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  • Don't be me!

    7/10/2020 12:15:38 PM, by A-NEW-CHAPTER

    I'm officially at my lowest weight since 1997 (or thereabouts - there were a few years where I just stopped tracking my weight it had gotten out of hand so much) I only know how much I weighed then because I had to have surgery and they weighed me, so about 27 years ago. I had gallstone problems a... Read more

  • "It's not fair!"

    7/10/2020 7:54:22 AM, by REBECCATKD

    I had to weigh in today rather than tomorrow for my 5% Challenge team since I will be out of town this weekend. I was literally thinking, "Please don't be bad, please don't be bad" as I waited for the numbers to settle. Last Saturday, I was 151.8. Today the scale read 151.4. Not up, not down enough ... Read more

  • reasons and reasoning

    7/9/2020 7:48:46 PM, by OOLALA53

    I wrote a long response to someone on a team I lead and realized I was sermonizing so I'm moving it here. I promise it did relate to an expressed problem, though come to think of it, I'm not sure my opinion about what to do about it was asked for, so it's even better that I'm moving the text. ... Read more

  • Day 70: Into Nutrition Again

    7/9/2020 1:12:59 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    524 We had a LOT of fun grocery shopping yesterday and I am really back into nutrition again. I planned and tracked all my food and organized my pantry and everything and even made some apple bran muffins so I am really back on track with nutrition. I bought some vegetable kabobs, too, which look re... Read more

  • Have a Seat

    7/8/2020 9:39:38 PM, by TONEDTORI

    Monday I was on fire!!! I hiked in morning and in afternoon, I decided to do ST and more cardio with zumba. Well, I got Adventurous and found a utube that included Hula hoop with zumba. They danced around the hoop on the floor. good.Overzealous me, got into it so much that I forgot to lift my leg wh... Read more

  • Past 3 weeks of therapy summed up for you

    7/8/2020 6:31:35 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    In the past three weeks of therapy a lot has been discussed however I know I haven't written about it to you at all. First of all I discussed in week 124 the fact that my neurologist and myself got into it and she basically tore me down and said she thought I didn't need the surgery and a lot of oth... Read more

  • News from the homefront.

    7/8/2020 11:38:25 AM, by NEBRASKANNIE

    I haven't been here for a bit. The new baby and Mom was my priority for last month, and I did that. As the month went on, my knees got worse and it got to the point that pain was keeping me awake at night, which always sets off the PTSD. I decided to go to the knee specialist. I was hoping he'd tell... Read more

  • Day 69: Little by Little

    7/8/2020 3:51:23 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    235 I'm starting to get there little by little. I haven't accomplished everything yet but I'm starting to make some progress towards my goals. I got a good start anyway. I'm doing my best right now and taking some small steps in the right direction each day. 4 Nutrition: I've started planning... Read more

  • Day 68: Feeling Better

    7/7/2020 7:51:00 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    523 Feeling well enough to start getting back on track again. Had to rest for a few days because I was in too much pain in my ribs to do anything so that's really become part of my usual routine. I do as much as I can for as long as I can and then I rest for as long as I need to. I did end up losing... Read more

  • Twenty-five pounds gone (finally!)

    7/6/2020 12:07:48 PM, by A-NEW-CHAPTER

    For the past 5 or 6 weeks my weight has been stuck going up and down between the same two digits on the scale - I was starting to think I was doomed to remain at 235 forever. But today I'm into new territory - 233.8 - exactly 25 pounds down since I started in January at 258.8! Finally! I'm only h... Read more

  • Weigh-in #11

    7/6/2020 11:32:57 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    I've been resting for a few days so my swelling went down and so did my weight. So here's how I'm doing right now. Starting Weight: 296.6 Last Week's Weight: 287 lbs This Week's Weight: 273.8 lbs This Week's Weight Weight Loss: -13.2 lbs Weight Loss Goal Per Week: 1 lb Total Weight Lo... Read more

  • Goals For July 2020

    7/5/2020 11:32:50 PM, by CHANGING-TURTLE

    I keep putting off making goals as I feel I won't keep them. I need to stop that defeatist attitude. I need to make goals and plan steps to achieve those goals. Every month I make the goal of losing weight so goal #1 is losing weight. Now that is very general I need to set an amount and steps that... Read more

  • Goals for July 5-11

    7/5/2020 9:45:17 PM, by REBECCATKD

    Last week went well! Goals were: * Track daily and stay with limits DONE * Attend one Zoom Taekwondo class (NOT DONE - NO CLASSES ON THUR/FRI/SAT) * Complete one 20-mile bike ride DONE: 22.1 miles * Spend 30 minutes each day cleaning. DONE * If I feel overwhelmed, anxious, or troubled,... Read more

  • Yesterday and Today...

