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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 30,952
4/24/19 7:28 P

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"Wondering why Vitamin K & Potassium are under one heading when tracking foods?"
They are not. The chemical symbol for potassium is K. That is NOT Vitamin K.

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ELENGIL's Photo ELENGIL Posts: 1,313
4/24/19 2:11 P

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Anything you need to track specific to you that is not available as a tracked item, add it as a 'food' item. Add "Vitamin K" as a new food, enter the amount under something that won't mess up your other tracked items, like 'water' (yes, it's really there!) and in quantities that make sense, and then just track it that way.

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URBANREDNEK Posts: 11,981
4/24/19 12:01 A

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The tracker here only has the option to track Potassium - which is an element designated by the symbol "K" on the Periodic Table of the Elements, and is commonly referred to by that symbol. What you are seeing is "Potassium - K" as a single thing (full name and symbol), and it is not related to or tied to "Vitamin K".

"Vitamin K" is a group of fat-soluble vitamins that are completely unrelated to "Potassium - K" --- and is what you correctly stated that you need to track while taking coumadin / warfarin.

They have never allowed tracking of Vitamin K here on Spark - as explained in the response from Becky Hand (former Dietitian here) in this older thread:

To track Vitamin K, you would have to use another tracking app / site which does allow it (I find this one to be quite good, since it is based on the USDA data as well: ).

Edit to add: While searching, I found another old discussion on the topic, which you might find useful:

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MURRELLS's Photo MURRELLS Posts: 171
4/23/19 8:18 P

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Wondering why Vitamin K & Potassium are under one heading when tracking foods? I am on Warfarin & need to keep track of Vitamin K, but Potassium is linked to it. They are not the same & it's important that I track the Vitamin K separately. Can't find the answer.

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