to right, balancing on one foot. Carrom - balance board at home: 5.01 had one failure (touch). Did it at 9 :30PM stared at carpet detail. Recorded it on Weight measurement area on SP at th... Read more

  • The bravest thing you have ever done--ask for help.

    2/20/2020 12:36:09 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Writing to lose weight

    2/20/2020 12:28:49 PM, by A-NEW-CHAPTER

    I was reading through an introduction to the Full Plate Diet and found this instruction: "Write a paragraph that describes what it’s like to be overweight. Write another paragraph describing how different things will be when you’re at your ideal weight. Read these paragraphs every day, even af... Read more

  • Daily Highlight 354- Time for Fun

    2/20/2020 12:13:13 PM, by NANCY-

    ✨ Highlight - When was the last time you had fun. I noticed that my youngest grand kept asking to go to the playground. After a couple of errands I took her to a playscape. It was sunny but breezy cold. She had fun running, climbing and swinging. Clouds were flying by and my nose got cold. After lun... Read more

  • 782

    2/20/2020 11:46:01 AM, by BCHARIE

    It's my 782 day of logging in to Spark people and it's a roller coaster but I am hanging in and WILL NOT stop till I am at my goals. "It seems like you've been dealing with some exercise obstacles lately. But don't beat yourself up! No matter how hopeless it seems, there are ways to get back... Read more

  • catnip

    2/20/2020 11:42:32 AM, by CTUPTON

    Heard noises. Looked for the source. Cujo was in the middle of the dining room table. I could not figure out why. No food there. Oh! The new catnip package was there. 240 ... Read more

  • Foods to help muscle cramps

    2/20/2020 10:59:22 AM, by CTUPTON

    I think you can enlarge to see this better. ... Read more

  • Foods to help muscle cramps

    2/20/2020 10:59:22 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Where is My Focus?

    2/20/2020 10:22:15 AM, by TERRI-DAWN

    I have heard it said “As a man thinks in his heart so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). We are what we think. There has been a lot of writing on our minds and how our thinking changes our minds, emotions, and ultimately our behavior. Some I can think of now are: Power of Positive Thinking (Norman Vince... Read more

  • "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken"

    2/20/2020 9:26:11 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    This was another light fragrance I found that has a catchy name. Did some shopping on Tuesday with b'day gift cards and some interesting stuff just called my name. (smiling) I was also celebrating my safe outcome from Sunday's firetruck scare. The great news today is that my muscle pull was j... Read more

  • Day 17: no sugary snacks

    2/20/2020 6:29:27 AM, by SUNSHINE20113

    I can feel the resilience muscle slipping a little bit. Had lunch with my husband and we shared a tart afterwards - I'm noticing a trending theme of desserts with my husband here!! I think I need to work out responses to help me be a bit more resilient in that area. Desserts are interesting, b... Read more

  • Sweet Potato Abuse? Shout Out to QUEENOTHEFOREST!

    2/20/2020 4:23:02 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    The comments on the UPF blog were so illuminating and interesting!! Lots of people really do seem to be counting calories less, eating unprocessed whole foods more. But: I particularly liked this one from QUEENOTHEFOREST: "Such an odd concept. Ultra processed stuff. Not food. Stuff. Pres... Read more

  • 215.6 Day 18/19 did gym machines in AM 0 beers

    2/19/2020 11:03:21 PM, by JOE14250

    Did make it to the gym early, since I was away during SS class. Good work out. Somewhat rushed process. Got Prius V still a lot of miles left in it. Will sell other car. Tomorrow must get up early and get a friend to the hospital for his surgery. Will get to the gym tomorrow also! ... Read more

  • Daily Highlight 353 - Opportunities

    2/19/2020 9:18:44 PM, by NANCY-

    ✨ Highlight - Every moment is an opportunity. Instead of going overboard, I had no problem reining in my former impulses. With Fat Thursday and Fat Tuesday, excess can easily take over. Being mindful to put a modern day healthier spin on old traditions, because times have changed. 🎁 Grateful - Fo... Read more

  • Come take a walk with me

    2/19/2020 7:26:59 PM, by POSITIVEHOPE

    This is San Diego bay which is 20 min. from my home. These images were taken from Coronado Ca population 26,000. Coronado is a man made island and is home to the North Island Naval Air Station. The Hotel Del Coronado opened in February 1888. The del as locals call it, debuted as an archi... Read more