    7/5/2020 5:45:35 PM, by SERENEART

    Yesterday, I had started a blog about chips, but I didn't post it. I wrote about chip cravings...While I was at the store, I had to resist the urge. While I would love to have some chips. I just felt if I brought home the bag, it might lead to me overeating. Plus, I am trying to limit processed ... Read more

  • 6 out of 7

    7/5/2020 3:24:16 PM, by WNCGIRL

    I am proud of myself. I have met my target activity goal for 6 out of 7 days. It would have been more but I had one off day. I started using samsung health and it tracks pretty well. I just have to make sure I have it with me. I know it is just a visual but it helps to remind me to stay active. I lo... Read more

  • Fear does not prevent death it prevents life, July 5, 2020

    7/5/2020 12:01:14 PM, by CHANGING-TURTLE

    A lot is being said on the news all day about the virus. It can get a person laying in their bed afraid to get out of. That is no way to live. Yes we are having a trying and different time but we do not have to hunker down in bed. Yes you use to go to school or work and now you see yourself doing n... Read more

  • 44th year

    7/5/2020 10:54:04 AM, by SPARKY070476

    Yesterday was my birthday, so I'm officially 44 now. My kids came over (it's their week with their dad) and we took a little road trip. We went to Ikea - I love going there periodically and I needed a small stock pot. I was very happy that they require masks and had hand sanitizer stations throug... Read more

  • My birthday

    7/4/2020 7:23:17 PM, by JANROLG

    Today is my birthday and even though we stayed home, it was relaxing. My hubby had gotten an ice cream cake and my mom ordered from a restaurant. Even though I am stuffed. What I had was healthy (except for the cake, lol). Ie was a great day!... Read more

  • 4 July 2020

    7/4/2020 3:32:54 PM, by DSJB9999

    I have had the most lovely afternoon today with a good friend, her daughter and her dogs, they got a lift here and so she could drink. I chose to drink 3 Bacardi and diet lemonade. I wore a black dress I don't think I have ever worn before and feel really good By the way do you know... Read more

  • Trying the plateau busting program on here.

    7/3/2020 11:08:35 AM, by RENEETRU6

    I am losing so slowly! I am going to try this plateau busting program. I didn't realize that there were different programs. Spark People! The gift that keeps on giving. I am kind of bummed that the procedure seems to have failed. I was so looking forward to having less pain. :'( I am walking a... Read more

  • Conquering the Hungry Beast

    7/3/2020 8:09:10 AM, by REBECCATKD

    I've gotten down to 152 from 159. It has not been easy. My plan has been simple: * Stay between 1200-1500 calories. * Stay within nutritional ranges to ensure my body gets what it needs to stay healthy. * Stay hydrated. * Exercise for 30 minutes or more on most days. Simple, right? ... Read more

  • Sit-ups

    7/2/2020 5:56:04 PM, by SERENEART

    Sit-ups, are one of many exercises that I struggle with. I can remember when they were easier... aka in better shape. A lot of things were easier when I was in better shape. Today, I thought I would die from having to do 26 of them no less. It's part of an exercise app that has different types... Read more

  • Day 63: Getting Back on My Feet

    7/2/2020 1:41:06 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    524 I haven't been feeling the greatest the past few days so I haven't accomplished a whole lot. However, I've been working on trying to get back on track with everything. I'm trying to strike more of a balance with things so that I can be active but also be tracking and planning my meals and make s... Read more

  • Steps.

