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Num num dinner time 😋 Air fried pork chop and wha TMP0418 39 JRDUPREE
12/6/19 2:09 P
Tonight is all about creamy pasta soup. Soup weather comes and goes really fast in Miami. LOL. ht MIAMI_LILLY 31 JRDUPREE
12/6/19 2:08 P
I'm just kidding here... BOOHOOBEAR6863 21 _RAMONA
12/6/19 1:53 A
My daughter & I are about to enjoy a concert at my church listening to some different kind of motiva BARBIEIAMNOT 27 7STIGGYMT
12/6/19 11:54 A
UPDATE: I DID GAIN ONE POUND.I'LL DO BETTER NEXT WEEK! ;-) I'm facing the scale, whether it is good TREKPURRSON 13 RREDFORD5
12/6/19 10:17 A
Morning stretching routine done ✅ LESLIELENORE 8 DUCKTURNIP
12/5/19 6:31 P
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 16 DUCKTURNIP
12/5/19 6:31 P
12/6/19 11:51 P
Angels Emoticon Your Feelings KRYS210 19923 RUTHIEBEAR
12/7/19 8:51 A
Weather Report of the Day (AAU) KRYS210 8431 JUDITH316
12/7/19 4:36 A
What Did You Have For Breakfast.... HOMEBODY4EVER71 455 DINZEL
12/7/19 8:07 A
Today I'm Grateful For.... HOMEBODY4EVER71 202 DUCKTURNIP
12/5/19 6:09 P
12/5/19 6:08 P
What time did you go to sleep last night? LINDYSPARKLES 3124 TCANNO
12/7/19 3:29 A
every one sleeping ok RHONDALYN36 2300 TCANNO
12/7/19 3:28 A
Today I am grateful for ... SUZANNE65203 5253 KNYAGENYA
12/7/19 7:26 A
What's for Breakfast?? OUTDOORMOMMA 5280 KNYAGENYA
12/7/19 7:27 A
What's the weather today where you live? ANTIOCHIA 5709 KNYAGENYA
12/7/19 7:29 A
What's your emoticon today??? ANTIOCHIA 6466 KNYAGENYA
12/7/19 7:28 A
12/7/19 10:49 A
I made 8,302 steps today. It was a strange day for me but at least this worked out. JOANN25 7 PRAIRIECROCUS
12/5/19 3:44 A
Day 4 of December. Yup that's all I can do. ANIMAI27 18 DUCKTURNIP
12/5/19 12:32 A
I helped my neighbor today with one of the houses they are going to flip. We tore up carpeting and p CGARR442 37 CHEIVOUS
12/5/19 12:05 P
Kickboxing cardio, squats 11,000 steps🤗#moveit NEWLIFE040974 11 KHALIA2
12/6/19 9:39 A
Drank 11 cups of water today. :) #h2whoa CR4ZYC4TG1RL 17 CHESTER47
12/5/19 10:10 A
Jogged earlier this morning, and did the same progress as tonight! Total of 411 calories burned toda HEATHERFEATHER0 18 HEATHERFEATHER0
12/5/19 6:03 A
12/5/19 9:20 P
This little guy has brought light to my heart...wanted to share. SMILES38632 19 FLORIDASUN
12/5/19 8:48 A
Had hoped to get to 25000 by midnight. Walking Man. JAMESEVER 20 YMWONG22
12/5/19 9:56 A
I wasn’t expecting to get this many steps today, nice surprise. ⭐️ ALLYLIZZY 31 TMP0418
12/5/19 9:03 P
I shoveled off the porch earlier this morning, and filled the bird feeder while I was out. The birds LESLIELENORE 39 DUCKTURNIP
12/5/19 12:13 A
Little to much holiday cheer and leftovers + not enough tracking = a bit of a gain. Back on track t ROCKYCATSMAMMA 6 DUCKTURNIP
12/5/19 12:13 A
Morning stretching routine done ✅ LESLIELENORE 6 DUCKTURNIP
12/5/19 12:13 A
My birthday boy is 10 years old today! (Photos always taken while parked.) PUPPYBUG 15 EVILCECIL
12/5/19 5:44 A
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 17 TMP0418
12/5/19 9:04 P
Please pray for my mom KNYAGENYA 11 DUCKTURNIP
12/4/19 7:31 P
Got in 12 servings of veggies and fruits today. I think that's a first for me! DUCKTURNIP 1 DUCKTURNIP
12/4/19 7:14 P
12/5/19 9:27 P
What's for supper tonight? ANTIOCHIA 5454 TAMMYAND
12/6/19 12:27 P
12/4/19 1:22 A
Hope everyone had a great day, we didn't traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but did enjoy eating a lit KURTZIE1998 15 DUCKTURNIP
12/4/19 1:22 A
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 10 DUCKTURNIP
12/4/19 1:21 A
Start the day off right, if a little late. Today was a good day for sleeping in and taking my time ROCKYCATSMAMMA 7 DUCKTURNIP