  • February 19, 2020 - Week 2 Start of my journey to better health and wellness

    2/19/2020 1:27:14 PM, by DSHONEYC

    Missed my cup of coffee this morning. The Roobios tea tasted, well...tasteless. I am not jittery, but I love the flavor of joe. Stupid me didn't realize decaf would be allowed, so tonight I will pick up some. And I have a test ahead, going to a university lunch program, where they usually serve grea... Read more

  • Getting Ready & Weight Fluctuations

    2/19/2020 12:25:52 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I realized this week, I am stressed as I prepare for my trip to South America. I have so many to do lists, I can't find them all LOL. Regardless the plane leaves Sunday at 6:35 AM and I will be on it. The scale is telling me that I have been doing a bit of stress eating. While my weight has fl... Read more

  • Back to Sparking and losing weight

    2/19/2020 11:42:24 AM, by A-NEW-CHAPTER

    Took some months off - don't really have a good reason - I think I just got overwhelmed - there's a lot of family stuff going on in the background that has me rather stressed out but I am (finally) learning to be stressed and not turn to food for comfort (not perfect, but a lot better). I've l... Read more

  • "Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe"

    2/19/2020 11:10:58 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    This is a lightly-fragranced perfume I saw yesterday when shopping with my b'day gift cards. Made me smile for obvious reasons. Re-injured my almost-healed hip sprain yesterday by getting up from my desk chair quickly and sideways; a pull in my inside thigh muscle that has triggered things aga... Read more

  • Day 16 - one unplanned sugary snack (!!)

    2/19/2020 10:03:22 AM, by SUNSHINE20113

    Today was tough. But my unplanned sugary snack was related to my son offering me one of his ice-lollies to eat. It was a moment where my parenting took precedence over diet, simply because I think that for a four year old to want to share something that 'belongs' to them is a very big deal. We... Read more

  • 10%, 15%

    2/19/2020 9:45:28 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    A 10% chance of rain became a very wet drive to Natalie's school. It also meant that our 150th challenge dog walk had lots of puddles and slippery leaves to avoid. So we have finished 15% of the 1000 day challenge and realize that doing anything consistently, even a 10 minute daily walk, is truly... Read more

  • Wednesday Weigh-In

    2/19/2020 5:59:20 AM, by ALICIA363

    161.8 Well, that looks familiar. A stomach bug took hold last Friday, and still haunts me. I’m giving it a week to run its course; there’s a lot of stuff going around. I am fascinated by a book I read recently, Survival of the Sickest. It sparks my thinking, wondering if the current round of v... Read more

  • UPF

    2/19/2020 5:52:07 AM, by WATERMELLEN

    Ultra processed food. There's quite a lot on the net about UPF research. And: it makes a lot of sense. // But it was a concept new to me. A Brazilian nutritionist named Carlos Monteiro became concerned with the rapid increase in obesity (and related d... Read more

  • I have been wanting pancakes so I went looking...

    2/18/2020 8:09:02 PM, by CTUPTON
    ancakes/rcp-20049839 I will try to get graphics...... Read more

  • Things that make my journey easier

    2/18/2020 7:01:23 PM, by POSITIVEHOPE

    I’ve been on SP for 10 years. Been on this journey since 10-19. This time it is so much easier. The hard part of the journey was never about the eating. It’s always been about the inner head issues. This time I have prioritized and focused on my head and not my fork, tracker or calorie counts. ... Read more

  • Daily Highlight 352 - Add To Your Life

    2/18/2020 3:42:43 PM, by NANCY-

    ✨ Highlight - "Self-discipline is actually less about what we have to do without and is more focused on specific, empowering qualities we are enhancing." I always viewed self-discipline as a negative, but it isn't. Indeed it can be empowering to care for oneself. I plan my weekly menu so... Read more

  • My days

    2/18/2020 2:06:00 PM, by BCHARIE

    Isn't this the cutest little character? I periodically change my profile picture on Facebook to reflect my mood. This guy will someday make the scene. He doesn't reflect my current mood however. Just feeling a hint of depression sneaking up on me. I am struggling with a knee situat... Read more

  • Picture

    2/18/2020 11:03:43 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Here's the documentation that would not download on my first blog today.... Read more

  • February 18, 2020 - Day 7 and on to Week 2

    2/18/2020 10:55:25 AM, by DSHONEYC

    Listening to an Audible book by Molly Burke (an awesome Canadian)
    Audiobook/B07TVF9RMY I gleamed something everyday on my ride to work...yesterday I was in tears at the loss of her first guide / service dog. This resonates with me ... Read more

  • Feeling Committed

    2/18/2020 10:40:53 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    My run this morning strengthened my commitment to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes it just works like that. I felt so much better after my run. Truth be told, I had overdone breakfast a little and needed to recommit. I set out to run a practice 5k, :30/:30 run/walk, in 12 minutes per mile or less... Read more