    7/1/2020 8:06:48 PM, by WNCGIRL

    When I first started this journey I heard that you should walk 10000 steps per day. So I made that my goal. I continually failed to meet that goal and felt like a failure. So I knew the baby steps were going to have to be half that goal. I made my new goal 5000 steps. Then increased gradually to... Read more

  • Day 62: A New Month

    7/1/2020 7:37:33 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    411 It's a new month and time to really commit to both exercise and nutrition. I've been doing really well when it comes to activity but not as well when it comes to nutrition and it's time to devote equal attention to both aspects. I haven't been Sparking as much and I want to start spending more ... Read more

  • 1 July 2020

    7/1/2020 2:16:26 AM, by DSJB9999

    My Mother in Law had another slight stroke last Monday, the 22nd which has left her even more weak on her right side, she doesn't seem to be able to see as well and the changes she feels have left her struggling mentally, she seems more miserable than normal Luckily Chloe my girl is helping me ... Read more

  • Sizzler

    6/30/2020 8:45:56 PM, by WNCGIRL

    I have been doing this interval training work out tape. I am not in the mood most days but force myself to do it 4 out of 7. The sweat running down my face and my T shirts wet kinda workout . I feel like my posture is improved and my clothes dont look so lumpy.... Read more

  • Too busy but doing better every day!

    6/29/2020 12:11:13 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    I've been to busy for my own good. Just finding 10 minutes to get a blog in has been difficult. I've been working so hard every day. I'm hoping it will be worth it in the end! I've heard working for yourself can be very difficult though... I met up with a friend and we did this amazing hike wit... Read more

  • July Measurements & Pics

    6/29/2020 11:08:01 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    So it's time to do progress pics and measurements for the new month. I wasn't sure if I really saw any progress or not this month so I really wanted to take pics to see if there was any change physically that I wasn't seeing on the scale. So here are my measurements and pics from June to July. ... Read more

  • Goals for the Week of June 29 - July 4

    6/29/2020 10:24:33 AM, by REBECCATKD

    Today's weight: 152.8 Saturday goal: 152.0 This week, I will * Track daily and stay with limits * Attend one Zoom Taekwondo class * Complete one 20-mile bike ride * Spend 30 minutes each day cleaning. * If I feel overwhelmed, anxious, or troubled, I will change my surroundings. (... Read more

  • Weigh-In #10

    6/28/2020 6:25:56 PM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    I haven't weighed for a while and tbh the scale really isn't moving. I've been super active and maybe not as perfect on food so I'm trying to get a good balance going. It just feels like I should have made more progress by now. I'm sore all over in my muscles from all the work I've been doing and ye... Read more

  • Workout Challenge.

    6/28/2020 2:25:08 PM, by WNCGIRL

    I have a bunch of exercise videos. I even have them on VHS. I have 2 VHS players still. I know they will not last much longer and want to convert them to digital and I know how.. But having the time to succeed at that is going to take some effort. I have always liked the privacy of my own home... Read more

  • Always Keeping Healthy

    6/27/2020 6:11:37 PM, by JANROLG

    Tuesday I will be going for a colonoscopy. I’m nervous because I have never had one before, but I am one who always tries to keep up on my checkups to make sure I am healthy. As much as I am nervous, I am eager to know the results.... Read more

  • Saturday Farmer's Market

    6/27/2020 3:18:52 PM, by REBECCATKD

    Lately, my body has been craving vegetables, so a stop at the Saturday Farmer's Market was a luxury. I spent $13 and got... * a bunch of kale * a bag of mixed greens * a pint of fresh strawberries * a box of assorted squash, one tomato, and one cucumber. There is a great recipe in Th... Read more

  • Day 14 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/27/2020 2:26:18 PM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 14: 6/26/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: Done! Strength Training Reps: done! Yesterday was great! I even got around to finally taking a walk outdoors, I took a sunset walk. I got my offer this morning about my summer school position, things are looking up! Today is my ... Read more

  • Endorphins

    6/27/2020 1:12:44 PM, by SERENEART

    I didn't get my workout in yesterday. I was just beat down by work and the day. I couldn't motivate myself to do it. So I caved on my resolve. However, I resolved to work out this morning, by getting my butt out of bed.. no lazy Saturday morning for this girl. I woke up this morning and k... Read more

  • well that was a joy

    6/27/2020 3:03:45 AM, by RENEETRU6

    My brother and his wife were here for a week. I did well the first half and then the joy of meals to gether and the talent of some of the cooks making the most deliciousness in treats. I fell pretty hard. I tried to track but some of the items were such a mix of foods that tracking was difficult.... Read more

  • Day 57: Fritzy's Doing Boxing!

