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Went different route this Halloween and it was great! The mindset that I shouldnโ€™t deny myself a di ARTSPARK 12 TCANNO
11/2/19 4:12 A
How did you get the courage to take your start picture? Did it really help? LAMILLER365 12 GEORGE815
10/25/19 12:33 P
Stationary bike? NITEMAN3D 19 GABY1948
10/26/19 2:55 P
Posted a photo KIMNGAN007 10 GEORGE815
10/25/19 12:32 P
The weather's been a bit erratic and I've been feeling rather cold and creaky. So today I made some MSGNIX 12 GEORGE815
10/25/19 12:29 P
The sea has neither meaning nor pity. Anton Chekhov #h2whoa AZMOMXTWO 5 RDCAGAIN10
10/25/19 12:56 P
10/25/19 12:25 P
I like fried chicken. This is bad for my self-esteem. #feelingfat EVANBRUMBERG 6 L_DROUIN
10/25/19 9:39 A
Growing up, every Sunday was lamb roast day. Nowadays, I eat lamb only occasionally. Today, I trie MSGNIX 20 KAREN_EDMONDS
10/6/19 10:06 A
my cravings for lime and mint fruit cordials, hot water with lemon and orange juice stopped me dead BECCALOU09 5 GEORGE815
10/6/19 3:16 P
I just bought Fish Oil pills for brain improvement and to not lose memory! Do anybody else take them CD24115281 9 ARTSPARK
9/22/19 7:26 A
It has been a very good year. Love the Spark Menu and love the support here! #BeforeAndAfter ARTSPARK 36 DAWNWATERWOMAN
9/17/19 10:48 A
My son-in-law has gone on a diet where he eats PBJ ARTSPARK 8 DAWNWATERWOMAN
9/6/19 1:58 P
Breakfast today I haven't had taste for anything. CD24115281 11 ARTSPARK
9/1/19 11:13 A
I love SparkMenu lunches. The Southwestern Pork Recipe is fabulous. ARTSPARK 10 GEORGE815
8/25/19 8:39 P
A quiet moment with Spark Log suggestion for breakfast. Is it love? I think so. The wheat tortil ARTSPARK 8 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/3/19 2:12 P
The suggestions on the Spark Log are awesome! Thi ARTSPARK 12 JANTHEBLONDE
8/1/19 12:15 P
Today's breakfast was great! Omelette with Bella mushrooms, red peppers, spinach, and cheese with 2 CD24115281 18 EO4WELLNESS
8/1/19 3:28 P
How does everyone stay on track? Having difficulty ๐Ÿ˜ž TAMILYNN48 6 TAMILYNN48
8/7/19 8:26 A
I live in Coastal Southern Maine. This is very hot for us. I did my 60 minute walk extra slow, and DIANEDOESSMILES 21 ARTSPARK
7/24/19 11:09 A
Came home and was told by my husband that him and his friend were starving. Ended up making a cresc CUPKAKE137 11 ARTSPARK
7/24/19 11:07 A
Back on the wagon! Giddup!!! ๐Ÿ˜ JMGARDNERSMITH 6 ARTSPARK
7/24/19 11:05 A
Today's dinner was delicious. Baked pork chops with gravey, onions, and mushrooms, and wheat brown r CD24115281 6 ALLYLIZZY
7/24/19 12:35 P
I let myself get rushed and skipped breakfast โ€” but I did make time to pick up some breakfast for my ARTSPARK 15 _RAMONA
7/23/19 1:23 A
Love the SparkRecipe Southwestern Pork Recipe on the grill. The Spark Log suggestions make me feel ARTSPARK 2 RDCAGAIN10
7/21/19 3:42 P
I have been on a jag of eating unhealthy this week and upset at myself. I will forgive myself and ge CHANGING-TURTLE 15 FLASUN
7/21/19 4:43 A
8/28/19 3:21 A
Spark Log lunch suggestions are the best. Made Hi ARTSPARK 11 YMWONG22
7/15/19 5:43 A
Love, love, love the Spark Log lunch suggestion. Mashed potato with ham and turkey luncheon meat, M ARTSPARK 13 _RAMONA
7/14/19 12:22 A
I am so grateful for the Spark Log suggestions for my meals. When I am tired and I canโ€™t think what ARTSPARK 27 DAWNWATERWOMAN
7/8/19 2:30 P
Happy 4th of July! Spark Log Breakfast: Nutrigrain waffles with almond butter, strawberries, blueb ARTSPARK 31 KIMJ01
7/4/19 3:27 P
Lovely Choices on the SparkLog. Rice and quinoa, broiled salmon, mixed vegetables with a drizzle of ARTSPARK 34 LE_SIGH
6/29/19 7:56 A
Today I read about food and their preservative. Somehow it made sense to me. It can be the cause of MOMTOLJ 4 STEEPERSLOUNGE
6/23/19 10:59 A
Good Breakfast is everything. Thanks SparkMenu!! ARTSPARK 10 DAWNWATERWOMAN
6/21/19 10:58 A
Not sure how to log my sledgehammer workout. ZORBS13 6 HIKEMOJAVE
6/20/19 12:42 P
Hi guys... I'm going on vacation... But not worried ... Lots of home cooked meals coming my MARNALABELLE69 3 ALLYLIZZY
6/14/19 8:42 P
I've gained 20 pounds the past couple months due to eating my feelings,i don't feel great at all it' MISSMARIA93 5 RUTHIE254
6/14/19 11:46 A
Hello everyone, hope u all have a great day! Today I didnโ€™t lose or gain anything. Surprise to me bc AUTISMMOMMA05 2 ARTSPARK
