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Introduce Yourself! CATHERINEKIRBY 102 MIESHI21
4/10/21 3:19 P
Looking for a way to mark videos as 'favorites' CASEYTALK 2 SLIMMERKIWI
3/28/21 4:03 A
Pep talks! Get your pep talks here! CASEYTALK 124 CASEYTALK
3/6/21 9:02 P
I wish I could have more control over meals but my husband lives to eat and cook since he became di GLOYNBYW 10 CHERRYZMB60
2/21/21 9:43 P
I know HOW to do this...I have DONE this before. So, why is THIS not working for me anymore??? SOFT_VAL67 9 GEORGE815
2/21/21 6:08 P
As a momma bear of 7 the main goal for me is to get healthy so I can live longer for my cubs I'm no GOALGETTER1211 28 GEORGE815
1/24/21 6:18 P
Yesterday, I volunteered with the trail crew working to get the state park by me open after the wild CASEYTALK 22 GEORGE815
1/24/21 6:10 P
1/2/21 1:14 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 13 TEEDEE911
11/8/20 12:24 P
Oct 2019, I was 17-Lbs to my goal, but instead I have gained 15 pounds since then. TODAY A NEW STAR DESIGNEDBYGOD 14 GODLOVESUALL
11/5/20 11:05 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 SABLENESS
10/29/20 10:00 A
It's getting closer to my weigh in on sunday 😁 first time I'm actually excited to see my weight. To SHADELYNN 6 GEORGE815
10/28/20 4:29 P
9/5/20 3:33 A
Went on a beautiful walk this evening and had a little bit of scary excitement. 🐍😱🐍 I’m sure I bu LORI-K 54 CHUBBYNOMORE3
9/8/20 12:42 A
A sad day indeed - so many memories Friday, August 14, 2020 It is a sad day that the Willow is comin FISHGUT3 10 GO_GAL_GROW
8/14/20 4:59 P
Here's what I look like now I'm hoping to get my weight under control and start exercising the right RIAH52 242 RIAH52
10/23/20 12:51 A
One hundred days logging on to SP! WOO HOO! Don't stop. Stumbles happen. Don't stop! CASEYTALK 5 GEORGE815
7/14/20 5:42 P
Our rabbit, Stiles, has been exploring this whole morning and I'm finding endless enjoyment watching TEAGRLMAGICK 3 GEORGE815
7/13/20 3:04 P
Post your Woohoos here!!! BOGUSANNIE 5710 CASEYTALK
7/12/20 1:44 P
I’m back on track after a long hospitalisation. I’m still unwell and will be forever, so I need to KATHRYN896 5 SW1992
7/11/20 9:10 P
Fruit and vegetables are so good #eattherainbow RD03875 5 SUNQUEE
7/12/20 2:01 P
We did a thing. Hahaha. We rescued a Australian Cattle dog (ACD) on Thursday. Her owner said that NECDOO 36 JAMER123
7/12/20 11:32 P
Does anyone do meal delivery? I find that I’m often too lazy to shop. Has anyone found a meal delive TECHERNO 8 MILPAM3
7/11/20 9:04 P
Dinner - Tofu Black Bean Burger 🍔 SOOKIE 9 SW1992
7/11/20 9:09 P
Message Removed CD24291603 22 STIFFVA
7/11/20 10:30 P
I love my local CSA (community supported agriculture). It's a great deal. For a little less than $40 CASEYTALK 37 _RAMONA
7/12/20 4:39 A
What is everyone up to? EVILDUCKS 6 CASEYTALK
7/11/20 7:40 P
What are they doing now? Humans are strange creatures. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 26 KITT52
7/8/20 11:40 A
Haven't been on in a looooong, loooooong time. Just miserable and can't continue to feel the way I d HOPEFUL2DAY! 11 CASEYTALK
7/1/20 12:59 A
I haven't been as active in the SP community this past week. I've kinda fallen off the wagon. I'm De KATIELAFFS4 4 DININA48MN
7/1/20 2:07 A
Message Removed CD24291603 85 ALLYLIZZY
7/1/20 2:54 P
Need advice for curbing nighttime cravings QUEENZECAT 16 CHERYLSCOTT54
10/15/20 8:03 A
Had family pics this weekend and for the first time that I can remember I really like my picture. I ANGIEINDY 72 ARNETTELEE
6/24/20 5:06 A
I am so proud of myself. Tonight for the first time in 51 years I ran! My 11-year-old grandson wante MSJOFUNNSEXY 49 DININA48MN
6/24/20 2:54 A
I bought the Garmin Vivo Smart 4 last night to help track fitness😍 pretty interesting to see how mu SYATES1971 8 RUNNINGRAFE
6/18/20 9:08 P
