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The shade out on the hiking trails is what makes it tolerable to hike in temperatures in the 90’s. G GINNABOOTS 24 ALICIA214
7/9/20 11:13 P
I have been riding a bicycle. What fun I love the down hills. WNCGIRL 9 WIZARDHOWL
7/10/20 1:01 A's Summer time WILLB4ME 6 ISNESS
7/9/20 9:39 P
Since the pandemic I have been eating more since I’m working from home. No exercise at all. I need t MAMACRUZE 46 NVRGIVINGUP
7/10/20 3:39 A
Gave it my all for 30 minutes today! I felt so good after my workout this morning that I workout aga JACKIE_CEE 16 KRISUA
7/10/20 2:04 A
Meet my dog, Harley! He was groomed today and looks pretty spiffy! He is amost 15 - has no gray an LLOURAY 18 SPARKFRAN514
7/10/20 12:02 A
Didn’t get my usual water workout in but had a good time with my nieces & nephew LJBOWSER1 7 ISNESS
7/9/20 9:35 P
Enjoyed Natural Bridges National Park today. Hot and beautiful! VEACHXCL 21 BARCLE
7/10/20 12:54 A
200 lbs gone now 130 more to go SHESACOUNTRYSWE 221 NVRGIVINGUP
7/10/20 3:34 A
Enjoy being beautiful YOU! :) CKOUDSI617 23 DININA48MN
7/9/20 2:15 A
I went througha lot on this journey but I wouldn’t have it any other way I respect my mind and body HENNYFLOW29 200 ERIN_POSCH
7/9/20 11:52 A
Have a wonderful evening KURTZIE1998 14 MADEINBRITAIN
7/9/20 3:51 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 12 TERMITEMOM
7/9/20 8:48 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 TERMITEMOM
7/9/20 8:47 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 7 ZELDA13
7/9/20 2:13 A
The sunset in California this evening. 💕 ALLYLIZZY 26 PCK12J
7/9/20 7:34 P
Bedtime Snack... Apple, Dark Chocolate Hummus, Cashews and Milk💖 CATWMNCAT 28 GRAMMY065
7/9/20 1:40 P
Nothing but take out for months, and yet here I am, cooking the simple for one! Mango smoothie and c LAUGHCRINKLE 16 GERRYH2
7/9/20 6:54 A
Late post + blurry picture + morning bonnet Nick and I made shredded pork tacos for breakfast we ad CANNAWRITER2020 16 MSAAMAANDAA
7/9/20 9:25 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 ELSCO55
7/7/20 8:11 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 LAH1222
7/7/20 11:57 P
#DeadlineWH workout; didn't do weights yet though, as I originally planned. Will do more later, mayb SPARKNB 14 ELSCO55
7/7/20 7:57 P
I got my new water bottle today. So excited! GFREEMOMMA 29 ARNETTELEE
7/8/20 5:46 A
Back from a good, long walk and tackled my fur babies. Obnoxious Dog Mom: (In that awful baby voice J2002HEIDS 21 ALLYLIZZY
7/8/20 1:09 P
If you're having a bad day, this maybe exactly what you need... :o) BARBIEE52 49 JAMER123
7/9/20 12:01 A
Another great catch today. Beef steak, whopper, celebrity and better boy tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh TOMSTONE1 14 LAH1222
7/7/20 11:53 P
#BeforeAndAfter. Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated when I can’t visually see how far I’ve come o CARISSA94 42 BLOND1E
7/8/20 11:59 A
Meatloaf, Barley & Mushrooms and Asparagus... that's what's for dinner😋 CATWMNCAT 35 TEXASHSMOMOF3
7/8/20 10:11 A
7/8/20 8:51 A
Day 1 of beginning a healthy lifestyle! Met all my goals! Super encouraged and proud! We can do this MRSJMT 16 MRSJMT
7/7/20 5:26 A
Made pizza for dinner tonight . Kids made their own regular and I made my pizza( portabella mushroo TRISSYINCHARGE 18 USMAWIFE
7/6/20 11:01 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 ELSCO55
7/6/20 10:59 P
7/7/20 9:27 P
Who likes Thai green curry chicken? SUGARAE_1 15 CFITZ1
7/6/20 11:26 P
Day 1 in the books. Finished the day with a nice walk with my partner in crime, pictured below. Qu CRASHNBURN821 27 OOLALA53
7/7/20 12:23 A
Tried something new tonight....I made Ratatouilli. Quite the challenge when the veggie slices aren' HISCHILDANGELA 26 _RAMONA
7/7/20 3:43 A
Tonight's #MaddowABlock also had the B block; did #HIIT in 2nd 10 min (2-1-1-2-2-2). SPARKNB 15 RYCGIRL
