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  • Appointment

    1/22/2020 1:23:15 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    My appointment with the radiology oncologist couldn't have gone better! My next appointment with him isn't until the end of July! Yeah! Instead of 3 months, it's 6 months as the mammogram (earlier this month) and exam today are consistent with being in remission. The interest he and the ... Read more

  • I made a decision to take charge of my program again

    1/22/2020 10:21:11 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good morning- I worry about my family and issues they have. I must let go. My DH is still having issues with adjusting to his retirement. My DS now is solving his marriage problems with trying to appease my DIL with anything she wants. DIL needs therapy. I must let go. Those two have proven over ... Read more

  • Painting Party

    1/21/2020 3:15:41 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    My friend and I are going to a Wine & Paint tonight. I'm not sure what picture we'll be painting. I enjoy the painting and fellowship and that's enough.... Read more

  • Holiday Afternoon Project

    1/20/2020 6:33:21 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Thank you, son! Remember the family room re-do, in progress? Today, we went from this: To this: Where did it go? Thru here: Landing here: And there it will stay, like a giant sculpture, until the painting and flooring are done, Then I'll get the mythi... Read more

  • Precious

    1/20/2020 2:12:13 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    Today is set aside to commemorate MLK. Reflecting on his value of equality, sadly, it seems we are drifting further from this. I recognize we're all uniquely made by our Creator. This doesn't change the fact that we are equal. ALL humans are children of God - precious from conception. ... Read more

  • woke up this morning and decided to make it positive.

    1/20/2020 9:38:19 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- I work up with aches and pains in my neck and shoulders. I have not been sleeping well. Last night, I slept too deep like I woke up with a hang over. Not from too much food or lack of exercise- I just think my body took on too much stress this month and my body is reacting. It take... Read more

  • Daughter

    1/19/2020 4:59:58 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    My daughter came over today. We had a wonderful visit. ... Read more

  • Leaving well enough alone?

    1/19/2020 11:13:02 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    So I went out there with my snow shovel this morning, in the 3* F chill, and crunched over the crusted driveway down to the walk, thinking I would ONLY clear the walk, leaving the texture of snow on the driveway. It's not deep, and easily driveable over. Later it might melt, but not today, with th... Read more

  • Healing Service

    1/18/2020 4:58:55 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    After Mass, I went to a Healing Service with Dr. Isaam Nemeh. There is a book about him - Miracles Every Day. A couple quick stops (vegetables, gasoline) and home. As we're having a snow/rain mix, I'm glad to be home.... Read more

  • Safely back in the cave

    1/18/2020 12:12:18 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    It's cold out there, but sunny. The wind has blown the snow around, and I'm leaving it in place for the moment, as there is a thin layer of black ice at its root. I know. I stepped out toward the end of the day yesterday and felt it! Yikes. Spread ice melt on the front steps, but really hope no... Read more

  • Busy Saturday

    1/18/2020 12:02:59 PM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good morning- we got our son's car back. The auto body guy did many things to save us money. Since the car was 2011 - he used good used parts. The car looks like new except the inside. DH has volunteered to do the detailing. He is good at it but I was surprised he wanted to do it. The inside ... Read more

  • Remember the beans? Evolving Soup!

    1/17/2020 6:01:21 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    One thing I love about stove top cooking over multiple days is that I can make my soups evolve. Yesterday I added browned ground turkey to the beans mixture. Today I peeled and diced some potatoes into it. Now it's looking hearty and winter-ready! 580 593 ... Read more

  • Nap

    1/17/2020 3:57:31 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    The carpets look so nice but are damp. Perfect time for a nap! When they're dryer, I'll begin putting things back in place. Fortunately, I have all weekend.... Read more

  • Wimpy Winter

    1/17/2020 1:21:48 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Knock wood it continues in this vein. We had freezing drizzle predicted for overnight last night, which led my non-Sparking sister to reschedule her drive to Kansas for yesterday. However, it did not materialize. Instead we got about an inch and a half to two inches of snow. Nonetheless, t... Read more

  • Quiet

    1/16/2020 4:54:52 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    I'm spending a quiet day at home moving furniture, etc. in preparation for carpet cleaning tomorrow. I'm wisely pacing myself so as not to overdo.... Read more

