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My dinner De constructed tacos CLARE_B08816 13 BABY_GIRL69
4/6/19 6:48 P
WOO-HOO!!!!! Today is my QUIT-a-versary y!!! Celebrating 6 years of clean lungs today!! #ProudQuitter DEM-TOM 47 POGIRL17
4/10/19 3:50 P
Been working out five days a week for two weeks. Did not think it was helping, but tried on a belt a SKIERCINDY 3 BILLTMAN
4/6/19 6:31 P
So my day was already busy.....just got busier because I had to take my baby girl (12) to the hospit BARBIEIAMNOT 17 7STIGGYMT
4/18/19 11:08 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 20 GRAMMYEAC
4/6/19 10:18 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 6 ROBBIEY
4/6/19 6:31 P
4/6/19 6:43 P
I am just beginning my weight loss journey. Plan on being successful. So far this program looks pr SLJ1006 34 DARCY-B
4/6/19 9:13 P
You are worth it! MRSFANCYLADY 14 DARCY-B
4/6/19 9:15 P
4/6/19 6:41 P
The lady I care for has over 100 mulberry trees. She said to help myself, so I did. Made these mulbe MIAMI_LILLY 36 JAY61
4/7/19 8:46 A
4/3/19 9:39 P
The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. Alice Walker #g 1CRAZYDOG 7 AOKDIET21
4/5/19 9:41 P
Out with the fat girl clothes. Down 22 pounds. SPIRITKEEPER 20 AMYDEES
4/3/19 8:25 P
Turkey wrap (low carb wrap!) with carrots, watermelon and a cheese stick πŸ˜‹ NEXTCHAPTERPLZ 14 ZORATHEDUCK
4/3/19 2:46 P
I am so close to goal weight, 20 more lbs.! SHAR-PEI_LOVER 70 MRSWILLLOWERY
4/3/19 5:05 P
It's a work in progress, but i am starting to noti SOUTHTXXRNNR 207 BABYBEE8
4/3/19 7:47 P
#BeforeAndAfter Still going strong on my journey!!! Measured in today at a 34in waist from a 47!!! COCOBEBO42 135 LOULOU1709
4/6/19 8:44 A
Oh my goodness!!!! I did it! 100# gone!!! Happy, happy, happy dance. I can't believe it. When I st BEAGLEGIRL79 309 SAMITHESWEET1
5/17/19 3:25 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 38161 EEJAA70
1/18/20 12:25 A
1/18/20 3:17 A
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 117839 JANIEWWJD
1/17/20 10:07 P
First day of Challenge and looks like I won't meet the 8 cups. I can see hitting 5 cups which is bet NEWAGAIN 10 WANAKA
4/5/19 10:33 A
Posted a photo SMANNING36 13 JIBBIE49
4/2/19 9:51 P
First bike ride of the year. time I wi LUV2SIGHTSEE 17 LUV2SIGHTSEE
4/3/19 7:23 A
Day 7 done! #fitnessfeats CRUISECLASSIC 12 MRSROCHELLE
4/2/19 10:44 P
My Lil niece Chass and her dad Chad heading to the KEENA47 60 KEENA47
4/3/19 12:56 P
Started my seedlings! Zucchini, tomato, broccoli, and some flowers so far! Can't wait to put them KENNYBARBIE12 21 ROSALIE28
4/2/19 10:55 P
This is my new dogs his name is blue BETHFOULKER14 151 ALLYLIZZY
4/3/19 11:18 A
Did more than planned & ate more than usual But I'm on Track!! CINDY247 21 123THERESA123
4/1/19 11:23 A
Beautiful Skies in South Florida today. TWMFM1 29 ALLYLIZZY
3/24/19 1:12 P
Realize I put on weight when I process my emotional/spiritual trauma. I may not over eat but body pu COACH4GOOD 4 WLHOPE
3/24/19 8:10 A
Well, I think I did OK after celebrating my birthday 4 or 5 times this month LOL ! My husband says t JCUTSHAW49 8 WLHOPE
3/24/19 8:09 A
Happy Saturday. Had a good day. It was relaxing. I worked out and spent the day with friends. No SHELLIE1964 5 1RETSGM
3/23/19 9:09 P
It's been a great day. I was able to get some exercise outside this morning finishing up a project o BILLTMAN 12 ALLYLIZZY
3/24/19 1:12 P
Do you like to cook. J38850 1783 GABY1948
1/17/20 6:19 P
Are you drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily CLMART3 2536 EEJAA70
1/18/20 12:26 A
I love bacon but I shouldn't have all that much of it even if it's uncured so am trying to incorpora BLESSOME 23 STAR135000
3/23/19 11:08 P
Have a great Friday. Weekends can be difficult for me; hanging tough πŸ˜ƒ. ICHABODNY 4 ALLYLIZZY
3/22/19 11:51 A