    6/26/2020 8:02:37 PM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    235 So I mentioned before that Fritzy gained a bit of weight over the spring and this summer is trying to take the weight off and get in shape. His dad is worried about his weight and part of it is that he is growing and is of course going to gain some weight, but we are still making sure that he i... Read more

  • Day 13 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/26/2020 10:15:08 AM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 13: 6/25/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: Done! Strength Training Reps: done! Today I made a WIN the day chart! I am so excited! It will help me through each portion of the day this summer.... Here is my WIN the day plan: Wake up no later than 7 40 oz of water, 3... Read more


    6/25/2020 10:03:54 PM, by WNCGIRL

    I have an old dog. She is a mut. 12 years old. I have been walking her every evening for a long time. Sometimes in the morning if I dont have to work. I had to work over today and did not get home til 730. I was tired and did not feel like it. She was so excited to see me. She went to the door a... Read more

  • Day 56: Overwhelmed with Everything

    6/25/2020 10:00:21 PM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    523 I've been pretty overwhelmed with stuff to do lately. I've been trying to get our bedroom and the rest of the house all organized and go through Fritzy's toys and get rid of the ones he doesn't want to keep and organize the ones he does want to keep and do the same thing with my stuff and I've b... Read more

  • Adding Adventure

    6/25/2020 7:37:26 PM, by TONEDTORI

    I have not had much adventure in life so I am gradually adding some to my life regardless of our quarantine. Thanks to Sparks I have been encouraged to increase my exercise and I know variety is key for me. So, I have dug to the back of my garage and started using Hula hoops to tone. I toned 30 mns.... Read more

  • Every pound lost equals a four-pound reduction in pressure exerted on the knees

    6/25/2020 3:47:17 PM, by WHITE-2

    "What Messier and his colleagues found is that in overweight and obese older adults, every pound lost netted a four-pound reduction in pressure exerted on the knees. (....) "For people losing 10 pounds, each knee would be subjected to 48,000 pounds less in comprehensive load per mile walke... Read more

  • Dang. Here's a Pep Talk to Get You Moving.

    6/25/2020 3:06:30 PM, by REBECCATKD

    Da-a-a-ng, am I having a week of terrible decision-making! Time to slap some sense into myself. Here is my pep talk of the week: Okay, first off, let's talk about exercise. You took off Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday? AND Wednesday? Girl, please. Do you remember what it was like to have no energy... Read more

  • Day 12 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/25/2020 11:05:31 AM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 12: 6/24/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: Done! Strength Training Reps: Rest day Can't believe it's almost to halfway mark.... Read more

  • The moment you... Beck, the Bible, and decisions

    6/25/2020 10:18:28 AM, by ALOTCANHAPPEN

    Just reading in the Message version of the Bible, Matthew 5:29-30 (see below - and please understand that *****Jesus is exaggerating to make a point*****) and the three words "the moment you" caught my attention. Judith Beck in The Beck Diet Solution explains that the discomfort you fee... Read more

  • enjoying company

    6/25/2020 12:26:07 AM, by RENEETRU6

    I have my brother and his wife here visiting and we are having such a good time. I am not as stable with my eating and tracking but I am doing the best I can and that is better than in the past. I am incredibly sleepy right now but I still took the time to do my premium coaching tasks. We are all... Read more

  • thought I would share

    6/24/2020 8:56:56 PM, by SERENEART

    I started my workout today and I was looking at youtube and this video caught my eye. It is a short one. It gave me pause as since the pandemic, I have been working at trying to make changes, like being more healthy, making better choices for myself, trying to be in wise mind more often. ht... Read more

  • Positive Things To Say To My Self

    6/24/2020 6:33:33 PM, by PINKGIRL23

    The question was asked what can you say to yourself? What will motivate you on the 5% Summer Challenge??? I am Beautiful, I am strong, I can do this with God's Help. I want to do this for me. To make myself better inside and out. I want to be healthy for my grand children one day.... Th... Read more

  • Day 11 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/24/2020 9:33:38 AM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 11: 6/23/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: Done! Strength Training Reps: Done! Weigh-in this morning is down a half pound. I've decided I'm giving up chocolate. It is a huge red light food for me and a trigger food. When I crave sugar, nine times out of ten, it's chocolate re... Read more

  • Decided!

