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Was having a bad day yesterday. Was thinking of giving up my weight loss battle then my 8 year old g LJBOWSER1 18 CHERIE38
2/21/21 8:06 A
Down 12 lbs and 6 inches (total body) this week! I am at loss for words! JESI_MARIE_2021 17 RYCGIRL
2/19/21 10:50 A
#lowcarb Been eating low carb/high protein for a couple years now and have notice a TON of products WYTCHHAZYL 18 PIPPAMOUSE
2/23/21 9:27 P
WOW!! SO TRUE!! "I WANT to lose weight" but am I WORKING for it? That's quite a question for each o DIANEDOESSMILES 30 PATRICIA-CR
2/18/21 3:52 P
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 21 LIS193
2/19/21 4:06 A
#iminspired I have been following a plastic surgery group on Facebook and there is an older woman ( WYTCHHAZYL 14 _RAMONA
2/17/21 1:06 P
We lost electricity in my sons apartment now. Heading back to our places in hopes of finding it res AMUSICALLIFE 29 TERMITEMOM
2/17/21 11:01 P
Another great day! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 36 LIS193
2/18/21 3:52 A
Week 4 5.6lb gain total loss 4 lbs My Mama lost her battle with cancer Thursday. She passed as I w MOSLEY6960 35 ALLYLIZZY
2/15/21 12:17 P
The scales down to 307 today! Waiting on the Blizzard! BILLIELDANN1 8 ROSESAREBLUE
2/15/21 12:58 P
2/12/21 1:58 P
I joined a new thing to count my steps for Charity and you get to pick which charity your miles go t MEXGAL1 11 LIS193
2/13/21 5:03 A
I have lost 44lbs in 6 1/2 months. It seems too slow. I think I could have lost at least 60 by now a CRINKLEDHALO1 23 ROSESAREBLUE
2/11/21 9:36 A
At 192, I’m the heaviest weight I’ve ever been in life. I’m not happy at this size, and neither is m MAISHAISLIFE615 14 NEONREI
2/11/21 7:54 A
2/9/21 4:09 P
Today, I turned 50!!! Can you believe it? I can’t. You’re only as old as you feel, and I’m not sure MIAMI_LILLY 252 AQUAGIRL08
2/8/21 7:48 A
Did my steps today and a couple of strength exercises, ate well, so much water...just posting daily TRACYDH 10 PLCHAPPELL
2/4/21 6:03 A
Second day above 3000 didnt think i would make it im so happy but very tired 3TIMESAMOM 23 ALLYLIZZY
2/4/21 1:56 P
Inspirational Thoughts ~ DGFOWLER 30 CHERRYZMB60
2/3/21 8:16 P
So I've lost that first 7lbs - 8lbs actually! I think it's all down to my evening disco session and LIVESTRONG2088 11 ROSESAREBLUE
2/2/21 2:35 P
Today marks the end of the first week of my 8 week fitness challenge at work. Stayed on the wagon fo HOOCIN 13 ROSESAREBLUE
2/2/21 2:35 P
Woo hoo I am down to 319.4 . I started from 358. So much closer to getting to my first goal of being RENEECALDWELL12 16 ROSESAREBLUE
2/2/21 2:33 P
2/25/21 10:54 A
Another great day to be alive! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 32 JAMER123
1/28/21 10:27 P
I'm back on losing weight since I gain a lot and I will be talking to a nutritionist on Feb 4th to LOSINGWEIGHT62 22 SHOAPIE
1/26/21 12:06 P
Mood in Emoticons Only ~INDYGIRL 854 RUTHIEBEAR
2/26/21 10:50 A
I don’t know as that I have “managed” my stress, but I am working on it. I am currently sitting in f LESLIELENORE 23 WIZARDHOWL
1/25/21 12:59 A
I am exhausted from trying to find a car today but I did walk 3.5 miles in 77 min as well. BOMBCHELL23 7 75HEALTHYME
1/24/21 7:26 P
Enjoying new snow! #goalfeats JSTETSER 24 FITWITHIN
1/23/21 6:02 A
Meeting the daily challenges! #fitnessfeats #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 17 FITWITHIN
1/23/21 6:01 A
1/24/21 2:39 P
Day 22 of exercising every day for the month of January ST3PH 15 CHEIVOUS
1/23/21 11:49 A
1/23/21 5:46 P
Down a pound from last week. My goal is to be out the 90's this month. Well I have 8 more days to ma FITWITHIN 13 GOODGETNBETR
1/23/21 9:04 A
This was my last Virtual Race for 2020. FITWITHIN 7 FLUTTEROFSTARS
