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2/6/20 8:08 P

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Hi Kris ... I'm Kris too emoticon

I am constantly making meals for the freezer. I do these sorts of things:
* Stir-fries

* One pot meals with veggies and a use variety of meats.

* Pureed Soups with plenty of veggies, pulses and lean protein

* Home-made healthy make-over Pizza

* Veggie Mornay (using cheese in the Mornay sauce) and sometimes adding ham

* Veggie Slice using small part-cooked diced veggies and eggs, Parmesan Cheese, and (dare I say) Cream. Don't use watery veggies like courgette/zucchini because it affects the finished product .

* I also make a lot of casseroles with some veggie in it and freeze them in single serve containers. Then I just use cooked veggies to go with it.

* Meat loaf with grated veggies in it. Slice it and freeze it 'free-flow' Or you can cook it single serves in a muffin tin.

* Sometimes I bulk cook potato and mash it with a little fresh mint, parsley and cheese, and freeze them in single serves.

* Roast meats and Rotisserie Chicken with gravy in single serve containers to go with veggies after.

* Smoke Fish and Tuna (mixed) in a Parsley Sauce, to go with veggies

* Polenta - I make it up with parsley and Parmesan, and often Savoury Yeast (Nutritional Yeast) and pour it into a shallow pan lined with baking paper. When it is cold I slice it and freeze it single serve. YUMMY when crisped up in the pan, but it may not work for your parents.

I have never had any freezer burn, and I have a LOT of these in my freezer at any given time, so I have a good variety. Often freezer burn occurs when there is a lot of air, so you want appropriate sized containers, and if you use plastic bags for more solid things, ensure that all the air is out of the them before freezing.

Good Luck, and best wishes to your Dad

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2/6/20 7:53 P

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Sorry to hear that your Dad is ill.

Depending on what his illness was, him feeling weak might extend to his appetite, too. It can be hard to WANT to eat when you don't have much strength, and a big meal (like a "typical" meat / starch / vegetable plate) can seem overwhelming. You might find it best to start with "soft" foods that can be served in small portions, and have some variety so that he can eat small amounts more often.

Some things that worked for me, that can be easily frozen / thawed / heated:

- Soups, especially "cream" soups. I did a lot of mixed vegetable soups that I pureed - which made them thick and "creamy" even without cream added. I'd freeze these in 2 - cup freezer bags, so they'd thaw quickly and didn't take up much space.

- Cooked meats. I cooked and pieced out a turkey, a couple of chickens, an eye of round beef roast, a pork loin roast, and browned a couple of pounds of ground beef and ground turkey - then lay them out on a baking sheet to freeze and dropped the slices / pieces in to freezer bags. These thaw fast and can be added to one of the soups, added to some frozen veggies for an easy stir-fry, nibbled on by themselves, or made in to small and easy sandwiches.

- Egg "muffins" (which I've also seen called mini-frittatas, or mini crustless quiches, or mini strata). Basically, whisk together eggs / egg whites / milk and some veggies and either pour over bread chunks (if wanting a "strata") or directly in to the tin, then bake. These freeze great, and can easily be served as singles or multiples to suit appetite.

- Fruit crisps (either individual or a big pan). Cooked fruits are much easier to enjoy when feeling weak, and a simple mix of chopped apples / pears / plums / berries that have been tossed with cinnamon and topped with a light oat / flaxseed / butter streusel then baked until soft can be a great snack. If they mix it with some Greek yogurt, then it can be a meal or a snack.

- Baked custards (either individual or a big pan that can be pieced as wanted). Using the basic technique from the "self-crust pumpkin pie" recipe, you can make it sweet with any variety of fruits or go savoury with a variety of vegetables. These freeze great, and are tasty either heated or at room temperature. An idea for a sweet one might be something like this:

- Stew / chili as he starts feeling stronger and has more interest in eating. A hearty meat and veggie stew will freeze well and reheat easily.

- Healthy muffins. If you make them in the 1/4 cup size, then they are a good size as a snack or side, freeze great, and thaw quickly. They taste great at room temperature or warmed, and can easily be made with a reasonable amount of protein / fibre / nutrients (mine are usually around 115 calories, 5g protein, 4g fibre)

- Cooked grains and fruits. I bake a couple of pans of mixed fruits (chopped apples / pears / plums / peaches / berries) tossed in cinnamon and ginger, then freeze in 2-cup portions. I also cook up various grains / seeds (oats / barley / quinoa / farro / wild rice) and freeze them in 2-cup portions (usually freezer bags). I always have a bag or two thawed in the fridge so that I can either heat up alone, or mix together, or add to something else. A small bowl of warmed up oats and barley, mixed with baked fruits, and topped with plain Greek yogurt makes an easy, satisfying, and healthy small meal --- or could easily be a bowl of warmed up rice and farro with some slices of beef and some frozen veggies.

I always had lots of plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, sliced cheddar, Babybel cheese portions, wholegrain crackers, wholegrain bread, peanut and almond butters, a couple of healthy jams, and different frozen veggies on hand. Even when really weak, I could at least grab something with nutrition and not just easy carbs.

Lots of great recipes here:

I hope this gives you some ideas to start with, and that your Dad feels better soon!

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2/6/20 1:38 P

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I'm a big fan of chili made with ground turkey. Easy to reheat and also freezes well.

Best wishes to your dad.

~ Merle

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2/6/20 10:00 A

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Lentls, beans and rice can be frozen in portion sized amounts and then thawed and reheated. Canned sardines and canned salmon are good sources of protein that are easy to eat.

It's the journey. We can do this.


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2/6/20 9:37 A

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I hope your dad recovers quickly! The first thing I thought of was lasagna but I have had good luck reheating quiche; home made pizza (refrigerated dough); Mac and cheese; chili; chunky vegetable soup; minestrone; burritos. Good luck

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2/6/20 7:35 A

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My dad has been in the hospital for about a week and is very week. My step mother has Parkinson's and I need to make up some meals to take over to their house so they can just warm it up or put it in the oven. I was also thinking freezer meals, but not sure how they really stand up to freezer burn. What ideas do you have for the list I'm compiling? They eat a very bland diet, no restrictions.Thanks Kris

Ideas I have:

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