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  • Home Life…

    2/19/2020 10:56:42 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Today was chemistry lab day at our house. While D15 and her friend worked on the experiment at hand I worked on math corrections with D13. I also talked to my friend who is the mother of D15’s chem partner. She has two children but one is already in his twenties. She finds it amazing that I can swit... Read more

  • anger

    2/19/2020 5:48:18 PM, by HOPEM61

    "What do you do with the mad that you feel? when you feel so mad you could bite!" 234 Yes, I have been an angry eater, probably since childhood. We were never allowed to express emotions at home. We were told how we SHOULD feel. I must have learned early on that a big shot of sugar and fat to... Read more

  • Taken By Surprise…

    2/18/2020 10:46:26 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Dealing with some hard things today. Cried quite a bit. Sleep is my usual go to when I have to come to terms with life issues but today I determined to walk rather than sleep….took 13000+ steps. I think I’m going to cry a bit more and then sleep ever so soundly. Keep moving forward! — Kohl ... Read more

  • sunny days are ahead

    2/18/2020 12:21:02 PM, by SOFT_VAL67

    Note: There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there and trust that God is picking out the perfect job for you. A job that shows off your talents, that you love, and you can make a difference in. Be thankful and ask for what you need. Hug.... This was a message I got in a goodie thi... Read more

  • Two Naps...

    2/17/2020 9:57:20 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Been dealing with symptoms of a slight cold for a few days now but this morning it came on like a vengeance. Felt extremely fatigued throughout my morning commute to drop my older two daughters off at work and college so upon returning home I touched base with my two younger daughters about homescho... Read more

  • Priority # 1 God First

    2/17/2020 10:11:36 AM, by HOPEM61

    I have been doing some soul searching. I was doing well for a bit and then Valentine's Day came. I told myself I was buying things for my grand daughter but that wasn't true. I was buying sweets for me. My focus was totally off my goals. I didn't want to eat healthy. I wanted chocolate and cookies. ... Read more

  • monday not as blue

    2/17/2020 9:42:20 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    Thanks to everyone who took time to read and comment on my blog yesterday. I was in a dark mood, feeling sorry for myself I guess. But after posting that, I filled out six more job applications. It seemed like much more. I am just really hoping whatever I end up with isnt so horrible, lol. ... Read more

  • Pizza With Friends...

    2/16/2020 11:57:49 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    My friend owns a pizza shop. Her family invited our family to have pizza with them above the pizza shop tonight in their abode and to play some games. The pizza was so good! Lots of fun for a few hours. Keep moving forward! — Kohl ... Read more

  • The true cause of happiness

    2/16/2020 12:11:31 PM, by WHITE-2

    "It is our habit to think that there is some reason for our feeling of happiness - the bright green of spring leaves, the sound of laughter of a child, or the sensations you get from playing in the ocean. However what reallly causes the feeling of happiness is the silent, benevolent presence in the ... Read more

  • let down in a small town

    2/16/2020 9:35:04 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    So far 2020 is a bust. I know its early in the year and time to start turning this around!!! I find myself blue and depressed very much recently. Internet outages have plagued us the entire year, I possibly lost a job because of it. The employer had tried to contact me to get some needed inf... Read more

  • Simple Yet Tasty…

    2/15/2020 7:53:14 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I often find success when using the Pioneer Woman’s recipes. I really like the simpleness yet pizazz of so many of them.Tonight I made two of my favorites from her website: pan-fried pork chops (
    rk-chops/) and oven-roasted asparagus (htt... Read more

  • Take It As It Comes...

    2/14/2020 11:57:09 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    This morning I hopped in the car with all four daughters with these goals in mind: drop D23 off at work, take D21 to counseling and then to class, head to my parents' house with the youngest two to have D15 complete a "back then" assignment for her finance co-op class, and pick D23 up from her morni... Read more

  • A valentine message

    2/14/2020 9:17:53 PM, by OLDEROWL
    49e59bba48.jpg ... Read more

  • It's Bedtime Already?

