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It's been a "give-me-some-chocolate-and-nobody-gets-hurt" type of day today. GETTINGFIT2018B 4 GEORGE815
1/15/20 8:51 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Oh my goodness!! Thank you all so much for the lov TEXASHSMOMOF3 42 JRDUPREE
1/19/20 10:55 A
Back to overtime at work this week. I will modify my workout routine, but I will not quit my workout GETTINGFIT2018B 1 GETTINGFIT2018B
1/15/20 8:50 A
I've done my exercise this morning and I've had breakfast. Now to attack the rest of the day! GETTINGFIT2018B 2 L_DROUIN
1/13/20 9:37 A
Got quite a bit of food prep done. Hooray for me & my family! GETTINGFIT2018B 6 _RAMONA
1/13/20 12:48 A
Lost 3+ lbs this week and the tape measure is showing progress as well! Woot! Woot! That's 6+ lbs go GETTINGFIT2018B 7 TEXASHSMOMOF3
1/10/20 2:24 P
Got my water in 3 days in a row! #h2whoa GETTINGFIT2018B 12 RDCAGAIN10
1/7/20 2:28 P
Didn't get enough calories in yesterday. Exhausted today. Oops. GETTINGFIT2018B 4 GEORGE815
1/6/20 3:35 P
12/23/19- As we were moving my son to Texas with all of his worldly possessions, my husband and I ha MIDDLTEACH 70 LITTLEWIND53
1/6/20 9:23 P
I would call this a good day! GETTINGFIT2018B 22 GMACAMI
1/5/20 4:53 P
Getting the weekend off to a great start GETTINGFIT2018B 9 2BDYNAMIC
1/4/20 9:51 A
I actually got up and worked out today. Walked 30 minutes and did a little strength training. I have GETTINGFIT2018B 8 TEXASHSMOMOF3
12/28/19 7:05 A
It is with a heavy heart 💔 that i let you all know that my mom has passed thank you all for your pr HOOAH19766 259 GGRSPARK
1/10/20 3:10 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! First I just have to say it is 24° in Texas right now TEXASHSMOMOF3 196 KHALIA2
11/13/19 8:25 A
I significantly cut my junk food intake this week and lost 2+ lbs! GETTINGFIT2018B 6 ALLYLIZZY
11/9/19 12:42 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! Yesterday was a great day. Just lots of good stuff! TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 GETTINGFIT2018B
8/30/19 10:28 A
I started getting back on track yesterday with exercise. Today is day 2 of working out. I also quit GETTINGFIT2018B 6 LIZZYMITCH
8/20/19 11:44 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday & Happy New Month!!! Yesterday was a busy day, but it w TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 TOMSGAL85
8/2/19 7:06 A
My older daughter did the sweetest thing for me this morning. She got up at about 5 AM just to make GETTINGFIT2018B 5 CINDY247
7/9/19 4:40 A
Trying to regroup after gaining 6+ lbs in a week. It's been really stressful lately and I raided the GETTINGFIT2018B 5 KOALA_BEAR
7/8/19 2:02 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Sunday!!! My kids are home!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Yesterday was a good day! TEXASHSMOMOF3 22 CINDY247
7/8/19 6:05 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Saturday! Yesterday was a really good day! It was my best frie TEXASHSMOMOF3 25 TEXASHSMOMOF3
7/6/19 11:25 P
I'm down another 1.6 lbs this week! Woohoo! GETTINGFIT2018B 4 TEXASHSMOMOF3
6/28/19 2:29 P
Good Morning Spark Family! Happy Friday!! Yesterday was not a good day, but a few good things... 1 TEXASHSMOMOF3 54 JRDUPREE
7/1/19 10:49 A