    6/24/2020 3:10:31 AM, by ALOTCANHAPPEN

    After blogging yesterday, I took a deep breath, got out a piece of paper, and wrote my thoughts down - as follows: I can't do calorie counting. I can't stick to a meal plan for any length of time (even one I've made myself) For some reason I need to be able to choose what I eat the day before... Read more

  • Here she goes again...

    6/23/2020 9:59:19 PM, by SERENEART

    She's writing another blog. hmm... not sure what is up with that.... She had a very stressful day at work.. She was barraged with major urges. She didn't really get a chance to barely take a lunch because the errand she had to run, came with complications due to Covid-19. She lost her... Read more

  • Day 10 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/23/2020 11:32:36 AM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 10: 6/22/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: Done! Strength Training Reps: Done! Another imperfect day, but I stuck by these three commitments. It's a start. Each day is better than the previous day, and that's all that matters! Feelings and eating are something I need to f... Read more

  • Absolutely no added sugar (by any name) whatsoever?...

    6/23/2020 8:21:25 AM, by ALOTCANHAPPEN

    My calorie cycling is all out the window. Tried blending it with No S but that didn't work. And now I've lost my mojo. Something tells me I should just completely cut out the added sugar, but it (or a version of it) is in everything. Perhaps I should cut it completely for a while and... Read more

  • Day 54: New Changes

    6/23/2020 3:34:20 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    244 I'm making some much needed changes to my blog format again. My editor just friend requested me on Facebook so we are officially friends now (I always considered him my Terry Crabtree) and he has convinced me to start writing again and I suppose I am committed to sending him material now so I am... Read more

  • Exercise Commitment for the 5% Challenge

    6/23/2020 2:58:36 AM, by SEEMAINE1

    521 30 min walking 5x a week, maybe more! 3x week ST Ann 386 ... Read more

  • I'm back after some medical issues.

    6/23/2020 1:10:42 AM, by SEEMAINE1

    593 Today I joined a new challenge! Most of this year I've faced too many medical challenges, My major goal is to get my strength back!
    p?gid=71692 Would you like to join me? Just follow the link above! ... Read more

  • Weekly Goal Review and Plan

    6/22/2020 2:45:05 PM, by REBECCATKD

    Last week was good. * I tracked my nutrition 6/7 days. * I worked out 6/7 days. * I planned and carried out a successful Father's Day/birthday lunch on Sunday. (Cleaned house, planned menu, cooked, bought and wrapped presents...) And I did get to go to the beach once! Goal for June 21-... Read more

  • Goals for this week

    6/22/2020 12:54:21 PM, by A-NEW-CHAPTER

    521 Eating at the lower end of my calorie limit (1200-1300) 5 days Not exercising as it irritates this shoulder thing that I have going on Call the doctor to make an appointment for this shoulder thing (if they're seeing patients?) Write out my notes from Never Binge Again and review them d... Read more

  • now and my goal

    6/22/2020 12:53:33 PM, by PINKGIRL23

    This is me now This was me in 2006 I was size 16 in this pic. and it is my first goal.... Read more

  • Day 9 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/22/2020 10:08:57 AM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 9: 6/21/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: Done! Strength Training Reps: Done! Yesterday was still difficult for me, but somewhat better than Saturday. My focus today is to stay strong and get it done! I'm in a battle with myself, which is definitely the most difficult battle ... Read more

  • Day 53: Issues With Emotional Eating

    6/22/2020 7:05:33 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    198 I've always had issues with emotional eating. Yesterday was no exception. My ex likes to mess with my head a lot and exaggerate things in order to make me worry and get anxious and paranoid. Right now he's upset because I'm getting in shape and I'm helping Fritzy to exercise and build muscles by... Read more

  • Day 8 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/21/2020 1:49:34 PM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 8: 6/20/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: not 100% tracked. It wasn't a good evening. Strength Training Reps: Done! Yesterday was tough. Today will be better. ... Read more

  • Week 123 of therapy

    6/21/2020 1:08:23 PM, by ONEAGLESWINGS19

    This week in therapy we discussed my possibility of having the surgery again. We also discussed my mom and her back and how we are waiting to hear about whether or not she will have the MRI for it. We discussed my possible CT-scan. We also used a emotion wheel to talk about some things as well. I al... Read more

