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  • The Children's Hour

    12/8/2019 6:35:19 PM, by OLDEROWL

    poem by Henry W Longfellow: Between the dark and the daylight, When night is beginning to lower, Comes a pause in the day's occupations, That is known as the Children's Hour. It would be a great family treasure if families with young children took time out at least once a week to cel... Read more

  • What Will These Become...

    12/7/2019 11:56:56 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    What will these turn into? My husband often wonders why I keep everything...I say to keep those creative juices flowing! My four daughters had a lot of fun with this project so far. Seems I have some elves residing in this house. Hope you aren't offended by the dank basement pic. It's a c... Read more

  • Breaking Tradition And Liking It…

    12/6/2019 9:39:27 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    My two oldest daughters are decorating the hallway with lights. That’s never been done before. Looks nice! D21 is always wanting to switch things up…in some ways her brain works exceptionally well and for that I am grateful. Seeking God's Face but those who hope in the Lord    ... Read more

  • I Will Do Better Tomorrow

    12/5/2019 8:57:17 PM, by CDGO4TH

    I did not eat well today and did not get the exercise I had planned. Tomorrow is a new day!... Read more

  • Was Feeling Quite Alone…

    12/5/2019 8:32:09 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    When I feel alone in a house full of people who are all doing their own thing and maybe even trying to avoid me for some reason or another I usually turn to the Bible first... Seeking God's Face I waited patiently for the Lord;     he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of... Read more

  • Shopping Done Early

    12/5/2019 7:58:23 PM, by BLHEALTH

    We had a beautiful day for shopping. The weather outside was delightful! I really like it when we get our shopping done early. Now i have plenty time left for my hobbies One of them is sewing. This is a quilt I made for the boys when they were young. It's called a "Bowtie" quilt. .... Read more

  • Post-Thanksgiving

    12/5/2019 4:38:53 PM, by LIEVEGWYNN

    We were on our own for Thanksgiving. Both sons were out of town. My husband does not like turkey or sweet (honeyed) ham. I do love turkey. We got 2lbs of peppered turkey breast, 2lbs of peppered ham, and 2lbs of peppered brisket. My husband LOVES brisket. We cut all the meat in 2 halves and put... Read more

  • Identity

    12/5/2019 2:53:50 PM, by REBECCAM18

    I'm a mom. My oldest is only 7 1/2, but it still feels as though this has always been my life. Everyone who knows me knows that I have kids because I'm always talking about them. People are probably tired of hearing me talk about my kids, but my kids are such a huge part of my life that I can't s... Read more

  • Suspicion…

    12/4/2019 11:42:35 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    We usually have chemistry lab time at our house every other Wednesday afternoon immediately following lunch. D15’s lab partner comes over and the two of them perform the experiment and work the calculations together without help from their mothers. Quite nice. Today was the every other scheduled Wed... Read more

  • Think ahead for 2020

    12/4/2019 3:40:18 PM, by OLDEROWL

    I was reading Heidi's blog from 12/1/19 title: 'Ready, Set, Reset' re the Winter 2020 5% Challenge' and it was a GREAT reminder of exactly WHY we are all here!!! Please follow this link:
    ual.asp?blog_id=6635872 If this blog post '... Read more

  • In Search of a Simple life

    12/4/2019 2:36:41 PM, by SIMPLY_JAE

    "Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts from it. It is a highly personal journey that forces us to identify and articulate our highest values. Because of that, it is always going to be practiced differently by each individual.... Read more

  • Wood Trees

    12/4/2019 11:14:22 AM, by BLHEALTH

    Christmas will soon be here. I will do good to keep watching my healthy program during the coming days with all the family and friend dinners etc. Arthur is busy in his wood shop making things.I like the wood trees. He just made several of them for gifts Enjoy this poem The Real Mean... Read more

  • Quiet Time

    12/4/2019 8:19:07 AM, by CDGO4TH

    I Love mornings on the back porch watching all of the squirrels, birds and deer. An awesome place to reflect on the day!... Read more

  • Feeling The Effects Of A Long Day...