  • learning to forgive

    1/16/2020 2:05:27 PM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good afternoon- Monday - my DH told me that he bought baseball tickets for 6 members of our family without talking to me first. He also told my SIL about the tickets and the event. SIL thought it was great. I am about to go to the gym and he lays the bomb on me. I say to him why did you decide ... Read more

  • Whirlwind

    1/15/2020 7:08:02 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    It was a whirlwind. Got to the hotel a little after 7PM. As the restaurant there was noisy, decided to have room service - delicious salmon, sprouts and brown rice. Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral was awesome! On to ABC studio and preparations for the Dr. Oz show. I was the 2nd patient i... Read more

  • Airport

    1/14/2020 2:07:40 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    I'm at the airport awaiting a flight to NY, NY. Tomorrow, I'll be taped as a guest on the Dr. Oz show. It should be aired ~ February 4 in conjunction with the release of the book 'Cured' by Dr. Jeffrey Rediger. That is what all the 'fires' were about yesterday. The producer failed to ment... Read more

  • Loose Ends

    1/13/2020 11:49:28 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    Today was a little bit strange. It started out normal - Mass. Then I went for my annual physical exam which was great! However, later, as I was reading e-mail, I began getting urgent phone calls and suddenly it seemed as if I was 'putting out fires' due to (unknown prior to this afternoon) ot... Read more

  • Recuperating

    1/12/2020 4:10:28 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    After Mass, I came home and took a nap. My daughter came over and put away the Christmas decorations. Then I took another nap!... Read more

  • Oh, dear, even my Spark page is looking more sedentary!

    1/12/2020 1:18:17 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Perhaps it's the Winter? Streets were in good shape today and I even parked on the street and walked a couple of blocks to the Y. Very different from a year ago when I parked in a garage and climbed the piles of plowed snow to get there. Just to highlight dreams of active: ... Read more

  • Long (but good) Day

    1/11/2020 11:33:40 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    I left this morning to go to Mass in Hudson as my grandson was playing basketball there today. Than I went to his game. As it was parent's day, my daughter and her husband were recognized with all the other parents. From there I drove to Bellevue and had a late lunch with a friend. Next onwa... Read more

  • California snow?

    1/11/2020 12:50:45 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    I had to laugh at a comment BEESHELL8 put on my Spark page just now, about how "not much" snow at 3 inches was "a lot" for California folks. Well, we didn't get the 3 - 5 inches they predicted AT ALL. We got closer to a California amount... half an inch! Butterfly effect? I happily accept the re... Read more

  • finally got some good sleep

    1/11/2020 8:25:46 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- life has been a challenge in many more ways than I would have believed at this stage of my life. Talked to DS yesterday - he is upbeat about his car being fixed. He is going to drive it down slowly b/c it is drivable but needs the front end fixed. We talked to our autobody guy who i... Read more

  • Weather

    1/10/2020 6:10:48 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    I had to be in-and-out of the rainy, windy weather today. Church, shopping, bank, library``. I'm glad to be home for the rest of the night.... Read more

  • TG I am a strong person

    1/10/2020 2:20:02 PM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good afternoon- yesterday could have turned into a nightmare. DS & DIL had such a vile fight. DS called me up so very upset. He told me what she said and it was vile. I got upset that someone could talk to another person that way. DIL takes off with the baby again. He is left alone with no tr... Read more

  • Day 2 bean simmering as Winter surfaces

    1/10/2020 12:46:19 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Yeah, I know it's three weeks late, but the weatherman assures us that it is indeed Winter. It's the second day of bean simmering. I put it away when I left the house to walk yesterday afternoon, and I put it away overnight, but this morning, it's back on the stove. Added some carrots. Added... Read more

  • Full Day

    1/9/2020 9:38:02 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    I've been busy with multiple activities today. I was up before 6AM and it's after 9PM. Fortunately, I'm able to fall asleep quickly.... Read more

  • Simmering the beans and all that

    1/9/2020 1:26:10 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    So, it's Thursday. I waved off the coach workout again, making that call last night, which allowed me to sleep soundly. Ahhhhh! But before I turned out the lights and went to bed, I put a pot of red beans (dry) to soak, and this morning I started them to simmer, with some celery, onion, and s... Read more

