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  • I love moose around the holidays!

    12/10/2019 5:48:46 PM, by CTUPTON

    oops gotta find a moose picture, not a reindeer!... Read more

  • Emotional sadness for friends....

    12/10/2019 3:17:08 PM, by FLORIDASUN

    Hello, dear sparklers! 213 I got the nicest message this morning that told me how one of my sweet sweet friends really misses my blogs. Well....not to's what is going on in Bobbi World at the moment. 446 It's been a HECK of a week! First, my hubby's best BEST budd... Read more

  • Playing with New Years Resolutions--learning how to prioritize.

    12/10/2019 12:34:07 PM, by MMAANDMUSICNUT

    Naturally, health is going to be on the list. The difficulty is this month I have to focus the most on financial stuff and getting things corrected before all the tax season stuff gets really going. That's what I hate the most, but today and tomorrow I'm dedicating myself to getting it all cleared u... Read more

  • Tuesday Morning

    12/10/2019 11:50:01 AM, by DWROBERGE

    I wa up early in time to get a prank call from somebody calling me grandpa which my grandsons never call me. Needless to say he hung up quickly. So much for scam artists. It is a bit cloudy this morning. I still have house chores to complete today. All is going well. Keeping focused for more s... Read more

  • HISTORY REPEATS: This week's experiment, getting away from fast food for a week...& hopefully forev

    12/9/2019 2:54:58 PM, by MMAANDMUSICNUT

    This is an abbreviated version of a blog post I wrote in July last year, but I'm so surprised how circular my dieting history is, because I've been having these same issues crop up a year and a half later... so I figured it was time to resurrect the plan and actually figure how to enact it. So,... Read more

  • Monday morning sunshine

    12/9/2019 12:31:24 PM, by DWROBERGE

    Another great start to the day and week on the Gulf Coast. The grandchildren are off to school and will be home with their parents today. It is very quiet here today. Keeping focused for more successes. All streak are still intact. Hope all are having a great start to the week!... Read more

  • Dear Santa...

    12/9/2019 11:20:20 AM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • 47th wedding anniversary -oh my--Dec. 9th

    12/8/2019 4:35:22 PM, by CTUPTON

    Lots of past memories are going through my head--47 years of memories--wow! We were married 9 years before our daughter was born. My family had given up on me. They were kind of surprised. And it is hard for me to believe her age! Oh my. Where did those years go? Hubby is in a nearby nurs... Read more

  • Enjoy!

    12/8/2019 11:55:59 AM, by CTUPTON

    I just found this on FB. NO--I did not make this! "So when we bought our house a few years ago, I always thought the trees that framed the front of the house would make perfect gnomes at Christmas. This year, I finally decided to take it on and figure out how to make something that was big enou... Read more

  • Wow! Snowflake photos. Miraculous.

    12/7/2019 2:00:05 PM, by CTUPTON
    QkF_jV5wfrKImVw_ddI36qjg7sBm0Yk I will try to add some photos here more are on the link ENJOY! chris 46... Read more

  • Atrial Fibrillation graphic explanation

    12/7/2019 1:24:43 PM, by CTUPTON
    mnAI5uvGSK7fKUQHHvHJ9Cw... Read more

  • More stripping

    12/6/2019 12:40:16 PM, by TIZSLIM

    I've been doing a bit more wallpaper stripping today.  Not with a great deal of enthusiasm it has to be said but needs must.  In between though I've been getting quotes for having my belongings brought from Elaine's place. The Worker Friend [?] is due back this evening.  I've asked him to bring my C... Read more

  • Photo frames--have you tried this?

