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It was nice out, so I took my Mom to buy flowers f IMSALLYSTILL 5 JOYCEHARRIS3
5/17/20 6:59 A
9066 steps. Yesterday!!!!! It had been a month since I have been in isolation at the hospital and qu IMSALLYSTILL 5 JOYCEHARRIS3
5/17/20 6:59 A
Just a note saying I felt good enough to exercise yesterday. Although I wanted to power walk outside IMSALLYSTILL 5 LUVNMEA4MEA
5/15/20 11:28 A
Got my walk in by taking the trash out as well as strength training. 40 pounds of kitty litter alon IMSALLYSTILL 4 EVIE4NOW
5/1/20 11:46 P
#BeforeAndAfter I am feeling good. The 275 is a guess. My scale is crappy. The fatty area on the bac WRITERSQUIRREL 113 MOMMACAT57
4/30/20 9:55 A
I completed this challenge #moveit IMSALLYSTILL 8 MSMOSTIMPROVED
4/29/20 8:40 A
It's time to chill for the rest of the night. IMSALLYSTILL 3 KOALA_BEAR
4/25/20 2:20 A
It's chill time. I think I will play Scrabble and spades online. Then I will plan my day for the res IMSALLYSTILL 9 LITTLEREDHEN8
4/24/20 5:54 A
I am not a real meatloaf. However this recipe is really good. I will make this more often IMSALLYSTILL 3 SNUZYQ2
4/24/20 3:01 A
This is my Spark People's Recipe for Meatloaf with applesauce portion IMSALLYSTILL 12 PREMAM
4/24/20 5:27 A
Just put the Spark People's Recipe called Meatloaf with applesauce in the roaster. Since I have to w IMSALLYSTILL 5 EVIE4NOW
4/24/20 12:10 A
Today is done and I going we sys to motivate myself even when I didn't want to. IMSALLYSTILL 2 EVIE4NOW
4/23/20 11:38 P
Thank you all for your support on my health. The tests showed that my medicines were some of the pro IMSALLYSTILL 4 KURTZIE1998
4/24/20 2:49 P
Today I bought more healthy foods that I did not g IMSALLYSTILL 5 KURTZIE1998
4/24/20 2:52 P
Went to the grocery store for the ingredients for a Spark People meatloaf recipe and my walking exer IMSALLYSTILL 5 EVIE4NOW
4/24/20 12:00 A
I didn't want to exercise today. I started to tell myself, I can't get my mile walk in. It is way to IMSALLYSTILL 3 RETAT60
4/24/20 12:08 A
Needed to walk. Couldn't walk outside due to the wind and cold. I have no treadmill, so I went groce IMSALLYSTILL 3 HAPPYLIFE43
4/23/20 10:52 P
4/22/20 7:18 A
Thank you all for your support. I greatly. Need it.The cat has urionary problems, will take him to t IMSALLYSTILL 5 KURTZIE1998
4/22/20 8:13 P
Getting in my goals, and I feel good! #goalfeats JSTETSER 26 JAMER123
4/23/20 11:46 P
I have gained seven of my ten pounds back. The Drs think it is my congestive heart failure acting up IMSALLYSTILL 9 NENEBFIT
4/22/20 9:40 A
I am feeling like a failure to my challenges teams. I gained seven of my 10 pounds back. Drs think i IMSALLYSTILL 6 ALLYLIZZY
4/22/20 11:53 A
Started over again with this challenge #h2whoa IMSALLYSTILL 7 JWINKSLLC
4/22/20 1:22 P
4/22/20 5:17 A
#transformatio ontuesday There is about a 72lb difference between the left and right photos. I still FASHIONROADKILL 87 ORTATK
4/22/20 10:09 A
Banana oat bread πŸ˜‹ BLANCAROMERO4 32 GETITDONE79
4/22/20 10:37 P
Oh so that is where that was! Oh my, never knew I IMSALLYSTILL 6 BOB5148
4/18/20 6:16 A
I'm so sad and unhappy with my body. My baby turns 2 this weekend and I've been hanging on to this w KELLYRN06 19 CATWMNCAT
4/18/20 10:43 A
Well guess who is out of Isolation. Me the first day I went visiting and to the doctors. Yesterda IMSALLYSTILL 7 JLPEASE
4/18/20 7:20 A
Grilled Egg, Ham and Cheese on Oasis Low Carb Veggie Bread, side of the Broccoli Salad with a 8 oz s NVRGIVINGUP 14 DAWNWATERWOMAN
4/18/20 7:47 P
Posted a photo KRISUA 14 KRISUA
4/18/20 11:54 P
Posted a photo JUDITH316 22 WIZARDHOWL
4/15/20 9:10 P
Day 30 of lockdown: Cleaned the top of the kitchen cabinets then covered them with paper for easy cl LIS193 14 EVIE4NOW
4/15/20 12:23 A
I am getting back on track and taking control of this situation instead of letting the situation con PAMBROWN62 23 COMEBACKKID12
4/14/20 3:52 P
4/15/20 12:24 A
Two more days I am out of Isolation in three days. I will be able to go outside. Go for a walk or t IMSALLYSTILL 4 L1VEL1FE
4/13/20 10:48 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 18 PATRICIA-CR
