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RUSTY_WOODS Posts: 967
11/28/19 7:48 P

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Some of these look good, but there is a difference between low carb, and terms of carbs.. some low carbers may consume 100 g of carbs, and could indulge in several of these dishes without an issue.

On keto, most people have to consume 30 g or less, otherwise they get kicked out of keto. I would have some carbs for the other meals, so it is likely that I would only be able to consume 10g of carbs at the big meal. That's not a lot. I had 10 jumbo black olives, and 2 ozs. of cheese ( feta ).. 7 g ....with a chicken breast and some water, because I get kicked out of ketosis, if I go above 20g in a day.

So if you are on keto, you might want to be careful, and try one dish. If you are on a more liberal low carb plan.. enjoy several.

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11/26/19 2:23 P

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I'm going to be making Pumpkin "Pie" Soup to take to dinner.

Pumpkin, pumpkin pie spices (ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc), and coconut milk. Super simple, and very tasty!

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11/24/19 2:55 P

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Anyone want to share some recipes/planning for thanksgiving low carb and/or keto and/or lower carb style?

Found a few menu planner helps with recipes. Many of these don't work for me due to specific allergies but I thought I would post them and see if anyone else shares any others.

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