    12/3/2019 11:54:50 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    🧹 Started the day off with a walk around the block after dropping off D23 at work. A neighbor was shoveling his leaves. They were actually leaves that had blown in his yard from the park. He said the leaf truck was doing a second round and today was our day. I broomed the last leaves in our yard on... Read more

  • Lazy cold day

    12/3/2019 1:34:37 PM, by CDGO4TH

    Sitting here thinking about the past few months and the changes we go through in life. I am a 60 year old wife, mother and grandmother. We recently moved and I am trying to find my niche. I am trying to find things to do and make some friends but it is not easy. I want this peeiod of my life to... Read more

  • Encountered Two Ways Of Practicing Medicine…

    12/2/2019 10:38:24 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Some doctors treat you like a number or so at least it seems. Maybe it’s a lack of people skills but when a patient is trying to explain not being able to consistently keep a medicine down and experiencing long-lasting nausea when kept down and the provider is not hearing but merely writing out a pr... Read more

  • Joyous living for Christmas

    12/2/2019 7:17:42 PM, by OLDEROWL

    This Christmas season, we will live each day, a Wholesome, Inspirational, Healthy, and Joyous life. Wholesome because we strive: -to eat only wholesome foods, and get a proper amount of exercise, -to live every moment guided by principles based upon Jesus teachings or which we deem to be in... Read more

  • December is a time for giving

    12/2/2019 1:08:32 PM, by OLDEROWL

    I had so much to be thankful for last week and enjoyed Thanksgiving with my wife while on vacation in Hawaii. One thing that struck me though was that even in Hawaii, there are those whose luck has turned sour like the homeless man I saw with his cart of meager essentials. It made me think of how ... Read more

  • Making Memories

    12/2/2019 8:49:06 AM, by CDGO4TH

    Had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend but I sure do miss my granddaughter already. Excited that in three weeks she will be moving here. We did some fun things together and made some memories.... Read more

  • My Plan Was To Beat The Rain...

    12/1/2019 8:34:43 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    Attended church today with my two oldest daughters; my two youngest daughters were traveling with my husband to take their older brother back to grad school (He'll be back in just 3 weeks!). Tried to go for a walk and beat the forecasted rain but I met up with hail, a downpour, a rainbow... ... Read more

  • Thanksgiving that almost was not.

    12/1/2019 1:23:00 PM, by SIMPLY_JAE

    I did not want to have Thanksgiving this year and I had almost made up mind to treat the day like any other..I mean why not? I live a life of thanks-giving..My husband with his dementia hardly knows that it is a special day..his days run into each other and they all feel the same. Me with my Fibro a... Read more

  • Good Holiday Weekend

    11/30/2019 9:26:29 PM, by CDGO4TH

    I am sad that my daughter and granddaughter will be leaving in the morning but we had a nice time. In three weeks I will see them again. Looking forward to it!... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.30

    11/30/2019 8:20:43 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... for a chance to play Suspicion with S24, D23, and D15. I ended up winning the game 😻 ! for a round of Othello with S24…he won 34 to 30 😎 . for using up ever last bit of leftovers today for a soup 🥣 and sandwich 🥪 lunch. Starting afresh on Dec 1st. ... Read more

  • December's Goals

    11/30/2019 2:04:23 PM, by SIMPLY_JAE

    Stay on track with my eating to not gain through the holiday's Get my exercise in by walking daily Drink my water Remember to be thankful and grateful and to remember that I am blessed in so many ways. I have dropped a few things this year and not just weight..(still more to go)..... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.29

    11/29/2019 11:25:38 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... 149 that D15 worked diligently today to complete her chemistry test so she will be on target for co-op on Tuesday. This was definitely a feat because holiday weekends are pure chaos in our home. 446 that my mom was able to schedule a Christmas party when my brot... Read more

  • Oh Christmas Tree

    11/29/2019 5:55:20 PM, by CDGO4TH

    My granddaughter helped me decorate the tree today. I love spending quality time with her!... Read more

  • Attitude check; I'm very lucky - Bob

    11/29/2019 4:13:26 PM, by OLDEROWL

    An healthy attitude is everything, as it will guarantee success no matter your circumstances. Lucky Bob; that's me. Most of all I'm lucky to have an happy family life and a loving wife. I gained a bit of weight over the summer but I'm lucky that I feel fine and have less than 10 pounds to lose; no... Read more

  • Happy Weekend

    11/29/2019 12:30:45 PM, by BLHEALTH

    We got to celebrate our youngest son's birthday, which happened to be on Thanksgiving this year. He was also born on Thanksgiving, so we have always called him our little pumpkin. He turned 45 yesterday. Thanksgiving was also great at his house.It'was a blessing to have the turkey, dressing and g... Read more

  • A lot to be Thankful for.

