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It has been 12 wonderful days with my son and his dog. Looking forward to cleaning the house when JUNEBUGT 3 GEORGE815
6/21/20 5:46 P
Yesterday we took the canoe out on the water for the first time in yrs. It was a good day... JUNEBUGT 4 4EVERDIETER
6/16/20 10:33 A
Hit my first goal keeping in mind my scale might be short o 6lbs Yahoo 140 JUNEBUGT 5 DIANER62
6/5/20 11:55 A
It is a good day! JUNEBUGT 2 GEORGE815
5/5/20 5:33 P
A very gray day. A Good day to do inside stuff... JUNEBUGT 1 JUNEBUGT
4/29/20 10:32 A
I burned the buns I made yesterday. JUNEBUGT 2 VRAGGAMUFFIN
4/24/20 7:36 P
Quarantined. Well, "Stay home. Stay Well." Isn't that what they call it? I feel like I am just goi WEEDERSGRL1 5 JPPERSELL
4/19/20 6:36 P
Taking the day off of the regular, not much walking, no excercise but eating good. Just enjoying th JUNEBUGT 1 JUNEBUGT
4/19/20 5:52 P
Good overcast day to re organise the closet JUNEBUGT 1 JUNEBUGT
4/17/20 12:36 P
Went for a walk today. It is beautiful out however walking on the lonely side of the sidewalk for di JUNEBUGT 3 EVIE4NOW
4/16/20 6:25 P
Down 1 more lb today. Doing good. Keeping within the caloric intake and trying to be active.. May JUNEBUGT 4 GEORGE815
4/9/20 7:17 P
Trying to get cleaning done and have to deal with cheap people on facebook that want to cut your pri JUNEBUGT 2 GEORGE815
4/7/20 5:13 P
Having a good day. JUNEBUGT 4 EVIE4NOW
4/6/20 10:02 P
Having a good day. picked up my first on line grocery list. Easy! Got home and washed and sanitise JUNEBUGT 3 AMANDARENFRO0
4/4/20 8:41 P
Cleaning off To Do list and relisting to make day have more variety. Listing and allowing a time per JUNEBUGT 2 ALLYLIZZY
4/1/20 1:25 P
Another day of self isolation and cloudy skies. stepped on scale no movement just like my motivation JUNEBUGT 9 GOODYBAR58
3/31/20 3:22 P
Having a better day. Joined a dating service. Start with conversation during this distancing time. JUNEBUGT 6 EVIE4NOW
3/30/20 11:02 P
A sad gray day. No motivation but did 35 minutes on elliptical, some paperwork and watched a movie t JUNEBUGT 2 KRISKAY1962
3/29/20 8:37 P
Dull grey days are really a downer even more so with the self isolation. Trying to find a balance o JUNEBUGT 2 GEORGE815
3/28/20 4:11 P
Ooops don't always remember to do the communication update thing. there is enouph to enter food and JUNEBUGT 3 GEORGE815
3/22/20 4:36 P
Started with 1/ 2 grapefruit this morning and packed an apple and tangerine for a snack at work. #e JUNEBUGT 3 ALVEDAPERO1
3/17/20 10:26 P
Started with a large mango with breakfast and finished with a very large salad weighing almost 500 g JUNEBUGT 11 ALVEDAPERO1
3/17/20 10:29 P
Today I started the fruit and veggie challenge with 286 gr of fresh mango = 2 servings. JUNEBUGT 5 MUSICNUT
3/16/20 1:12 P
Started the 5 fruit/veggie challenge today with 286 grams of fresh mango... #eattherainbow JUNEBUGT 3 KITTYHAWK1949
3/17/20 8:31 P
Salmon Arm and Loving it JUNEBUGT 1 JUNEBUGT
6/24/17 2:26 P
4/19/14 9:17 A
What Exercise Did You Do For 10 Minutes Today? EARTHSEAME 33541 TCANNO
8/4/20 4:49 P
Share your challenge goals here! COACH_NICOLE 11848 SASSY228808
8/4/20 7:13 P
Getting the videos full screen? GADABOUT2 11 CD2061931
5/6/12 12:44 P
Hello thought I would try this out JUNEBUGT 6 CPATRICK9
4/27/12 10:04 A
Challenge 05/19/11: Open Exercise Day SHANFANNIN 21 BRITTVFAN
5/26/11 10:35 P
Challenge 05/17/11: What motivates YOU? SHANFANNIN 25 PRIN1978
5/21/11 12:46 P
Challenge 05/16/11: Stronger, Faster, Longer SHANFANNIN 27 SLJWATTS
5/17/11 10:08 P
Challenge 05/13/11: Check on a Friend :^) SHANFANNIN 16 BAYLEE9
5/15/11 11:22 P
Challenge 05/14/11: Count It All SHANFANNIN 20 BRITTVFAN
5/16/11 5:08 P
Challenge 05/12/11: Update Your Sparkpage SHANFANNIN 21 BRITTVFAN
5/14/11 7:16 P
Challenge 05/11/11: Work Those ARMS! SHANFANNIN 26 BAYLEE9
5/12/11 11:41 P
Challenge 05/08/11: Spoil a MOM Day! SHANFANNIN 18 BRITTVFAN
5/11/11 7:49 P
Challenge 05/09/11: Making A List & Checking It... SHANFANNIN 31 CD9680928
5/10/11 3:37 P