  • off to the gym

    1/9/2020 6:38:53 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- I did not sleep well last night. Cedar Fever is bad here - (allergies). My eyes water - I take over the counter medicine- then it dries out my eyes and sinuses too much. But I hate the watering eyes, so on the days it is bad I take medication. I was out raking leaves yesterday for ... Read more

  • Friend

    1/8/2020 9:59:51 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    Spent a couple hours today with a friend I hadn't seen in a few months. It was great reminiscing and updating. We've made plans to get together again next month.... Read more

  • My concern did not happen

    1/8/2020 9:31:46 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good morning- I have had much stress lately. I get worried that this stress can impact my weight and I gain weight - water retention or whatever. It is something that my body used to do - gain weight from chronic stress without eating junk food. But I weighed in today to see, I have not gained w... Read more

  • Body parts that complain

    1/7/2020 10:24:15 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    I got up this morning with an alarm. Unusual, but the coach had scheduled my workout for 8:15 and I wanted to be sure I didn't oversleep. I dressed in workout clothing, and traipsed down the stairs, letting cats in to be fed, dropping my pebble in the jar... and starting to heat the coffee water..... Read more

  • Challenge

    1/7/2020 6:06:32 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    On one of my teams, we had a 'pass it on' challenge. I had a great day passing smiles, thank-you's, positivity on the elevator, arranging donations to those in need, etc. It was a calm day and left me feeling fulfilled. ... Read more

  • Massage

    1/6/2020 8:19:29 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    I ended today with a massage. It's great to end the day relaxed. Looking forward to a good night's sleep.... Read more

  • good call this morning

    1/6/2020 10:38:36 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good morning- talked to son for nearly an hour. He says he finally made the decision to divorce his wife. He says my PTSD is happening more and more due to the yelling and scream in my home. It is not good for my daughter. It is not good for me. DIL does not want to go to counseling. I am going ... Read more

  • Quiet

    1/5/2020 6:20:41 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    It was a quiet, restful day - an excellent way for a Sunday to be!... Read more

  • Beating my biggest fear

    1/5/2020 9:59:55 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good morning- I have struggled with my program due to stress from family over the years. DH's former career, his adjustment to retirement, my adjustment to his retirement, my children - mostly my son with his PTSD issues, his marriage issues. My main concern has always been my grand children. I h... Read more

  • Mixed up on days of the week... still

    1/4/2020 8:26:20 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Another Saturday that feels like a Sunday, and yesterday felt like a Saturday, even though it was Friday. But... it's January 4th, and soon we'll get it sorted out again! Today was sunny and bright. The photo of the geese on the pond was taken this afternoon. It was chillier th... Read more

  • Treasures for Life

    1/4/2020 7:24:05 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    I dropped items off at Treasures for Life Thrift Store today. It is run by volunteers and 100% of the profits go to support life. While there, I looked around and spotted a few things I could use. ... Read more

  • as the world turns!

    1/4/2020 10:33:09 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- I am trying to stay out of my DS's marriage problems. He calls me this morning. He had a terrible PTSD night mare and kicked his wife in her sleep. She went ballistic. She shames him and calls him names. He is so shamed himself already. she gets up - packs a bag and leaves him w... Read more

  • Yuck

    1/3/2020 4:04:57 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    I came home this afternoon to my kitchen sink filling up through the drain. Black water from who-knows-where was quickly filling the kitchen sink. Before maintenance got here, the yucky water was overflowing on the floor. It took over an hour for the 2 men to get the sink functional and the water c... Read more

  • frustration this morning

    1/3/2020 7:42:46 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- TG Dh is talking down lights today. He has been doing his chores really fast and then he lays on couch watching college football and just eats popcorn all day. It is air popcorn, but the smell and the constant eating is getting to me. We have talked about it. I go to another room but... Read more

  • Focused

    1/2/2020 6:12:44 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    Had a couple of excellent business meetings today. Clarity and focus were very appropriate topics esp. with this being the start of 2020! I've come away energized which is not usual compared to past business meetings.... Read more

