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  • keto re-focus

    4/1/2020 10:40:12 AM, by NEED2MOVE2

    need to get back to basics keto re-focus only real food kicking the creepy carbs 386... Read more

  • Am I in a dream?

    3/31/2020 10:49:06 AM, by NEED2MOVE2

    sometimes it is hard to understand I know this is our new reality I know this is temporary but I am so ready to wake up! 247... Read more

  • Staying Calm and ketoing on

    3/30/2020 11:10:15 AM, by NEED2MOVE2

    Focus on health and moving! keeping my family safe! This too shall pass! Stay strong! 247... Read more

  • Trials and the 5%

    3/29/2020 3:52:49 PM, by TYMBERWOLFE

    This Spring 5% is different. So much is going on in the world. This is the first blog I can write without pain from my shoulder surgery. I still can't lift it all the way and it is the most painful recovery I have ever had. I am going to the foot doctor and will hopefully get a release on my foot an... Read more

  • 4 More Days Left In March

    3/27/2020 11:23:24 PM, by PORTIA70

    Well everyone, we are at the end of March and as of tonight we have over 100,000 cases of Coronavirus here in the United States according to John Hopkins. CDC left off at 85,000 and they will be updated tomorrow. There is also word that China has shut down their cinema's due to a fear that ... Read more

  • 2nd Blog.......Ever!!

    3/24/2020 11:50:07 AM, by PBVHCCVH

    This a letter that I sent to all the Teams on which I am the Leader or the Co-Leader. Several people asked if I would post this where anyone could read it, so here it is. Even if you're not on the Teams, I still care about you! MESSAGE TO ALL TEAM MEMBERS During this time of turmoil i... Read more

  • Love in the Time of Coronavirus 19

    3/23/2020 9:02:15 AM, by MRSLIVINGWELL

    Strange times that we find ourselves in. Today I will become a one woman factory producing facemasks for hospitals. Everyday, I am committed to exercise and good eating to be in fighting shape to prevent the worst complications of CV19, Flu or anything. Brushing and flossing with enthusiasm ... Read more

  • Saturday And Trying To Find Things To Do

    3/21/2020 10:36:33 PM, by PORTIA70

    Well, we are here on this first Saturday of Spring. I did manage to go pick me up some food and get a walk in. It was really odd though not seeing the neighborhood doing the normal Saturday routine. And seeing new apartment complexes left with no workers to continue the build. It is almost ... Read more

  • Another Day

    3/19/2020 1:26:27 PM, by PORTIA70

    Another day for all of us to enjoy. Even in self isolation we can do things like open the windows to let light in or hear the sounds still happening. We can listen to our music, read our books, turn on a movie. We can chat with friends and families. There is still hope out there to be had. ... Read more

  • Stressful times

    3/19/2020 11:42:01 AM, by NEED2MOVE2

    yeep the craziness upon us Do not panic! Stay strong wash your hands STAY HOME! Stay healthy and well 247 ... Read more

  • Coronavirus Thoughts And Current Check IN

    3/18/2020 1:56:40 PM, by PORTIA70

    Hey everyone :) I need to really make time in the morning for SP. I always have good intentions on posting but then by the time evening comes up I am doing other things. Ugh this coronavirus has been a pain in the butt for so many. I am learning how to stay positive. I am an introve... Read more

  • 3 years keto

    3/10/2020 11:16:48 AM, by NEED2MOVE2

    Love my life! weight stable. life style love it! works for my body! Keto on keto strong! 104... Read more

  • Been Really Busy

    3/10/2020 3:39:36 AM, by PORTIA70

    Sorry to all of you. I have good intentions every day to post on here, but so much is happening that it is hard to keep my head above water. I am the lead Plaintiff in a lawsuit and that has me on my toes. And there was a lot of drama the last few days surrounding it. Plus so much else g... Read more

  • This week

    3/8/2020 7:57:50 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    This week was epic I was going to see a movie Monday so I was going to skip the the gym. I said to myself why I got time so I went early I figured if you can go to movies you can work out.while at movie I said gym will always come first Tuesday I went it felt good next few days went well and everyda... Read more

  • It is U.G.L.Y. Time

    3/7/2020 5:00:07 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    I hit the gym everyday this week looking back I have done everything including quit all my life. In order to be different I’m going to be different I found a exercise machine that I can work my ass off that doesn’t hurt the joints an hour turned into 90 we add intensity standing and walk... Read more

  • Moving more.. taking it slow

    3/7/2020 3:27:40 PM, by NEED2MOVE2

    I want to be a runner! I have always wanted to be a runner! My heart wants BUT My body can not give yet Baby steps! 386... Read more

  • Moving

    3/7/2020 10:25:17 AM, by NEED2MOVE2

    being constant!~ I got this! 521... Read more

  • On the final stretch...

    3/7/2020 9:07:28 AM, by ALLEYCATTUS

    I finally took the plunge and filed for early retirement! I still can't believe I have started down the road of finishing with work and finally having some ME is sure going to be first, I wasn't sure if I could cope being at home, but as I think more about it, retirement isn't... Read more

  • The beginning

    3/5/2020 11:22:38 PM, by TWISTEDSTEELE

    It has been a good week. I have joined planet fitness they have a lot of machines that I can use.. easy-step since I first got sick standing is a challenge arthritis loss of strength to much fat .in rehab I would work on this machine everyday well of has one. This week I got on every day for an hour... Read more