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This spoke to me this morning that I can be successful with the foundation that bricks others throw BOMBCHELL23 23 NYARAMULA
3/3/21 11:29 A
This is so much more important than a pretty face, being beautiful on the inside it radiates to the BOMBCHELL23 10 ANGELWENDYMAMA
3/2/21 7:33 P
This was a great reminder today. I tackled my walk with gusto as I got in 5 miles in 115 min. before BOMBCHELL23 10 75HEALTHYME
3/1/21 9:18 P
MonSLAY!!! This one’s got it ALL! New month AND new week full of possibilities! Set your healthy int STILLSPARKLEIGH 28 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/2/21 7:01 A
I made shrimp fried rice for dinner tonight! I walked 4 miles before church. I graded papers as well BOMBCHELL23 6 NOCALORIES
2/28/21 10:30 P
3rd day after my covoid vaccine shot and I am not feeling well but I still walked 2.6 miles in 56 mi BOMBCHELL23 10 STILLSPARKLEIGH
2/28/21 8:42 A
There are lots of defeats in the world and life, but that does not mean we are defeated by any means BOMBCHELL23 12 SANDYKK53
2/26/21 10:19 A
A different kind of THANKFUL Thursday Post!! I am so, so, SO grateful for the laughs we share here! STILLSPARKLEIGH 108 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
2/27/21 10:30 A
I really feel this is important to remember. I love you my daughter, please know that Kimba! I walke BOMBCHELL23 35 CHERRYZMB60
2/25/21 7:40 P
Wellness Wednesday .... what are you working on? #h2whoa💦 and #foodfeats with a side of #goalfeats STILLSPARKLEIGH 43 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
2/27/21 10:32 A
Posted a photo -SPIRITSEEKER2- 14 PICKIE98
2/25/21 11:50 A
If you think you are failing, you are wrong! Life is moving you in a different direction, look at it BOMBCHELL23 13 CHERRYZMB60
2/24/21 7:47 P
Don't be measured by you station in life but in fact by the obstacles you are overcoming or have ove BOMBCHELL23 11 75HEALTHYME
2/23/21 11:59 A
Good Monday Morning Spark Family!! I am soooo ready for a brand new week!!! First, I got gas!!! ⛽ TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 TOMSGAL85
2/27/21 9:24 A
Up and at ‘em Spark People!!! The new week is here and we got stuff to do!! #goalfeats✅ #moveit 👟👟 STILLSPARKLEIGH 39 AZMOMXTWO
2/23/21 5:33 A
I needed this today as I had a restless night literally and I am exhausted. But I still managed to w BOMBCHELL23 5 ANGEISBACK
2/22/21 4:19 P
Give yourself time bc great achievements take time. I walked 4.5 mi before church today. This aftern BOMBCHELL23 35 _RAMONA
2/22/21 2:36 A
This spoke to me bc my heart is a reflection of my soul and I am an old soul as many people tell me. BOMBCHELL23 17 NOCALORIES
2/20/21 11:56 P
I am not standing on the sidelines but instead making every effort to walk every morning. I am imple BOMBCHELL23 14 MDOWER1
2/19/21 3:17 P
Mrs. Scott thank you for your words of wisdom and your great service to this country. I did walk for BOMBCHELL23 7 MDOWER1
2/18/21 11:51 A
I took action today and I went walking in -6 degree weather by the time I was done it was -8. i ende BOMBCHELL23 17 75HEALTHYME
2/17/21 9:06 P
My driveway that I shoveled out w my 2 kids this morning for 90 minutes. That was my exercise, after BOMBCHELL23 7 MJ7DM33
2/16/21 9:54 P
This is one I found on the internet but my area looks like this, we are scheduled for 8-12 inches o BOMBCHELL23 12 TM403J
2/15/21 9:34 P