Yesterday was my first time going to my CSA to collect my weekly produce. Ohhhhh, it is worth it! CASEYTALK 20 1CRAZYDOG
6/14/20 5:03 P
I'm not sure if this can't be contributed to me not lifting weights near as much as I was before. Qu ANTMAID81 7 ANTMAID81
6/12/20 4:25 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 25 CD4114015
6/14/20 3:07 P
Happy Friday...All , it's coming off but slowly , 2 weeks ago today 187, gave me a litt DIANER62 37 GEORGE815
6/12/20 6:36 P
How many day ones does it take? I don't know about you all, but I am tired of giving up and startin CLANPHERE 79 TARATARA47
6/17/20 11:16 A
Back to Sparks after 9 years away. I lost 65 pounds last time. Ready to do it again and then some. SCOTTR4031 13 CAJUNGAL328
6/8/20 9:31 P
Today we celebrate 50 years of married blessings! Not the celebration we had planned, but we’re toge GMAM48 189 GARDENCHRIS
6/9/20 12:30 P
6/1/20 10:25 P
6/12/20 5:53 A
#nomealtimescreentime did it RCLYKE 4 S_MHANCOCK
5/30/20 4:27 P
Yesterday was my two year anniversary of my weight loss journey. Two years! I am down 121 pounds. BEAGLEGIRL79 134 ZIMFARMDC
5/30/20 9:35 P
Message Removed CD24291603 163 ISNESS
5/31/20 11:38 P
This is pretty much how I want to go out into the world these days. I can’t believe I have let mysel LILMEMEJEAN 13 LILMEMEJEAN
5/28/20 1:48 A
I found this somewhere 75HEALTHYME 27 JAMER123
5/21/20 11:45 P
How has Covid-19 changed you? CASEYTALK 1 CASEYTALK
5/20/20 4:36 P
My baby is turning 5. She wants a mermaid barbie party. WELL we can't have her big party we were pla KOBRIEN13 39 GEORGE815
5/16/20 1:52 P
52Min Walk This walk was incredibly hard today for both me and my pup Daisy. I only took her on 1 La DEDICATED2ME32 10 CGARR442
5/16/20 10:31 P
You never know just what you might meet on a morning walk. NEEDBU66 17 LORI-K
5/16/20 12:30 A
Often, when I go to the market, I decide to buy myself a treat or a snack. This time, I chose these CASEYTALK 23 HANNAHTHEGR8
5/16/20 12:01 A
Posted a photo SBCABELL 238 KAYDE53
5/13/20 5:59 P
I exercised for a total of 60 minutes today. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 10 BILLTHOMSON
5/10/20 6:08 A
Went for another walk! My fiance is totally on board and wanting to get into shape too. Today I weig GHOSTILYUSHA 24 EVIE4NOW
5/9/20 10:45 P
Hi everyone,I'm new here and will appreciate all the support I can get.😊❤❤ MILLIE_ 247 MILLIE_
5/10/20 5:06 P
I’m a reseller and rarely “model”. These pictures got me down but sometimes it takes seeing yourself DANGEROUSLAMB81 11 CGEM61
5/7/20 5:41 P
Let’s see how we react to this....🤔 BELLAAURORA 15 1CRAZYDOG
5/3/20 5:46 P
Since pandemic, my adult son has shopped for me. He gets large order and has made the choices. He pi IRENEMADAMS 43 NENEBFIT
5/1/20 8:28 A
Good morning 🌞 restart Day 1! #needprayerslol VMW8302 41 ASF220
4/30/20 11:06 A
It’s been a rough day, had a burger. Got to do better tomorrow. SUMMERTIME20 9 EVIE4NOW
4/29/20 11:49 P
Please help me understand calorie deficit. If this app tells me to eat 1200 calories but then after JMCNEAL-O 4 LIZZYMITCH
4/25/20 11:33 P
All in for 1 hour total!!! Go team! MZRUTLEDGE6 27 NENEBFIT
4/26/20 8:08 A
Just pulled this our of the oven and it smells heavenly! Played with it all day yesterday: punching SISSYFEB48 16 FISHGUT3
4/25/20 1:43 P
Posted a photo ~INDYGIRL 20 123THERESA123
6/14/20 7:59 A
Meet for coffee CASEYTALK 52 CASEYTALK
1/9/19 8:14 P
5K Color run -- SO much fun! CASEYTALK 5 CASEYTALK
8/18/18 4:48 P
Daily check in!! CD4550505 3328 MAW_OH
3/27/21 11:48 P
New member 26 March 2018 CASEYTALK 1 CASEYTALK
3/26/18 12:50 P
Woo Hoo jar comments! SPARKLINGME176 32 CASEYTALK
2/20/18 1:19 P
3/12/18 7:51 P
Lets go for a walk GORIANA 8 CASEYTALK
12/5/17 10:41 A
Share your goals for this challenge HERE! COACH_NICOLE 5257 KOTAMOM2010
3/11/21 11:52 P