1/23/21 8:05 A
Your Weight Loss Tips ~INDYGIRL 26 ~INDYGIRL
2/7/21 4:34 A
I had a great 3 o'clock workout in the gym this morning. Will be getting some more walking miles in FITWITHIN 5 GERRYH2
1/16/21 8:39 A
Posted a photo TOMG155 11 PLCHAPPELL
1/15/21 6:01 A
HAPPY FRIDAY SPARK FRIENDS!!! I got 50 Sparkgoodie points on Wheel this morning! Love sending GOODI FLASUN 28 JAMER123
1/16/21 10:21 P
1/15/21 9:04 A
I skipped my usual workout Monday because I was exhausted, so I did it today. 30 minute Octane machi MS_TWISTER 17 WHITECAT19
1/13/21 12:50 P
11,000+ steps Tuesday. Getting more stretching in also. JERICHO1991 18 ALLYLIZZY
1/14/21 10:32 P
Posted a photo CDHOLMEN 21 ALLYLIZZY
1/14/21 10:22 P
Posted a photo MARIAK88 25 JOYCEHARRIS3
1/13/21 7:41 A
Today was a very good day! I closed all three of my rings, I am moved for the one hundredth day (I h GCWILLI1 26 ALLYLIZZY
1/12/21 2:21 P
Personal Challenge: No Soda Pop for 10 days. Day 2...NO SODA! YAY!! TEXASLADY65 8 TEXASLADY65
1/13/21 1:06 P
Sometime a photo really captures the essence of someone you love. This is who my Mom always was wit SISSYFEB48 18 ANGEISBACK
1/10/21 4:28 P
Cooking for the week to come means messing up the kitchen ONCE, and eating all week! #foodfeats WYTCHHAZYL 10 METAFUKARI
1/10/21 1:26 P
I'm still working hard. 22lbs down! PRAYERNFAITH 10 JOYCEHARRIS3
1/10/21 7:30 A
One more photo before I take my beautiful tree down tomorrow. KRISB44 33 JOYCEHARRIS3
1/10/21 7:31 A
Please, please be careful. My beloved Mother (and best friend in all the world) died yesterday beca SISSYFEB48 22 ANGEISBACK
1/10/21 4:28 P
We’ve got this! NANHBH 11 ROCKYCPA
1/8/21 1:54 P
Posted a photo LWADE01311 17 ERIN_POSCH
1/8/21 1:53 P
Hey Everyone, just wanted to share a 5 year comparison photo. Left was me at 34, drinking soda at ev CHAANNE81 205 CHAANNE81
1/8/21 1:10 P
Posted a photo JULIESDREAM 17 FLICKIE13
1/8/21 6:04 A
Twas yummy! Eggs, spinach, broccoli, prosciutto, grated parmigiana cheese - 4th day eating clean and DOTTIE1123 22 RO2BENT
1/7/21 5:58 A
1/7/21 9:27 P
Day 3 of exercising every day for the month of January ST3PH 17 GERRYH2
1/4/21 7:01 A
Feeling motivated and in charge🏋️🚴 BEELADY56 33 GEORGE815
1/3/21 2:49 P
Our little angel, bringing us hope in this New Year. I hope we all have a blessed SUnday. RUTHIEBEAR 169 MADEINBRITAIN
1/4/21 5:31 A
Starting weight. I went up 2+ from last week. I accept my lack of consistency, but moving forward to FITWITHIN 12 MZADAMS
1/2/21 2:50 P
#moveit Happy New Year! Laying my clothes out for tomorrow's 5k. Starting 2021 off on both my fee ROCKYCATSMAMMA 17 -POOKIE-
1/1/21 6:10 A
My Dec 2019 got cancelled and well we know we're staying home for 2020 but I got dressed up to bring 1BLAZER282005 22 JANS-JOURNEY
1/3/21 10:35 A
In 2020 i released 40lb and i love my belly my goal is 60 in 2021 TAMEKABURTON 11 HAZEL2278
1/1/21 12:50 A
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 15 GRALAN
12/31/20 9:44 P
Finally broke out of the 190s! GLIMLADYMERMAID 28 SPIRITUALSOUL1
12/31/20 11:07 A
Zumba today #moveit CKEYES1 6 SUNQUEE
12/30/20 12:08 P
Good morning 🌻 M33624 11 AMYINTHEWILD
12/30/20 4:46 P
12/30/20 9:56 P
12/30/20 9:55 P
4 days to the New Year! JUDY1676 14 NANASUEH
12/29/20 9:59 A
Hi everybody today’s the first day for me here. I’m starting my diet again LOL is there somewhere yo LRRAFFA455 6 LRRAFFA455
12/28/20 5:51 P
My favorite black belt is almost too big😁🎉 (imag MARJEN 13 1BLAZER282005
12/28/20 10:09 P
Just finished 1200 miles walking for the year. Not bad for an 86 year old man from upstate NY. NJDOBBS34 17 SES823
12/28/20 8:32 P
In the gym 3 o'clock this morning and start my workout with cardio, strength training and finished w FITWITHIN 10 GERRYH2
12/28/20 7:25 A