  • Day 10 of calorie cycling Day 1 of the No S Diet

    6/21/2020 2:36:26 AM, by ALOTCANHAPPEN

    So I have been quite good (for me) at the calorie cycling thing. Since Friday 12th June I have more or less been on no snacks, less than 5% sugar, and calorie cycling at 1550/day average. But I lost it a bit yesterday (Saturday), and after considering what I would do, I decided that if I could do ... Read more

  • Day 52: Overhauling My Pantry

    6/21/2020 12:37:56 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    524 Yesterday was pretty much a take-it-easy day because I needed some recovery time from the activity of the past few days. I re-organized my pantry and realized that I had just a ton of canned fruit and boxes of fruit cups and a ton of canned veggies and a big bag of potatoes and a big bag of swee... Read more

  • Rain...

    6/20/2020 9:51:54 PM, by SERENEART

    Even when I was writing these regularly, I never really knew what to title them. Last night, we got some rain and it was needed.. As we go into the Texas hot summer head on. I was going to write this blog last night, but with the bad storms, I opted to stay off.. Today, my day was pretty much tak... Read more

  • Pruning

    6/20/2020 8:58:19 PM, by WNCGIRL

    I have alot of peace lillies. I got one big one for a gift when I was sick. I almost died with rocky mountain spotted fever and a dear friend showed up at my house with one when I was recovering at home. That was 13 years ago. I have had to separate and repot them several times. It always remin... Read more

  • Pasta blunder

    6/20/2020 8:05:06 PM, by JANROLG

    Last month we bought a automatic pasta maker. We made a batch of pasta and it was great! Tonight we tried to triple the batch, it came out bad. Lesson in this is just because you have a mess up one time doesn’t mean you give up. You need to keep trying.... Read more

  • Day 7 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/20/2020 10:31:49 AM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 7: 6/19/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: tracked! Strength Training Reps: REST DAY! Today I will call a double win because there are so many tempting foods in my house right now, and I did not eat them all. I will be honest and tell you, I did have a small serving of ice crea... Read more

  • Scale Not Telling the Whole Picture

    6/20/2020 9:06:12 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    So the scale is up again this week. It's saying I'm up to 289.4 lbs. That's a gain of 10 lbs in the past week. But I've also gained 5 lbs of muscle in the past week. I also look slimmer, my muscles look more defined, and am wearing smaller clothes. Here's some pictures for comparison from the beginn... Read more

  • June 2020

    6/20/2020 8:40:18 AM, by SPARKY070476

    Still living life.. None of my close friends nor family have contracted COVID-19, so I'm very grateful for that. Fully employed, so I can pay my bills for the most part :o) 2 weeks ago, I decided to take a mini-vacation with my 3 kids. We stayed at a hotel with a water park and activities. ... Read more

  • Day 51: A Few Bumps in the Road

    6/20/2020 3:04:25 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    234 I've had a few bumps in the road lately. I spent yesterday mainly doing a ton of laundry and I fell prey to a few vices that I need to correct as soon as Fritzy comes home from his dad's on Sunday night. 277 Nutrition: Nutrition hasn't been too bad. I went a little bit over my calories y... Read more

  • Back at the Gym

    6/19/2020 6:25:59 PM, by REBECCATKD

    Today was my first day back at Xperience Fitness since March. It wasn't as weird as I thought it would be, especially because the gym is never particularly crowded on weekday afternoons. Here is how I gauged my safety: 1. Count the cars in the parking lot. About 25. Good sign. 2. Check sig... Read more

  • MIL/1800 Diebetic Diet,

    6/19/2020 6:00:12 PM, by PINKGIRL23

    I can't remember if I told everyone about my MIL Grace. She went to the hospital and found out she had a brain tumor about two weeks ago. Tuesday Grace got her pathology report back. It was not good. Her form of Brain Cancer is very aggressive and she needs Radiation. (And possible Chemo). W... Read more

  • You don't have to be "on" each day

    6/19/2020 2:55:02 PM, by TONEDTORI

    I received the best news from my oncologist on Tuesday. "Your CatScan came out negative. I am so happy for you.!! Grateful, yes! BUT, I come home, tired, needing to workout, needing those minutes to record, but nothing. Wednesday & Thursday, the same. Why Lord am I without the boost to go out and do... Read more