    2/13/2020 10:52:26 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Working on getting to bed at a decent hour. Thought I’d start with 11:00pm tonight and work toward an earlier time at a later date if needed. I have everything done except the shower and it’s ten til. I’ve cut it close tonight but at least it’s a start. Progress not perfection. Keep moving forw... Read more

  • Let It Snow...

    2/12/2020 11:10:43 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    It had been snowing since 4:00pm but it turned to rain at 10:00pm. It's now 11:00pm and the flakes are falling again. They are predicting it will stay snow but I will believe that when I wake up to snow and not puddles like on Monday. February is proving to be a great mix of weather. Keep movin... Read more

  • Bittersweet...

    2/11/2020 3:55:46 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    My youngest is thirteen today. She's been acting like a teen since her 11th birthday but the day has actually arrived. I did convince her to go to the carousel with D23 and me in a bit for a few rides. That is as close to playing I think she will come. All of her sisters were going to go but it seem... Read more

  • A must-watch if you're interested in weight loss AND health

    2/11/2020 11:30:59 AM, by WHITE-2
    8Ah3Q... Read more

  • I Heart FaceTime...

    2/10/2020 11:14:20 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Just got done chatting with my son. He called and I accepted the call even though I needed to go out and buy one last birthday present for my darling daughter who will no longer be a child tomorrow...she will be a teenager! I also needed to grade a chemistry lab report before bed. I wanted to take 2... Read more

  • Good Day...

    2/9/2020 11:57:37 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Acts 9 gave us Paul’s example of what our simple but profound message to the world should be as we changed from sinner to saved sinner: Jesus is the son of God. That was church in a nutshell. Extremely tired so I took a nap for a few hours. After a spaghetti dinner all of us (except D21 wh... Read more

  • I Dream of success and will write a book

    2/8/2020 10:49:45 PM, by OLDEROWL

    I have learned that success is largely a matter of dreaming and taking action on your dreams, but before you can take effective action you need to believe in yourself. These affirmations often repeated will get me there. 1) I can do anything that I can envision doing. 2) My mind is clear and... Read more

  • Giving and Recieving

    2/8/2020 9:37:00 PM, by OLDEROWL

    The other day we were on a bus to go to the Bamboo and Teak furniture store and also to shop at the mall. My wife was carrying a Shopping bag for our purchases at the mall. There were a mother and her son seated across the aisle from us. My wife started a conversation between my wife and the mo... Read more

  • Symphony Orchestra Tonight…

    2/8/2020 7:01:52 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    My husband and I are going to the Revolutions concert of the symphony this evening. D23 gets two free tickets per show as a perk for working at the theatre. She cannot go tonight as she is running the box office solo since the girl she usually works with is out sick. D21 is coming with us…this will ... Read more

  • Finding your purpose: 5 questions to ask

    2/8/2020 2:48:24 PM, by WHITE-2
    -need-help-finding-your-purpose... Read more

  • Winter in Ga.

    2/8/2020 9:21:01 AM, by BLHEALTH

    Winter is here with all its fury. Snow is predicted for today. It wouldn't be Ga. weather without a little snow. A good day to eat soup. Healthy foods pay well. I have been busy in my sewing room making hearts and more. And this one looks so much better on my late mother's chrochet. She... Read more

  • Taming Of The Shrew...

    2/7/2020 11:41:49 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Watching Kiss Me, Kate with D23, D15, and D12. We are enjoying it more than we expected. Couldn’t wake up my husband who has been sleeping since his dinner at 6:30. D21 is coding and couldn’t be pulled away for anything. Hoping it’s a healthy creative streak for her. Keep moving forward! - Kohl... Read more

  • Napping...