    11/28/2019 9:30:22 PM, by CDGO4TH

    Thankful heart today being with my family. All old the sisters together!... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.28

    11/28/2019 9:08:50 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful this Thanksgiving... for God and His goodness. for family and their commitment. for friends and their support. Seeking God’s Face When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the Lord your God for the good land he has given you. — Deuteronomy 8:10 ... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.27

    11/27/2019 11:16:59 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... 369 for help from D12 and D15 on vegetable prep for stuffing chopping parsley, onion, and celery. I cut bread into cubes and baked them to crisp them up. 578 for help with rolling out, buttering, and forming crescent rolls from D23 and D15. I made the dough. ... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    11/27/2019 2:57:06 PM, by BLHEALTH

    I guess calories don't count tomorrow. Right? Just kidding.We are blessed to be at our youngest son's house this year for Thanksgiving Dinner. Love it!!! Here's wishing everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING. THE FIRST THANKSGIVING ... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.26

    11/26/2019 11:47:58 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... 🚙 for a safe trip today (12 hours of driving). 🦃 that my son is here for Thanksgiving and can visit with us until Sunday. 🍕for coming home to homemade pizza made by my husband and D15. Seeking God’s Face Praise the Lord. How good ... Read more

  • Family

    11/26/2019 8:50:52 AM, by CDGO4TH

    We moved a few months ago. I sure do miss my son, daughter and granddaughter. My daughter and granddaughter are coming today. I am so excited. Family is very important to me! 😁😍... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.25

    11/25/2019 10:25:28 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... for a comfortable walk 311 today with temps in the 50s. that we are practicing Christmas carols 445 with an English bent during chorus. That all three of D20’s classes are cancelled for tomorrow 250 . So glad she can accompany D12 and me on a midwest road tri... Read more

  • Walk

    11/25/2019 5:58:48 PM, by CDGO4TH

    Went for a 3 mile wall today but it ended up beimg 5.5. I was enjoying the outdoors and mssed my turn. Oh well; what else did I have to do? LOL!... Read more

  • Falling Leaves

    11/25/2019 2:43:16 PM, by BLHEALTH

    I'm busy planning menu for our Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday. It's a busy time for our family. The holiday's call for extra work, but it's worth it to have family time together. Here is a little wall quilt I made for my sewing room wall. The leaves come tumbling down. Our area is very pretty... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.24

    11/24/2019 11:40:25 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... that our oven is in working order and that my husband is back to baking 578 …something he finds enjoyable. He made brownies tonight. for Dr. Steven Waterhouse and his resource for families of the mentally ill: Strength for His People.<... Read more

  • thankgiving baking done

    11/24/2019 8:07:31 PM, by IMREITE

    i ws going to take my nieces xmas shopping. the past several years, we took my 2 nieces xmas shopping. then we take them to lunch or supper. we were going to take them today. they were sick so we are going to reschedule it. they look forward to it.... Read more

  • Christmas Tree

    11/24/2019 3:55:02 PM, by CDGO4TH

    We got a new tree this year. A 9 Foot one. Helped my hubby put it up today. Our daughter and granddaughter will be here on Tuesday and they want to help decorate it. Glad it is pre-lit. I do not like that part. We just moved to a new house so I bought a new ornament for it.... Read more

  • dont want sympathy but dont want the condescention either

    11/24/2019 12:25:24 AM, by IMREITE

    my dh and i dont have kids. we have had issues with infertility and early term miscarriages. we dont talk about it because it is personal and we dont want sympathy. however we would like my relatives to stop acting like condescneding asses about it to us. they have kids but they get antsy when offer... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.23

