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6/12/19 4:58 A

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I guess it depends on what type of carbs, and where they come from that is the problem.

Carbs from fruit/veges aren't a problem because they are loaded with good nutrients .... vitamins, potassium, fibre, etc., but carbs from sugar (any sugar) soda, cakes, sweets, etc. are the problem that needs dealing with - they don't add anything nutritionally.

Often people with this sort of addiction find that by very gradually making changes to what they eat, and how much of them, and replace them with real food - maybe a hard boiled egg, Greek yoghurt, a few nuts, etc. - they can eventually overcome their addiction.

I hope that you are weighing all that you eat (for accuracy) and entering it into the Nutrition Tracker because often that is a good way to persuade a lot of people to make healthy adjustments to their nutritional intake.

Good luck,

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6/10/19 4:42 P

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Not all carbs are created equal - simply because fruits and vegetables are also carbs. There are three types of carbs: sugar, starch and fiber.

I, too, am trying to steer clear of (highly limit) the refined and/or sugary carbs. I DO eat whole wheat and multi-grain carbs and they have not kept me from my goals.

I also eat potatoes, preferably with their skin, etc. I rarely eat white rice (only when out), but often eat brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, etc.

I focus heavily on fiber ... often eating 30-35 grams daily.

This all works quite well for me, but we're all different and have to find what works for us individually.

Good luck on your journey!

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6/6/19 8:30 P

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I tend to stick to higher carbs and make carb choices that contribute nutritionally, but I also eat little to no meat. Pretty much any produce is an easy option for carbs. I also try to pair my junkier options with something healthier so that I get what I want and what I need. So instead of having chips, I will try and have nachos, and I will load those nachos with beans, onions, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and avocado along with the cheese and chips. Pasta is a great vehicle for me to add in more servings of vegetables. An ounce dry is what I usually pair with a half cup to a cup of vegetables. Greens wilt wonderfully into hot pasta dishes or even grits.
I will also say that I think words matter. Addiction implies something that is bigger than you that is almost impossible to break. I think it easily becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg is a pretty interesting book that goes over a lot of why we do what we do on a day to day basis. One of the most interesting things that I took away from that book is how you build up so many small habits to support a single choice. So something like switching from cereal to eggs for breakfast, which sounds like it should be as easy as placing a different item in your grocery cart at the store, is so much more complex. Because that "simple swap" does not factor in cooking time, having a recipe that you like that is able to be cooked in your allotted time, you having the necessary skills to cook said recipe, having the requisite cooking vessels for the recipe, the added time spend washing dishes (cereal is bowl and spoon, but you might need a bowl, skillet, plate and two forks for eggs, and that's if you don't add other items like vegetables to the dish), added time spent making sure that you have the necessary ingredients on hand (eggs and mushrooms are perishable and might spoil. Cereal is shelf stable and has a longer margin of error), time spend figuring out the quantity you need on hand, backup plans for spoilage, and backup plans to use up unexpected surplus before it goes bad. And that is one swap. The things that we do, we do because we have determined them to be the best use of our resources. And we have them automated our choices to spend the least amount of time supporting those best choices. When you want to change something, you have to find an option that gives you equal or greater benefit and then you have to build up all new automated things to support that choice. One reason why people don't change is that they do not see the benefit from the change. A second large reason is that people don't take the time to find a better option and build it into their lives. Sure greens are a healthier food, but if you don't plan to use up what you buy then you spend more money purchasing greens and whatever else that you eat when the greens spoil. You also increase the time spent cooking and shopping (have to replace the spoiled food), and that's without even factoring in you liking the dish. It does not make sense to spend more money and more time for something that you don't even like the taste of in the first place. So you have to find swaps that you enjoy, that meet your budgetary and time constraints. It's not impossible, but it's a lot of work.

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6/6/19 10:56 A

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before my pregnancy i had cut down on my refined/processed carb intake (breads/bagels (my FAVORITE)/chips/rice/etc). during my pregnancy i am embracing my carb love (within reason most of the time) but also making sure i eat fruits and veggies.

slowly cutting down the more processed carbs can really make a big difference for me at least in how i feel. when i'm trying to lose weight and am therefore working with fewer calories for the day's intake, cutting down from a whole bagel to half a bagel not only drastically cuts down my carbs for the day, but also gives me room to add more nutritional calories into my diet, be that extra fruit/veg or protein. it will also result in some water weight loss, which is fine and all, but i like to cut down on the processed carbs to get in better nutrition.

Healthy choices and actions have positive impacts, even if the scale doesn't move!

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6/6/19 7:22 A

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Not to carbs per se, since there are many types of carbs, but to unhealthy carbs yes. I eat plenty of veggies and fruits, beans, sweet potatoes, and quinoa, all of which are carbs. What I’m avoiding right now are simple/ junk carbs: alcohol, pasta, bread, rice, sweets. For now I’m not eating brown/ wheat or white versions of those things as I find they increase my cravings and frankly they just don’t have the nutritional bang for the buck that those other foods contain. Perhaps I’ll add them back later but for now I feel great on just those carbs I mentioned. I’m not keto but I do come in at the very low end of the SP-prescribed range, typically around 140 a day, little higher on vegetarian days or when I eat more beans

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6/5/19 1:25 P

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I am working very hard to break my addiction to carbs. It is a major challenge for me. Anyone else trying to kick the carb addiction?

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