    12/6/2019 11:14:52 AM, by CTUPTON

    I just now noticed this "new" thing. It probably isn't new at all!
    s_and_more... Read more

  • How to help a caregiver

    12/5/2019 9:43:33 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Thomas the B@stard Tank Engine

    12/5/2019 5:17:45 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Among other things today I started removing the wallpaper in the second bedroom.   Is there anything on this planet as tedious as scraping wallpaper?  Actually yes. Reading Thomas the B@stard Tank Engine to the Tiddly Peeps at bedtime springs to mind.  Like all right minded parents, I'd s... Read more

  • Insurance Company says

    12/4/2019 4:07:04 PM, by TIZSLIM

    I got a call today from the Insurance Company.  From someone who is my 'claims handler' seemingly.  So basically Insurance Company says YES.  I have to say, I'd have been pretty damn angry if they'd turned it down.  Not so much due to the cost but because they'd have been saying I was making a false... Read more

  • Happy Scale! Featured Blog & TOPS

    12/4/2019 12:24:11 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Yesterday at TOPS I was thrilled with my weigh-in. Despite my overindulgence at the party Saturday, my weight stayed the same. My simple recovery plan worked very well - less food, more exercise, more sleep, daily weigh-ins, and nutrition tracking. TOPS I was 'star of the month' for November w... Read more

  • Bathroom update and life in general

    12/4/2019 10:53:03 AM, by GARDENCHRIS

    I still had my bathroom to finish, mostly just prime the walls, replace the strip of boarder,Thank God I saved the leftover to replace. The major thing was the P-trap under the sink had a small leak. I just put a pan under it and until I figured out how to take care of it. I had asked my oldes... Read more

  • Ugh! A very bad awful day of yucky food choices!

    12/3/2019 7:02:35 PM, by FLORIDASUN

    40 Criminy...our 5% challenge just wrapped up a few days ago and I did so well on it. Once left to my own devices...I'm already in trouble! This morning I went to my grief group meeting and made the bad decision to take Christmas cookies. I thought it would be a nice treat....but that little ni... Read more

  • 24 Days of Tea

    12/3/2019 5:05:23 PM, by TIZSLIM

    With all the shenanigans at Base Camp over the last few days, I forgot to tell you that when I went home recently, daughter had a little gift for me.  A 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar.   I haven't had an advent calendar since I was a child and have to admit to being ridiculously chuffed w... Read more

  • My to do list today

    12/3/2019 3:58:02 PM, by CTUPTON

    ... Read more

  • Just drink the water! And stay away from the Kool-aid!

    12/3/2019 3:54:10 PM, by BEDA65

    A little diet...and political humor 334 As I got on the scale this morning, I couldn't believe my eyes. I have lost 11.4 lbs in 6 weeks. I am flabbergasted! All I have managed to keep up with so far on this journey is to stop drinking soda and I am drinking the daily amount of wate... Read more

  • The Water Gods

    12/2/2019 7:31:48 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Suffice to say it hasn't been the most successful few days here at Base Camp.  Nor was it The Worker Friend[?]s finest hour.  I mentioned all he did Thursday was swap a couple of cabinet doors over.  "You'l have to tell me where you want the remaining wall cabinets" he said Thursday night.  "Well th... Read more

  • Whoops Day Recovery & 2020 Winter 5% Challenge

    12/2/2019 2:05:28 PM, by KALISWALKER

    On Saturday we went to a big birthday party with lots of appies. That day I ate light, and prepared my snack to take along, string cheese and apple slices 180 calories, leaving room for birthday cake. We left the house with so much stuff (music stand, guitar, gifts, appies, wine, etc.) we decided to... Read more

  • HISTORY REPEATS: Why do I get sick when I take steps to make positive changes in my life?

    12/2/2019 10:54:35 AM, by MMAANDMUSICNUT

    I was surprised like crazy to see this come up. The only differences between my original post of May 2018 is the holiday weekend for one, and decreasing the sniffles and increasing the menstruation to make it accurate to today. Otherwise, the feelings and the routine I've got are right on the m... Read more

  • A few days off from our consignment gallery...I LOVE IT!

