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Well yesterday I deleted the app. Thought I needed a break. My financial and personal stress is gett HONEYD2 23 ONTARIO1964
2/26/20 11:07 P
Avocado and tomato with garlic salt and pepper. Tastes Great! NOEL21047 15 ONTARIO1964
2/26/20 11:05 P
What do you mean it is only Wednesday??? I got up running today. I have accomplished so much and w RUTHIEBEAR 15 _RAMONA
2/26/20 10:57 P
Good morning spark family 🥰 Here's me in 2017 de TMP0418 140 QSHEPP
2/26/20 5:29 P
Down 140 pounds!!! I am in shock. It is more than just a number though. I feel amazing. I had sur BEAGLEGIRL79 210 SILVAS7
2/27/20 8:37 A
Had to say goodbye to our little Lola on Monday. Miss her so much but she will always be in our hear TUXLADY 15 CEEDEEJEY
2/20/20 5:44 P
Say one positive thing about yourself each day... TAZLADYOK 34210 GBOOMER
2/29/20 5:33 A
2/23/20 4:16 P
2/22/20 2:21 P
I am at a plateau in my weight loss. And this weekend I went hog-wild with dr. pepper, and unchecked UASK4ITDAVE 8 LIVEANDLAUGH
2/4/20 1:58 P
So I wasn't feeling like going for a walk, simply felt tired. But, I went anyway. Got 40 minutes in SALTLIFE45 21 MDOWER1
2/3/20 5:47 P
#BeforeAndAfter revolving door of change. Hw 400 lbs cw 269. My goal weight is about 160 VICKINLOWE 95 KHALIA2
2/4/20 7:59 A
Glad to know my weight gain was water from the steam room and then the water I used for hydration af MTRANCHWOMAN 7 DGRIFFITH51
1/31/20 9:20 P
I was being pretty productive until I sat down. Smores ran up on me and plopped down. She's a ploppe LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 56 JER-BER
2/3/20 6:14 A
This was yesterday. Today, I feel very unmotivated. I’m looking at this photo, gathering some energy FIELDSENDART6 11 GEORGE815
1/30/20 2:20 P
Finally below 150!!! Let’s maintain our go lower NUSHARGURL 32 QUARTERMASTER3
1/28/20 7:20 P
Don’t look now! DAD_AINT_HIP 28 NANHBH
1/25/20 11:46 P
Just a little motivation for me from my running app a 1 mile Leslie Sansone jog got me to level 2 BEARHUGG81 23 GEORGE815
1/24/20 5:47 P
So I'm down another pound... But of hair! My daughter suffers from alopecia, last night we shaved h SARAH-AGAIN 110 GETITDONE79
1/25/20 1:29 P
These bears kept waking me up last night and are n RUNNINGBEARS80 17 ALLYLIZZY
1/21/20 1:16 P
Two things. I am consistently moving my treadmill times up. Used to be 3.6 would make me kinda tri NEEDBU66 22 GMACAMI
1/21/20 9:28 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 757 processed sugar and gluten free. Please keep positive thoughts and Pra STEEPERSLOUNGE 42 LAPPEROO
1/23/20 11:27 P
Haven't weighed this weight since high school 🙌🏼 feeling proud and strong 💪🏼 PARKDREAMS 166 GMACAMI
1/21/20 9:15 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! Yesterday felt like a ‘real’ day of work - there were TEXASHSMOMOF3 94 SNOWYOGA
2/18/20 6:51 A
#NeedHelpandSupport Hey everyone! I'm a yo-yo dieter... off and on again. My mind is ALWAYS thinkin ANGELICMOMMA 9 STARROSEGAL
1/17/20 9:32 P
10 lbs to go! I'm hoping to see the scale move below 150 next week. AMYVANDERPOEST 4 DAKOPP
1/16/20 11:28 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! I’m here! Everything’s fine just trying to figure TEXASHSMOMOF3 99 MADEINBRITAIN
1/17/20 5:41 P
Ha! Good morning everyone!! Hope you all have a Sparkalicious day!! DRINKALOTH2O 17 AQUAGIRL08
1/16/20 9:14 A