Celebrating this Valentine's Day mostly indoors today as its -51° (windchill factor included) cuddli J2002HEIDS 21 BOMBCHELL23
2/14/21 2:50 P
My viewpoint for the day! I love my children and my family and that is enough. I did walk 4.68 mi. i BOMBCHELL23 11 75HEALTHYME
2/14/21 9:53 P
I am feeling for my friend Jeremiah who can no longer hug his daughter Skyelar because at the age of BOMBCHELL23 21 75HEALTHYME
2/13/21 8:40 P
I worked on an IEP today, graded papers, sent a package to my daughter, went to the bank, and I walk BOMBCHELL23 8 75HEALTHYME
2/13/21 8:41 P
Obama said it well we are responsible for seeking out the change. I am responsible for changing myse BOMBCHELL23 22 GEORGE815
2/12/21 1:45 P
Light is so important to drive out the darkness, just as love must drive out hate. We need to love e BOMBCHELL23 12 MOMMACAT57
2/11/21 10:52 A
Dr. King's words are important we need to focus more on people rather than things! I did walk 4.39 m BOMBCHELL23 17 75HEALTHYME
2/10/21 7:33 P
Make sure you are rooted somehow and know your past and learn from your mistakes. It was warmer toda BOMBCHELL23 4 CHERYLHURT
2/9/21 8:15 A
I say Maya had the right idea this is the best virus love and it can happen to anybody at anytime! I BOMBCHELL23 21 75HEALTHYME
2/8/21 6:10 P
One day or day one but it is your choice, what do you choose? I got out there in 3 degree weather an BOMBCHELL23 46 QUARTERMASTER3
2/7/21 5:05 P
I walked 3.08 miles in65 min while waiting on my car to get the oil changed. BOMBCHELL23 6 EVIE4NOW
2/6/21 10:54 P
Wicked storm last night took 2 hours driving in snow to get home from work which normally takes an h BOMBCHELL23 5 75HEALTHYME
2/5/21 1:06 P
Message Removed CD5241267 19 ERIN_POSCH
2/5/21 10:47 A
Alice you spoke such true words! Friends do not silence you or deny your right to grow. It was bitte BOMBCHELL23 22 75HEALTHYME
2/4/21 9:39 A
2/4/21 3:02 P
I am not sure why but I miss my dad so much today. Guess it is time to go visit the gravesite. Usual BOMBCHELL23 21 ALLYLIZZY
2/3/21 11:09 P
Remember that how you make people feel is the most important. I walked 4 miles in 89 min. this morni BOMBCHELL23 10 MLR_00
2/3/21 9:27 A
Even though my left Achilles tendon is hurting, I walked for my right one. I walked for 64 min. and BOMBCHELL23 15 CHERRYZMB60
2/2/21 11:05 P
I walked 5 miles in 119 min this morning in the cold. BOMBCHELL23 5 75HEALTHYME
2/1/21 6:50 P
I got another 28 min. of cardio in b/c the snow drifted and my daughter could not get into the drive BOMBCHELL23 3 MOOKBALL
1/31/21 6:36 P
I would really love to find some friends close to my age. I am celebrating my 50th birthday today. I TEREKAT 11 4FRIZZELLS
2/17/21 10:05 P
I am going for humor today after I shoveled my driveway for an hour and forty-five but I am counting BOMBCHELL23 23 GEORGE815
1/31/21 5:01 P
Can we say God's painting of the sunrise was beautiful this morning as I walked my 4.58 miles in 97 BOMBCHELL23 9 75HEALTHYME
1/30/21 11:08 P
I am choosing to be blissful today even though the world keeps trying to drag me down. I did walk 4. BOMBCHELL23 16 4EVERDIETER
1/29/21 9:07 A
This spoke to me this morning. I need to show up for people and offer what I can like praying for my BOMBCHELL23 10 BANEWLAND
1/28/21 9:23 A
Take time to smile at someone today, it may make the difference in someone's life. I walked 4.51 mil BOMBCHELL23 21 _RAMONA
1/27/21 10:57 P
It has been a day! I walked 3.65 miles this morning in the snow and ice. I had a doctor's appt. and BOMBCHELL23 4 NYLAURA1
1/26/21 8:48 P
