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Gooood morning Spark people!!! I'm behind on schedule so somethings have to take a back seat. I'm ha CLARKTOTHAKENT 7 BCHARIE
1/24/21 10:35 A
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 35 JTHEALTHY1
1/24/21 10:08 P
Posted a photo MSJOFUNNSEXY 14 BOBJ21
1/24/21 10:36 A
Made yummy avocado chicken salad for lunch! Going to eat it on this keto bread I found! JOJOOBETUN 18 KAYDE53
1/24/21 12:46 P
1/24/21 12:46 P
Posted a photo HAPPY-CATHE 30 JUDY1676
1/24/21 10:14 P
Good morning, Sparkfriends! This morning I'm reflecting on January and working on my February goals. SOUTHERNJAVA 53 GEORGE815
1/24/21 6:16 P
Good Morning! Just wanted to share something (doesnt pertain to weight loss goals), Im an early bird HOOPALINA 9 ALLYLIZZY
1/22/21 2:21 P
1/22/21 11:56 P
So excited to have found SparkPeople! This is exactly what I need! Feel so blessed! GAMMASTNFARM 9 ROSESAREBLUE
1/22/21 4:29 P
Good morning everyone! Stay positive! WE can do this!! 🌞 😎 ❤ KARABELLA03 14 GEORGE815
1/22/21 1:59 P
I'm back after a hiatus involving pneumonia, cancer, a shoulder injury, food sensivities and deaths. SADIEMYERS 63 DGRIFFITH51
1/22/21 8:51 P
Have a Great weekend! RGOCEAN 13 SHOAPIE
1/22/21 9:15 P
The happy dance continues! The scale showed a loss of 3 lbs this week. Since January 1, I have lost MSMITCHELL2696 39 CHERRYZMB60
1/22/21 11:51 P
Enjoyed a yummy breakfast of spinach and mushroom grits (with an added egg for protein) courtesy of VISION2021 11 WIZARDHOWL
1/23/21 6:07 P
Gooood morning spark people!!!! It's a little late in the day off course but it's my day off which I CLARKTOTHAKENT 18 RACHAEL2020
1/22/21 7:42 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 15 GEORGE815
1/22/21 1:54 P
Taking a break today for some Kitty (yes that's his name) cuddles. Had to take the pic one handed s ROCKYCATSMAMMA 22 WIZARDHOWL
1/23/21 6:07 P
37 weeks till my Bali trip (that was cancelled) goal to lose 37 lb. 💪GOALS💪 BCHARIE 2 KAREN_EDMONDS
1/20/21 10:43 P
Feeling so hopeful and happy! It won't be sunshine and roses but hopefully it won't be hate and chan DIANNEMT 6 JUDYD207
1/21/21 8:26 P
Little Miss Jumanji! Born by caesarean section. Mom and baby both doing well. 💖🐄 JEWELRYLOVER 29 LAH1222
1/20/21 11:36 P
Breakfast: there is a breakfast turkey patty under that egg and I had a slice of cheese on the side BECCAWEBB123 10 FRABBIT
1/20/21 3:42 P
I have hope in my heart ! The inauguration was wonderful loved the music too .. Peace and love BEELADY56 8 RAZZOOZLE
1/20/21 2:44 P
1/20/21 4:40 P
Today’s Fitness Foto: Last week I was deadlifting 225lbs. Today I could only lift 205lbs. I was feel LOTTALOX 22 JLPEASE
1/20/21 3:02 P
Brunch (or late breakfast)!! Hot herbal tea, egg beaters (3 tbsp), slice of Dave's killer bread with QSIESUE1960 10 DIANEDOESSMILES
1/20/21 5:27 P
1.20.21 - 162 lbs Starting again SARAHSALMON88 14 GRNEYEDSPANIARD
1/20/21 7:06 P
Its been a while since I've posted but I'm still here maintaining. It took about two years to lose 1 JCARROLL712 243 USMAWIFE
1/20/21 8:24 P
Decided my body wanted something other than oatmeal this morning. I really need to get more protein CRYSTALC5124 31 SWALLIS7
1/19/21 4:24 P
Dana is almost as wide as she is tall! 🐄 JEWELRYLOVER 8 SHOAPIE
1/19/21 9:56 P
Dana. Will be interesting to see how much of her width is calf! LOL 🐄 JEWELRYLOVER 11 SHOAPIE
1/19/21 9:54 P
Grateful I survived, I have been in the house for the past 2.5 weeks. I tested positive for Covid-19 MSJOFUNNSEXY 18 KAREN_EDMONDS
1/19/21 9:48 P
Feeling proud of myself, due to an icy fall i have some injuries, including a broken elbow that cann HEATHERDAWN55 32 GMACAMI
1/19/21 8:30 P
Hard to drink water when it’s cold but I’m doing it. #h2whoa GRAMLOCK77 7 CATWMNCAT
1/19/21 4:31 P
This journey is all about perseverance! Don’t let a bad day throw you off track. We all fall down. S MIAMI_LILLY 120 ERIN_POSCH
1/20/21 12:16 P
We have decided to let me work in peace by sleeping on my desk this morning. COOLHEELS 15 PWILLOW1
1/19/21 9:44 P
Ended up having foot surgery in November- i am still not able to walk well but am getting there. I KOBRIEN13 18 MDOWER1
1/19/21 5:51 P
Lunch today. I wasn't sure what I was going to make. It slowly evolved. I'm happy with how it turned KARABELLA03 15 PWILLOW1
