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  • Starting Over (again)

    2/15/2020 3:22:24 PM, by MUNCHIEMAGS

    Last time I was really active on SP was in 2017. So many things have occurred since then - I won't bore anyone with details but I am now coming back to try to pick up the pieces again. The good news is that I did not gain a lot of weight during my absence, but I did gain some (enough to make me di... Read more

  • CT Scan Update

    2/12/2020 6:32:30 PM, by *AMBER512

    I'm just a girl praying for some actual answers... ❤ Finally got the results back from my abdominal/pelvic CT scan from last week. It starts out like this "Abdomen: The lung bases are clear. There is normal enhancement of the solid organs. The gallbladder is normal..." Wait, what? 🤔 Um, s... Read more

  • It's Not about the Mirror

    2/11/2020 1:39:51 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    On MLK Day, I ended up with a fever - shivering and feeling that horrible start to a sore throat. It's damn near been a month since that day, and still, I wake up congested and absolutely dead tired, even though I've slept well. I'm not sure if I need to go BACK to the doctor's (would be the third t... Read more

  • CT Scans Are No Fun

    2/7/2020 7:14:51 PM, by *AMBER512

    In the ongoing attempt to figure out why I've been in so much pain, I had a CT scan yesterday. The following is a post I shared in my stories on Instagram @foundmyspark You show up for your CT scan and get all checked in. A nurse brings out a drink and says "people are always worried that it's ... Read more

  • The Groundhog Day Diet

    2/3/2020 12:09:53 PM, by SWEET_CAROLYN

    Happy Groundhog Day! For those outside of the US, you might wonder what the blankity blank I'm talking about. In short, it's a goofy little day when a town in Pennsylvania "consults" with a groundhog about how much winter is left. It's silly, it's folklore, it's not really anything serious. Nea... Read more