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Must. Track. Everything! FIT2BETHIN 3 AMYG5025
10/27/20 12:21 P
SP never forgets! The last time I measured my body was in 2013. Too bad I missed this step when I wa PRIMEOFMYLIFE 22 FIT2BETHIN
10/18/20 5:31 A
Cleaning windows and blinds! FIT2BETHIN 14 YMWONG22
10/18/20 9:48 A
Morning walk... check! FIT2BETHIN 1 FIT2BETHIN
10/12/20 10:42 A
Completed a 5k yesterday, Race For the Ta Tas! FIT2BETHIN 13 QUADCMOM
10/4/20 9:09 A
11/1/20 12:30 A
Camping! FIT2BETHIN 2 BOB5148
9/16/20 6:49 A
It is hotter than heck! Glad I got my walk done already! FIT2BETHIN 2 CD26035769
9/3/20 8:22 A
9/6/20 8:33 A
My reason why❤️ SXB990 17 GIANTOCR1
9/3/20 8:59 A
Walkers, Runners, Joggers & Gadgeteers KALISWALKER 46 _WARRIOR4LIFE
9/20/20 10:42 A
First day and it was not easy. Realized how much emotional eating I’ve done. Looking forward to havi MRSWEEZEYDEE 17 NASFKAB
8/14/20 6:39 A
Back on the wagon! FIT2BETHIN 2 LKASOFF
8/13/20 11:44 A
Safe from Isaias! FIT2BETHIN 1 FIT2BETHIN
8/4/20 7:01 A
A few very hot days on the way RCLYKE 17 LIVINGHEALTHY16
7/28/20 2:54 P
Enjoyed the weekend but got too much of an upper body/arm workout in, trimming all the branches alon SWALLIS7 26 GMACAMI
7/21/20 3:12 P
Today is my Birthday and YES.. I will eat cake❤️ SYDNEYSHERMANAU 236 PWILLOW1
7/21/20 9:48 P
I am so excited. I have never seen this before. CEDWARDS684 46 KAYDE53
7/11/20 3:25 P
Cloudy, rainy day here today. Perfect fishing weather for a hungry egret! FIT2BETHIN 6 CHEROKEE1946
7/7/20 1:31 P
Yesterday was our 45th wedding anniversary. I was 104 pounds the day we got married and now I’m 100 LJBOWSER1 174 RAPTUROUSRITA
6/15/20 9:42 P
Saw this beauty on my walk today! FIT2BETHIN 16 GMACAMI
6/10/20 1:43 P
So about this time last year I was at my goal weight, then had surgery in the fall and gained a lot. JANIMOEN 27 GEORGE815
6/6/20 7:54 P
Celebrating #2 son's birthday today! Made him his favorite! FIT2BETHIN 55 KAYDE53
6/6/20 2:00 P
Walkers, Runners, Joggers & Gadgeteers KALISWALKER 37 _WARRIOR4LIFE
6/24/20 8:58 A
My walk yesterday! Raining today, so no walk today. Have a great day! FIT2BETHIN 12 KATHYJO56
5/30/20 1:17 P
First post and first day of taking losing weight seriously. Y’all I’m scared but know I can do this. RRMOM23 8 KATHYJO56
5/30/20 1:18 P
High and Tight before work. Leaving work a little early to start our camping trip to Roosevelt Lake. ANTMAID81 13 KATHYJO56
5/30/20 1:20 P
Message Removed CD24291603 163 ISNESS
5/31/20 11:38 P
Ready for Bertha to move on out! FIT2BETHIN 3 MARINEMAMA
5/28/20 5:51 A
Finally finished painting my kitchen! FIT2BETHIN 9 MARINEMAMA
5/27/20 6:12 A
Does cutting, dicing, slicing freggies count as exercise? Asking for a friend...😋 FIT2BETHIN 6 PREMAM
5/20/20 8:02 A
#BeforeAndAfter Today I took a pic wearing the same thing as I wore in October RENNIE_ 26 AMYRAY813
5/21/20 9:01 A
I enjoyed my Saturday...too much. 🤦‍♀️ FIT2BETHIN 3 ARNETTELEE
5/3/20 6:15 A
Ok I know I already made my daily post but y’all I came across this old pic of me the other day and TEXASHSMOMOF3 31 TOMSGAL85
5/10/20 8:58 A
Another beautiful spring day. My walk took me to our community lake. Snapping turtles were every FIT2BETHIN 16 SNS1968
4/26/20 5:13 P
Spring has sprung! On my morning walk today. 4 little babies! FIT2BETHIN 22 GMACAMI
4/19/20 9:06 P
If I'm honest, I have had more bad food days than good in the last few weeks. I have realized the m SWEETTEANFRUIT 20 MOMMACAT57
4/18/20 10:32 A
Spring can't get here soon enough!!! Does anyone else use their gardening as a form of exercise? Its SWEETTEANFRUIT 21 MOMMACAT57
4/18/20 10:32 A
I did it! 60 pounds down and counting! CWAKES 164 EVIE4NOW
4/18/20 11:57 P