  • National Wine Day

    2/18/2020 9:23:39 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    Since I don't drink, I've turned it into a personal National Whine Day. But there's nothing to whine about at the moment, so I'll just feel lucky about that. (smiling) I've decided that I no longer need acupuncture, so that's one less appt to have to keep. Any remaining body work to finish h... Read more

  • 211.6 day 17/18 walked 10965 1 beer

    2/18/2020 9:20:52 AM, by JOE14250

    Walked the Auto show in Philly with my buddy. He liked it more than me. Not impressed with Opulent stuff I would never buy. Carrom balance board 8 minutes with 1 failure. ... Read more

  • How to Have a Nicer Life

    2/18/2020 8:01:31 AM, by WATERMELLEN This recent podcast by Michael Neill was one I listened to a couple of times: it's short, but "chewy"!! And I've found myself thinking about it repeatedly. He says, after some rumination and rejection of more ponderous and ambitious articulations of ... Read more

  • Day 15: no sugary snacks (Half way!)

    2/18/2020 2:15:07 AM, by SUNSHINE20113

    Yay! It was a nice day. I did a little bit of gardening. It is the first time I have lived in a home with a garden my entire adult life, so I thought I would try and plant some bulbs. Who knew our garden had so many worms, is all I can say about the experience of playing with soil! After handin... Read more

  • Somethin' New---Book Nooks

    2/17/2020 11:27:58 PM, by CTUPTON
    yPVSLhqcWPRsVB8P4... Read more

  • just sayin’ … it’s a good day … finally

    2/17/2020 8:32:41 PM, by MTN_KITTEN

    Dear Son came and sat with Hubby … who is doing tons better after consistently taking mania meds. And … I went to my rescheduled mamm … and alllllllll is good. I don’t go back for a year. So … 8 years cancer free. Eight, eight, eight, eight, eight, eight, eight, eight. Whe... Read more

  • February 17, 2020 - 6th Day on the Plan

    2/17/2020 6:26:07 PM, by DSHONEYC

    Getting ready for Day 8-14 and more eliminations: 1) Caffeine 2) Gluten 3) Corn This on top of sugar, artificial sugar substitutes (which I NEVER use) and fruit juices. My observation is the eliminating sugar does several things: 1) naturally sweet foods are sweeter 2) my appe... Read more

  • Not Much of a Blog

    2/17/2020 5:37:48 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Not much to say but I did do the challenge dog walk. I'll make my 15000 step goal. I'll stick to my WW point count. Today is a good day; tomorrow will be even better.... Read more

  • Daily Highlight 351 - Lessons Learned

    2/17/2020 5:36:59 PM, by NANCY-

    ✨ Highlight - Sis and I went to the supermarket today and I got to see what I used to be like and how far I have come. I saw some of my old habits in her. Tried to set a good example. Offered to split a a wrap, she declined saying it wasn't enough for her. Oh well. Half was enough for me. 🎁 Grat... Read more

  • Fun in 2020

    2/17/2020 12:49:08 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • I Don’t Know About You...

    2/17/2020 11:43:03 AM, by MARITIMER3

    ... but sometimes I’m a martyr, and wallow in “I have too much work to do... I can’t take time to go to the pool”, or “I want to go to the auction this morning, but I have to do the laundry”. And then I get mad at Peter (but of course don’t say anything to him) because he’s downstairs “playing with... Read more

  • "In 10 Years, it is Estimated that 50 percent of Americans will be Obese"

    2/17/2020 11:01:21 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    I heard this conjecture the other day, based on the rate we are currently increasing in obesity. Not a happy thought, for sure. I'll just keep eating right, exercising and trying my best not to become part of the statistic. Recently I read that tomatoes should not be refrigerated. That's whe... Read more

  • Purple Finch

    2/17/2020 9:58:16 AM, by WATERMELLEN
    rple_Finch/overview Purple finches are not all that rare. The Cornell link tells me that they frequent my part of the world year round. Ordinary birds (like ordinary golden retrievers!) And yet . . . I don't see them very often. And I'm always delight... Read more

  • 211.7 Day 16/17 streak of gym or 10k+steps 0 beers 18/40 beers

    2/17/2020 9:23:31 AM, by JOE14250

    This is my best month yet since hip replacement. doing well on beers and exercise. Weight going in a positive direction. Need to spend less time in front of TV and monitiors. Walked for part of 3 hours yesterday, around Morris Arboretum with my wife. Great spot in winter not cro... Read more

