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Stand proud and be who you were created to be! #dontbeafraid FOREVER_AGAPE 10 AMYINTHEWILD
1/5/20 8:08 P
Just something to think on. Let's save time on real MEANINGFUL things!! 😁 FOREVER_AGAPE 11 RREDFORD5
1/4/20 11:32 A
This is the LAST DOGGONE time I'm putting up a pho BARBIEIAMNOT 143 KAYRAY3843
1/10/20 11:13 A
Hey, so we all made mistakes, fell down, and backtracked. Today, we have the opportunity to rise, fi FOREVER_AGAPE 17 IGSBETH
1/2/20 2:51 P
Where are you at today? Today is the beginning of GENAPGARCIA 10 FOREVER_AGAPE
1/1/20 4:22 P
My hard truth...I have regained back to my highest weight again. At 53 I have achy knees and feet an AMYJO1967 37 JRDUPREE
1/2/20 10:35 A
A year in exercise. Zero missed scheduled workouts. ZORBS13 160 ZORBS13
1/1/20 6:51 P
Make today the day we CONQUER!! FOREVER_AGAPE 11 JER-BER
12/31/19 3:29 P
Do happy you joined us Elisa ( forever_agape) this challenge was formed to welcome you back to Spark STILLSPARKLEIGH 4 FOREVER_AGAPE
12/31/19 9:41 A
I totally need some changes in lack of fitness and food, but I really don’t know what to do. I know FOREVER_AGAPE 20 AMYINTHEWILD
12/28/19 6:47 P
So i don't do good on the holidays at all. I gained 6 pounds over christmas. Working that off with 2 SBLACKWELL93 12 BONNIE1552
12/29/19 6:18 P
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 18 GEORGE815
12/28/19 6:02 P
I have never had such a flat stomach. I do have some loose skin, but it's not that bad unless I am c FREETJE123 119 EVIE4NOW
12/29/19 12:30 A
Faith makes all things possible... love makes all things easy. Dwight L. Moody #h2whoa AZMOMXTWO 8 BONNIE1552
12/29/19 6:24 P
I heard on the radio yesterday a new thought. Its the time to make the yearly resolution that's neve 7STIGGYMT 16 AOKDIET21
1/1/20 8:22 A
Wowwwieeee.....!!!! Talk about derailed!!!! I havent been on here for so incredibly long and I've mi FOREVER_AGAPE 18 RREDFORD5
12/6/19 10:18 A
I did a morning yoga routine and feel amazing! It’s my first time exercising in forever, especially FOREVER_AGAPE 10 DARLINGD1970
10/7/19 3:55 P
10/7/19 9:23 A
2 Weeks and 6.1 lbs. down! #nsv - My engagement ring fits again so my wedding ring has it's friend CLMONTGOMERY71 26 BILLIELDANN1
10/7/19 1:34 P
I’m excited because I am at 131.2 lbs. Let’s do a happy dance!! Remember, a new day tomorrow for fac FOREVER_AGAPE 28 JOCELYNH711
10/7/19 7:36 A
Thank you all that wished Trinity a Happy Birthday!!! He had a wonderful day!!! I am very blessed to AMYMBUNCH 17 KNEESOCKS1945
10/7/19 1:26 P
#moveit Monday! How will you get yours today? Early Cardio Outside 👟👟 and Yoga or Qi Gong this eve STILLSPARKLEIGH 48 DARLINGD1970
10/7/19 3:55 P
I see, hear and feel God when I'm out in nature. I am one with God and nature... 🖤 NEWYORICANQUEEN 18 GMACAMI
10/7/19 12:29 A
Remember, planning ahead is important! DAD_AINT_HIP 27 1CRAZYDOG
10/7/19 3:41 P
Posted a photo TAYLORSWIFEY 16 KNEESOCKS1945
10/7/19 1:23 P
I wonder how many calories I burned simply LAUGHING yesterday?! My best friend is someone who I shar J2002HEIDS 12 CINDY247
10/7/19 5:47 A
Does anybody know if I can view my Spark Goodies when I’m in mobile? My page is different and I don’ FOREVER_AGAPE 4 CONNIET88
10/6/19 9:07 P
Miscalculated San Antonio street craziness and ended up taking an extra 30 minutes to make it to chu GRALAN 4 EVIE4NOW
10/6/19 7:52 P
Ummmm. I literally gained 3 pounds overnight! :( YCSUTTON 5 YCSUTTON
10/7/19 6:30 P
This is one of my favorite trails to walk. It feels like going through a tunnel! It was a beautiful GINNABOOTS 26 LITTLEWIND53
10/7/19 12:38 A
Happy Sunday, hope everyone is having a relaxing day, I know I am. KURTZIE1998 22 1CRAZYDOG
10/7/19 3:41 P
Good price of advice for you all today. Don’t mess with lead pipes, YOU WONT WIN. 😂 I smacked my he FOREVER_AGAPE 13 RREDFORD5
10/3/19 10:12 P
I’ve forever struggled with weight - it’s been up, down, sideways. I’ve been hard on myself fluctuat AGOLONDRINA 46 AGOLONDRINA
10/3/19 10:43 P
Members -Create Uncategorized Song Links HERE -4HEISTHEANSWER 19 DLWHATLEY70
10/30/19 3:25 P
New workout apparel always gives me a spark💎...Walmart sells quality workout gear that's affordable MST_617 16 GOINGFORSKINNY
