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If the scale didn't budge today, do not fret. There is more to good health than a number that stares ARCHIMEDESII 18 AMANDAMCKPRE
2/7/19 5:03 P
2/5/19 5:51 P
A - Z things you find at home HOMEBODY4EVER-1 54 PBVHCCVH
10/20/19 1:03 A
Two Words....Change One HOMEBODY4EVER-1 50 PBVHCCVH
11/16/19 1:37 A
Hello Spark Family! 🎂🎉🎇🎆 GARDEN_WITCH 305 DLDMIL
2/4/19 7:22 P
I am AWESOME I can do this. with God's Help and prayers too. #goalfeats HRTBRKR2013 8 BONNIE1552
2/2/19 2:26 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 14 NANASUEH
1/30/19 10:43 A
Wednesday, Wednesday! MSROZZIE 20 MSROZZIE
1/30/19 11:17 P
Monday morning reminder #you are amazing and #you can handle anything!! Let's do this... have a won TMP0418 111 JRDUPREE
1/29/19 12:05 A
Great morning gorgeous friends!!! I hope y’all have a fun and happy day!!!!! I have to do my stuff i JANISFREE 153 GEORGE815
1/27/19 3:30 P
Good morning Spark Family!! ❤️❤️ Woke up not feeling too well this morning, silly weather has me al TEXASHSMOMOF3 101 CGARR442
1/26/19 9:52 P
Totally not feeling cooking right now so this 425 TMP0418 47 LILIANN400
1/25/19 9:19 P
6/28/19 9:17 A
Had a super stressful day, so instead of eating my AUBURNANGEL07 153 LADYBUG2917
1/23/19 4:06 A
Hello everyone, My name is Vic DeMarco, I am a chef and a family man. I am married to my best frien VIC_DEMARCO 144 FUTUREFOCUSED
1/20/19 1:44 A
I got smaller clothes today, and the best clearance deals ever + 20% off at JCP .....Spent 116.00 an STARFISH1961 42 123THERESA123
2/9/19 9:12 A
I love this ❤️ CC122981 37 GEORGE815
1/16/19 9:23 P
As of this morning I’ve officially lost 30 lbs since September! So I thought I’d share this graph th HIKINGGIRL16 303 MRSFANCYLADY
1/14/19 12:03 A
179! That’s 18 pounds lost since November 29, 2018!!! RIVERBENEDICTA 132 JTHEALTHY1
1/12/19 5:45 P
Summer dreaming! I haven’t worn shorts or a dress w/o thick panty hose since I was 6 because of thi AMYINTHEWILD 141 IAN2409
4/16/19 7:18 P
#BeforeAndAfter 18lbs difference. Instead of XL ans maternity, I'm getting into larges. I can wear a ODDR1NA 154 TNPEACH5
1/11/19 11:21 A
Hi all, I could really use some positive vibes today because I am going through a heartbreak. On the HARLEYQUINN2016 9 SPOKENWORD
1/11/19 12:01 A
Posted a photo KELLY_SS 31 EDLEAR
1/10/19 5:07 A
My 68th Birthday. PASQUALE51 116 PATSYGO
1/9/19 4:33 A
Day 1: I was 164lbs and my goal is to loose at least 30 pounds by the end of May 2019 NSTROUD0329 14 GEORGE815
1/7/19 10:00 P
Made a commitment in 2018 to get healthier for my daughter. Lost 55 lbs so far! MARAHCHRISTINE 142 GEORGE815
1/7/19 9:46 P
New to Sparkpeople. Love my Misfit Phase AMANDAMCKPRE 2 EO4WELLNESS
2/22/19 3:50 P
1/7/19 12:01 A
I know this is a place for weight loss, but I feel like this place offers great support as well. I KPARTX31 20 KPARTX31
1/6/19 10:02 P
Shared my first recipe on SparkPeople today! Was craving pancakes but didn't wanted them to be healt AMANDAMCKPRE 5 VIOLET4B2
1/5/19 7:44 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 5 YMWONG22
1/6/19 9:24 A
No exercise today. Stuck on the couch with a fever and stuffy head. :( AMANDAMCKPRE 3 RAMONA1954
1/3/19 8:36 P
Hoping to meet new friends for the new year that can help me stick to my plan and hold me accountabl UNICORRRN 7 AMANDAMCKPRE
1/3/19 3:22 P
#Newbie #friendfinder Hey there, I'm new on Sparkpeople. Moved over here from another app. Looking f AMANDAMCKPRE 5 TOMSGAL85
1/14/19 5:44 A
Hello beautiful people. Georgia girl needing a workout buddy/ accountability friend. I know myself, ESACRYLIC 5 AMANDAMCKPRE
1/3/19 3:02 P
1/2/19 5:52 P
Hi there, I'm moving over to SparkPeople from another paid app. Had some success there but now I've AMANDAMCKPRE 11 PAMMISUE1
1/8/19 6:32 P