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Russian Bakery 💖 ALLYLIZZY 15 ISNESS
1/25/21 1:17 A
The dessert I picked out for myself from the Russian Bakery in SF was one of these Chocolate Potatoe ALLYLIZZY 21 TOMG155
1/24/21 9:59 P
I got started late with my intake today. Hopefully I can make it!!!! #h2whoa MARITABETH76 9 MSMOSTIMPROVED
1/24/21 10:57 P
Shrimp and Shirataki Noodles!!! Trying to eat better! No carbs noodles! Woot!! PAMPEREDPEACH 21 TOMKAIT
1/25/21 12:26 A
I really went off the deep end with Duncan and felt like a drunk with food!! Back. On today!! Made DEBCOHEN1 15 KNEESOCKS1945
1/24/21 10:39 P
Tonight’s new recipe: Italian Veggie Bake with or without mozzarella cheese. It’s yummy! ONEMORETIME20 18 FURRYMOM1
1/25/21 3:06 A
A - Z ... USA Locations L0LLYGAGGIN 89138 ARNETTELEE
1/25/21 5:57 A
I'm ready for spring already. But in my state spring doesn't really happen till May. Our gyms ar JESSIEBEAN1 30 OMATRIPLETT
1/24/21 10:30 P
Lemon Garlic Mahi, Quinoa w/ Spinach and Feta (Sparkrecipe), Homemade Roasted Tomato Soup... and may CATWMNCAT 18 FURRYMOM1
1/25/21 3:06 A
Dealing with "snowflakes" is a touchy, feely difficulty for me. I just say it like it is... and then BERRY4 18 SANDYKK53
1/25/21 5:43 A
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 203212 PLANTPOWERGIRL
1/25/21 3:49 A
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 2 COOP9002
1/23/21 2:39 P
I made myself a cover for my jars. It will keep drinks cooler longer and keep moisture from my furni BEVERLY1501 15 PURPLEMOON1
1/23/21 6:37 P
Learning to love me again. CHRISTINEM80 10 HEAVENGOODTIME
1/23/21 4:50 P
Nice to have friends in the right places. Emailed lady, who is manager, of where I lived before. T VERTUALWALKER 4 MERLECHRIS
1/23/21 2:40 P
Here's what's helping me lose weight right now: 1. One cup of coffee instead of two 2. Drinking twic ASHLEY-ANN 27 KAYDE53
1/23/21 5:58 P
A beautiful walk along the Catawba River this morning! JENNIFERBR51 17 GMACAMI
1/24/21 12:02 P
This is my inspiration for the month of January. KRISTIN1868 25 KOSHIE1
1/23/21 5:01 P
1/24/21 12:27 A
46 degrees and foggy with the sun softly shining... but this isn’t just any regular fog. This is mag ALLYLIZZY 19 AMYINTHEWILD
1/23/21 10:00 P
Sausage and broccoli with cauliflower instead of cavatelli and onions of course Hint: swapping out p GOALGETTER1211 12 NAVYWIFESKI
1/23/21 6:49 P
Slipped under 150, and now I'm 3.6 pounds from my goal weight! Well, my first goal anyway. I'd still SHERIMBECHTEL 217 PURPLEMOON1
1/23/21 6:32 P
Exercise Today? GOLFPRO 19704 COOP9002
1/23/21 2:34 P
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 94854 KRISUA
1/25/21 4:31 A
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 59249 KRISUA
1/25/21 4:33 A
How far did you run today? COOP9002 35873 KRISUA
1/25/21 4:32 A
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 88320 KRISUA
1/25/21 4:31 A
Coffee today? CD494922 140246 MLAN613
1/25/21 5:55 A
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 25 GEORGE815
1/22/21 2:24 P
Happy Friday everyone! We love to get the fruit cup at Jason's Deli as a lunch side and re-use the c CYNMIL 18 ALLYLIZZY
1/22/21 2:43 P
Good morning on this awesome Friday! Make it a great day and weekend too. BANEWLAND 19 PWILLOW1
1/22/21 6:40 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 25 GEORGE815
1/22/21 2:15 P
I weigh in every second Friday morning. Down 7 pounds since January 2nd! Woohoo! Healthy eating, dai KIBBGIRL 26 RKEKES1968
1/24/21 2:07 P
This is for everyone who had a challenging week li LUCKEE50 32 GEORGE815
1/22/21 2:14 P
Kinda debating if I should break this down into smaller pieces instead of the whole picture. I'm lo SPIRIT_STAGE 73 GEORGE815
1/22/21 2:07 P
I'm back after a hiatus involving pneumonia, cancer, a shoulder injury, food sensivities and deaths. SADIEMYERS 63 DGRIFFITH51
1/22/21 8:51 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 12 SPEDED2
1/22/21 10:38 P
19,864 steps yesterday WHAT COWGIRLDREAMS3 4 GEORGE815
1/21/21 2:26 P
