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  • The moment you... Beck, the Bible, and decisions

    6/25/2020 10:18:28 AM, by ALOTCANHAPPEN

    Just reading in the Message version of the Bible, Matthew 5:29-30 (see below - and please understand that *****Jesus is exaggerating to make a point*****) and the three words "the moment you" caught my attention. Judith Beck in The Beck Diet Solution explains that the discomfort you fee... Read more

  • Decided!

    6/24/2020 3:10:31 AM, by ALOTCANHAPPEN

    After blogging yesterday, I took a deep breath, got out a piece of paper, and wrote my thoughts down - as follows: I can't do calorie counting. I can't stick to a meal plan for any length of time (even one I've made myself) For some reason I need to be able to choose what I eat the day before... Read more

  • Absolutely no added sugar (by any name) whatsoever?...

    6/23/2020 8:21:25 AM, by ALOTCANHAPPEN

    My calorie cycling is all out the window. Tried blending it with No S but that didn't work. And now I've lost my mojo. Something tells me I should just completely cut out the added sugar, but it (or a version of it) is in everything. Perhaps I should cut it completely for a while and... Read more

  • Day 10 of calorie cycling Day 1 of the No S Diet

    6/21/2020 2:36:26 AM, by ALOTCANHAPPEN

    So I have been quite good (for me) at the calorie cycling thing. Since Friday 12th June I have more or less been on no snacks, less than 5% sugar, and calorie cycling at 1550/day average. But I lost it a bit yesterday (Saturday), and after considering what I would do, I decided that if I could do ... Read more

  • Over two weeks now ...

    6/15/2020 7:32:45 PM, by BARCLE

    ... and positive progress is being made and is continuing. Hi all - hope this finds you safe and well and possibly (would be great) bring some encouragement and inspiration to you too. It's day 16 for me and I am keeping on keeping on track. Things are slowly beginning to become easier as ... Read more

  • Goals, rewards and calorie cycling

    6/11/2020 11:18:39 AM, by ALOTCANHAPPEN

    Since the 1st April I have made progress of a sort - my weight hasn't gone up (well it's gone up and down by 2.5 pounds) - and my weight hasn't been that stable for a long time. I'm feeling more peaceful, and have got back to my daily walking habit (trying to build up my distance gradually to avoid... Read more

  • 7th day of June 2020 and ...

    6/7/2020 1:48:42 AM, by BARCLE

    ... here I am. I have consistently tracked 7 days worth of food now, completed some walks, eaten mindfully and been working towards my goals. Tomorrow - Monday morning - is my first weigh in. I am not sure what to expect. I am more keen for my clothing to feel looser and body movements etc to... Read more