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Got outside today, and finally finished raking leaves. Had them all in a pile a **while** ago at the SPARKNB 14 _RAMONA
12/4/20 1:21 A
Posted a photo BRENDA196122 27 TRIMNUP
12/4/20 7:25 A
The old guy showed up tonight with some of his ladies. BRENDA196122 12 LAH1222
12/3/20 11:57 P
Rut season must be slowing down, he's taking time to eat. Lol BRENDA196122 21 TLV106
12/2/20 9:20 P
Sunday morning 100's of my neighbors woke up to some neo-nazi trash in their yards. Someone in my sm BRENDA196122 5 AZIBBELL
11/12/20 10:06 P
11/11/20 10:10 P
One week since I put my baby down. I miss her so much. 💔 MIAMI_LILLY 43 STILLSPARKLEIGH
11/11/20 9:17 A
It's rut season in South Texas. I'm Not usually able to get a good daylight photo of the guys. This BRENDA196122 24 KAYDE53
11/10/20 5:58 P
Posted a photo TARATARA47 16 TARATARA47
11/13/20 7:45 P
Has anybody had an issue of an out of warranty Fitbit that died after an update? If so, were you abl BRENDA196122 3 WLHOPE
10/5/20 10:55 P
Has anyone tried the Golo supplements with a low calorie diet? Any successes? Or are they a lot of m BRENDA196122 5 KLBAUSSIE
8/29/20 8:52 A
200 lbs gone now 130 more to go SHESACOUNTRYSWE 227 NANNYC5
7/14/20 10:26 P
Posted a photo MARYALICE411 75 CHERRYZMB60
7/7/20 7:42 P
Good morning to all. This is my first day. I am feeling really down. I had recently lost 30 po DELINNH 188 GEORGE815
7/6/20 4:59 P
After not exercising for almost 2 weeks I got out CJS1MOMMY 20 GOODGETNBETR
7/3/20 12:45 A
I would like to ask a question to anyone who has successfully lost over 50 pounds. I have two docto 4LJNME 23 REIKOFSKI
6/30/20 5:16 P
Hate deceptive marketing on packages. On front of box, it said 410 calories, thought OK, a little hi BRENDA196122 14 LUANN_IN_PA
6/30/20 5:05 P
Had a fox come for a visit today, Mockingbird wasn't happy, but he didn't much care.😜 BRENDA196122 33 ALOHAALO
6/26/20 12:49 A
Colonoscopy results .... everything looked perfect, don't have to have another one for 5 years. DM2020 23 KATRENIAH
7/14/20 12:10 A
This pretty much sums up how I feel about gaining back 25 of the 65 pounds I lost about 2 years ago. BRENDA196122 11 GEORGE815
6/25/20 7:40 P
7 years of being nicotine free today! AKELLY45 60 LIL-VIXEN
6/24/20 8:37 P
Don't ever give up on you!! I've had days where I ate that chocolate cake, or enjoyed a night out wi HELLOHOLLY76 146 FREDBEAR49
4/2/20 1:22 P
Change one letter JAZZYJUDE 23944 SHARON10002
1/8/21 12:19 A
not new to SP but new in the team. FLAVI67 12 CD11996126
9/11/17 6:13 A