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Happy Sabbath everyone; today is my rest day. Enjoy CHERYLSCOTT54 4 AIYANASMAMA
6/13/20 5:27 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 16 SPEDED2
6/13/20 9:04 P
Taking a break! Loving life ❀ SONIA_THORNTON 13 SUZANNE_1967
6/13/20 6:48 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 18 PATRICIA-CR
6/14/20 10:58 A
Found on the internet DESERTDREAMERS 20 ILOVEROSES
6/14/20 11:49 A
Yesterday's lunch turkey amd cheese sandwich. pickled egg and blueberries only 380 calories and very JULESANDAL2 16 DIANEDOESSMILES
6/13/20 6:07 P
Hike with the kids. Trying hard to stay active. TESS8807 15 LANLEIMEE
6/10/20 5:33 P
happy healthy Wednesday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 11 NIKKINIKKI136
6/10/20 11:34 P
Posted a photo DARCY-B 22 IAN2409
6/16/20 11:08 A
Happy Wednesday! Keep going! MEEBAJOY 15 DENNIS99707
6/10/20 4:50 P
This made me chuckle... and then I said... this fits my world 75HEALTHYME 137 JAMER123
6/11/20 11:05 P
Restarting my journey again today with a full heart and many hopes for the future. 🌼 There is nothi DOLLIACAKES 43 CHERRYZMB60
6/8/20 10:30 P
349 Calories for lunch, yum, flavor makes it all better! KARENWILL2 12 CATNAP6291
6/8/20 2:56 P
There was a brownie recipe on the back of my all-bran cereal box. I made them and they were actuall DONNALU50 8 MILPAM3
6/8/20 3:31 P
My yummy snacky snack! MISSBETH78 16 CSROBERTSON621
6/8/20 6:00 P
Today we celebrate 50 years of married blessings! Not the celebration we had planned, but we’re toge GMAM48 189 GARDENCHRIS
6/9/20 12:30 P
Pulled or torn a ligament or something in my knee. No exercise for awhile TAHOSA 30 GAILMARYFRANCES
6/8/20 6:20 P
Started losing in December of 2018. Have lost 51 pounds and have been maintaining now for about 6 mo GINNABOOTS 180 OLAFIT2020
4/30/20 8:05 A
Lunch - Bean Salad and Tomato!:) @CANDLES9103 πŸ…πŸ˜€ NAVYWIFESKI 10 COMEBACKKID12
4/30/20 9:03 P
Decent hike with the pup this morning! DIAMONDWIFE2018 17 UNICORN212
8/15/19 8:10 P
Walk in Vlichada, Greece the hills were so bad πŸ˜… Plus I walk another mile to meet my goals. CGARR442 12 FLASUN
8/16/19 4:40 A
Look who goes to school now Master... He is 9 months now 😍😍😍😍 KEENA47 31 HAPPYCPA1965
8/16/19 10:36 A
Needed this reminder today. Took a few days to rest my knees and ankles. Back at it today and I'm sl CHRISTINEM80 21 GEORGE815
8/15/19 7:09 P
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 22892 JIACOLO
7/3/20 12:25 A
I'm old enough to remember... CD5092690 12671 PATTYANN72
6/25/20 7:30 P
what works to lose weight IRMD2019 19 SLIMMERKIWI
7/26/19 7:53 A
Can this even be called huevos rancheros? I used a bed of spinach and mushrooms, black beans, and av FITMOMMA_OF6 26 GEORGE815
7/20/19 1:44 P
Fifty years ago today I propped my 4-month old baby in her carry-seat in front of the TV so that she IMPROVINGME 16 GEORGE815
7/20/19 1:46 P
Posted a photo LIFENPROGRESS 25 PICKIE98
7/21/19 3:09 P
Getting back on the wagon and paying attention to my nutrition. I can't out exercise it like I used ALORAN3 25 CD12282919
7/20/19 7:22 P
NSV. I was able to wear my son's large t-shirt to family reunion instead of my original 2x. He's ser BBDELTA 49 CD12282919
7/20/19 7:20 P
7/21/19 8:45 A
My first day on this journey. 50 lbs to loose. #BeforeAndAfter LASVGAL 131 TAYGRL
7/22/19 10:44 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 20 AMYBRO1
7/19/19 5:12 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 15 LITTLEWIND53
7/19/19 12:12 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 LITTLEWIND53
7/19/19 12:11 A
happy healthy Thursday TRAILWALKERJO54 8 ALICIA214
7/18/19 6:12 P
