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10/18/19 3:46 P

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It doesn't override that, but I do see that you don't have workout activity coming in from Apple Health. Did you possibly turn that setting to not accept it for SP? If not, then that means you haven't been having very active minutes showing up to post on your SP account. We only show the most active minutes rather than the basic minutes that are used for things like slowly walking for daily activities like walking at home or in an office to help keep from overestimating your calories burned.

I manually did a calculation for you and you should be able to lose weight around that 2000 calorie mark, so that part is correct from the info you gave. Are you doing any exercise outside of what you are doing during the day for work? If so, how long have you been doing that particular regimen? It may be that it's time for you to change up your fitness routine if you have already been at it for a bit. Our bodies get used to doing the same thing and will become efficient at it over time, which means you will burn less calories doing the same thing, which is why it is recommended to change something about your fitness program (can change to something completely different or do something like add intensity or some other variety to your workout). I would guess that your gain and plateau may be more related to possibly needing to add to or change your fitness routine at this point, so that is something to consider at this point.

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10/15/19 1:58 P

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Hi there,

My question is about the SP suggested caloric intake, the activity setting and linking Apple Health to SP.

I am a pool guy for a living, so I walk 2-3 miles a day on average. When I do repair work, I do light duty stuff beyond walking, but nothing difficult, so I feel I meet the description of lightly active as SP states it. Like a teacher, or a nurse. I'm on my feet walking in and out of yards, around pools, netting pools and so on. SP says for my height and weight, being 'lightly active', I should eat between 1970-2320 calories a day for a slow weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week. I've been eating 1920-2050 calories a day consistently. I lost 14 pounds in the first 3 weeks, then gained 4 pounds back and have stayed at that weight for the two weeks, even though my food intake has remained consistant. I've lost over 30 pounds multiple times in the past 7 years and always gain it back. I'm trying hard now to create a healthy relationship with food that I can live with and maintain forever. I measure my portions, I cook at home, I increased the amount of vegetables I eat, reduced meat and eat a salad every day and eat oats for breakfast. I even started eating Salmon a couple times a week. I increased water intake, cut out soda etc. I feel great, reduced how much I eat, how much I spend on food and I actually enjoy the food Im eating. No more IBS, or acid reflux. But, I stopped losing?

If I set the activity level in SP to sedentary, it reduces my recommended caloric intake down to 1600-1950 a day. BUT, I'm already focusing on eating a 2000 calorie a day diet long term, so if I'm constantly eating between 1950-2050 calories a day, trying to maintain a 2000 calorie a day diet for long term health, at worst I should still have a 400-500 calorie deficit every day and would think I should still loose about a pound a week right over time? Either way I select the activity level, at 2000 calories a day, I should still have a 400 calorie a day deficit. I have no idea why I would put back on 4 pounds and then plateau?

I linked my Apple Health App to SP. Does that over ride the manual activity selection I make since its an actual representation of my steps each day and calories burned? I am not looking for rapid weight loss, but even if I select the sedentary activity option, at worst, my deficit is STILL 2800-2900 calories a week provided I stick to the 1920-2050 calories a day I have been.Over two weeks I should still have inched down another 1-1.5 pounds?

I'm confused about the setting for activity and how linking the Apple Health App affects it, if at all? I don't know if Im over eating because the SP activity level is wrong or what? According to every calculator I try, I should lose about 4 pounds a month at about 2000 calories a day?

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