    11/23/2019 10:23:28 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... 56 that my husband’s temporary job has been extended from ending the day before Thanksgiving to ending a week later on December 6th. 556 for a warm night in front of the fire until it’s time for bed. 331 for a new pair of Sketchers just like my last pair... Read more

  • Today

    11/23/2019 7:39:45 PM, by CDGO4TH

    Spent most of the day helping hubby move some things around in the house and cleaning to get ready for company. We are tired but feel accomplished!... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.22

    11/22/2019 10:25:23 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... for messaging📱! It’s the best avenue for communication at this time between my husband and myself. On some days it is my lifeline. I find it takes the emotion out of the conversation and we can actually get somewhere. that my father’s boss gave him a turkey 🦃 ... Read more

  • 10-10-10-10-10

    11/22/2019 3:21:43 PM, by REBECCAM18

    Amazing health benefits can be realized by losing only 10% of your body weight. From my starting weight of 233 pounds, that means I need to lose 23 pounds (I'm rounding because I like whole numbers). Therefore, my first goal weight is 210 pounds. I have lost 15 pounds so far, and have another 8 t... Read more

  • To Be Or Not To Be...

    11/22/2019 1:41:18 PM, by CDGO4TH

    If it is to be;It is up to Me! Straight and to the point.... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.21

    11/21/2019 11:32:08 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... for no commute this morning. Nice to be a homebody 🏡 even if only for half of a day. for time in my schedule today to walk outside and enjoy the wind rustling the leaves 🍂 . for soup 🥣 that warms you up. Made chicken vegetable soup with rice this time. ... Read more

  • eating my annoyace

    11/21/2019 8:14:10 PM, by IMREITE

    i was annoyed with someone last night. i tried ignoring it but it bugged me. i ended up overating at supper. then this morning we had a vender come in and sold homemade peanut butter bar. in the past i ate half of it and saved the rest for the next day. today i ate the whole thing, afterwards i fel... Read more

  • Young at Heart

    11/21/2019 4:07:29 PM, by CDGO4TH

    Went to a luncheon today with a friend for the Young at Heart senior group at her church. It was really nice. I did not clean my plate and I passed on desert. I am trying to keep my daily calorie intake around 1200. I also came home and took a wall. I am seeing the scale go down and that is wha... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.20

    11/20/2019 11:58:56 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... for my 2nd daughter’s very life 26 . She's 21 today! for Hina visiting for D21’s birthday dinner celebration. We thank her for sharing about her country 🇯🇵. for my first pair of reading 203 glasses…Things are definitely looking sharper. Seekin... Read more

  • reasons to cut back on sugar

    11/20/2019 7:42:51 PM, by IMREITE

    to have more energy help me sleep better to prevent all the damage then can come to your pancreas, kidneys, heart, stomach lower triglycerides help my thyroid loose weight to be more in control of emotions there are more but i can think of them later... Read more

  • My morning view

    11/20/2019 8:21:27 AM, by CDGO4TH

    I love the quietness of the morning. I can sit and drink my coffee, read my daily devotion and plan out my day while I see the beauty around me. God is good!... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.19

    11/19/2019 10:19:51 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... For a cinnamon sugar coated mini pumpkin donut 🍩 for breakfast. I love harvest treats. for my mom and dad and for having a half hour in our (just my youngest three with me) schedule to stop by their place to say hello 👋. for my husband’s willingness to ma... Read more

  • Beautiful day

    11/19/2019 1:06:48 PM, by CDGO4TH

    Got out for a walk this morning. Walked to a shopping mall; did some some shopping and walked home. Guess I got some strength training also since I had to carry bags of items I bought. LOL! Such a beautiful day.... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.18

    11/18/2019 10:01:34 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... for a fabulous choir director and piano 🎹 accompanist…really looking forward to the festival of lights. That it was possible to catch up where I left off with a friend 👭. She is rarely in town but called to say let’s get together. That I have been able to... Read more

  • lights up

    11/18/2019 9:16:14 PM, by IMREITE

    i had today, i put up the outdoor xmas lights. they wont be turned on until after the 1st week of december. but they are up before it gets colder... Read more