7/7/20 7:32 A
Have a relaxing Sunday evening! 💙 ALLYLIZZY 22 PCK12J
7/6/20 11:58 A
Edit sounds so much better than diet. #goalfeats BONNIE1552 32 METAFUKARI
7/6/20 6:13 P
Processing winter carrots, some for us and a bowl for the horse. #BeforeAndAfter ;) ZOOMTHOM 17 ZOOMTHOM
7/6/20 6:34 A
Back to reality. Camping in the Colorado mountains was wonderful. DLITE719 13 ZRIE014
7/6/20 12:39 A
Wise words from Jillian Michaels 8~) HAPPY-CATHE 30 7STIGGYMT
7/6/20 3:20 P
Looking back at my health journey. July 2019 to March 2020. Only a few more weeks before I celebrate GINGERMONKEY21 118 _RAMONA
7/7/20 3:39 A
Bedtime snack😋 CATWMNCAT 27 1BLAZER282005
7/6/20 8:22 A
TREKPURRSON wishes all a safe, peaceful Independence day! TREKPURRSON 13 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/5/20 9:51 A
-40lbs!!!!! I feel good I feel strong! Got another 60 to go! WRITERSQUIRREL 43 MDOWER1
7/5/20 10:12 A
I exercised for a total of 60 minutes today. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 11 BILLTHOMSON
7/5/20 9:24 A
Keep this in mind for motivation everyone!!! MEREDITHKALIN 15 NOCALORIES
7/4/20 10:49 P
7/5/20 4:30 P
Pressure washing the driveway and walkway✔ FUNctional Fitness✔ Got my tan on✔ (@STILLSPARKLEIGH my CATWMNCAT 27 LILIANN400
7/5/20 2:54 P
Have a happy 4th of July weekend! 💕 ROCALOCABRUSH 20 ARNETTELEE
7/5/20 8:13 A
Today's catch - cucumbers, tomatoes, green Beans, blackberries, fresh eggs. TOMSTONE1 33 HOTPINKCAMARO49
7/4/20 11:36 P
Went to Braum's and bought my mama a banana split and soft serve ice cream for the kids. I had Halo ST3PH 17 RYCGIRL
7/5/20 8:41 A
4th of July dessert! Angel food cake, vanilla pudding, strawberries, blueberries and whip cream SHOPGIRL422 28 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/5/20 7:19 P
Love seeing this out my window! GRAMLOCK77 38 _RAMONA
7/4/20 2:17 A
Tomorrow The 4th of July. There is a lot of social unrest right now just as we have had several time LIVINGLOVINLIFE 18 GABY1948
7/5/20 4:40 P
Keep your fur babies close this holiday week. If you are not a pet owner, please be considerate of h NANHBH 18 ROCKYCPA
7/4/20 12:52 P
"One must not trifle with love."-Alfred de Musset SWEETNEEY 13 ELSCO55
7/3/20 9:53 P
4 mile workout in today before the holiday. 95 degrees out- but definitely got my vitamin D. GINGERMONKEY21 27 _RAMONA
7/4/20 2:13 A
7/4/20 5:13 P
How's your cooking? BARBIEE52 38 7STIGGYMT
7/5/20 9:34 P
Finally done for the day... rain never came so I kept on going until I couldn't go anymore... now to CATWMNCAT 29 1BLAZER282005
7/4/20 7:54 A
Who says gardening isn't a work-out!? I had a good sweat going weeding. RUFFIT 18 GRLTAZ
7/4/20 9:39 A
I'm down 5 lbs in almost 2 weeks. :) KAITLINKUKE 46 LOOTJE69
7/4/20 7:42 A
Evening walk yielded these flowers growing in mom’s flower garden. Afterwards I retrieved my laundry LESLIELENORE 25 WIZARDHOWL
7/4/20 6:45 P
Beautiful day out on the river. Everything is green and growing and lovely. Even my late-planted ga AMYINTHEWILD 23 SPARKLINGME176
7/4/20 10:03 A
Dinner is almost done! My family have spaghetti with Penn noodles, and I have Salmon with panko brea JASMINEGETFIT 7 GETITDONE79
7/2/20 10:09 P
7/2/20 9:26 P
Ribeye Pork Chop w/ Habanero Pineapple Sauce, Green Beans and Sweet Potato Hope you are having a g CATWMNCAT 22 NAVYWIFESKI
7/3/20 7:50 A
Well today I turned 38. Totally failed on counting calories today, buy I'm still gonna make sure I g KATENUNYA2 50 UMBRELLA
7/5/20 2:12 P
7/2/20 10:03 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 7 JIBBIE49
7/2/20 9:01 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 LAH1222
7/2/20 11:56 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 11 LAH1222
7/2/20 11:56 P
Dinner is complete! Salmon with mix veggies no car JASMINEGETFIT 14 MADEINBRITAIN
7/3/20 4:07 A