    2/6/2020 11:54:29 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Homeschooled a bit in the morning, Got to a place where the girls could both work independently in the afternoon and then I took a much needed nap. I’m getting to bed by midnight every night and staying there until 8am but am I light sleeper…wake up if any one in the house makes a noise…coughing, go... Read more

  • All or Nothing

    2/6/2020 11:28:56 AM, by HOPEM61

    For many years I have asked myself why I do something. If I start to eat anything in a bag other than vegetables, I have a compulsion to eat the whole thing. After reading today's coaching on all or nothing I wonder if that is behind this behavior of mine. Some years ago I realized I was a blac... Read more

  • Nodding…

    2/5/2020 10:24:30 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    My head keeps nodding. I’ve no concentration left to grade papers for tomorrow. Heading to bed and hoping that the freezing rain will subside before tomorrow noon. I need to head out before 9am so I hope the hourly weather forecast is wrongo. Will listen to the girls sing their audition pieces one m... Read more

  • My Journey so Far

    2/5/2020 1:05:57 PM, by HOPEM61

    It has taken time for me to make changes. At 242 pounds I knew I had to do something. A friend told me about Sparkpeople. I joined on the free Sparkpeople for a couple of years. Once I got down to 211. But, perfectionism and resistance to change led me to fall back. I became an on again off again ... Read more

  • A Regular Sort Of Day…

    2/4/2020 11:53:53 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Took a walk first thing this morning before the rain started. Drove my daughters to and from their respective places: work, college, co-op, and library. Also made guacamole and burritos, did a few 100-200 piece online jigsaw puzzles, bought sheet music for auditions, and tidied up the checkbook by e... Read more

  • 1st Blog...ever!

    2/4/2020 3:49:34 AM, by PBVHCCVH

    I've never done a blog before, but shall give this a try. I just joined Spark Premium and am finding it very informative and helpful. My exercising has to be modified after falling yesterday and cracking 2 ribs and getting a mild concussion! The positive side is that I stayed on my calorie count... Read more

  • Choosing Audition Music...

    2/3/2020 11:27:37 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Spent the afternoon with D23, D15, and D12 trying to zone in on the best audition pieces. D12 chose City of Stars from La La Land and it seems a near perfect fit for her. D15 hasn’t decided yet but has at least four up her sleeve that she could do well. Hopefully she’ll make a decision tomorrow so w... Read more

  • small steps

    2/3/2020 12:32:24 PM, by HOPEM61

    After having a disappointing weigh in I made some goals to turn that around. One was to finally follow the suggested menus on my spark nutrition log. I have been substituting some foods for things I have on hand, but it really breaks a cycle I have where I ask myself,"What do I want to eat." I don't... Read more

  • Theatre Stuff...

    2/2/2020 11:49:32 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Went to the last performance of Annie Get Your Gun this afternoon with a friend. After strike I helped serve fruit to the cast of 60 at the on site cast party. Then I chatted with other theatre moms while the cast ate pizza+. When we returned home we went through the makeup kit and threw out it... Read more

  • New Month New Training Program (THT aka Targeted Hypertrophy Training)

    2/2/2020 10:11:50 AM, by NEWAGAIN

    Good day Sunday, Spark Friends! How are each of you doing? We've entered a new month and it's already February 2, 2020. I have been looking over the library of fitness training programs saved on my computer trying to decide which one to start in the month of February. I selected Mark McM... Read more

  • Annie Get Your Gun...

    2/1/2020 11:01:49 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Tonight was opening night for the girls. D12 played the porter and D15 was one of Frank Butler’s former high society flings. A best friend of theirs was a singer at the ball. A friend of this best friend played Annie and boy did she sing purty. A great performance of a great show! One night to go! ... Read more

  • weigh in day 2

    2/1/2020 12:12:37 PM, by HOPEM61

    Well, I didn't do as well this week. The scale went up, possibly because I had some pizza and that always causes me to gain water weight. However, my blood pressure is up too. This isn't good. So, I take this as a learning situation. I can improve by not sliding into fast food no matter how bu... Read more

  • How’s The Weight Coming?…

    1/31/2020 11:07:21 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    January Open: 217.0 (Jan 1st) Close: 213.4 (Jan 31st) High: 217.8 (Jan 5th) Low: 213.4 (Jan 31st) Average 215.78 It's a start. My goal for February is to stay below 115.78 for daily weigh-ins. I would also hope to lose an average of 0.5 each week. Keep moving forwa... Read more

  • Working Puzzles, Making Friends...