This is what I served my 4 year old and almost 2 year old granddaughters for lunch yesterday and the NENEBFIT 46 ISNESS
5/6/20 2:32 P
Gonna get my fit on! 😊💪 FIT2BETHIN 2 ROSENJ1965
4/18/20 7:54 A
Posted a photo VHAYES04 17 GEORGE815
4/17/20 12:57 P
Beautiful day for a walk! FIT2BETHIN 27 TLV106
4/16/20 11:05 P
Good morning sparkies ❤ Hope you all are staying safe and healthy!!! Weekly weigh in .8 loss I'll t TMP0418 78 NVRGIVINGUP
4/11/20 12:27 A
Somebunny (Rudy) got ambushed while napping 😂..... My Fellas 💙💙 keep me smiling.... it’s Good Fri STILLSPARKLEIGH 167 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
4/11/20 8:30 P
Lovely day for a game of golf! FIT2BETHIN 8 NOCALORIES
4/8/20 6:28 P
Posted a photo ANNI1120 9 GEORGE815
4/6/20 9:20 P
Lovely walk today! FIT2BETHIN 13 AALLEY2
4/6/20 9:25 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy April!!! It’s a brand new month and I’m excited about that, I’ve TEXASHSMOMOF3 27 NIKKINIKKI136
4/2/20 9:24 A
Gearing up for the start up of the 5% challenge! Are you ready? FIT2BETHIN 7 LITTLEREDHEN8
4/2/20 6:02 A
16 - What's the Best Diet & Exercise Advice KALISWALKER 8 LEGENDIS
4/3/20 5:21 P
15 - Are You Prepared to Reach Your Goals? KALISWALKER 7 LEGENDIS
4/3/20 5:11 P
6/18/20 4:26 P
3/28/20 10:28 A
Good Evening Spark Family!! Happy Sunday!! Hey guys just a quick post to let you know I survived my TEXASHSMOMOF3 37 MLR_00
3/24/20 8:18 A
I've been absent on sp for a few weeks. Life has gotten SO busy and now with all the social distanci SWEETTEANFRUIT 9 FIT2BETHIN
3/24/20 6:46 A
Day 13 of self imposed quarantine for me. We've been out for groceries, that's it. Walking the FIT2BETHIN 11 TMP0418
3/24/20 9:25 A
4 – Update Your Page KALISWALKER 13 JOANN25
3/30/20 11:27 P
Walkers, Runners, Joggers & Gadgeteers KALISWALKER 34 _WARRIOR4LIFE
3/27/20 12:21 P
WOW!! Our 2020 Winter 5% Challenge just lost a total of 1,492.60 pounds!!! Wouldn't you LOVE to bel DIANEDOESSMILES 15 FIT2BETHIN
3/19/20 3:52 P
4/27/20 8:55 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Yesterday was a good day!! A few good things... 1. TEXASHSMOMOF3 41 TOMSGAL85
3/19/20 9:49 A
Little humor......I'm definitely in trouble 🤣😂 TMP0418 38 MAMAOFTWINS
3/19/20 12:07 A
During this time, I have no plan that includes being in a gym. We are back in Middle Georgia. Our st STANBUSH 7 FIT2BETHIN
3/18/20 10:10 A
#BeforeAndAfter After 3years of Hiatus I Join SparkPeople 2 Weeks Ago Again Because it was an Amazin ASHE96 37 KHALIA2
3/22/20 10:18 A
Walk in the rain... done! Spark on! FIT2BETHIN 5 GEORGE815
3/15/20 5:35 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday! I was crazy busy with people all day from open to clo TEXASHSMOMOF3 31 AZMOMXTWO
3/13/20 8:44 A
Finally dinner time 🍽 So I wanted crabcakes instead I got crab muffins 160 for one Ingredients: TMP0418 37 RREDFORD5
3/13/20 10:32 A
What's worse than Friday the 13th? Covid19! Wash your hands and stop the spread! Happy Friday eve FIT2BETHIN 7 LUANN_IN_PA
3/13/20 4:57 P
Oh my! Ate too much carbs yesterday! The benefit of doing Nutrition Tracker - knowing and aiming for BELLEDVILLA 13 1BLAZER282005
3/14/20 8:06 A
I made it 4 days! Yeah me! Now to a successful weekend, which will be a struggle with my husband, ni BLZ2011 10 MLR_00
3/13/20 7:41 A
Good Morning! Lately, I have been feeling so energetic, grateful, and just plain happy! When I fir CINDY247 37 GEORGE815
3/13/20 2:41 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Monday!!! Happy Fresh New Week!!! I focused really hard on stay TEXASHSMOMOF3 59 TOMSGAL85
3/13/20 6:15 A
So hard to stay motivated . How do you all do it? CAILSTOCK 5 KPARTX31
3/10/20 10:03 A
Good morning! 😀 Just wanted to thank everyone for all the wonderful support I get from you. My job JEWELRYLOVER 8 SHOAPIE
3/10/20 8:29 P