4/14/20 9:46 A
5/5/20 12:29 P
What Motivates you to check in with SP every day? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 307 SPARKLINGME176
1/18/21 1:41 P
I hope everyone had the best day! JWINKSLLC 6 IMSALLYSTILL
4/13/20 6:48 P
I'm bed and chilling IMSALLYSTILL 3 KOALA_BEAR
4/13/20 2:53 A
Enjoyed the day with family. They knew that I was in isolation but told me to come join the . It was IMSALLYSTILL 4 KOALA_BEAR
4/13/20 2:58 A
Congratulations SparkPeople team mates for all that you do to make yourself more healthy. And just k REJOHNSON3 9 CD4114015
4/14/20 1:46 P
Hope everyone had a great Easter despite world condition. Just finished 20 minutes of cardio followe MZRUTLEDGE6 12 LIZZYMITCH
4/13/20 12:06 A
Ham with pineapple brown sugar glaze, homemade scalloped potatoes, and green bean casserole for East ALLYLIZZY 30 COMEBACKKID12
4/14/20 4:02 P
I love the idea that @TRAILWALKERJO54 proposed. Think back to happy times and past vacation spots th RASOCKS 32 TMP0418
4/13/20 3:10 P
Posted a photo JUSJULS2020 26 PRAIRIECROCUS
4/13/20 4:05 A
Weekly Goal - 2020 - 04/12/20 - 04/18/20 ROCKMAN6797 51 BETHDISCOUNT
5/17/20 3:07 P
25 pounds lost since the begining of the year IMSALLYSTILL 19 KURTZIE1998
4/11/20 8:07 P
Banana, 2 lettuce, & mushroom.Didn't make it to 5 today but it felt good to be back after a long abs CRYSALLIS1 11 CHIKAODI
4/11/20 2:00 P
Posted a photo KRISUA 27 KRISUA
4/11/20 10:57 P
My cat, who is on my profile pic statyrf prri b on me andy bed. I didn't like it and told him do. T IMSALLYSTILL 6 DIANEDOESSMILES
4/10/20 5:40 P
Who would of thought one day, I would go the "Home of the Whopper"and only eat half the sandwich. No IMSALLYSTILL 2 GEORGE815
4/9/20 6:55 P
One thing I have learned and Spark People has drilled into my head, keep short term goals reasonable IMSALLYSTILL 3 GEORGE815
4/9/20 7:08 P
Whoo hoo The doctors told me to set my timely shor IMSALLYSTILL 12 ARNETTELEE
4/9/20 7:46 P
Message Removed CD24291603 237 PRADAGIRL93036
4/20/20 12:12 P
Another great virtual Zumba class in the books!! I look worn out because I was, but I feel GREAT!! CYNROSE78 19 SWEETGABROWN1
4/8/20 11:22 P
Got all over those #fitnessfeats today with an early ride πŸš΄πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ and then a late evening 🐢 walk! T STILLSPARKLEIGH 32 RAPTUROUSRITA
4/11/20 9:28 A
New here... is it possible to get rid of the suggested meal plan and just log foods or create your o MSDIRECTION 8 MSDIRECTION
4/11/20 12:00 A
Progress... SBCABELL 21 MDOWER1
4/9/20 8:48 A
One of the perks of working from home😏😁 (So much ROCALOCABRUSH 12 SWEETGABROWN1
4/8/20 11:09 P
Usually need to go down the street and turn a corner to see any glimpse of the sunset. So if it look LINSEYBAKER82 36 ALLYLIZZY
4/9/20 12:09 P
That was encouraging and informative. IMSALLYSTILL 1 IMSALLYSTILL
4/8/20 9:43 P
Sixty years ago tonight, my husband and I were married. We are celebrating quietly together and more BONIFIANT 209 JOANHAGEMIER
4/10/20 12:35 A
Did chair cardio exercises #moveit IMSALLYSTILL 3 BILLTHOMSON
4/2/20 5:58 A
My first Spark People's recipe. It is quick, easy to make and nutritional. The maker of this smoothi IMSALLYSTILL 15 GERRYH2
4/1/20 7:52 A
Enjoy what you eat. #eattherainbow IMSALLYSTILL 5 L_DROUIN
4/1/20 2:50 A
Several fruits and veggies at every meal #eattherainbow IMSALLYSTILL 2 WORKINGWOMAN31
4/1/20 12:31 A
See them eat them #eattherainbow IMSALLYSTILL 2 WORKINGWOMAN31
4/1/20 12:31 A
I'm trying so hard to keep myself as positive as possible but it is really hard right now! This pho MSMITCHELL2696 134 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/1/20 3:51 P
I added two servings of veggies fir fir my breakfast. Normally this is oatmeal and friut kind if mea IMSALLYSTILL 13 GERRYH2
3/31/20 8:26 A
I'm getting more healthy. My quarentine period will last another week. I am finally seeing signs th IMSALLYSTILL 13 SXB990
3/31/20 5:05 A
I completed a promise to a Sparker today. Yesterda IMSALLYSTILL 9 SXB990
3/31/20 5:06 A
Message Removed CD25388307 28 GARDENCHRIS
3/31/20 1:06 P
3/31/20 4:13 A