12/4/19 1:21 A
Went to dad’s house for breakfast. After breakfast I went for a long, wet solo walk. When I got back LESLIELENORE 19 DUCKTURNIP
12/4/19 1:21 A
Happy new month, new week, new day, new beginnings. WE can do it KURTZIE1998 20 DUCKTURNIP
12/4/19 1:20 A
How I spen the first snow of the season.....with hot coco of course MORGANALEFAE 10 DUCKTURNIP
12/4/19 1:20 A
I am pretty sure I am not going into work tomorrow. LT3AG4S 20 DUCKTURNIP
12/4/19 1:20 A
Morning stretching routine done ✅ LESLIELENORE 7 DUCKTURNIP
12/4/19 1:20 A
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 9 DUCKTURNIP
12/4/19 1:20 A
Happy Tuesday, have a great day “We would not be inspired to do something if it were not intended t KURTZIE1998 13 EVILCECIL
12/4/19 6:44 A
I started a goal feats challenge, hre is link if you would like to join http://spa KURTZIE1998 5 EVILCECIL
12/4/19 6:44 A
Do You Believe in the Magic of Christmas? Do you Love every minute of December. It the time we remem SPARKFRAN514 16 75HEALTHYME
12/4/19 5:51 P
Busy day! Still not home, but at least I am sitting in a quiet space for a little while. Managed to LESLIELENORE 13 ALLYLIZZY
12/4/19 1:19 P
AAU Nov. Grateful TODAY For... KRYS210 112 KRYS210
12/7/19 10:42 A
Portobello mushroom & bell pepper veggie fajitas topped with pickled red onion, avocado, and pico de DUCKTURNIP 25 KNYAGENYA
12/5/19 7:31 A
12/6/19 11:56 P
12/6/19 6:35 P
Compatible Fitness Trackers DUCKTURNIP 4 DUCKTURNIP
12/1/19 5:29 P
Hivemind: I'd like your opinion on activity trackers that are NOT Fitbits or Apple products. I have DUCKTURNIP 7 KURTZIE1998
11/30/19 10:26 P
I think I need a new approach, I always get so inspired and motivated and plan to change my life rig LITTLEMISSMOUSE 38 DUCKTURNIP
11/28/19 10:27 P
Hope everyone had a great day and ready for a Thankful Thursday.Sleep well spark friend SPARKFRAN514 20 DUCKTURNIP
11/28/19 10:26 P
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 13 DUCKTURNIP
11/28/19 10:26 P
To my spark family, Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is more than the festivities, it gives us time KURTZIE1998 12 DUCKTURNIP
11/28/19 10:26 P
Cooking like crazy for an early afternoon Thanksgiving dinner. My niece and I have done most of the LESLIELENORE 15 MARYJOANNA
11/29/19 7:19 A
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Ours is done, and cleaned up... the pups think it’s their turn for eat LESLIELENORE 13 MARYJOANNA
11/29/19 7:19 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 11 IAMAGEMLOVER
11/29/19 11:56 A
Haven't done this in a minute... Yesterday's steps JACQUELYN-L-FIT 19 DUCKTURNIP
11/28/19 12:40 A
I absolutely love capturing the variety of colors in the things I cook with. I used all of these to SIMPLYKEN32 36 _RAMONA
11/24/19 2:15 A
Only exercise today was a 2.5-3.0 mile walk. Not even a fast one due to legs still ache from 1 1/2 h KATHRYNGC 13 BONNIE1552
11/25/19 7:11 A
Woo hoo! 🤗 2 new badges and a decent weigh in! Great start to the weekend! Hope everyone is havi KENNYBARBIE12 25 ALLYLIZZY
11/24/19 2:21 P
Why is it I dread getting my steps but I feel better after getting them? Maybe because I stop beatin ANIMAI27 31 _RAMONA
11/25/19 2:46 P
I just realized Im not in my comfies. My clothes are not loose, but comfortable. You know what I mea -50HEIDI 16 EVIE4NOW
11/23/19 11:45 P
Vegan Mac and cheese with roasted cauliflower. MIAMI_LILLY 33 MUGABI123
11/24/19 1:17 P
I’m in the hospital tonight. Bummer! Developed a spine infection from a dental procedure. It’ll be a GMAM48 27 ALLYLIZZY
11/24/19 2:19 P
Good morning! The sunrise is valiantly trying to pry its way through the heavy clouds. I was watchi LESLIELENORE 49 CHERIRIDDELL
11/24/19 1:36 A