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95lbs left! #BeforeAndAfter MONIEMARIE15 60 CHERIE38
1/5/21 12:43 P
Got back into the 230s! Next goal is 220s! Hope to be there by Sept 30th. MRS_OBELLA 13 WALLAHALLA
9/3/20 9:18 A
Fish turned out perfect plus he made lots of veggies too. Love a husband who likes to cook. LJBOWSER1 38 BARCLE
9/3/20 3:29 A
All too true...even as a child I went to bed early :) MSKIZ69 21 EOWYN2424
9/3/20 2:23 A
I love the great positive boost I get from Spark People!! Thank you everyone!!! ATHENA2010 3 HAZEL2278
8/30/20 2:50 A
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 17 _RAMONA
8/30/20 2:39 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 28 PATRICIA-CR
8/30/20 12:18 P
What Motivates you to check in with SP every day? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 307 SPARKLINGME176
1/18/21 1:41 P
Intermittent Fasting PATTYGRAN 4 PATTYGRAN
8/28/20 7:33 P
Songs Game - 1960's through 1980's KSPILLS713 22213 EDWARDS1411
1/20/21 11:06 P
Friends motivating Friends FROGLADY719 8734 PHATPAT18
1/22/21 9:48 P
11/25/20 10:13 P
Considering Divorce from angry husband BARBARADOLL 4 ATHENA2010
8/27/20 6:10 P
How old are your children? LOUNMOUN 644 KATHYRB
12/3/20 7:30 P
In need of prayers 13BUTTERFLY13 5 ATHENA2010
8/27/20 5:56 P
My baby/toddler will not sleep BOOGBEAR 7 KATHYRB
12/3/20 7:32 P
Newly Diagnosed SHIRLZ_19841 4 ATHENA2010
8/27/20 5:03 P
Used spark to help in losing weight a couple years ago and dropped 135 lbs. Major life changes happe LGARNER33 15 GEORGE815
8/27/20 6:25 P
Good day! The fire that was close by has given us a "burn scar" (I think it is called) between us an ATHENA2010 9 GEORGE815
8/27/20 6:23 P
Posted a photo SABRINASTARR 27 _RAMONA
8/28/20 2:06 A
My family and I have a few hard decision to make in the next few weeks. It is going to be very stre CHERYLSCOTT54 11 GIRLGETTINGFIT
8/28/20 11:34 A
After not working out for the last 2 weeks. Due to my kids last 2 weeks of summer break. Feels reall HAPPYMAMA2020 8 AZIL5678
8/27/20 8:17 P
My sweet, seedless grapes are ready! I freeze them and eat them all winter! 🍇 PRIMEOFMYLIFE 23 _RAMONA
8/28/20 2:07 A
My lunch rainbow! #eattherainbow GRAPLEIRIS 22 _RAMONA
8/28/20 2:07 A
When a co-worker is super sweet and brings you a coffee and in order to talk yourself out of drinkin LILMEMEJEAN 19 SHOAPIE
8/26/20 5:32 P
My own homegrown tomatoes! Heirloom is ugly, but oh, so tasty! Tomato salad tonight! PRIMEOFMYLIFE 21 TRIMNUP
8/26/20 8:37 P
Finally seeing dividends of staying consistent! Down 4lbs since last weeks scale test. 😁 SISUGAL906 8 TAMMYAND
8/26/20 5:13 P
Happy to be doing the process today...logging in, eating healthy, walking, feeling good! ATHENA2010 5 GEORGE815
8/26/20 5:45 P
Good day today! Ate well, got my walk in, the sun came through the smoke and the fire is burning awa ATHENA2010 14 QUADCMOM
8/26/20 6:24 A
8/26/2020 TODAY'S TIP Thinking about skipping your workout today? Today, focus on the feeling you JVANAM 13 SWEETENUFGILL
8/26/20 3:27 P
Hello....Hazel here...hope everyone is doing well...! ! ! HAZEL2278 8 MADEINBRITAIN
8/26/20 5:32 A
If everyone of you could take a moment and say a prayer for all our families, friends, neighbors, a SHIRLEYABAGWELL 20 CD13567870
8/26/20 8:49 A
Cousin Camp over for another year. Great fun! Will recover in a couple of weeks😂😂. GRAMMY065 20 CD4114015
8/28/20 9:56 A
#motivate DIVAGLOW 16 GLORYB83
8/26/20 8:58 A
Posted a photo DIVAGLOW 18 GLORYB83
8/26/20 8:58 A
#BeforeAndAfter I weigh roughly about the same but my body looks a little better. I've been on this FRITZYS_MAMA 13 CD26035769
8/26/20 8:44 A
Good evening! I have been feeling unwell today. Took some medication to hopefully help feel better. LESLIELENORE 26 GARDENCHRIS
