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  • Filling My Calendar

    1/13/2020 9:40:52 AM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    Today I’m taking the time to fill out my calendar. I really need to go through more stuff... more closets, drawers, boxes and totes. I don’t like not being able to have everything right where I need it. I went though a bunch of my craft stuff and listed what I didn’t need for sale and sol... Read more

  • The Biggest Pants I've Ever Known

    1/11/2020 6:13:18 PM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    First day of the 5% weight loss challenge I joined is today. And how did I start out my day??? Well today I headed to town and landed myself at the mall to look for new pants. New LARGER pants no less. This past Fall as I was growing bigger...I ripped out in the thighs, my last pair... Read more

  • Ready for Takeoff!

    1/10/2020 8:35:18 PM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    Tomorrow starts the 5% weight loss challenge and I am ready for Takeoff!!! 534 We are headed to Tahiti. 6,277 Miles to get there and land the plain. With 6,277 exercise minutes we need to accomplish as a team to arrive. It says staples of the Tahitian diet include fresh seafood an... Read more

  • Gearing Up, Exciting Things on the Horizon!

    1/7/2020 8:04:15 PM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    Getting ready for many things this week that I am excited about! Gearing up and getting ready for the 5% challenge to start...impatiently waiting I would say. 246 Looking forward to losing 5% or more of my body weight...I know I can make this happen! Bible Study starts this Friday and the... Read more

  • Reclaiming Wasted Time

    1/6/2020 9:11:01 AM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    Wasted Days and Wasted Nights...that single line from an old tune by Freddy Fender plays back over and over in my mind as if I was playing a broken record. Although the song is about spending all his free time thinking about and focusing on a girl who left him and wasn’t faithful, I can s... Read more

  • A Stationery Making, Letter Writing...Kind of Day

    1/5/2020 2:36:17 PM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    Today is a day that I am making some stationery so I can write some letters and notes to some ladies. I love making stationery! It's nice to write a real letter, handwritten or typed to give to others. I love mailing them with a real stamp and envelope. As it's fun to see a 'REAL' letter in the ma... Read more

  • A Humbling Kind of Week

    1/4/2020 5:23:27 PM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    We traveled the weekend after Christmas and my back started hurting a bit on the way there and I didn’t think much about it. After the first night I woke up and my back hurt worse and continued to get worse each day. I did manage the treadmill at a lower pace one of the seven days of this pain. By t... Read more

  • My Kinda New Years Eve

    12/31/2019 12:43:55 PM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    Today we had plans to go to the movies. I decided today that I would stay home and clean and mop and food prep and scrub the house and take down the tree. Although I wanted to go with to the movies, setting myself and home up for a great month ahead seemed far more important today. If I can be prepa... Read more

  • Lots and Lots of Snow

    12/30/2019 7:16:04 PM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    We had quite the weather the last couple days. We are almost at 2 feet of snow, over 20 inches at the moment and it keeps on coming. Today was a day of digging out. We were in Wisconsin for a couple days and made it home just in time before most of the weather started. We did have some icy roads for... Read more

  • Thankful Grateful Here We Go!

    12/26/2019 7:42:05 PM, by LIFESGREAT2DAY

    Today I decided to finally take charge of myself again. It’s been a long challenging year but I definitely have had some great powerful/meaningful moments. This is the most I’ve ever weighed in my life and I’m almost in shock of it. Although I’ve started today, I’ve joined a challenge that starts Ja... Read more