  • 2020 Trail Challenge second verse

    1/2/2020 5:53:22 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    I knew I was going to get ALICIA363 out today. We reorganized the time so that our non-Spark sister could also come. But then I got a bonus! My niece, Alicia's daughter, decided she wanted to come along. So... we carpooled ourselves out to the trail-head, and with a little selfie help from t... Read more

  • got back from gym - great work out

    1/2/2020 10:28:17 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- I feel great. I always feel more positive, confident and in control when I exercise. DH actually came to gym when he said that he was not. He has lots of errands to run today. That will keep him busy and then he is going to start taking down Christmas lights. Today I am focused on m... Read more

  • First Day

    1/1/2020 7:37:14 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    It's the first day of a New Year. I was lector at Mass. Then some quiet time at home before spending the rest of the day with long-time friends.... Read more

  • Bonus blog: it's all ALICIA363's fault this time.

    1/1/2020 5:46:14 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    About a month ago, my kid sister posted a blog, in which she dangled the idea of a 2020 "project".
    dual.asp?blog_id=6636213 I went hunting and found the challenge link itself:
    rail-a-t... Read more

  • Happy New Year!!

    1/1/2020 11:40:35 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- Today things are going so much better. Dh realized that he was too needy but it did not happen until around 6 pm when I announced that I need some alone time. I went to read and just chill for the rest of the evening. DH watched college football. I slept all night through and slep... Read more

  • Assembling the Pebble Jar - A New Year's Tradition!

    1/1/2020 9:58:16 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Many long time readers know that I keep a tactile calendar, in the form of a Pebble Jar. I assemble it each year on New Year's Day. I start with my collection of "pebbles", the "days spent" center jar, and 12 "days to come" smaller jars, one for each month. Note that THIS year, 2020, being a ... Read more

  • Bring on 2020

    12/31/2019 7:46:40 PM, by METZGIRL75

    Hi everyone!!!! It has been a while since I last posted. I haven't totally fallen off the wagon, but wasn't doing very well driving it either. LOL December/Christmas are very stressful times for me. The Hubs works really crazy hours and doesn't always get holidays off, so because of that we d... Read more

  • Choices

    12/31/2019 7:22:07 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    Due to weather, I've decided to choose safety by staying home from the New Year's Eve party at the Irish American Club which I usually go to with my cousin. (We're supposed to have intermittent snow until 4AM.) The roads were wet and the slush beginning to freeze when I was out this afternoon. Ice +... Read more

  • I was hoping for time alone- but DH just got up

    12/31/2019 7:49:19 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    Good Morning- I am learning to be flexible. I have a plan for my day. DH wants to start taking down Christmas ornaments. I do not mind at this point. My Christmas tree does not look as fresh as it did. I have lots of ornaments under the tree due to grand kids and presents. So I agreed to work... Read more

  • Funeral

    12/30/2019 5:23:04 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    My former nurse-practioner's aunt passed. When I was practicing, her aunt was one of my patients. Her brother (who's birthday would have been this week) passed earlier this year. As far as blood relatives, there are an uncle (83) in Kentucky, her nephew (16) and herself. As unfortunate ci... Read more

  • Wonderful day!!

    12/30/2019 10:31:28 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good morning! Went to the Y early this morning - had a fabulous workout. Came home just as DH was getting up. I am so glad that I do not wait for him any more. He just left for the Y so I have a couple hours to myself. I cherish this time. I am working on managing my own schedule b/c DH's does... Read more

  • Calm

    12/29/2019 3:28:07 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    It's good to have a peaceful, calm day. After Church, I took a 2 hour nap. Occasionally, it's good to have a day just to be.... Read more

  • New Year right around the corner

    12/29/2019 7:23:03 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- I got up early and just relaxing - having my coffee - looking at my Christmas lights which will be here a little longer. DH woke up in a great mood -TG. I was trying to work out a schedule that worked for both of us. I have come to the conclusion it was too stressful for me and DH h... Read more

  • Tired

    12/28/2019 11:40:19 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    Another wonderful but long day, The Christmas party was full of family, fun, food and gifts. Then off to where my nephew with visiting. I met my newest great-nephew Noah. Then home. Total drive time - 4 1/2 hr (that was the exhausting time that led me to being tired)... Read more

