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1/12/20 9:26 P

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emoticon I'm Bobbie Socks 46.

emoticon to SP BEVGIEDD1.

(((Hugs))) Bobbie

Bobbie ~ Bonham, TX
There is no Finish Line in NO MORE SUGAR and a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

I'm Type-2 Diabetic, Medication Free
& my blood sugar is now normal after cutting out all sugar for over 100 days.
I 'm a Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor of 27 years.

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1/10/20 6:50 A

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The life you want is waiting to rise up to meet you. - Oprah

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1/8/20 8:25 P

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I still eat a low cholesterol diet and have never cooked with or added salt to my food. I am working with a nutritionist. My cardio doctor would like me to stay relaxed but i have added low cardio work out. As to my heart attack i had no idea i was having one i was just in a lot of pain. I still cant tell when things are going wrong so i ware a heart monitor and check vitals. Like a fitbit but only for the heart. I hope to post my positives up here and gain support. Thank you all.

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1/8/20 1:26 P

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Hello and welcome! I am so glad you found us. :)

SparkPeople has so many gentle exercise tips and videos that might work for you. Of course, you work with medical professionals to know what is okay and good for your heart, yes?

Meanwhile, this is an excellent site for free peer support and encouragement. Look around and find a friend or team or two and stay connected. Wishing you a very healthy 2020.


"These are the dark times, but they don't sustain. Darkness never sustains - even though sometimes it feels like it might."
-Dr. Who, "Spyfall, Pt. 2"

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1/8/20 1:24 P

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Best wishes in getting control of your blood pressure. Has your doctor given you a list of foods to avoid and a list of what is safe? How about a registered dietician?

Stick with your program and welcome to SparkPeople!


Dave A.- South Central PA, USA

"Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." - Mark Twain

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1/8/20 10:59 A

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Welcome to Sparkpeople so glad you have joined us.

Oh that must be so scary with your blood pressure and heart problems. Please take care and do what is necessary to correct both as best you can.

Participate as often as possible on all the groups you have joined as that is where you will be encouraged and motivated

Focusing on the journey to living healthy

Christians weighing in with Christ

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1/8/20 9:18 A

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Well im on day 5 of the challenges. Introducing myself. I am working on blood pressure goals. My blood pressure has gone up to 173/ 103 with a heart rate of 153 while i sleep. I have always ate healthy but didnt pay attention to what was in my food of to much sodium etc. So i need to run the course of check the lable. Well i am learning to make my old fashioned ways of life No Box food. Since i have started i have seen a big difference. I do however feel that urge to eat something not so good from time to time. I need that extra over the hump push. I know enjoying a not so good food is ok here and there but i see the results in my blood pressure. I started working on this before Thanksgiving and have stumbled by giving into to urge to eat the not so healthy over portion foods. New years i have held pretty strong to focusing on my health. When i was 13 i had my first heart attack. I have never been over weight. I am unable to work anymore due to my heart rate jumps very high just by standing. I have found an easy to do exercise routine and dont push to hard so my heart dont stop any more. Anyway this is the reason for my goal. Having fun making new things to try.

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