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  • Social distancing

    3/29/2020 12:30:52 PM, by LITTLEKELT

    It's a very strange world at the moment. The woods across the road from me have ash dieback. This is an airborne fungus that kills off ash trees. Most of the trees are ash. So this Spring, the woods are very stark. Many have been cut down and the rest have no new Spring growth. It's very eerie... Read more

  • foot update

    3/29/2020 12:19:07 PM, by BLAULKEIM

    not much pain now in my foot. thank goodness !!!!!!!!!!! maybe to the end of what i thought to be a long journey. i hope and pray for that. suzi... Read more

  • left foot update

    3/23/2020 1:15:05 PM, by BLAULKEIM

    my left heel and foot is hurting very badly. i have planter facilars, hope it is spelled right. it takes any where from 8-12 weeks to heal. i read on one article that said 6-12 months to heal. i hope not. it is so painful i think exercise will be on hold for now. oh well!!!! anyone have anythin... Read more

  • It's the sweet little things

    3/18/2020 9:37:57 AM, by LITTLEKELT

    Right. I've got out of the knack of food tracking. And I lie to myself about the little things: like truffles, nuts, chocolate brazil nuts. I do love nuts and chocolates, and it was my birthday last Saturday so people treated me to some lovely goodies. Trouble is, I can't resist. And one is ne... Read more

  • Back again

    3/16/2020 10:01:40 AM, by LITTLEKELT

    I'm in a better space mentally then I have been for quite a while. After 4 operations and a broken ankle, my legs are working. I have 2 beautiful dogs who get me out and about. My family are fine. I have 3 granddaughters now. I have a lovely supportive partner. I have time. And I need t... Read more

  • painful heal left

    3/15/2020 12:52:47 PM, by BLAULKEIM

    i got up 2 nights ago and tried to stand with my husbands help and the pain in my left heel was so bad. iam know using my wheelchair. hope it heals soon. will see a foot doctor monday. forteo is going great.... Read more

  • Keeping it Together

    3/8/2020 8:48:45 AM, by PERSERVERANCE71

    Updates: Carrie is still injured and can't run. Looks like it's some kind of SI joint issue. She's doing physical therapy with one of the places that all the local running clubs use and doing her exercises and walking, but still can't run. I'm really proud of her for her diligence and pers... Read more