Vanilla Protein Oatmeal w/ Mango & 90% Dark Chocolate and Cinnamon Dusted Tofu. Grateful for another CATWMNCAT 10 SPEDED2
1/21/21 8:35 P
💞Good morning every one , hope you all get one step closer to your goals GOALGETTER1211 37 GEORGE815
1/21/21 2:25 P
I've been trying to add daily affirmations into my mornings to see if they help with outlook, mood a STORKBYTE 13 GEORGE815
1/21/21 2:26 P
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 17 GEORGE815
1/21/21 2:24 P
"Universal Truth-- You are a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: What you think and feel about yourself comes NANASUEH 9 TERMITEMOM
1/21/21 10:21 P
Getting back on track... how are you all doing? CLEARLIGHTCLARE 15 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
1/21/21 3:25 P
1/21/21 10:21 P
Happy Thursday Sparklers!! Wouldn't this be nice!! DM2020 50 CHERRYZMB60
1/21/21 9:43 P
"Did you pick up your tree? Yeah, I hurt my knee. What? You want to ski? No, I don't have my ke NANASUEH 24 JUDY1676
1/21/21 10:33 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 17 JUDY1676
1/21/21 10:33 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 20 JUDY1676
1/21/21 10:33 P
Have an AMAZING Day and don’t forget to take your “medicine” 😉✨✨✨ #thankfulthursday #goalfeats STILLSPARKLEIGH 73 AQUAGIRL08
1/23/21 2:32 P
Greek yogurt with frozen raspberries and raw organic honey COWGIRLDREAMS3 20 GEORGE815
1/21/21 2:22 P
Morning friends have a great day. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 23 EVILCECIL
1/22/21 6:16 A
I made an omelette with egg white, baby Portabella mushrooms, and a little bit of feta cheese. On th KRISTIN1868 25 GEORGE815
1/21/21 2:19 P
Name a CITY, anywhere Ato Z WOLFSPIRITS 65841 KNEESOCKS1945
1/25/21 2:25 A
1/20/21 4:40 P
Weigh in Wednesday and I'm down another 2 lbs! 4.5 lbs in my first two weeks - I'm on the right trac VEG_GIRL04 14 FRABBIT
1/20/21 3:41 P
Made clubhouse sandwiches and Caesar salad (no cro KIBBGIRL 12 KAYDE53
1/20/21 2:45 P
I have hope in my heart ! The inauguration was wonderful loved the music too .. Peace and love BEELADY56 8 RAZZOOZLE
1/20/21 2:44 P
Its been a while since I've posted but I'm still here maintaining. It took about two years to lose 1 JCARROLL712 243 USMAWIFE
1/20/21 8:24 P
Today’s Fitness Foto: Last week I was deadlifting 225lbs. Today I could only lift 205lbs. I was feel LOTTALOX 22 JLPEASE
1/20/21 3:02 P
Brunch (or late breakfast)!! Hot herbal tea, egg beaters (3 tbsp), slice of Dave's killer bread with QSIESUE1960 10 DIANEDOESSMILES
1/20/21 5:27 P
red & green lettuce, cucumbers, garbanzo beans, red cabbage, carrots....yum...all the servings in on GREYGIN 11 MSMOSTIMPROVED
1/20/21 8:48 P
feeling so good about having a healthy eating plan - it is a lifestyle change and is very sustainabl MARILYNSRETIRED 11 WHITECAT19
1/20/21 6:09 P
Correction to my last post the tracker i use is a 3TIMESAMOM 3 COOP9002
1/19/21 6:51 P
Happy Tuesday! I am having such a great day. As usual, I started my morning by spending time with G DRBENGSCH2021 8 NVRGIVINGUP
1/20/21 2:16 A
Got in 7000 steps at the Nashville Zoo today! This is a young caracal, aka desert lynx. They have tw KRISTIN1868 31 LAH1222
1/19/21 11:58 P
Be Strong! KEEPITUP4LIFE 13 TLL0103
1/19/21 8:16 P
Change of plans. Feeling better cause I've been taking it easy, and slept some. While Ray and John a QSIESUE1960 15 GMACAMI
1/19/21 8:15 P
Today's results . . . 🌟 Giving help to acquaintances 🫂 🌟 Organizing & reading 📚 🌟 Devoting ti JAMESEVER 15 GMACAMI
1/19/21 8:12 P
Pork skewers with orange glaze for dinner. Here is the recipe SHARI5442 18 FLUTTERFLI
1/19/21 8:10 P
Pork chops with asparagus and mushrooms! Seasoned generously with pepper, lemon juice and garlic 😄❤ CRYSTALC5124 18 PWILLOW1
1/19/21 9:32 P
A beautiful sunset photo to make you smile IBROWNELL 33 ANNIEMAROO
1/19/21 10:30 P
TEA today? KAEDE... 31887 THREEE
1/24/21 10:44 P
Breakfast: plain whole milk yogurt, raw flax and pumpkin seeds, a little granola, and raspberries. LOOK_A_SQUIRREL 8 GEORGE815
1/18/21 1:24 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 3 GEORGE815
1/18/21 1:25 P