I am seriously ready to give up! Started purposeful dieting 5 weeks ago with the goal to lose 10 of MARYBLEW 10 MARYBLEW
6/27/19 12:30 P
I'm happy. I am wearing some capris that were too small just a couple of weeks ago! GETTINGFIT2018B 6 CINDY247
6/27/19 10:28 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!!! Happy Thursday!!! Yesterday was a wonderful day!!! So a few good thin TEXASHSMOMOF3 36 TEXASHSMOMOF3
6/14/19 1:45 A
Deactivated my Facebook account for the first time in over 10 years!!! Trying to get out of the habi ALIRAE72 14 LILIANN400
5/28/19 12:40 P
Guys, Pit Crew has a show and we are miles from home with tornados coming straight at us! Please pr TEXASHSMOMOF3 40 GETTINGFIT2018B
5/19/19 8:12 A
So glad to have great Spark Friends when it’s time to Reboot!! My reboot is on eating out.... I WILL SPARKLEIGH61 69 FLASUN
5/20/19 5:17 A
I am going to be limiting my time on the internet, so you will not see me on here very much. I have GETTINGFIT2018B 2 BJMS502RUTH
5/3/19 9:40 A
Trying to break this cycle! There’s got to be a way to get all this weight off and keeping it off. BEKAHBAILEY 22 _LINDA
4/29/19 12:51 P
Good start this morning. Got my workout in, got my food planned and tracked for the day, and I am re GETTINGFIT2018B 3 MANDOERIN
4/29/19 10:25 A
Oh my gosh!!! I flipping did it!!! I’m crying! I made it to onederland y’all!!! I am bawling! TEXASHSMOMOF3 306 JUSTDOITSUZY
8/18/19 10:53 P
Posted a photo ALLYSONBETH1 21 MJ7DM33
4/28/19 10:45 P
Life will be getting *somewhat* back to normal this week. No more waking up and leaving the house be GETTINGFIT2018B 8 GEORGE815
4/28/19 7:15 P
Yesterday I said my final goodbye to my husband. He was taken from us Wednesday the 17th in a car ac RHIANNON0207 307 BEETLS1222
4/26/19 4:17 P
Well, I've had a bad few weeks, and am now up to 162 lbs. This is the heaviest I have been in a lon GETTINGFIT2018B 7 ALLYLIZZY
4/19/19 1:03 P
Good Morning! It's a raining day here in Canada however I cant complain cause it's not snow:) And Ap SUPERMOM_13 19 1CRAZYDOG
4/20/19 6:40 P
Lunch is going to blow my calorie count out of the water today, but at least I chose a healthier mai GETTINGFIT2018B 3 LASOLA1
4/7/19 5:46 P
4/7/19 7:46 A
Got in some exercise today, plus I ate healthier and got some of water in. Not enough on the water b GETTINGFIT2018B 3 KAREN_EDMONDS
4/6/19 10:09 P
Celebrate your victory here! GETTINGFIT2018B 9 GETTINGFIT2018B
4/6/19 2:53 P
I'm tied of waiting until tomorrow to back on track, so I got on the Gazelle (walking machine) and w GETTINGFIT2018B 10 FRISKYCRITTER
4/6/19 8:34 A
ROLL CALL! Who is here today? GETTINGFIT2018B 100 BOOKNUT52
9/1/19 4:33 A
1/4/20 4:13 P
I feel horrible... I have been doing a great job since Monday with sticking to my “low carb regimen” SSARVER94 29 SSARVER94
4/4/19 11:48 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Yesterday was a great day, and although y’all know I’m all about #NSV, TEXASHSMOMOF3 253 LINDSAYB2013
4/9/19 12:14 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Hope you guys had a great Monday, I did!!! A few good things/ #NSV... TEXASHSMOMOF3 53 THINCPL2004
3/27/19 9:58 A
I finally started in my new department at work yesterday, and I really like the work! GETTINGFIT2018B 3 TEXASHSMOMOF3
3/26/19 11:21 A