  • Sitting on the edge of the prediction line

    12/28/2019 8:48:34 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Yeah, we've had rain, sometimes hard, most of today. Temperature is still above freezing, so instead of being in a Winter Weather watch, we're in a flood watch! Because of course the ground is frozen. 2019 as the year of strangeness on the weather front continues. The forecast says the tempe... Read more

  • today - for me the new year has started

    12/28/2019 8:04:33 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good morning- I do not get on the scale often, but I got on today. I maintained through all the food in the house and potential stress and drama. Today is the day to pay attention to me. I have lost weight during my trip which ended a month ago. I have lost weight two weeks ago. So I am happy a... Read more

  • Extended Christmas

    12/27/2019 9:27:15 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas with my children and their families. Just my youngest (who is serving in Korea) & his family will be missing. Also, my nephew, his wife and their 3 boys are visiting in Ohio. I'll be seeing them after the family celebration. Between gifts for the parties and... Read more

  • this morning is so peaceful

    12/27/2019 6:34:32 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- I love Christmas, but I also love the peace after. I love just having quiet times. I went to the Y yesterday - felt so good. Had a good work out. My lower back pain started hurting mid afternoon. I thought maybe I did too much. I did my routine to calm down my back and it feels fi... Read more

  • Work

    12/26/2019 7:33:29 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    Today was a day of work, aqua therapy and meetings. I'm tired. Good night.... Read more

  • TG i had a good Christmas Eve

    12/26/2019 12:05:30 PM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good afternoon- I do not know what happened but DH is like Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. His mood changed the next day. I think he is bored. He went and bought used videos and puzzles with his GC from Christmas gifts. I told him do you want me to take down my Christmas decorations already. I will have t... Read more

  • Boxing Day is a good day for fresh start

    12/26/2019 10:51:50 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Always good to have a fresh start after a holiday. A fresh start always begins with an assessment of where one is right now. I'm feeling pretty good about where I am right now. It's a place of contentment and love. I've seen people I care about. I've spent some time sitting with the sadness... Read more

  • Blessed

    12/25/2019 9:01:34 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    I'm very blessed that Jesus loves me unconditionally. He freely chose to become human to show me the way. All through history He used imperfect humans. This teaches me He loves me even with my imperfections. ... Read more

  • Carl and Christmas Day

    12/25/2019 6:47:55 PM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    It's been a good Christmas. Got to see the mythical son and Carl two days in a row. Baked the traditional cookies. Made the roast beast. Santa came. And the weather was incredible, topping out at about 56*F. Carl sniffed out one gift and wanted to open it. Sure enough, it had his na... Read more

  • Merry christmas to everyone!

    12/25/2019 9:24:15 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning; I had our Christmas last night. Every one came and it went off wonderfully. I was worried for nothing. What I wanted was interaction with the family members and I got it. That was my gift from the family. DD did amazing with her brother's family. She has matured, too. She doe... Read more

  • Surprised

    12/24/2019 9:58:39 PM, by PATRICIAAK

    I traditionally go to my daughter's Christmas Eve and partake in oyster stew with her family. I was surprised her sister's family were there as they live ~ 45 min away and it was foggy. My other daughter and family were there, too. When they all started to sing 'Happy Birthday', it MMD.... Read more

  • How did it get to be Christmas eve already?

    12/24/2019 9:15:30 AM, by ONEKIDSMOM

    Well, let's see... Saturday was the Christmas party and a dog walk. Did not get to the Zoo lights as we ran out of time & sis could not get tickets. Sunday I went on an afternoon walk with my kid sis... and as a bonus ran into an old friend that I last saw 2 years ago. I hadn't got my C... Read more

  • Happy Christmas Eve!

    12/24/2019 8:42:49 AM, by 417-EXERCISE30

    good Morning- the entire family is coming. DD is very excited. Grand kids are excited. Nana anxious and so is Grandpa. I am doing most of the cooking. I am very organized. Lots of food in the house. We are making the most of this holiday. I just wish I could be less anxious. At some point-... Read more