6/14/19 8:40 A
Wrote a blog about my vision board today. If anyone is wondering how it works, check it out. It was FEMPTRESS 4 ARTSPARK
6/14/19 8:09 A
First bloom of Gardenia, in our yard today! Hard to grow here, in the SW, but it's going on 5 years. SPARKLINGME176 22 WALLAHALLA
6/15/19 3:05 P
Todayโ€™s lunch. Working on more veggies and less empty carbs. Rotisserie chicken and steamed vegetabl CD24387101 25 GEORGE815
6/12/19 8:32 P
With a vanilla Jello pudding for the desert, this ARTSPARK 9 DAWNWATERWOMAN
6/12/19 10:28 P
For breakfast I had 2 large scrambled eggs with spinach and my daily breakfast smoothie fruits and v CD24115281 10 CD24115281
6/12/19 9:31 A
Missing this place. I lived in Murrells Inlet for a spell, but had to move home to Hershey Pa. Alo DJAY1972 9 EO4WELLNESS
6/11/19 1:15 P
June 2019 Journaling Prompts ARTSPARK 1 ARTSPARK
6/10/19 2:22 P
This breakfast cost me 900 calories for 1 meal. #Cheatmeal๐Ÿ˜ฉ MZADAMS 11 BAREFOOTMTNGIRL
6/7/19 9:36 P
Mexican Nopales in Chile with 1/3 cup Jasmine rice FORESTGIRL0418 13 MUSICNUT
6/7/19 3:48 P
Vietnamese noodle soup for lunch. So good & filling DIZEIMAGE 14 DIZEIMAGE
6/7/19 4:53 P
Lovely Spark Menu choices for lunch today. Oven baked Tilapia with couscous and the Garlicky Mushro ARTSPARK 22 1GOLFNUT
6/7/19 9:28 P
6/1/19 4:36 P
So this is what I'm up against today, folks. Brownies!๐Ÿ˜‹ The coworker that said (a while back) that CD23705067 23 GEORGE815
5/30/19 5:24 P
My back on track, stay on track incentive/reward! I have gotten hooked on cauliflower rice. Now I c JEWELRYLOVER 13 GEORGE815
5/30/19 5:22 P
Don't like posting pictures of myself but just so you know I am real!!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿคฃโ˜€๏ธ KEEPITUP05 11 KEEPITUP05
5/30/19 5:08 P
Depressed. Keep gaining. Loosing all hope. I'm worthless and my church job of 6 hours a week cost SRITT004 8 BIRBKITTEN1234
5/29/19 4:08 P
Good afternoon! I have been battling with my weight my whole adult life. I'm going to be 44 this yea C34314 7 NEBRASKANNIE
5/29/19 5:25 P
Posted a goal MST_617 8 GEORGE815
5/29/19 7:38 P
I am mad at myself. I only did 20 MINUTES today of FROGROBYN 28 GMACAMI
5/28/19 4:29 P
Just remade a photo with my husband today! โœจ๐Ÿ˜Ž 252 lbs vs 198 lbs. ๐Ÿ‘ JORIEFM 32 CD22994956
5/27/19 9:37 A
Simple but nice SparkMenu. Mixed vegetables with dill. Salmon broiled with orange peel, ginger and ARTSPARK 25 DAWNWATERWOMAN
5/27/19 12:49 P
Well I ate something last night and didn't walk decided to treat myself to some ice cream with a car CLARE_B08816 3 URBANREDNEK
5/25/19 11:27 A
Happy SparkMenu Breakfast to you! White corn fresh milled grits, sunny side-up eggs, fresh blueberr ARTSPARK 6 DAWNWATERWOMAN
5/25/19 7:46 P
Hard boiled eggs over steamed kale, flavored with lemon infused olive oil, balsamic, and pinches of AIKITESSEN 14 GEORGE815
5/23/19 6:11 P
I started my journey this time last January, I do not have a picture from then but I had only lost a JESSIC242002 155 CD17509624
5/29/19 3:08 P
That feeling when your co-worker and weight-loss buddy tries to give you her old pants because they' LACROSS09 26 GEORGE815
5/23/19 6:11 P
๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ LOS101 57 GRAMMYEAC
5/23/19 10:54 P
Round two with the Tuna Sandwich on SparkMenu and it is a definite upgrade. Substituted a boiled eg ARTSPARK 20 DAWNWATERWOMAN
5/24/19 4:28 P
Did my exercise and weight video yesterday. It made me happy. FEMPTRESS 7 _RAMONA
5/24/19 2:13 P
Tracking Thread for Head for the Beach LOSINGLINNDY 132 LOSINGLINNDY
6/5/19 10:55 A
Feeling energized again! Warm Spring weather is finally here! Lilacs and Lantana are blooming. Have CHIP8790 13 VIRGINIAGIRL
5/20/19 2:56 P
Where is everyone from? GREGSTEAM 822 ARTSPARK
5/20/19 12:08 P
I have hit a plateau. I am feeling discouraged and am losing motivation so I'm thinking of doing som MOEFROMBOSTON 6 ARTSPARK
5/19/19 1:27 P
Starting again. No shame. RFAMHERE 19 QUARTERMASTER3
5/19/19 7:45 P
Thank you to this community... I have been more inclined to track what I eat because I can get suppo GRATEFULWIFE72 5 GEORGE815
5/19/19 4:11 P
Well didn't see my granddaughter today I'm going to miss her. Mother is taking my visitation away. W SUPERMOM207 8 GEORGE815
5/19/19 4:10 P
I really need to recommit to this journey because I still have a long way to go before I reach goal LITTLE_BEAR_IZI 11 CONNIET88
5/19/19 4:17 P