1/19/21 9:42 P
#BeforeAndAfter started at 255lbs in May 2020 was BARROW6 147 KAYDE53
1/18/21 8:44 P
Posted a photo SHERRYGAYL 10 PWILLOW1
1/18/21 11:05 A
Happy MLK Day! (for those who honor it) JAMESEVER 13 NAVYWIFESKI
1/18/21 5:04 P
Abstract fog on the river. Here it is another MOnday. I have had my coffee and healthy breakfast. RUTHIEBEAR 24 LIS193
1/19/21 4:02 A
Posted a photo DAN1964 30 PWILLOW1
1/18/21 11:02 A
Good Morning all! Hope you have a great day and stay focused... 3863SMILES 13 CHERRYZMB60
1/18/21 9:12 P
Happy Monday! Have a great day! #mondaymotivation KALEWINE 18 GEORGE815
1/18/21 1:49 P
This was my lunch yesterday. A Cuban sandwich. I cut a loaf of French bread in half and sliced each AUNTRENEE 9 ROSESAREBLUE
1/18/21 10:13 A
After trying my first protein waffle yesterday I got the idea to make it taste good! I put some lite MSMOSTIMPROVED 26 ALLYLIZZY
1/19/21 1:26 P
Happy Monday, friends. It has been brought to my a SOUTHERNJAVA 45 ALLYLIZZY
1/19/21 1:00 P
For Sure!!! Hard Swipe 😉 until they are all GONE!! Monday’s are for POSITIVE THOUGHTS ✨ chased with STILLSPARKLEIGH 66 PCK12J
1/19/21 1:57 P
Happy Sunday SparkFamily! Bigger breakfast than normal so I will lighten up lunch. I’m trying protei MSMOSTIMPROVED 25 LIS193
1/18/21 4:15 A
"The truth is, it's not so boring at home. But it's interesting how one bag of rice has 7,456 grain NANASUEH 30 TERMITEMOM
1/17/21 10:26 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 29 DEE107
1/17/21 9:53 P
1/17/21 10:25 P
Presenting my newest granddaughter... and to winning her first Green Bay game. 5 days old now :) LADY_KATHY 45 TERRY12311
1/18/21 1:26 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Sunday!! So yesterday when I got back to the compound - I unpack TEXASHSMOMOF3 33 WALKRUNFUN
1/20/21 4:29 P
Breakfast: Greek omelette (onions, diced tomatoes, feta cheese, kalamata olives) multigrain bread, b BECCAWEBB123 26 MJ7DM33
1/17/21 7:44 P
Good morning, friends Happy Sunday! Coffee is flow SOUTHERNJAVA 51 ALLYLIZZY
1/17/21 3:08 P
Today is my youngest son's birthday. I know he will have a wonderful year with their new baby girl, RUTHIEBEAR 80 PATRICIA-CR
1/18/21 10:58 A
So I've done some planning today. Getting prepared in my head and in our home. I splurged and bought BEVERLY1501 7 17LYNDA
1/16/21 8:06 P
Cream of broccoli... If it sounds good, throw it in a pot! Winter in wisconsin. #keto BLESSOME 14 GMACAMI
1/17/21 2:38 P
Lunch with a few of my ladies from church. Guess this day is a wash, chinese, dr pepper, and no exer UASK4ITDAVE 16 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/16/21 8:38 P
Steamed shrimp, sweet potato and quinoa with veggies. #foodfeats #eattherainbow MSMOSTIMPROVED 36 HAPPYSOUL91
1/17/21 3:51 P
I had my first Covid shot today. The clinic was very organized. My next appointment is set up Februa BIENKE 11 HAZEL2278
1/15/21 5:57 A
Posted a photo GRAMLOCK77 22 CHERRYZMB60
1/14/21 9:32 P
I did it... I went back to the gym. I messed around trying to figure out a new treadmill until it wa UASK4ITDAVE 21 DAIZYSTARLITE
1/14/21 6:35 P
Yesterday was a good day KURTZIE1998 30 VERTUALWALKER
1/16/21 4:42 P
Still working it! I gained about 17 pounds when Co KERRERIK1 27 COCO12312
1/14/21 10:36 P
Got'er done to take a walk. Got to work off that chicken sandwich I see in my fut DARLENEK04 32 ILOVEROSES
1/15/21 9:27 A
Sitting here at Kaiser Permanente waiting for another covid-19 test I had a fever of 100 last night HOOAH19764 86 FRABBIT
1/10/21 3:19 P
Sounds about right. NANASUEH 11 TERMITEMOM
1/9/21 10:23 P
"Be careful when you blindly follow the masses. Sometimes the 'M' is silent." NANASUEH 23 TERMITEMOM
1/9/21 10:22 P
"I hate spelling errors. You mix up two letters and your whole post is urined." NANASUEH 38 PCK12J
1/10/21 12:48 A
I am trying 😊 and I see you on here trying too!! We are WORTH IT!! #progress #staypositive✨✨✨ STILLSPARKLEIGH 102 75HEALTHYME
1/10/21 8:58 A
Thank you all for the prayers and support. Last night my most beloved Mother....and always my best SISSYFEB48 305 ANNA907
1/10/21 12:13 A
I made banana muffins (122calories) so had them for breakfast and lunch with apples and cucumbers. G HOPEINGOD 6 GEORGE815
1/8/21 4:08 P