8/25/20 12:45 P
Staying safe and working on staying calm in the middle of the grey smoky skies and ash! It is a craz ATHENA2010 5 JER-BER
8/24/20 9:23 P
Today is a new beginning for me. I hope everyone remembers that on days when you fall it's ok to get SOUTHERNDESTINY 18 ALLYLIZZY
8/24/20 8:54 P
Help...I need somebody. it’s always been something SUSIEGETBY11 19 SUSIEGETBY11
8/24/20 7:43 P
I just barely squeaked over 10k steps yesterday. The zinnias were in full bloom at a garden we visi NITEMAN3D 27 CGARR442
8/16/20 11:03 P
8/16/20 7:06 P
8/17/20 9:14 A
I set a goal to practice Hanon & Transcriptions on the piano for 45 minutes each day for just once a LOOTJE 7 LOOTJE
8/16/20 10:14 P
Working on getting my water today...super slow going so far so I'm going to pick up the speed and fo ATHENA2010 3 PHATPAT18
8/15/20 8:25 A
55 year old mom needing to drop 100 pounds CELTICCAPERGIRL 9 3863SMILES
8/31/20 8:44 P
Did Chair Tai Chi today. It was Awesome. #moveit GOLDTAG1 5 GOLDTAG1
8/13/20 7:57 P
Volunteer in my garden MOOKBALL 16 CD4114015
8/15/20 10:17 A
Couple hours of pickleball and an hour of walking. Break Time. Be safe and have FUN everyone! TOMSTUMP 4 SISTERPRETTY
8/13/20 4:07 P
This was Lunch shredded BBQ Chicken Breast and PictSweet Roasted Vegetables with garlic salt MILKATRENA 11 MJ7DM33
8/13/20 6:31 P
Brother is very sore but I think he may be better. Sister is doing OK. It is hot to get o LIVINGLOVINLIFE 17 MORTICIAADDAMS
8/14/20 1:39 P
Posted a photo IMUSTLOSEIT1 18 BARBARAJ73
8/14/20 2:18 P
Have been very short of breath this week. I am sure it is the weather. I did mention it to the Home LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 CD4114015
8/15/20 10:17 A
Lots to do today and getting a good start! Wishing everyone a great Thursday! ATHENA2010 2 KOSHIE1
8/13/20 4:28 P
10lbs down 30 to go! Get it :) DEANNA0227 9 EVIE4NOW
8/11/20 11:49 P
My DS met me after work and we biked 16km!!! I got saddlebags so I can bike to work now!! Longer tha RUN-GIRL71 12 GEORGE815
8/11/20 9:18 P
Hit my goal of 140lbs this past Saturday... -60lbs in 48weeks... slow and steady, baby steps the who CATWMNCAT 194 MAMACAT65
8/14/20 7:18 A
Posted a photo HARROWJET 19 EVIE4NOW
8/12/20 12:03 A
Working steadily RUBELLA 4 GEORGE815
8/11/20 9:25 P
Back on track with exercise after totaling my car. Will try my strength video tomorrow being gentle ACIMPEGGY 4 GEORGE815
8/11/20 9:25 P
Back in March these pants were tight around my tummy and thighs, so tight that the zipper wouldn't e HUFFELPOWELL16 27 JANNISSE1
8/11/20 9:24 P
Signing in today even though it is a hard day. Feeling down and not making progress but I am not giv ATHENA2010 12 GEORGE815
8/11/20 9:24 P
8/21/20 1:38 P
Turtles Over 50 Can Reach Their Goals Too LJCANNON 11550 CHIPPEE
1/22/21 4:07 P
A new day! Feeling great after a wonderful and fun day swimming at Whiskeytown Lake! ATHENA2010 6 AZIL5678
8/8/20 11:06 P
8/9/20 12:27 P
I just had a baby 3 weeks ago. I am ready to get fit! LACROIXBABY 9 GEORGE815
8/8/20 7:07 P
Message Removed CD26136075 13 GEORGE815
8/8/20 7:06 P
Eating out tonight! Excited! #foodfeats TOMATOCAFEGAL 5 GEORGE815
8/8/20 7:06 P
Lunch 3 oz grilled chicken breast , yam patty, ove REDDSPORTY 16 REDDSPORTY
8/8/20 8:28 P
Yay! Finally got my hedges cut and my tan on🌞! It was HOT🔥🔥🔥sweating so much I had to put a shir CATWMNCAT 28 PCK12J
8/10/20 7:07 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 12 PATRICIA-CR
8/9/20 10:06 A
Daily Check In CD12088329 5175 OOLALA53
1/9/21 7:04 P
I do not know why ARACCETS is posting ads on this site. Please stop it. MERLECHRIS 7 LUANN_IN_PA
8/6/20 4:10 P
I'm having a hard time trying to balance a 3 year old going through the "I have emotions but don't k MIKKYB1984 5 ATHENA2010
8/6/20 3:47 P