As you may have noticed, I love my #onebowlwonders and I'm particularly fond of riced broccoli or ca BLESSOME 14 STAR135000
3/23/19 11:08 P
Looking for opinions and suggestions regarding Nutritional Yeast, please... Fortified or unfortifie BLESSOME 2 BILLTMAN
3/22/19 10:39 A
Doing water challenge again. Like having to count it #h2whoa MIMIOFBOYS 5 ICHABODNY
3/22/19 8:20 P
3/22/19 11:06 A
Well, today I plan to finish up the deck I'm building on the back of my house. Yesterday I put up th BILLTMAN 3 CINDY247
3/22/19 7:10 P
3/21/19 3:11 P
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 17 CONNIET88
3/21/19 10:06 P
I'm in maintenance mode. I have achieved my weight goal and am working out three times a week. I hav BILLTMAN 5 CINDY247
3/21/19 6:00 P
Happy Thursday Sparkers! I’m in a great mood today after meeting my nutrition and fitness goals yest SHELL1400_85 15 GEORGE815
3/21/19 2:12 P
Good morning everyone! as I have shared with y'all before I love something sweet with my coffee..β˜• MHUMBERS1950 30 AUBURNANGEL07
3/22/19 10:16 A
-9 this month. Getting my measurements updated today - will post later. SIEGESA 112 FRUITYFUL
3/21/19 4:06 P
Finally made to my first major goal. From 297 to 199 and into Onederland in 9.5 months! 2 more poun BEAGLEGIRL79 303 CONNIET88
3/21/19 10:03 P
The bag of sugar represents the 50 pounds I lost! #BeforeAndAfter SIXFOOT1 226 DLDMIL
3/21/19 7:42 P
Been doing good with working out, I just have to get back to tracking my food! Making that higher on TIFFFCO 3 BILLTMAN
3/20/19 9:48 A
Is about to eat a healthy breakfast. THETROUT 3 BILLTMAN
3/20/19 9:46 A
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 STAR135000
3/20/19 11:02 P
Happy 1st day of Spring! It's raining here. That's what we do in the spring. NANHBH 29 ROCKYCPA
3/20/19 3:50 P
Happy First Day of Spring πŸ›πŸžπŸ¦‹ Official beginning of mud and bug season. I still have plenty of DXTECH 10 ALLYLIZZY
3/20/19 1:20 P
Up a pound...shoot... CHARHUNT1 5 GMACAMI
3/20/19 2:35 P
On this the first day of spring I'm remembering my mother who would call me first thing in the morni BILLTMAN 5 ALLYLIZZY
3/20/19 1:27 P
fresh pineapple grapefruit juice with spinach quiche ry toast for breakfast today #eattherainbow DOVE52 4 BONNIE1552
3/20/19 7:36 A
3/19/19 11:51 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 19 PATRICIA-CR
3/19/19 3:02 P
Breakfast and only 303.8 calories MERCADESPATRAS2 6 HSHEAJ5
3/19/19 10:58 A
The one on the right is 5 months ago. Progress. FISHERCHERYL 22 AMYINTHEWILD
3/19/19 4:42 P
I loved reading so many posts. Through a very hard 6 to 8 months I've gained about 10 lbs. Now I hav BEVERLY1501 11 REVMIKE10
3/19/19 11:25 A
Good morning all. I had a dr.'s appointment yesterday morning then meetings all day so I was not abl BILLTMAN 5 ALLYLIZZY
3/19/19 12:11 P
Here's wishing a special Spark People Happy St. Patrick's Day. BILLTMAN 3 GEORGE815
3/17/19 6:04 P
Today's dinner: Stuffed eggplant with lean ground beef / vegetables and au gratin with mozzarella... DEM-TOM 20 COOKWITHME65
3/19/19 6:50 P
Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!!! I feel so lucky to have been born on this special day and to have LUVS2BIKE101 178 618LILY1
3/20/19 12:57 P
A walk in one of my favorite cities. Charleston, South Carolina plus another mile to meet my goals. CGARR442 10 YELLOW09RED
3/18/19 8:58 A
Delightful sauted spinach on pasta salad with whole wheat Italian bread. Lots of veggies too. -RESAMARIE 18 618LILY1
3/20/19 12:58 P
starting weight, 247 lbs. with a 54 inch waist - current weight 230 lbs. and 49 inch waist . in 4 we MISSCARON 51 LIZZIE138
3/17/19 9:26 P
☘☘☘Happy St. Patrick's Day! ☘☘☘ CLO333 22 618LILY1
3/20/19 12:54 P
Amen to that! DEM-TOM 16 TCANNO
3/17/19 4:29 A
I won the Fitbit Workweek Hustle for the first time. Woo-hoo! LIVINGHEALTHY16 18 SPARKLEIGH61
3/16/19 10:20 P