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3/10/20 2:45 P

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If not sure, see a doctor.

I just returned to strength training exercises, lifting weights, where I normally do cardio.

The muscle groups I use for lifting weights are given at least 2 to 3 days rest before lifting more weights.

I'm sore all the time. Just part of the weight lifting and recovery process. This is why rest, sleep, and recovery is so important. As I progress, I'm building more and more stronger muscle, and the pain becomes less.

I'm no expert, but I can say for certain, building muscle leads to soreness and is normal.

The best advice I can offer is to seek advice from a trainer, or read up on beginner exercises so you don't burn out. Start slow and easy to develop technique, then work on endurance adding strength to the routine.

Success comes with small changes and repeatable habits.

Hope that helps. Best of luck.

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3/10/20 1:26 P

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Lately, from exercising daily for the most part, whether consistent for a time, or here and there through the day, I have chest pain.. not like on either particular side, just the center of my chest, between my boobs, below my collar bone dip area.... It hurts here and there, and when it's acting up, bringing my shoulders towards one another/arms crossing/in front causes the pain to flare... it's not all day, but I'm thinking inflammation from the exercise....

and my lower back, between the dip and tailbone, is strained.

Taking motrin/ibuprofen for swelling and we will see...

If you're reading this and have lost 30+LBs (13kg+, 2stone+), did you suffer body aches/pains as your body adjusted itself? Are there pains, aches, or things not talked about often that can be experienced with the whole weight loss? Like, people have reported being gassier, urinating more, feeling colder, hair falling out, etc..... so what were some obvious and notable things that you could share?

Advice, tips, anything for heads up of things to expect and or how to relieve ailments thru the process is welcomed!~

(Basically, just wanting to know the pros and cons of weightloss, the told and untold tales)

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