  • Monday's Motivation

    11/18/2019 9:17:35 AM, by SIMPLY_JAE

    ... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.17

    11/17/2019 11:33:37 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... for a timely 128 sermon on mercy through adversity. that my husband spent the afternoon 67 chopping the logs he brought home home yesterday into useable pieces of firewood. for a productive evening of shopping with my husband 342 for my daughter’s 21s... Read more

  • Birthday Party

    11/17/2019 2:58:29 PM, by BLHEALTH

    Another grandson's birthday. We are very proud of Andrew. He is a Christian and loves God. He celebrated his 21st birthday last night. All his close friends and relatives surprised him with a "Skating Theme" pizza party. Our grand-boys love to ice skate in Winter time. Eating pizza shortly be... Read more

  • Just Breathe..

    11/17/2019 2:38:45 PM, by SIMPLY_JAE

    If this is all you can manage to do will be enough... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.16

    11/16/2019 11:47:23 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... For the firewood that D20 and my husband brought home today. We will have wood to burn 556 for the holidays just because they were willing to do the work. that my husband thought of me when he was out today and brought me home a box of Good & Plenty 26 . tha... Read more

  • warriors won

    11/16/2019 11:44:00 PM, by IMREITE

    we went to a high school football game out of town yesterday. my cousin's son is a high school jr and his team is defending their title. then won so next week they get to play at state. pretty cool that we got to see him and meat the parents of the other players. they are a fun bunch of people... Read more

  • Going out for a late lunch

    11/16/2019 2:29:58 PM, by LIEVEGWYNN

    We are going out to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate both sons' birthdays. I will have no appetizers, just a 6oz steak , a loaded baked potato and a side of sautéed mushrooms. I know there are a lot of calories in the loaded part of the baked potato, but today I am indulging just this one meal. Af... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.15

    11/15/2019 10:15:17 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... that my husband was able to find a ride to the repair shop to pick up the van before it closed for the weekend 244 . This meant my daughter didn’t have to cancel her counseling appointment which was especially needed today. for my daughter’s counseling center being ... Read more

  • traveling

    11/15/2019 1:31:38 PM, by IMREITE

    my cousins son plays in the state playoff game tonight. dh and i are driving there tonight. it is about 3.5 hours away. we are giving my aunt (his grandma) a ride. it should be fun to see some realtives.... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.14

    11/14/2019 10:46:34 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... that we have had two working vehicles 🚐 🚙 for about a year now. Just realized how easy it is to take that for granted as one is in the shop for a few days to have work done. for finding a 1500 piece frozen treats puzzle 🍦🧩 for D20’s upcoming birthday which is only ... Read more

  • add more greens or other veggies

    11/14/2019 9:33:33 PM, by IMREITE

    i love bagged salads or bagged lettuces. prewashed, and ready to go. and when on sale they are even better. some come with dressings. i will admit the dressings packs have too much and i dont like wasting it. so i will add extra leafy greens or more veggies. sometimes i also add legumes or another p... Read more

  • follow up

    11/14/2019 4:32:17 PM, by SOFT_VAL67

    After three days of shots in the rump and another 10 days of oral antibiotics, My lungs showed clear today. Then I went to Walmart and had people blowing noses into tissues and others coughing over top of my head. Hopefully I didnt breathe in any of their cootie germs. In other news, I would l... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.13

    11/13/2019 11:49:22 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... for a productive day of homeschooling 149 . Learned a few new new things about Gautama, the Buddha, and his belief of the middle way. For pizza 480 night with D20’s friend Ali. After dinner they did music history homework together. for a fall snack of tart apples ... Read more

  • motivation

    11/13/2019 8:51:06 AM, by SOFT_VAL67

    It is like 11 degrees here this morning, brrrrr!! back to the doctor tomorrow for a chest xray and labs to see if this pneumonia is about done with me. i sure hope it is. i have to do some grocery shopping after my appt and i am glad to say that Honey has decided to start eating less junk foo... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.12

    11/12/2019 11:15:25 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... For waking up to a winter ❄️ wonderland ❄️ of white ❄️ and taking in the beauty of it all on my morning commute. For one on one time with D12 while D15 was in co-op classes. We had fun using a dictionary 📖 to look up the words stalagmite and stalactite and then animu... Read more