  • Day 50: Organizing

    6/19/2020 1:30:10 PM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    524 I spent the past couple of days cleaning and organizing and we went to Walmart last night so I was really sore and tired by the end of the day yesterday. I got a lot of sleep last night, though, so after my shower this morning I am now feeling pretty good again. I plan to organize a bunch more a... Read more

  • Day 6 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/19/2020 11:38:48 AM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 6: 6/18/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: tracked! Strength Training Reps: done! I also walked over 15k steps yesterday AND stuck to my WIN TODAY plan. Today is another day to crush goals! I forgot that once you start, it's easier to continue if you keep putting one foot in f... Read more

  • Good and bad days

    6/18/2020 12:22:21 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    This week back on track has been say the least. I definitely am breaking bad habits though. I got into the really bad habit of waking up early and eating a huge breakfast. That led to a huge lunch and snacks and dinner. Slowly, I'm coming back to eating much lighter. I wake up and de... Read more

  • Day 5 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/18/2020 9:20:50 AM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 5: 6/17/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: tracked! Strength Training Reps: done! Yesterday felt amazing. It's the first day in quite some time that I was able to eat correctly. I didn't eat off my plan! I pre-planned my day the night before, and I ate exactly what I planned a... Read more

  • Getting good use of the weight planner recommended by Dr. Greger

    6/18/2020 4:29:33 AM, by WHITE-2

    I am very thankful for the weight planners mentioned by Dr. Greger, that I shared in this blog some time ago. This one has been a great help for me. I tend to fret over weight loss and this one allows me to see day by day, up to 500 days, what the outcomes will be of eating a ... Read more

  • Day 49: Being Super Active

    6/18/2020 1:00:07 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    524 247 Sending hugs to everyone this morning!! I hope everyone has been having a great week so far. This has been one of my best in a long time. I have really been feeling so much better lately. I think my efforts at quitting smoking have helped me to feel a lot better and then also the exercises ... Read more

  • Day 4 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/17/2020 9:13:44 AM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 4: 6/16/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: tracked! Strength Training Reps: done! Today's WI is not positive. I am very upset about it, but I'm not going to cry about it, instead I need to boss up and deal with it. Many times I have allowed myself too much comfort instead... Read more

  • Day 48: Motivated!!

    6/17/2020 6:24:08 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    524 I've been doing pretty well lately in most respects. I've been feeling good enough that I've actually been able to do more things around the house and I've been in a better mood because I haven't been in quite so much pain. Yesterday I made glazed carrots & sweet potatoes and early this morning ... Read more

  • Motivation, Ten Reasons Why I Want To Loose Weight

    6/16/2020 6:45:36 PM, by PINKGIRL23

    Why do you want to loose weight? What are your reasons? How do you want to look? How do you want to feel????????? 1) It is good for my joints. They are no longer really stiff. Which means I can more better. Which is good since I am 37 and don't plan to slow down now. 2) It gives me more e... Read more

  • My Medical Dream Team Zoom Chat

    6/16/2020 4:57:08 PM, by OHHHCHELLE

    I'd like to have a Zoom chat with all of my doctors - my PCP, my gastroenterologist, my orthopedist, my ophthalmologist, my dentist... I would find a gynecologist to join us since the last 2 I have moved away from me, and maybe a nutritionist/dietitian, cardiologist, pulmonologist and a dermatologis... Read more

  • Day 3 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/16/2020 1:51:35 PM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 3: 6/15/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: tracked! Strength Training Reps: done! I had to use my lesson from 100 DWL yesterday, DO IT ANYWAY!!! I was sore from doing reps on Saturday & Sunday (but that's a good thing, means your body is working) and I really didn't want ... Read more

  • cloudy walk and run this morning

    6/16/2020 11:50:46 AM, by BEACHCALSIX

    It was a cloudy workout this morning. I was a bit sore from yesterday but did it anyway. Habit habit habit, right? At one point, I was running across the street and my phone fell out of my pocket. I wouldn't have even noticed it but the video I was listening too started blaring weird static no... Read more

  • Plan A, Plan B, Plan C...