    11/30/2019 10:11:30 PM, by FLORIDASUN

    213 Hello my darling sparklers! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was nice but I did feel a little like a fish out of water. I imagine this will be my fate throughout the holidays. I've been such a 'twosome' with my dearly departed hubby for so many years...there is really no other way to feel.... Read more

  • Lack of cravings. Is it possible?

    11/30/2019 5:14:45 PM, by CTUPTON

    Something has changed! For over 5 weeks now I have been able to stick to a food plan because my cravings are not killing me. Never before have I felt like this. I sure hope it lasts. chris... Read more

  • RETRO: Women, motherhood, & medical choices--an eye-opener

    11/30/2019 12:17:35 PM, by MMAANDMUSICNUT

    Because of my use of language, and the amount of links I used back in April 2018 (especially to the jaw-dropping TED talk I casually listened to that day that made me research and ultimately bring this subject into my blog), I decided it would be easier to link to my original blog post and let you r... Read more

  • Thanksgiving, Ba, Hum bug

    11/30/2019 12:05:20 PM, by APPLEPIEAPPLE

    My two sons decided to have a Pizza Cook -off on Thanksgiving Eve! It was fun but because of it, the holiday dinner, and my sons constant baking of bread, pretzels, and pizza I gained FIVE POUNDS! Ouch! I am just hoping I can lose it before Christmas! I hope I can face the Christmas an... Read more

  • HISTORY REPEATS: Learning to say "no" for your health.

    11/29/2019 11:05:48 PM, by MMAANDMUSICNUT

    Strange how it's been a bit more than two years and this is STILL something I have to work on. But since there aren't a bunch of graphics to contend with, I'll just cut and paste the words from my original November 2017 blog post on my website. I REALLY need to learn to do something about this.... Read more


    11/29/2019 9:06:31 AM, by SMIDGON

    Maybe you all are out shopping. In my younger days, hubby and I ALWAYS went shopping the day after. Even if we had hosted the big meal the day before. Nothing stopped us ! Fast Forward. At this time, hubby is at Dialysis. It's just me and Sadie Mae ( our newest fur-baby ). Did you all... Read more

  • I am Losing Weight Over the Holidays

    11/28/2019 8:30:08 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Since October I am on the alert to sway myself from bad habits (bad choices). I am not perfect so I take corrective action as needed. What helps - 1) Daily nutrition tracking 2) Weighing myself daily 3) PGX capsules 4) Breakfast smoothies 255 calories 5) LOTS of diet Jello 6) Ta... Read more

  • Giving Thanks

    11/28/2019 2:50:25 PM, by TIZSLIM

    As it's Thanksgiving in the States, I thought I'd join in and 'give thanks' for the good things that happened today rather than focus on the minor irritations.  Three double glazing firms came to see what windows I want.  Another is coming tomorrow so hopefully by next week I'll have an idea of cost... Read more

  • Base Camp Basics

    11/27/2019 5:51:59 PM, by TIZSLIM

    My all too brief visit home is over - time to get on with the work here at Base Camp.  I have largely been focusing on the basics.  Electrics, boiler, etc.  The window in the kitchen and in the smallest bedroom both need replacing so today I've been researching local double glazing companies and con... Read more

  • A little work respite...what to do...what to do?

    11/27/2019 12:54:09 PM, by FLORIDASUN

    Good morning my dear sparklers! I'm off work for a few days for the Thanksgiving holiday and I'm happy to be off but I need to make a plan of what to do with my lonely self! It's hard when you have always had the love of your life to share vacation time with. What to do...what to do? I'm ... Read more

  • I nearly forgot - again!