Just an FYI I despise car shopping but I am plugging away at it bc I need a car by tomorrow. I did w BOMBCHELL23 11 ROSESAREBLUE
1/25/21 10:36 A
I saw the sunrise on my 4.5 mile walk this morning and I wanted to share with you all. BOMBCHELL23 22 GMACAMI
1/25/21 8:17 P
I am exhausted from trying to find a car today but I did walk 3.5 miles in 77 min as well. BOMBCHELL23 7 75HEALTHYME
1/24/21 7:26 P
Take heart in knowing a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can make a world of difference. BOMBCHELL23 5 MILPAM3
1/22/21 8:23 A
The challenges recently are truly challenging within my life, but I cannot give up b/c I teach my st BOMBCHELL23 18 75HEALTHYME
1/21/21 11:31 A
Take time today to be a friend, whether to send a text, send a card, call them, they will appreciate BOMBCHELL23 12 GEORGE815
1/20/21 2:58 P
A year ago today my mom passed away unexpectedly, it has been the longest year of my life. It has no BOMBCHELL23 29 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/20/21 8:51 A
This is the lighthouse I saw on my walk this morning when walking 4.58 miles before heading home. BOMBCHELL23 4 KAYDE53
1/18/21 8:42 P
I took a break and am in Wisconsin visiting a friend but still completing school work. I enjoyed my BOMBCHELL23 18 JANS-JOURNEY
1/18/21 1:24 A
On my way home from work I hit a deer, I am okay but the damage to my car is extensive. I did walk f BOMBCHELL23 9 ROSESAREBLUE
1/16/21 10:10 A
I thought we could all use the 5 W's of life. Remember who you are and that you are special. What li BOMBCHELL23 11 ERIN_POSCH
1/15/21 10:53 A
Happy Thursday! I'm thankful I get to babysit today. The kids I babysit are a lot of fun! Plus, t KALEWINE 32 GARDENCHRIS
1/15/21 1:13 P
Take time to focus today no matter how difficult the day may be and work through it. You can do this BOMBCHELL23 14 75HEALTHYME
1/14/21 2:20 P
Sometimes we may look back to reflect upon how far we have come on this journey. I am reflective thi BOMBCHELL23 17 MDOWER1
1/13/21 1:10 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!!! Well y’all - welcome to what I lovingly call ‘The Comp TEXASHSMOMOF3 42 WALKRUNFUN
1/20/21 2:50 P
Sign of the Times #123 SPEDED2 26 PATRICIA-CR
1/13/21 1:33 P
It is Transformation Tuesday so I am expecting my Sparkies to go out there and to get it. If I can w BOMBCHELL23 12 JANS-JOURNEY
1/12/21 9:10 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Monday!!! Guys I’m ok - just took a day off to pack and just chil TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 TOMSGAL85
1/12/21 3:54 P
Good morning Spark family!! Happy Saturday (I think) Yesterday was not a best effort kind of day y’ TEXASHSMOMOF3 29 BOMBCHELL23
1/11/21 7:44 A
Message Removed CD5241267 37 SPARKLINGME176
1/11/21 12:22 P
This spoke to me bc we all know we do not like Mondays but don't be mediocre give it your all. I sta BOMBCHELL23 8 JANS-JOURNEY
1/11/21 11:08 P
Every day is a new beginning remember that! I started my day with walking 4.75 mi in 103 min. I went BOMBCHELL23 13 CFITZ1
1/10/21 4:50 P
I have had a very productive day. I started with a 4.75 mile walk in 103 min, then lots of grocery s BOMBCHELL23 7 75HEALTHYME
1/10/21 8:56 A
I am really struggling with the grief over my mom lately. I just cannot seem to rest or get over my BOMBCHELL23 21 JANS-JOURNEY
1/9/21 11:11 A
Take time to self reflect where you have been and where you want to go, it is worth the time! I feel BOMBCHELL23 14 75HEALTHYME
1/7/21 12:16 P