    6/16/2020 10:36:05 AM, by REBECCATKD

    Back-up plans are essential for me. Otherwise, I fail. Take this morning, for example. Yesterday, I was all set for my plan: get up, eat breakfast, bike for 12+ miles. But... Instead I dawdled with my coffee and finished a great book (The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah). Now it's 9:30, a... Read more

  • Could flour be addictive?

    6/16/2020 8:28:16 AM, by WHITE-2

    Since May 7th I have been following my personal 'bright lines', inspired by the book 'Bright Line Eating' by Susan Peirce Thompson. My personal 'bright lines' (rules) are: no refined sugar, no flour, eat no more than 3 meals and 1 snack per day and eat set amounts of food (weight and / or measure... Read more

  • Day 47: Ups & Downs

    6/16/2020 1:33:30 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    524 So there's been some ups and downs lately. I've made some really good progress with my health goals but I've also had some major setbacks. However, the setbacks are just temporary and also something that I can solve and I'm making the necessary changes in order to do better in the future. ... Read more

  • Count everything!

    6/15/2020 1:56:56 PM, by TONEDTORI

    Saturday I went to urgent care and they told me I had an infection. I thought, no biggy, I can still workout Sunday. Not!!! As soon as I started to do something. it was a mad dash to the restroom. Instead, I cleaned the bathrooms, the kitchen, and swept the kitchen nook. I rested in between cleaning... Read more

  • Weigh-In #9

    6/15/2020 12:18:01 PM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    So it's been a while since I've done a weigh-in. I can't do my nutrition trends for this week because I wasn't tracking food for a while, but at least I can give you an idea of what my weight has been doing lately. I haven't been eating the best lately and that pretty much shows on the scale but I'm... Read more

  • Restarting today, a lot going on!

    6/15/2020 11:34:18 AM, by BEACHCALSIX

    Things have been crazy lately. The virus. Stress. Being the teacher, mother, cook, maid, and more. It's crazy how stressful being stuck indoors can be. My kids have been acting out and really testing me. I took them for walks this weekend and their behavior changed drastically! They NEED to get out.... Read more

  • Day 2 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/15/2020 11:27:03 AM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 2: 6/14/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: tracked! Strength Training Reps: done! I tried a burpee for the first time yesterday! Whoa! Not easy. I want to get better at these. Boy, those really show you when you are out of shape! Had my gallon of water drank by 5 pm, along... Read more

  • Day 46: Grocery Shopping

    6/15/2020 7:31:34 AM, by FRITZYS_MAMA

    524 We went grocery shopping yesterday since Fritzy needed some things and I needed some produce. Grocery shopping is always super hard on me. It hurts my ribs and back, so I'm not feeling as good today. I'm still going to try to get some things done today, but I'm going to have to try to be careful... Read more

  • 14 June 2020

    6/14/2020 3:43:20 PM, by DSJB9999

    My hubby still doesn't know I am following Sustain Nutrition and as a good pal said here they don't need to know everything. He has noticed the changes in my body and mental health so its gotta be good and I know he spends as much on alcohol each month as I'm spending on Sustain and its my money so... Read more

  • Goals for June 14-20

    6/14/2020 1:21:46 PM, by REBECCATKD

    So far, so good. I've been back on track for a week and lost two pounds. Better, I've established a habit of daily exercise and nutrition tracking. Week #2 is usually where I start slacking. Example: "Oh, I've been good, I can eat/drink that ____." I'd rather not backslide just as the 5% Challenge ... Read more

  • Sometimes the best you can do is just fine.

    6/14/2020 12:10:51 PM, by NEBRASKANNIE

    The new baby is a few weeks old now, and I've been in town every weekday to help mom and baby. He's a bit colicky, which can be a challenge. The 5 yr old has been wonderful, and the years I've spent with him are really paying off now. I'm so grateful that my husband is partially retired and can take... Read more

  • Day 1 of my 30 Day Goal of Recommitment

    6/14/2020 10:24:07 AM, by _WARRIOR4LIFE

    Day 1: 6/13/2020 Gallon of water: drank! Calories: tracked! Strength Training Reps: done! The day wasn't perfect, but it is a start. Sometimes, a start is all you need. I'm working on a 30 day reset. Getting my mind back in the game, getting my body ready to get back to losing. It's im... Read more