    11/26/2019 6:56:09 PM, by TIZSLIM

    My last 'official' weigh in was 26th August - the Monday before I left the old homestead.  I blogged about how I'd weighed in at Elaine's when I visited back in October.  Basically her scales said I'd lost 7lbs but obvs I couldn't be sure due to differences in calibration etc so figured I'd probably... Read more

  • I'm back again

    11/25/2019 6:38:42 PM, by TIZSLIM

    My weekend away was a bit of a mixed bag.  Thursday my ulcer started playing up and Friday it was even worse.  Meh!  I was going anyway come hell or high water.  Luckily [or unluckily really] Elaine also has an ulcer so she had some Omeprazole which she was able to give me. Not as naughty as it soun... Read more

  • Turkey Day is upon us

    11/25/2019 5:10:05 PM, by BEDA65

    ONE meal of overindulgence will not mess up your whole lifestyle change. So cut yourself some slack. If you want it, eat it! It's Thanksgiving after all. Be mindful of the days that follow with all the leftovers around. This is where people get in trouble, eating consecutive days of high calorie/car... Read more

  • thankgiving baking done

    11/24/2019 8:07:31 PM, by IMREITE

    i ws going to take my nieces xmas shopping. the past several years, we took my 2 nieces xmas shopping. then we take them to lunch or supper. we were going to take them today. they were sick so we are going to reschedule it. they look forward to it.... Read more

  • dont want sympathy but dont want the condescention either

    11/24/2019 12:25:24 AM, by IMREITE

    my dh and i dont have kids. we have had issues with infertility and early term miscarriages. we dont talk about it because it is personal and we dont want sympathy. however we would like my relatives to stop acting like condescneding asses about it to us. they have kids but they get antsy when offer... Read more

  • Charlie

    11/23/2019 9:48:10 PM, by BEDA65

    When I got to work today, I found a kennel room full of kitties. Then I spotted Charlie. I thought he was dead. They told me he had been like that since his dental on Thursday. He was 14 years old. I immediately started massaging him and praying over him. His people were coming after him. The ... Read more

  • Thankful

    11/23/2019 2:03:42 PM, by TYMBERWOLFE

    I have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for my family, for school, for work, and I am thankful for my health and Spark (especially the Capital As). 426 With the holidays coming up of course I am nervous about keeping healthy. I have a commitment to drinking water 91 and my new accountable b... Read more

  • My Lowest Weight in 20 Years

    11/23/2019 12:05:50 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Today I am at my lowest weight in 20 years! I hit the 180s and today I am 189.4 pounds! Happy dance! I've accomplished something major this year! My interim goal was to get to the 180s before the end of the year! I have 38 more days this year to continue losing. My next major interim goal is ... Read more

  • Making it Through the Holidays & Doing More of What Makes Me Happy!

    11/22/2019 1:23:07 PM, by KALISWALKER

    2019 - Doing More of What Makes Me Happy! I found a lot of things I like more than eating and I've lost 30 pounds this last year. I am focused on losing more weight this fall, so I have a running start in the new year. I have been nutrition tracking all year - it's the magic in weight loss. Currentl... Read more

  • eating my annoyace

    11/21/2019 8:14:10 PM, by IMREITE

    i was annoyed with someone last night. i tried ignoring it but it bugged me. i ended up overating at supper. then this morning we had a vender come in and sold homemade peanut butter bar. in the past i ate half of it and saved the rest for the next day. today i ate the whole thing, afterwards i fel... Read more

  • 2019 Thanksgiving Buffet Rules & Holiday Eating

    11/21/2019 8:01:29 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Buffets, parties, and holidays we seem to lose our minds and live like there is no tomorrow. Forgo the "last supper" mentality! Remember, like any other day, you will be faced with choices, so it's just another day. Thanksgiving is a single day in November, and Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, etc. is a ... Read more

  • Ouch

    11/21/2019 5:07:04 PM, by TIZSLIM

    I mentioned I hurt my hand at the weekend.  I was just finishing the washing up and as I'd noticed something had been spilled on the microwave turntable, I figured I'd give that a wash too.  As I lifted the turntable out with my right hand, part of it broke off and the jagged edge crashed down on my... Read more

  • TODAY: Overhauling my life choices again, but with anemia this time

    11/21/2019 3:07:36 PM, by MMAANDMUSICNUT

    (this is cut-and-pasted from my original blog's post from this morning): Well, that was an enlightening sucker-punch by the doctor when I went to visit yesterday. I’d done blood-work a month and a half ago (and had a hard time getting a follow-up appointment because of all the stressful crap... Read more