Hi everyone. I am writing this morning to kind of introduce myself. I am brand new to Spark but I am TOMAS5 10 KAS10001
3/26/19 11:50 A
Down another 0.4 lbs. I will take it considering I have been too tired this week to work out, and ha GETTINGFIT2018B 5 TEXASHSMOMOF3
3/22/19 6:16 P
I'm breaking up my exercises into short spurts today. Better several small exercise sessions than no GETTINGFIT2018B 6 COFFEEL0V3R
3/18/19 9:57 A
Down 0.4 lbs. Completely surprised since I did not have a good week at all. GETTINGFIT2018B 5 GEORGE815
3/15/19 1:09 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Yesterday was a good day! I smiled, I laughed, I had a good day! Som TEXASHSMOMOF3 216 123THERESA123
3/25/19 8:47 A
Anyone else having problems adjusting to daylight saving time? My alarm clock says "time to get up" GETTINGFIT2018B 8 TEXASHSMOMOF3
3/12/19 9:19 P
On Friday heaven gained another angel. My uncle passed away. Today is the viewing and tomorrow is th DEEKELLYE 86 DEEKELLYE
3/11/19 8:38 P
Eaten way over my calorie range 3 times this week. Gonna get back on track starting today. SAGE86 13 ROSIE0804
3/10/19 9:49 A
New to this team, but not to Spark CASTAWEIGH19 3 ANDREAGZZ145
3/7/19 11:05 A
This weekend was a disaster with nutrition and exercise, but I am off on the right foot this morning GETTINGFIT2018B 6 ALLYLIZZY
2/25/19 12:51 P
My co-worker stated that everyone has an inner fat kid (we were discussing food). I told her that mi WALKING_TALL 10 IMPROVINGME
2/25/19 10:53 A
I worked 50+ hours last week. Yesterday, the healthy eating went completely out the window. I need t GETTINGFIT2018B 5 TEXASHSMOMOF3
2/24/19 4:28 P
I got them zipped! I got these jeans several months ago as a goal to fit into them. They are only KARENINAS 36 MYGRANDBABIESRG
2/22/19 6:45 P
I shed a fraction of a pound this week, but I'm not disappointed. After the large drop in weight las GETTINGFIT2018B 6 ALLYLIZZY
2/22/19 12:07 P
Omg I finally did it! I got to see that 1 lol, I've been in the 200's now for over 3yrs!! I know it' LABO2306 306 GMACAMI
2/22/19 9:04 P
I'm not back up to 100%, but I did get my walking in today. Thought about trying the strength traini GETTINGFIT2018B 2 MELGRIFFIN0203
2/21/19 10:11 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Yesterday was a great day, so here are a few of my #NSV / good things. TEXASHSMOMOF3 66 REYNAJUST4KIX
2/21/19 7:32 P
I have been stuck at the same weight for several months now. Hoping to finally bust through this pla WINDMILLS18 72 75HEALTHYME
2/20/19 6:06 P
I had to take the day off from exercise again today - this time because of back pain. I really need GETTINGFIT2018B 3 TEXASHSMOMOF3
2/20/19 11:46 A
@seekhealthylife here you go my friend! The before pic was probably around 310 the now is between TEXASHSMOMOF3 63 NUMBER1PUMPKIN
2/20/19 11:11 A
I've not really been in determination mode recently. After a gross bug in my salad incident before RBCALN 5 MSMITCHELL2696
2/19/19 2:50 P
I'm down to 196 and I lost an inch off my waist! (The inch is more important to me.) CLAYMACT 9 FITWITHIN
2/19/19 3:41 P
Taking an unscheduled rest day today. I did try to work out, but I'm just too tired and didn't have GETTINGFIT2018B 8 LASOLA1
2/19/19 2:09 P
Did you exercise today? GETTINGFIT2018B 30 WALKINGSPARK
6/2/19 8:03 A
Yesterday's Fitbit data GETTINGFIT2018B 24 FISHGUT3
2/18/19 11:02 A