    1/30/2020 3:51:33 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    This was a fun one and it's finally done! I enjoy working on puzzles at the library and meeting others who enjoy the same (although I've found that some people sit at the puzzle table simply because they want to meet people and that's fine by me). Doing a puzzle at our public library does ha... Read more

  • My Day...

    1/29/2020 11:59:27 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Struggled through adding positive and negative numbers with my youngest daughter while her sister reviewed for tomorrow’s chemistry test. Then we did bit of history before I left to take another daughter to college. It’s an hour roundtrip. While I was gone they both showered and fixed some lunch. ... Read more

  • Living With Just One Piece Of Cake…

    1/28/2020 11:26:52 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Just now my husband cut himself a piece of birthday cake and asked if I would like one. No, thank you. I had one yesterday to celebrate his birthday. I planned ahead so I could fit it into my daily calorie range without having my macros suffer significantly. I find this is getting easier with practi... Read more

  • A Birthday Is Here...

    1/27/2020 3:42:06 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Homeschooling is done for the day! This morning my husband's birthday cake was baked and the presents were decided upon and purchased. Time to wrap the presents and do a little straightening up and cleaning in the living room so we can have pizza delivered and eat by the fire. D21 will frost and dec... Read more

  • Just For Today

    1/27/2020 1:18:45 PM, by SIMPLY_JAE

    I will..Smile more Complain less Do more Talk less Love more Argue less Hope more Fear less Live more Worry less Focus more Cr... Read more

  • I Planned Tomorrow's Menu...

    1/26/2020 11:33:49 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Tomorrow is my husband's birthday. I do so want to stay in my calorie range and he is expecting pizza 480 AND cake 475 so I entered all that I expect to eat tomorrow into the tracker including the cake recipe with whippy frosting. I made sure that everything other than the cake and pizza is nutrie... Read more

  • 21 ways to boost weight loss

    1/26/2020 1:58:27 PM, by WHITE-2

    These are 21 'tweaks' to your diet that may add to weight loss, as described in the book 'How not to Diet' by Michael Greger. I posted a thread for every one of these boosters on the Nutritionfacts sparkteam. If there is a topic you'd like to hear more about, let me know and I will add more in... Read more

  • Just For Today

    1/26/2020 12:42:43 PM, by SIMPLY_JAE

    I have been having a difficult day, week, month(s)..Some days it hardly seems worth the effort. And I know that things are never as hopeless as they might feel..So today..just for today.. I am taking my power back..taking it one day at a hour at a time..together all the time..I can d... Read more

  • It’s The 25th Already…

    1/25/2020 10:45:46 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Started taking down the Christmas tree today. Sounds crazy but one year we waited until January 27th which is my husband’s birthday. Well the decorations are in the boxes. Hoping tomorrow to pack up the lights and drag the tree out of the front door. Soon enough that groundhog will be making a pr... Read more

  • Weigh in Day

    1/25/2020 3:12:55 PM, by HOPEM61

    Saturday is now my official weigh in and take measurements day. I only was down .1 pound this week however, I am very happy to report my blood pressure is great! 103/72 today. In November it was 132/92. Soon I think I will no longer need that BP medication I have been on. I can see also my asthma ha... Read more

  • Weight planners recommended by Dr. Greger

    1/25/2020 3:20:21 AM, by WHITE-2

    Dr. Greger mentions two "validated mathemetical models that take into account the dynamic changes when you cut calories, such as the metabolic slowdown." They can be found here:
    s-predictor/ and here: www.niddk.n... Read more

  • Take 5...

    1/24/2020 11:55:07 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Our homeschooling friends (Mom, daughter, and son) informed us earlier this week that they had just gotten back from their cruise and would be leaving in a week for a month long vacation. I invited my two youngest daughters and myself over to their house to play a game and to chat this afternoon. Th... Read more

  • fond and loyal friendship

    1/24/2020 3:24:04 PM, by WHITE-2

    Seneca, one of the great Roman Stoic philosophers, on friendship: "...nothing delights the mind so much as fond and loyal friendship. What a blessing it is to have hearts that are ready and willing to receive all your secrets in safety, with whom you are less afraid to share knowledge of someth... Read more

  • Sweet tooth challenge day 21

    1/24/2020 3:03:06 PM, by HOPEM61

    Today ends the official challenge for me. it is a true challenge today because someone bought a box of chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting from my favorite bakery and it is here on the table. First I put the lid on it. Not seeing those donuts help some. Second ate a healthy lunch with prot... Read more

  • Just Do It..