  • reasons to cut back on sugar

    11/20/2019 7:42:51 PM, by IMREITE

    to have more energy help me sleep better to prevent all the damage then can come to your pancreas, kidneys, heart, stomach lower triglycerides help my thyroid loose weight to be more in control of emotions there are more but i can think of them later... Read more

  • Neighbours

    11/20/2019 5:05:31 PM, by TIZSLIM

    The gas meter problem has been sorted thankfully.  Both the gas and the electric are on key meters here.  The day I moved in an engineer from the supplier came out to 'clear the debt' on the gas meter that the last occupant had left. Since then I've barely used any gas though did think it seemed to ... Read more

  • Blogging

    11/20/2019 3:18:47 PM, by BEDA65

    I want to blog here. I like to write. But I am suffering a block right now. I think Stress is a Big factor. Thankfully, it isn't affecting my PLM. I say that, but I know it is. In some way or another. I am still losing and have not had any soda since October 21st. Sticking with the... Read more

  • Trials and Tribulations at Base Camp

    11/19/2019 5:50:14 PM, by TIZSLIM

    The boiler installation was completed Thursday.  Hurrah.  Running hot water and central heating.  Just as Robert was finishing the job, The Worker [Friend?] and the courier turned up with the second hand kitchen so it was all a bit manic.  Next day The Worker [Friend?] s... Read more

  • lights up

    11/18/2019 9:16:14 PM, by IMREITE

    i had today, i put up the outdoor xmas lights. they wont be turned on until after the 1st week of december. but they are up before it gets colder... Read more

  • warriors won

    11/16/2019 11:44:00 PM, by IMREITE

    we went to a high school football game out of town yesterday. my cousin's son is a high school jr and his team is defending their title. then won so next week they get to play at state. pretty cool that we got to see him and meat the parents of the other players. they are a fun bunch of people... Read more


    11/16/2019 6:21:36 PM, by SMIDGON

    I have a question for all you readers. I must admit I don't know very much about Chihuahuas. As I have had Yorkies for some 43yrs.. But, Sadie Mae is maybe 12 - 18 mos. Old. But the Vets agree she is a White Chihuahua. But, we noticed a ltitle sprinkling of light tan hair. Now aft... Read more

  • A Sense of Purpose as I Near a Goal

    11/16/2019 4:27:47 PM, by KALISWALKER

    This week each day I wake with a sense of purpose, to make progress towards my interim goal the 180's. I am doing better staying in my calorie range, so my weigh-in this morning 190.6 pounds, thrilling so close! I am optimistic that I can lose .7 pounds in the last 2 weeks of the challenge. I am les... Read more

  • Overcoming Obsticles

    11/16/2019 3:12:48 PM, by TYMBERWOLFE

    My status states, "Your body can overcome almost anything, it's your mind you have to convince." 381 Right now, with a foot injury I am discovering this. My trip for school as well as my prep for school really limited my physical fitness although I managed to get some in. 387 Whether from work in ... Read more

  • Do you have a favorite holiday movie? Here is a list to jog your memory...

    11/15/2019 6:45:55 PM, by CTUPTON
    -movies-list/ I like the Grinch movie. chris... Read more

  • Decluttering Kitchen and Getting Ready for Sock Hop

    11/15/2019 1:43:27 PM, by KALISWALKER

    One of my Spark teammates let me know she has joined TOPS too. It's nice to get feedback and I wish her all the best. I've been Sparking for years and joining this group has given a little push to try harder. Last week I kept seeing on youtube about people losing their minds over Popeye's Chic... Read more

  • traveling

    11/15/2019 1:31:38 PM, by IMREITE

    my cousins son plays in the state playoff game tonight. dh and i are driving there tonight. it is about 3.5 hours away. we are giving my aunt (his grandma) a ride. it should be fun to see some realtives.... Read more

  • add more greens or other veggies

    11/14/2019 9:33:33 PM, by IMREITE

    i love bagged salads or bagged lettuces. prewashed, and ready to go. and when on sale they are even better. some come with dressings. i will admit the dressings packs have too much and i dont like wasting it. so i will add extra leafy greens or more veggies. sometimes i also add legumes or another p... Read more

  • Weigh every day???

