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  • 03/29/20-2

    3/29/2020 8:01:16 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Brad posted a new blog this afternoon, and after drying my eyes from the pride it get from his blogs, I share it with you. Battling C Squared: Stage IV Cancer + Coronavirus Journal entry by Brad Hook — 4 minutes ago I had plans to write an entry at the beginning of the month after my las... Read more

  • 3/29/20

    3/29/2020 3:57:08 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Can't believe the month is almost over. The way this month has gone, I think it is time for this month and all that came with it. Our Pastor live stream our Mass from last night. while he and the Deacon came through very clear but the musician didn't and was a bit distracting. But it was better ... Read more

  • The New Normal IS NOT Normal Yet

    3/28/2020 9:49:25 PM, by GSAC56

    I am glad that one of the teachers who live on the property is not having to go out to work each day. She has recruited me to help make masks for healthcare workers who requested assistance. It is very humbling--especially working with someone who takes joy in her work. As I get involved with FB ... Read more

  • 3/28/20

    3/28/2020 3:41:42 PM, by RHOOK20047

    As we enter week 3 of the pandemic/stay at home orders, I was wondering how my friends on SP are fairing. I can tell you that cabin fever is hitting me. Margaret's job has greatly altered. She manages a Doctor's office and they have cut all appointments that are not of urgent means. This last we... Read more

  • more "time" travel...

    3/27/2020 12:00:32 AM, by THREEE

    "Today" I was so good...I am all groceried up(except, of course, tp and Clorox) so I was able to plan the week's eating, and got my walker time(only 2 minutes) in... did a load of laundry, and paid my bills, and organized "desk" so tomorrow I can do 2 tax returns--YEA!!! I love doing taxes...especia... Read more

  • My beginning

    3/24/2020 5:58:48 PM, by HYDEMACKAY

    I have never really blogged much (if ever) so I am definitely jumping off a cliff here. Hoping that the water is clear and deep so I pop back up after the leap! Exercising and eating right are so important - and so difficult at times. I am learning a great deal from the articles and conversations... Read more

  • Dutchman's Britches came of its winter closet

    3/23/2020 11:33:16 AM, by GSAC56

    . I took a hike through the woods--so much new growth to see as it pushes back the dead leaves. Dutchman Britches is one of my favorites. My thoughts are mostly on people suffering with the coronavirus, those who living in fear, those who are being stupidly fearless (i.e., beach goers in dr... Read more

  • A DIFFERENT KIND OF CHALLENGE...start with a lie...

    3/22/2020 10:11:08 PM, by THREEE

    Here is my inspiration... I am going to 'blog" today what I "have done tomorrow". By that I mean I will post as if I have succeeded in doing what my intentions are for tomorrow as if I have done prevent me from being a liar, I will require myself to follow thru....ready? go! I am so... Read more

  • It's a Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

    3/22/2020 8:04:03 PM, by GSAC56

    I grew up on Captain Kangaroo and was a bit resentful when Mr. Rogers moved into the neighborhood. Yet I was already much older and wasn't into the genre (pretty big word for a kid). Last night I watched Tom Hank's, "It's a Wonderful Day" and fell in love with this incredibly compassionate man... Read more

  • 3/20/20

    3/21/2020 5:50:14 PM, by RHOOK20047

    Hello Sparkfirends; I know it has been a few weeks since I was here. Since we are quarantined in the house I hope to make it here more often. Brad posted a blog that got me to thinking how much harder this virus is going to affect others. Below is his latest blog. I can hear the fear and ang... Read more

  • For Those Hoarding

    3/20/2020 6:18:37 PM, by GSAC56

    During my musings this morning, the passage came to my mind, "for tomorrow you may die." I did some Bible research and found what I was looking for in Luke 20. Some brothers came up to Jesus with one of them complaining that his brother owed him half his inheritance. Jesus had to roll his e... Read more

  • Have I really ever said, "Stop the world, I want to get off"

    3/20/2020 6:01:18 PM, by GSAC56

    Yes, maybe not in so many words, but I have wanted to get have my world less chaotic: less meetings, less travel, few commitments, etc. And I finally got to the point where I just did that: found a quiet place in the country and stopped everything that I was doing. It was my choice, and this cho... Read more