    1/24/2020 12:12:06 PM, by SIMPLY_JAE

    This has got to be my attitude everyday.. It is hard..and if I want to see success in weight-loss, in health, in anything in my life..this has got to be my attitude..Yes i have a lot of things that are not on my side..lots of road blocks.. but i must press on and get passed them..Because I ... Read more

  • On minimalism

    1/24/2020 2:06:33 AM, by WHITE-2

    James Clear: "On minimalism: The goal is not to have the least amount of things, but the optimal amount of things. Two important footnotes: (1) The optimal amount depends on your goals. (2) The optimal amount is almost always less than you think." / Read more

  • Chemistry Vs. Math, Theatre, And No Perfect Present...

    1/23/2020 11:35:17 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    This morning D15 and a friend from co-op did an acid/base titration in the kitchen while in the living room I tried to help D12 figure out how to add parentheses to equations to balance them. I think the girls in the kitchen had the harder task but for some reason they were able to finish before we ... Read more

  • Sweet tooth challenge day 20

    1/23/2020 3:07:25 PM, by HOPEM61

    Here today I will list reasons to avoid added sugars in my diet: Sugar is definitely a trigger food for me, derailing my efforts to eat for health. Sugar is not contributing to my nutrition. It is empty calories which edge out nutrient dense foods in my diet. My goal to become leaner ... Read more

  • 1/23..

    1/23/2020 2:35:24 PM, by SIMPLY_JAE

    It has been a few days since I wrote a blog..Been doing okay..trying eat right, get my exercise in is still a balancing act of what all i can get done...since I have fibro. depression and chronic pain it is still a puzzle to me which of these causes me to want to sleep so much..This day... Read more

  • The sure way to Look and Feel Younger

    1/22/2020 11:25:12 PM, by OLDEROWL

    Losing excess weight lowers blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar. Most of these improvements occur in as little as 4 weeks. You will have energy to spare and be able to do more of the things you enjoy. You will both look and feel younger. However, many of us know that but still ha... Read more

  • Homeschooling Is Great Except...

    1/22/2020 10:40:02 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    for when it's not. I really enjoy teaching especially pre-k—4th grade. My youngest of five is in 7th this year so those grades are in our homeschooling past. I do enjoy hours of nature study, vocabulary, Bible, and history with them (D15 is in 10th). Other subjects like sciences, English, Latin, and... Read more

  • Sweet tooth challenge day 19

    1/22/2020 10:25:39 AM, by HOPEM61

    I fell off the wagon over my daughter's birthday. I see I really am not able to say,"Oh I will eat just a little." a little turns to more and more cravings feeding themselves into a frenzy. However I have decided to finish out this challenge and put to work the good things I have learned from it. He... Read more

  • Schedules are funny things…

    1/21/2020 11:06:10 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Tomorrow D15 was supposed to do a chemistry experiment with a friend at our house…every other Wednesday afternoon when co-op is in session. D21 could only get in to see her counselor this week on…you guessed it…Wednesday afternoon.Turns out D15’s friend and mother have been hoping for a free moment ... Read more

  • 6 Month Anniversary!!!

    1/21/2020 10:59:49 AM, by KARENR317

    Happy Six Month Anniversary to me! I have officially been a member of Spark People for 6 months today! Wow how time flies. LOL 224 I will admit that I am no closer to my goal weight than I was when I started. This is my fault only and I take full responsibility for it. But I will tell you... Read more

  • Homebody Morning...

    1/20/2020 11:26:44 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I got to be the homebody that I like to be today until about 2pm. Decluttered quite a bit. Then I took D21 to the thrift store for some new-to-her jeans. Tonight I went to NAMI’s family support group. Nice to have a different feel to the day. Keep moving forward! — Kohl... Read more