    11/14/2019 4:54:02 PM, by CTUPTON

    7. Keep track of your progress. Weighing in at least once a day and keeping track of food intake is essential for most NWCR members." NWCR National Weight Control Registry I have heard lately to weigh everyday. Is this new?... Read more

  • Whoops...I may have bitten off more than I can chew with new merch!

    11/13/2019 7:38:36 PM, by FLORIDASUN

    213 Well...ever the optimist does have it's limitations sometimes doesn't it my friends? I have been SO focused on getting great new merchandise in our consignment gallery that I may have overstepped my space limitations...oopps! I got a BIG household of stuff in today and registered over ... Read more

  • Bo Jo and Bob

    11/13/2019 6:17:06 PM, by TIZSLIM

    This is Bo Jo.   He was residing in my kitchen pretending to be a boiler.  Tbf he is a boiler.  Or was.  But he don't work no more.  He's named after our erstwhile so called Prime Minister - Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.  In fairness to Bo Jo - he probably did work at one time where... Read more

  • Don't Be A Sheep!

    11/13/2019 8:26:29 AM, by BEDA65

    Pay attention to what's going on in the world. Do not make a decision on things because it's what your friends/family think is right. Educate yourself, which means absorb as much information as you can to make an educated decision for yourself. Remember when the edict used to be...Everything y... Read more

  • Yippee...ask and ye shall receive!

    11/12/2019 10:15:35 PM, by FLORIDASUN

    Hello, my friends! I've been fretting that the things I have on the floor of our little consignment gallery are too trendy. Yes...very cool and quirky...but that doesn't always transfer into sales. can imagine how happy and excited I am to have TWO lovely households coming in. To... Read more

  • Zing

    11/12/2019 6:44:06 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Sometimes something or someone comes in to your life that is just so 'right'.  Sometimes it's something you're looking for.  An outfit for a special occasion.  An item of furniture.  A pair of shoes.  A paint colour.  A new coat.  A job.  Or any of a number of things.  Sometimes it's not even someth... Read more

  • All is well in Bobbi world tonight...happy face!!

    11/11/2019 8:54:21 PM, by FLORIDASUN

    Hello, dear friends of mine! Well...I faced my fears and discussed them with my grief counselor on the earlier blog I wrote this morning. She is a grief counselor but she has wise advise about most anything so I ran it by her that I had this 'whole house' estimate I was supposed to do tod... Read more

  • crocheted unicorns

    11/11/2019 8:51:12 PM, by IMREITE

    i made these 2 crocheted unicorns for my youngest 2 nieces. 1 has blue eyes and the other has brown. it matches their girl's eye colors. the 2 year old does not know hat unicorns are so she thought it was puppy so it barked when she played with it. ... Read more

  • Scintillating at Sixty -Skin so Soft

    11/11/2019 6:26:13 PM, by TIZSLIM

    Five months to go. Eek!  The weeks and months are slipping by so fast.  And tbh I've been so focused on 'Base Camp' that I haven't given much thought to being Scintillating at Sixty.  I have been kind of getting back in to slapping on the moisturiser.  Although I don't have a working boiler atm... Read more

  • Just for safety's sake...

    11/11/2019 7:56:37 AM, by FLORIDASUN

    Hello, dear sparklers! I have my one on one grief counseling this morning and then I have a whole house estimate to do at 1:00 p.m. I think I mentioned that to you a few days ago. I was discussing this estimate with my girlfriend (the one who's ex-husband had her boyfriend that she was hav... Read more