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9/22/20 8:38 A
READ ONLY No Posting! How to Pick Your Team! KALISWALKER 53 _WARRIOR4LIFE
10/4/20 4:28 P
9/11/20 8:47 P
6/22/20 6:37 P
Got it done. Did more than I meant too, but exercising makes me thirsty. hehe #h2whoa DGIGGLES336 6 BILLTHOMSON
5/14/20 6:29 A
I add a lot of veggies to my meals. Not only do I eat healthy, but my family does as well. They love DGIGGLES336 7 LAURALLANCE
5/14/20 8:10 A
I so did not want to do my exercise today. So glad that I pushed through and got it done. #moveit DGIGGLES336 20 BONNIE1552
5/14/20 6:32 P
How many points to you get on your Spark spins? THM_DEB 2079 EDWARDS1411
10/30/20 1:16 P
How many cats do you have??? WILDXANGELS 117 ADLINS
7/31/20 9:35 P
Share your challenge goals SPARK_COACH_JEN 3382 FLAMINGSPARK
9/17/20 9:08 A
Just got Just Dance 2020 for the Nintendo Switch. I think I found another way to get my exercise in DGIGGLES336 5 LIL-VIXEN
4/8/20 11:03 P
Now here’s a cake that won’t make you fat. It’s too pretty to eat. VICKYISINIT 20 ALLYLIZZY
4/3/20 12:41 A
A little dessert for later , I don’t know how to name it lol I used banana, pumpkin , oats , eggs , LASTARLITA 15 KOALA_BEAR
4/1/20 11:38 P
Tech Savvy Special Helpers KALISWALKER 30 AALLEY2
3/31/20 8:17 P
Log in points CD14187121 37 DGIGGLES336
3/26/20 9:20 A
3/27/20 12:20 P
Team Bonus Points KENNASUE13 11 KENNASUE13
4/30/20 4:18 P
I’m kind of bummed that the challenges don’t update when you sink your fitness watch to the app. ME4ME 3 DGIGGLES336
3/11/20 7:34 P
Pickle doesn’t quite get how yoga works, but at least she watched the entire workout. 🤣 MLUDKE22 30 DGIGGLES336
3/9/20 9:00 P
Good fresh salad for dinner...loaded with cherub tomatoes, English cucumber, egg white, 2 oz. gril JOANHAGEMIER 13 L_DROUIN
3/10/20 4:10 A
Dinner for two... hubby refuses to eat sweet potatoes! More for me... hehehehe 😁 CATWMNCAT 17 CATWMNCAT
3/10/20 10:54 P
Found on Instagram. STEVENTHEFIT 14 MOMMACAT57
3/9/20 12:25 P
Hello sparkpeolpe! I am 32 years old and trying to lose weight after having my second baby 10 years DGIGGLES336 6 MLUDKE22
3/8/20 6:27 P
Hello! I am a mom of two handsome boys. One is 11 and the other will be 8 months. I lost the weight DGIGGLES336 4 GEORGE815
3/7/20 8:53 P
Back on spark after having baby number 2. Looking to get into an active and healthy lifestyle for my KITNKABOODLE89 12 DGIGGLES336
3/7/20 5:13 P
I am 3 months postpartum and just recently started back into exercising and eating healthy. My goal TESSBRIDGES 17 DGIGGLES336
3/7/20 5:10 P
Looking for friends on fitbit who actually want to do the challenges and do not see the site as a da DGIGGLES336 3 NOLALIJE11
3/7/20 8:54 P
Looking to lose 20 pounds need new friends on #fitbit TREYY80 12 DGIGGLES336
3/7/20 5:05 P
Isn't this the truth? Have a great Saturday. MARTIO1966 19 LUANN_IN_PA
3/7/20 9:47 P
Tell us about you KENNASUE13 2 DGIGGLES336
3/1/20 10:18 P
Introduce Yourself Here! ROCKMAN6797 4194 4DOGNIGHT
10/28/20 6:49 A