  • Walking in Faith

    3/17/2020 6:58:05 PM, by GSAC56

    Went to the grocery store today and could sense the pain around me. Older people looking overwhelmed as they were shopping; clerks feeling the strain and stress of keeping the shelves stocked and the store clean. There was utter frustration at knowing much of the stress is being caused by people b... Read more

  • Turn Around and Count Blessings

    3/16/2020 7:47:52 PM, by GSAC56

    As Monday comes to a close, I looked back and realized that there is no journal entry for Sunday. Writing/journaling is a peaceful art and am grateful that I am writing tonight. Covid-19 is keeping me closer to home--though going to the market is on tomorrow's to do list. Had earlier plans to go ... Read more

  • Gratitude Night

    3/14/2020 8:32:49 PM, by GSAC56

    My community members have recuperated from influenza A. My flu shot has kept me healthy along with a dose of Tamiflu. Family members are doing well and so are friends. My calories are under even though the selection was not the best. And I watched a funny movie. Good night-all in all!... Read more

  • My 3-mile walk

    3/12/2020 10:36:47 AM, by GSAC56

    Yesterday was perfect pre-spring weather. My long-desired walk down our road and back was invigorating. My reward is seeing a big Aussie. He leaps off the porch, bellows our a huge roar, starts walking slowly toward me with a menacing growl, and the two of us walk in slow motion for a greeting. ... Read more

  • Sunny Afternoon

    3/11/2020 1:50:01 PM, by GSAC56

    Weather has a direct impact on my exercising and outlook for the day. This is a struggle when grey skies are more consistent than sunshine, Today I am taking advantage of the energy I have with the sun out. It is as if I can't do enough. Love the energy and the drive but also need to ground myse... Read more

  • Challenge of Gray Skies

    3/10/2020 11:27:55 AM, by GSAC56

    Amazing how life looks different when the sun is not shining. Today I will go for a spring outing--looking at how the earth is responding to the sun's shift. The sky may not be showing spring but the birds singing and new life springing is proof. With that in mind, maybe I can snap out of thi... Read more

  • Flu A, Flu B and Coronavirus-19 -- the last word is God

    3/8/2020 10:37:34 AM, by GSAC56

    As much as I love spring, it seems the flu loves it just as much. I have only had the flu once and want to avoid having it again. Earlier this year I took a flu shot and am grateful that these are available. Two of my neighbors have come down with Flu A. With my better eating habits, getting en... Read more

  • Saturday Overview

    3/7/2020 3:17:53 PM, by GSAC56

    I am feeling so good; partly because of the weather and partly because of the changes that are being made. The intermittent fast experiment of three days has been completed, and I will continue to make this change of not eating after 5 p.m. Last night I was too hungry but had enough calories and f... Read more

  • Day 2 of IF (Intermittent Fasting)

    3/6/2020 10:27:20 AM, by GSAC56

    If IF doesn't show a break in my plateau, does that mean it didn't work? I am waking up with more energy and feeling like something was accomplished. I felt more grateful for my breakfast and took time to enjoy it. (There is still room for improvement. Have always eaten too quickly.) I am g... Read more

  • Motor is revving

    3/5/2020 10:10:51 AM, by GSAC56

    Started the day with my trackers and added a lot of things to do on my planning list. Inside my body the motor is humming and that is usually a sign to focus and take things one step at a time. Laugh for the day is that I answered nine trivia questions to get the three right answers. Love lea... Read more

  • Intermittent Fasting

    3/4/2020 6:05:20 PM, by GSAC56

    I shared with my chiropractor about my commitment to lose weight and eat healthier. He suggested that the plateau that I am fighting might budge with Intermittent Fasting (IF). With that began minor research. No more late night snacking to meet my calorie count. It is 5 p.m. and I won't have ano... Read more

  • Office Day

    3/3/2020 6:58:07 PM, by GSAC56

    I went into work today where most of my job is social media/pr. Having my dog with me kept me on my toes; both of us sat more than we are used to sitting. Part of the day was a luncheon for a good friend, I stayed within my calorie limits with fat going off the scale. Considering everything... Read more