9/24/19 10:38 A
My right knee is extremely inflamed, radiating throbbing pain to my thigh and hip. I'm icing and the FOREVER_AGAPE 21 RREDFORD5
9/14/19 7:17 P
9/14/19 2:52 P
Share about yourself. -4HEISTHEANSWER 8 IMEMINE1
9/18/19 12:24 P
God's beauty. You just have to know how to look SIMPLYME_LORI 13 MJ7DM33
9/13/19 10:44 P
So ready for fall! Been watching the great Pumpkin with my daughter. SPIDERLADY1313 11 TLV106
9/13/19 11:11 P
Been really focused and exercising daily for last 10 days. I feel a little stronger and like I am t DAVIS414 5 CHERRYZMB60
9/14/19 1:36 A
9/14/19 2:34 P
9/14/19 4:44 A
Accountability: Victory With Your Goals Today? -4HEISTHEANSWER 17 DAILY73
11/19/19 5:34 P
Posted a photo FOREVER_AGAPE 22 REDROBIN47
9/7/19 9:27 P
Yup that's me and make that spring, summer, and fall. Then in winter, allergies leave to give colds FOREVER_AGAPE 12 AMYINTHEWILD
9/7/19 2:11 P
Happy Saturday. Enjoy your day. PAMBROWN62 16 GOODGETNBETR
9/7/19 10:39 A
🐛 Sending out positive thoughts to our Spark Family. 🌺 🦋 CLO333 13 SPEDED2
9/7/19 6:07 P
After losing 185lbs I'm finding more and more reasons to smile. It's fun now to shop and go out with HELLOHOLLY76 164 PURPLEMOON1
9/7/19 11:04 P
I am making some small lifestyle changes. I'm not going cold turkey, but am slowly adjusting my diet FOREVER_AGAPE 26 STILLSPARKLEIGH
9/7/19 7:35 A
I love the new me that I'm becoming! 2018-2019 a year different 76lbs smaller and I'm so happy. I wi JASMINEFAT2FIT 61 JASMINEFAT2FIT
9/8/19 9:17 P
9/2/19 8:34 P
How can we not be HAPPY and EXCITED today?? Not only is the weekend here, then there's Labor Day! Ta FOREVER_AGAPE 24 FOREVER_AGAPE
8/30/19 9:23 P
My mind is like my internet browser 19 tabs open 3 of them are frozen and I have NO idea where the PRINCESSPP 18 SPEDED2
8/30/19 8:33 P
3 mile run tonight. Found a butterfly with an unexpanded wing this afternoon. So beautiful! AMYINTHEWILD 26 KAYDE53
8/30/19 12:24 P
August 30th and 50 degree's in northern Wisconsin. I want to complain but then I think of those in F GOLDENS3 5 GEORGE815
8/30/19 1:49 P
What National Day is today, Friday, 30 August 2019? Well, it is National Toasted Marshmallow Day in REJOHNSON3 8 GABY1948
8/31/19 10:27 A
Good morning everyone! So happy this finally came in the mail yesterday. I've had plenty of trackers JASMINEFAT2FIT 17 JASMINEFAT2FIT
8/30/19 4:34 P
Long walk this morning. INGMARIE 43 SPEDED2
8/30/19 8:33 P
I finally got a tracker! It's old and scratched up, but someone was selling it for $30 and it still MNLOGGIA 17 DLDMIL
8/30/19 7:26 P
:'-) Wow. I just read some of the nicest comments today. Thank you; you know who you are, and so do RREDFORD5 10 RREDFORD5
8/31/19 10:56 A
Yesterday WAS my overwhelming day, had a doctor's IMAJUSKEEPMOVN 16 IMAJUSKEEPMOVN
8/29/19 5:49 P
First day on spark and going great. Still learning the app but it’s coming. PATELLEN1 7 ATHLETELORI
8/29/19 4:25 P
The closer to goal I get the more the weight loss slows down. But I'm happy to say I'm down 183lbs!! HELLOHOLLY76 202 123THERESA123
9/7/19 11:21 A
I really empathize with the duckie here... FOREVER_AGAPE 20 AMYINTHEWILD
8/28/19 9:48 P
Girls trip starting tomorrow for the long weekend. Do calories count at the beach?? VIRGINIAGIRL 10 CHEIVOUS
8/28/19 7:59 P
What are spark points for? JUSTMONTANA 8 RREDFORD5
8/28/19 7:13 P
Yay for coffee DAD_AINT_HIP 15 PAMBROWN62
8/28/19 5:01 P
Hi everyone...thought I would give this place a try and see if it can’t help me get some small victo BENJAGO 33 FLAWHITEWOLF
8/28/19 9:48 P
What a day that will be! GRAMLOCK77 8 29WINEGAL
8/28/19 7:43 P
Brody got his outdoor adventure and I was able to find these beauties on the milkweed. Left is the MSMITCHELL2696 10 -POOKIE-
8/27/19 11:31 A
Happy National Dog Day! Miss Bitty Mae got a ride while doing errands. Her reward for perfect behavi JEWELRYLOVER 9 TMP0418
8/28/19 6:08 P
Mmmmmmmmmm. Vegan chocolate cake right out of the oven. KARMANNPOWELL 17 FOREVER_AGAPE
8/26/19 7:57 P
After a long break, I did get married in April, lost 10 pounds and starting the weight loss again. M KASSPURR 6 LIZZYMITCH
8/26/19 11:12 P
This is not from me, Elisabeth. This is from PEANUT! To all furry canines, from 0.8 lbs to 80, I am FOREVER_AGAPE 14 GEORGE815
8/26/19 9:33 P