  • Day 14: no sugary snacks

    2/17/2020 5:11:17 AM, by SUNSHINE20113

    Almost at day 15. Two weeks. The temptation was really strong today. I ended the day with a small piece of dark chocolate. Also managed a nice run. I'm busy building up my distance again after all this travelling I have been doing. I'm thinking about doing 2 half marathons this Summer... Read more

  • High Desert Hikes

    2/17/2020 12:26:18 AM, by ALIHIKES

    I enjoyed a couple of beautiful hikes here in Central Oregon high desert country. Today, I hiked at Smith rock State Park. And on Friday, my friend Hanne and I hiked at Chimney Rock. We both really enjoy the high desert landscape,... Read more

  • Fresh Week 4 (0217 - 0223)

    2/16/2020 10:45:43 PM, by AEGISHOT

    Hello beautiful 386 252... Read more

  • He Wuz Robbed!!

    2/16/2020 1:41:39 PM, by WATERMELLEN
    ?id=MOLLIEMAC Sparkie friend MOLLIEMAC points out that the crowd favourite at Westminster -- a golden retriever named Daniel -- did NOT win. An exotically groomed standard poodle named Siba was the judges' choice. more

  • Day 13: no sugary snacks

    2/16/2020 12:57:41 PM, by SUNSHINE20113

    When my son is sick my main job is 'to keep him warm'. In other words, to cuddle him. It's not such a bad job, especially as I was feeling a bit unwell myself. I had the last cupcake after my jog today, and that was all the sweet sugar. It's nice that my mood is better. Also that I got o... Read more

  • I Got a New TOY - Thanks To ONEKIDSMOM!!! And I LOVE IT

    2/16/2020 12:35:33 PM, by GABY1948

    I have used a Garmin Vivofit for several years, except when I was very sick a couple years ago. I have wanted a new one for awhile now. SO I asked the one person that to me knows ALL things electronic and Spark. That would be ONEKIDSMOM. I knew she always wore Garmin which was why I d... Read more

  • The Speeding Firetruck Coming Straight Toward Me this Morning

    2/16/2020 12:19:27 PM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    I think I'll see this image in my mind's eye for awhile, and still trying to figure out how this happened. Having a perfect driving record (I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I do have nothing on my record), there are times like these I realize that it is as much a matter of luck as it is driving skil... Read more

  • The true cause of happiness

    2/16/2020 12:11:31 PM, by WHITE-2

    "It is our habit to think that there is some reason for our feeling of happiness - the bright green of spring leaves, the sound of laughter of a child, or the sensations you get from playing in the ocean. However what reallly causes the feeling of happiness is the silent, benevolent presence in the ... Read more

  • just sayin’ … dare I say

    2/16/2020 11:16:00 AM, by MTN_KITTEN

    We’ve had some rough times here in the Rockies … hubby had a traumatic brain injury - TBI semi-manic episode and DIL’s mom was at the ER twice with wound infection after her ovarian cancer scare surgery. First a word about … consistency. Hubby started having issues on Feb 1st. Doc wa... Read more

  • Rapscallion

    2/16/2020 9:43:26 AM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Here's Casey after our walk today. We were faster today; under 15 minutes per mile pace, but I did stop a couple times to get him to stop biting the leash. Some days he doesn't do that at all. Sometimes he doesn't dig either, and some days he does. Here he is posing near his latest excavation. W... Read more

  • Daily Highlight 350 - Family Day is Monday in Canada

    2/16/2020 8:28:51 AM, by NANCY-

    ✨ Highlight - I have been blessed with great family and friends (adopted family). Sundays used to be a day of rest spent with family and friends. Perhaps the U.S. should follow Canada's lead and focus on family. This weekend has been a lovely time spent with my family. Wishing my friends to the nort... Read more

  • Secrets From The Eating Lab Chapter 10

    2/16/2020 8:07:53 AM, by WINACHST

    Chapter 10: How to Comfort an Astronaut The author of Secrets from the Eating Lab states that astronauts tend to lose weight when on a mission in outer space because they don’t eat enough. It could be because the food is dehydrated and does not taste as good. She states that being in a weightle... Read more

  • Tracking is king

    2/16/2020 3:45:04 AM, by HAKAPES

    Over the years of developing a healthy lifestyle, and implementing habits, I found one of the best ways to change something in my life is to track it. Sleep, eating, exercise, weight, meditation, whichever thing I focused on, if I kept track of the daily results, it was quite straightforward... Read more