I am ashamed to post here today. I blew it completely out of the water yesterday, and gained almost KLBAUSSIE 28 SSPARKLE2019
1/15/20 11:24 A
Healthy -Check! Free with Kroger coupon - Check! Tastes like chocolate chalk - Check! I'll eat it b VEG_GIRL04 12 HOLLYM48
1/11/20 7:49 A
Good afternoon spark friends, happy Friday! Nice walk today. sunny, breezy, and 80° have a wonderfu CARLOSLAKELAND 37 AQUAGIRL08
1/11/20 7:34 A
About 10 years ago a doctor told me that I would be headed for a wheelchair before my 50th birthday SGDISIS 80 SUNSET09
1/10/20 11:26 P
Found these today. 50 cal, 11 g fiber, 5 net carbs. Rolled one with deli slices chicken and veggie JUSTALIFE67 14 PASQUALE51
1/7/20 6:55 P
Happy Tuesday everyone! Things are going okay, slowly making adjustments, in struggling a lot with n MELISSALYNN38 6 BIKERCHICK14
1/7/20 4:43 P
35 to go! VAYGIRL 29 _RAMONA
1/8/20 2:13 A
I am needing the reminder of how far I have come. The whole month of December was not great. Thank BEAGLEGIRL79 222 FITWITHIN
1/9/20 3:17 A
Great day for a walk 71° CARLOSLAKELAND 32 CGARR442
1/8/20 10:04 P
This time of year used to be a happy one but not so much anymore, pulled out the old P90x cardio an AMYVANDERPOEST 10 EVIE4NOW
12/26/19 10:35 P
Baking these monster sweet potatoes today. Should be enough for a meal or three! LOL JEWELRYLOVER 25 EVIE4NOW
12/17/19 11:22 P
Message Removed CD25331128 35 MIKAHALE
12/17/19 2:52 P
On and off the wagon many times daily just now No RAERAERAE62 34 JEN-JENG
12/13/19 7:47 P
Hoping to get back to normal real soon. I didn't like "hitting a wall" with my energy yesterday... ANNIEMAROO 7 BILLTHOMSON
12/14/19 5:58 A
Do you stretch after every workout? FITNICK212 7 GEORGE815
12/13/19 5:59 P
Got my blood work back, everything was awesome except for my LDL cholesterol. She wants me on medica DANYGIRL48 6 DANYGIRL48
12/16/19 5:32 P
30 MIN walk and 20 squats on Day 4 this week!!! Feeling good😉. Have a great day everyone. DEDICATED2ME32 17 GEORGE815
12/13/19 6:09 P
29 minute walk #moveit AMYVANDERPOEST 6 BONNIE1552
12/13/19 8:41 P
What Motivates you to check in with SP every day? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 134 MCJULIEO
2/28/20 11:14 P
Heading to Pure Barre Classic class in a bit. Muscles are still a bit sore from Empower class and pi AMYVANDERPOEST 10 RHVICK
12/9/19 5:53 P
Wine tasting the other day🍷 Had a great time with a friend. HONEYLC84 4 SWEETGABROWN1
12/3/19 12:38 P
Been feeling a bit sick lately in my stomach. It is upset sometimes and a little bit of nausea. I am AUNTRENEE 7 TEENY_BIKINI
12/3/19 5:04 P
When life gives you snow GO SHOVEL IT! Day two! Yesterday the view was the same. It took me an hour MSMITCHELL2696 18 URBANREDNEK
12/4/19 10:21 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday was weigh in day, and drumroll please.... I TEXASHSMOMOF3 159 AZMOMXTWO
12/4/19 11:51 A
Hi from Bloomington, IN AMYVANDERPOEST 6 DEE107
11/28/19 12:41 A
Enjoying the fall colors, though the leaves are falling. My plan for today is to spend some time ou RUTHIEBEAR 58 AQUAGIRL08
11/22/19 8:48 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! First I just have to say it is 24° in Texas right now TEXASHSMOMOF3 196 KHALIA2
11/13/19 8:25 A
Introduce yourself here PAMELA984 2365 RONNIE150
2/21/20 12:20 P
February challenge - heart healthy NJJAZZ 338 MSGRANOLA
3/1/11 10:10 A
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1/9/11 10:14 A
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2/10/20 9:26 P