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I'm not new to the whole weight loss thing, as I've done it in the past but just not able to keep it off. 18 years ago I got a desk job instead of retail and instead of walking to work, we moved and had to drive to work, essentially ending an active work day and getting a sedentary work day. I'd lose a few pounds here and there but nothing that stayed off.

I've lost about 12 or so pounds since last April but barely able to keep it off. I know what I should do and what I found makes me feel really healthy, but am realizing that without any kind of accountability its hard. Hubby wants to lose weight as well and has something thru his insurance which is great for him but somehow we just aren't good at helping each other. I feel kinda alone.

His goals and what he is told to do seems to be different that what my doc says. I have seen a nutritionist but she wasn't any help. I've tried online support groups in past but not good at keeping it up. Today I'm feeling discouraged. I started at 212 last April and got down to 192 in January. 2 weeks ago at doc as sick and was 194. Saturday I was at 203.

it doesn't help that neither me or my hubby likes to cook and with most days during the week after work we don't have really any time to cook, we do lots of microwavable meals or fast food or anything that can be opened and heated with minimum effort and time. Not good for wanting to get healthy. I would like to learn to enjoy cooking and preparing meals.

Yesterday I did make a crockpot mole and instead of chicken I used tofu. And for dessert I make marble brownies. Instead of using cream cheese in them I used cottage cheese. They actually turned out to be quite good. Lunch I made chocolate strawberry smoothies and instead of heavy cream I used greek yogurt. Not sure smoothies are really that healthy but it was easy and quick to make.

Having Celiac and major fish/shellfish allergy sometimes makes it hard as lots of meal plans say do fish or stuff with gluten. Overall I have found that going vegetarian makes me feel the healthiest and most energy and when I was able to lose and keep it off.... sticking with it has become harder.

I take dance 3 days week-ballet on M & Th and jazz/tap on T. Each class is about an hour so I'm exercising but I don't think its enough. Am hoping that here I can keep things up and get some kind of accountability.

Always expect the unexpected that way you will never be surprised.
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