  • 212.6 15/16 streak Anytime Fitness 1 beer

    2/16/2020 12:01:52 AM, by JOE14250

    slept 10 hours and got to gym after 9PM Will walk with my wife today at a destination of her choice. She I think feels left out if I don't do something with her although she doesn't want to hit the gym classes. I will keep the streak alive today as well. Maybe the gym and a walk also. ... Read more

  • Grocery Store Master List

    2/15/2020 8:07:09 PM, by POSITIVEHOPE

    Thought I’d share this tip. I created this master grocery store list that follows my grocery store aisle displays. It includes all the things I normally buy. If there is something not on this list, I can simply jot it down. I plan my meals and use the recipes as a guide for items. Now I simply che... Read more

  • Good Day

    2/15/2020 5:53:27 PM, by POSITIVEHOPE

    Yesterday, I had a great day. I was asked by a friend 80’s to go with him and his wife to the hospital for some medical testing. He had canceled a previous appointment because he was nervous. His wife had been in the hospital for an upper respiratory problem and he got overwhelmed. This time we got ... Read more

  • No, no, noooooo

    2/15/2020 5:09:26 PM, by BCHARIE

    This is not in the plan at all! I can barely walk at this point even with the brace. Looks like there will be an orthopedic appointment in the very near future. I just really want to walk on my treadmill or jump on my spin bike. 😥... Read more

  • Daily Highlight 349 - Valentine Breakfast

    2/15/2020 4:53:27 PM, by NANCY-

    ✨ Highlight - Breakfast out with the Grands and our eldest son was the best highlight of the day. The second best was seeing the pair of birds of prey sunning themselves in the cold winter morning.Sorry it was the best pic I could get without disturbing them. 🎁 Grateful - Spending time out ... Read more

  • The Good Wife

    2/15/2020 4:19:40 PM, by IMEMINE1

    Alan and Sandra lived on a cove at Gull Lake Alberta. It was early winter and the lower portion of the cove had frozen over. Alan asked Sandra if she would walk across the frozen part of the cove to the general store and get him some smokes and beer. She asked him for some money, but he told he... Read more

  • I Need to Hover and Twinkle

    2/15/2020 2:58:09 PM, by SLENDERELLA61

    Good group run this morning. My left foot was concerning me due to some discomfort. I had had a recurring cramp in that foot for several hours that just left it sore. So I ran with the run :15/walk :30 group, which I like a lot better than the :10/:40. I ran this morning with a local "celebrity", my... Read more

  • Febuary 15, 2020 Saturday - Day 4 and I love Saturdays

    2/15/2020 1:04:52 PM, by DSHONEYC

    I can't wait to retire...last day to work 4/1/2020. Then every day will be a Saturday. Except for Sunday...when some friends of friends retired several years ago they bought a sailboat and sailed all around the world. They wrote a book about there adventure called "No More Mondays". I never 'hated' ... Read more

  • SO cold here . . .

    2/15/2020 12:30:50 PM, by WATERMELLEN

    It was -25C yesterday and my car wouldn't start. Henry and I hitched a ride to work and home again with DH. And today it's brilliantly sunny, blue skies and warmed up all the way from -15C to -5C . . . maybe I'll try the car later in the afternoon. Once it's moving -- if I can get it going --... Read more

  • 212.4 Day 14 will keep streak going! 17/40

    2/15/2020 11:24:15 AM, by JOE14250

    Walked around Ridley creek State park to get 11,249 and 13/14 to keep the streak alive! Bought a Prius with some miles on it and will pick it up Wednesday. Got a good deal on it. Had two beers with my son in Philly. Did some work around my sister's house Friday, and one beer after the dr... Read more

  • "Blessed is He Who Expects Nothing...

    2/15/2020 8:44:47 AM, by SLIMMERJESSE

    ...for he shall never be disappointed." Jonathan Swift Still doing great without sugar and caffeine. Still drinking the apple cider vinegar in water which curbs my appetite. Have a happy, healthy day, friends.... Read more

  • Day 12 - no (unplanned!) sugary snacks

    2/15/2020 7:14:48 AM, by SUNSHINE20113

    Valentines Day. My husband asked me about a week ago if I was eating sugary snacks on Valentines Day. I said it would be okay (suspecting he had seen something he thought I would like). Valentine's day arrived and I was given a beautiful bouquet of cupcakes decorated like flowers. So, I had two cupc... Read more

  • Tired But Preparing for Our the Trip

    2/15/2020 3:11:28 AM, by KALISWALKER

    As I prepare for 5 weeks in South America, I am doing my best to ready the house, plan for the dogs, get through a zillion to do lists, and start packing. Update about our cruise. 7 of us were planning on traveling together, but the couple from Malaysia decided not to go. Even though their fli... Read more