  • Day 1

    11/12/2019 7:33:07 PM, by LIEVEGWYNN

    Bloodpressure and heartrate when getting up: 104/67 (77) 10 mins treadmill 5% incline 2.5 mph (It is really hard for me to keep my balance and swing my arms instead of gripping the sides). I focused on walking straight upright with shoulders back.) After: 122/78 (104) 10 mins recumben... Read more

  • 11/12/19

    11/12/2019 3:36:20 AM, by LIEVEGWYNN

    ... Read more

  • crocheted unicorns

    11/11/2019 8:51:12 PM, by IMREITE

    i made these 2 crocheted unicorns for my youngest 2 nieces. 1 has blue eyes and the other has brown. it matches their girl's eye colors. the 2 year old does not know hat unicorns are so she thought it was puppy so it barked when she played with it. ... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.11

    11/11/2019 8:10:01 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... that my daughter’s sudden mood shift was soothed with a nap 102 at home between classes. that my daughter made it home from night class safely with her friend. The snow 425 continues to fall. that my husband wants to watch a movie 272 or episode with just me toni... Read more

  • Thank you..

    11/11/2019 1:42:08 PM, by SIMPLY_JAE

    Thankful for all those who have served so that I may live free...... Read more

  • monday

    11/11/2019 1:01:21 PM, by SOFT_VAL67

    Final day on antibiotics. It has been 10 days. I m feeling better. But coughing alot. Go to the doctor if you feel sick folks. Dont wait it out. We know our bodies well enough to know a minor cold from.....something more. Having one episode where I felt like I was dying and getting dismissed by on... Read more

  • video challenge coming to an end

    11/10/2019 11:34:11 PM, by IMREITE

    several years ago i switched to doing online videos. there are lots of free ones that i have found and downloaded . but before that i visited libraries or bought dvd's and some vhs tapes. i built up a good collection. a few years ago i challenged myself to do all of them. i tossed out the worn or br... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.10

    11/10/2019 8:10:27 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... that D20 took a liking to puzzles 🧩 once again during her stay in the hospital. Today we are working on a 550 piece blueberry-raspberry-truffle jigsaw with D15. for a nice neighborhood walk in which I met a new neighbor who was raking her leaves🍂. She attends a church ... Read more

  • Today's Positive Thought

    11/10/2019 1:03:11 PM, by SIMPLY_JAE

    I have tried this and i can tell you "It really does work."... Read more

  • beating temptations

    11/9/2019 11:45:50 PM, by IMREITE

    i am doing better at mimimizing unhealth eating decisions. i ate a simple breakfast. i went to the grocery store and was so tempted. i wanted to buy truffles, stuff in the bakery, go to the coffee shop for a chocoate pb bar, or run out for mexican. i beat out of those temptations. i had a lat... Read more

  • Thankful In Threes 11.9

    11/9/2019 8:42:52 PM, by KOHLRABIGIRL

    I am thankful... for the understanding hug 220 I received from D15 today when I told her I wasn’t going to make stir fry after all. for flash 54 sales. Today’s was 5# of 80/20 ground chuck for $8. Bought some, freeze some. for a van 433 with heat to get me where I needed... Read more

  • Lead the way

    11/9/2019 7:23:37 PM, by SPIRITKEEPER

    My spouse joined me on my weight loss journey. He has lost over 30 lbs. Now my son has joined in and my pastor and some of my coworkers.... Read more

  • Love this Training Program: Hardgainer Solution 2.0

    11/9/2019 11:57:53 AM, by NEWAGAIN

    I started Scott Abel's Hardgainer Solution Fitness Program on October 14, 2019. This is my second round of this program in 2019. Love HGS2.0! There is a total of 32 different workouts which will cover a span of 8 weeks for me. I will work this as: Mon – Chest, Tue – Back, Thu – Shoulders,... Read more

  • From a Spark Friend re Kissinger/Trump

    11/9/2019 11:24:06 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Monday, July 22, 2019 Kissinger is now 94 years old. Recently, Henry Kissinger did an interview and said very amazing things regarding President Trump. He starts with: "Donald Trump is a phenomenon that foreign countries haven't seen before"! The former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger giv... Read more