#Lunch #EatClean Hummus, carrots, cucumbers, mini bell peppers, boiled egg, cheese, kiwi, rasberrie FITMOMMA_OF6 20 BIRBKITTEN1234
11/25/19 1:07 P
15 min of intervals on treadmill at 3.0 incline and 4.7:3.4 (run/walk pace); inner thigh exercises f PHATABULOUS 18 MIMIONTHEBEACH1
7/19/19 12:33 P
7/15/19 3:36 A
Posted a goal ROSE_RAIN 8 YMWONG22
7/15/19 3:08 A
7/16/19 12:07 P
7/16/19 12:07 P
7/15/19 3:35 A
My dinner: homemade cauliflower crust and all the veggies, plus some goat cheese.yum!! AKIMBRE1 18 GMACAMI
7/15/19 12:30 P
"I can take my time and still be productive. Success is not a race; it is a practice." The notificat RREDFORD5 17 PRAIRIECROCUS
7/15/19 3:34 A
The first pic was taken January 10th and the second was taken today, July 14th. Still got a way to g NEVAPATE3 160 PUPPYTUMMY0
7/15/19 8:07 P
Coming in at 201. 11 lbs away from my first goal. Started at 235 this January! Have lost 102 lbs in PATTIHMRL 30 TAYGRL
7/15/19 9:21 A
I'm really trying hard not to be too invested in the numbers on my scale, but I'M IN THE 160's!!! YE MARIENOW 19 ALLYLIZZY
7/14/19 12:16 P
Going on a healthy Costco grocery trip tomorrow! What’s the best things to buy for your money, best RENETTAJUNE 12 PWILLOW1
7/13/19 5:08 P
Wedding today. Defiantly not eating what I’d like to be eating today, but I know tomorrow is a new d RENETTAJUNE 18 MYDIETINFO1
7/13/19 5:03 P
I weighed in at 152.4 this morning. I’m down a total of 76 pounds, with only 2 more pounds to go unt ALLYLIZZY 137 DAJODU
1/16/20 2:19 A
4/20/20 10:04 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 158850 GDANE3
7/3/20 10:08 A
I wish I had known and believed that when I was much younger. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 15 _RAMONA
7/12/19 2:47 A
7/12/19 6:29 A
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 GABY1948
7/12/19 9:29 A
Back at this again! 10 lbs down and another 17 to get back to my low from last time I tried to lose CPTNHOWDY4 40 KAYDE53
7/11/19 10:29 P
28 pounds lost! Only 28 pounds to go. FUTURE_THINSPO 20 YMWONG22
7/12/19 6:53 A
Day 83 - Embracing it all as a lifestyle COCOABUTTERME1 21 BAILE1MA
7/11/19 9:02 P
I can smell that 299lbs coming. I'm practicing my scream omg! I get on the scale and boom I saw this CD24115281 250 CD24115281
7/11/19 9:57 P
I never go super fast, my knees don't like it. And right now I'm going really really slow on my wal RAERAERAE62 21 GEORGE815
7/9/19 6:59 P
7/9/19 10:05 P
Posted a photo YICHE12 18 BESSIEBELL
1/15/20 5:46 A
Hello Sparkers! I've been back in Canada for 11 days now. Finally recovered from long drive from SW DRINKALOTH2O 17 GMACAMI
7/10/19 2:59 P
Today's run!! Beautiful morning!! #running #motivation #rlawstreak day 9βœ… KEEPITUP05 17 GMACAMI
7/10/19 2:58 P
Anyone else pack their lunch when they will be out running errands for a few hours? Loving my peanut COLORADOGIRL95 11 GEORGE815
7/9/19 6:56 P
On vacation which is a stay -cation and I'm really trying to stay on track. Made a delicious lunch- CYNLUWHO 15 GMACAMI
7/10/19 2:58 P
Keep on sparking my friendsπŸŒŸβœ¨πŸ’« WOMANOFLOVE 14 DEE107
7/10/19 12:17 A
Finished my hike yesterday. This was the most interesting part.... This timber rattlesnake was guard JAY61 29 NANCYANNE55
7/8/19 10:49 A
Today I am getting back on track. I will take care of me. FAIRFIELD3 51 _RAMONA
7/8/19 12:42 A
Making old skool friendship bracelets ia a great stress reliever #metime LR237787 19 GEORGE815
7/7/19 5:05 P
Have a sun shiny happy day! LIVINGLOVINLIFE 19 PATRICIA-CR
7/8/19 6:24 P
Yay it glowed green! (Which means I had a loss. It glows red when you gain) NVRGIVINGUP 50 TUBLADY
7/8/19 11:59 A
Have you ever been called fat? MELISSAFTS 541 ROBBIEY
6/2/20 9:08 P