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Good evening spark friends, when going on a evening hike in the woods, it's a good idea to check y CARLOSLAKELAND 35 CONNIET88
12/15/19 9:19 A
Good Evening Spark Fam! I’m one week into this personal commitment, and I am down 3lbs. Everyday I CLASSACTKEKE 6 _RAMONA
12/15/19 4:52 A
#producex5 Had supper at a great salad bar today #eattherainbow KOALA_BEAR 12 LAURALLANCE
12/15/19 10:03 A
12/15/19 12:51 A
A successful Christmas bake, including gluten/dairy free, low carb, and regular. L1VEL1FE 32 _RAMONA
12/15/19 4:57 A
Happy Saturday Everyone. Just thought I would share these cuties with everyone🐾😘💜 FIERCEBAMAWOMAN 26 FIERCEBAMAWOMAN
12/15/19 10:16 A
12/15/19 1:24 P
Posted a goal 10XPERLB 29 RREDFORD5
12/15/19 11:47 A
Have a great weekend! GARDENSFORLIFE 30 TERMITEMOM
12/15/19 8:39 P
Cleaned out my big fish tank tonight: taking out decor, washing off materials, hauling buckets of wa MMAANDMUSICNUT 12 BILLTHOMSON
12/15/19 6:49 A
Was so happy to get back at exercise after having influenza. Ended up finding a new gym 5 min away DOUBLEBOW 6 TABATHA_CAIN
12/13/19 7:09 A
I'm new to Spark People this week. I'm diabetic, and I'm working hard to become healthier RUEJUDD7 11 TABATHA_CAIN
12/13/19 7:09 A
My belt changes! I've gone from not needing one, to an XXL, to an XL, and now finally to a LARGE! MOONBEAR7 36 ALLYLIZZY
12/13/19 1:08 P
Snack time! #hungry SPOKENWORD 18 IGSBETH
12/15/19 5:43 P
I might go over my calories for the day but im making a special dinner for my man hamburger pie (She MCATLEDGE 4 TABATHA_CAIN
12/13/19 7:04 A
Posted a photo 618LILY1 10 KOALA_BEAR
12/13/19 1:33 A
Gotta love the Keto Diet :). WESPARRISH23 15 WESPARRISH23
12/14/19 4:33 P
12/13/19 7:13 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 23 BONNIE1552
12/13/19 4:29 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 24 TABATHA_CAIN
12/13/19 7:03 A
12/13/19 6:18 A
Last year I made big steps towards healthy living, but after a long period of joblessness, the stres GEEWHIZSAM3 10 TCANNO
12/12/19 4:11 A
Took my measurements and I have lost 7 inches in my hips NURSESTUDENT148 16 ALLYLIZZY
12/12/19 1:20 P
Posted a photo HARROWJET 21 SPARKLINGME176
12/12/19 11:05 A
Here since 4:43p with an unknown pain at an area h BOOHOOBEAR6863 22 ALLYLIZZY
12/12/19 1:19 P
Made this today to break my fast (I do intermittent fasting). Kept one serving for tmrw. Was very li SKMMOM16 33 KOALA_BEAR
12/12/19 2:17 A
I fixed chicken broccoli, mushrooms, squash, and small potatoes for lunch. Banana for snack #eatth RAMSEYSJ 13 BONNIE1552
12/13/19 8:36 P
Posted a photo SARANJEAN 19 JLPEASE
12/12/19 8:56 A
Opps. Something happened to my friend feed. But that is OK. Here are my steps for yesterday. I got s LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 AQUAGIRL08
12/13/19 8:15 A
Posted a photo DAD_AINT_HIP 47 NANHBH
12/12/19 8:11 P
Officially considered overweight for my height! Operation lose 38 pounds starts right now! Will keep SCHANDY2283 20 YMWONG22
12/12/19 5:28 A
Hope everyone had a good day. Had Bible study, went to lunch with friends, then had went for my man KURTZIE1998 29 DUCKTURNIP
12/13/19 5:08 P
I woke up to a bright light that I went out to investigate..... IT WAS THE SUN ❤ soooooooooo... I w MAYDAY62 37 ALLYLIZZY
12/12/19 1:16 P
I find it hard to get in all my fruits daily. So today I made a fruit smoothie,it was amazing! 1 cup KIMGYM4 13 PAMBROWN62
12/12/19 3:23 A
Another moment of satisfaction today. A colleague I hadn’t seen in 5 months walked in to my office t JUPO0110 17 PAMBROWN62
12/12/19 3:23 A
I found a easy Frittata recipe In a sprayed oven safe dish: wisk 3 eggs, 1 oz low fat shredded chees BLESSEDROSE64 8 ALLYLIZZY
12/10/19 12:51 P
Okay everyone how did u get started. I'd really like to learn something about strength training wit SUNFLOWER18H8 4 KOALA_BEAR
12/10/19 12:39 A
In Oprah voice, "I love bread. I LOVE BREAD!!!" I've discovered a new addiction of mine I didn't rea DEDICATED2ME32 12 DEDICATED2ME32
12/10/19 10:00 A
I walked for 10 minutes today. This might not sound like alot but I am severly mobility challenged s LISAMARIE77506 23 LAURALLANCE
12/10/19 6:49 A
Day 27 - Did little movements since it is a rest day but feeling more energized and ready to do my w CSEGUIN2 7 KOALA_BEAR
12/10/19 12:17 A
I haven't been feeling the best. I don't know if I am just coming down sick. Or if it hasbeen my lac SBLACKWELL93 4 KOALA_BEAR
12/10/19 12:17 A
Returning in 22 days. Can SparkPeople handle all of the crazy? TRENTDREAMER 3 KOALA_BEAR
12/10/19 12:14 A
Well plant based diet to start. Friday I will start no meat no animal products. Let’s see how m NONYAGUPPY 8 KOALA_BEAR
12/10/19 12:09 A
Just 3 more glasses of water to go...I will surely get there today and meet my goal #h2whoa GREYGIN 8 CHESTER47
12/10/19 9:45 A
Well I finished off those pesky pumpkin cheesecake swirl bars left over from Thanksgiving so I can g DEBMO411 4 KOALA_BEAR
12/10/19 12:07 A
I have been off and on SparkPeople for a number of years, unfortunately I have lost access to my oth KNITTER52 7 GORDONED
12/10/19 12:10 A
Posted a photo DUGDIXIE1 25 _RAMONA
12/10/19 1:40 A
I ate 5 Fruits & 5 Veggies today. #eattherainbow PATRICIAANN46 8 WATHENCR
12/10/19 11:21 A
Finished the day still on track. Some days have bern harder than others with changes in routine, hol MAIN4ME15 4 _RAMONA
12/10/19 1:41 A
I feel like dancing! MATTHEWP24 15 ARNETTELEE
12/10/19 4:36 A
so I was really tired and didn't feel like going to the gym tonight and I missed out yesterday but a KIMGYM4 5 KOALA_BEAR
12/9/19 11:54 P
This was so good last night I just had to revisit it again only this time I added cauliflower rice a IMAJUSKEEPMOVN 12 IMAJUSKEEPMOVN
12/10/19 3:21 A
This was dinner the other night. Brussel spouts with pocked crab meat. It was cooked 3 minutes int t KNITTER52 9 KOALA_BEAR
12/9/19 11:47 P
Today I am celebrating my 82nd birthday. My husband and one of my daughters surprised me with a smal BONIFIANT 21 ALLYLIZZY
12/10/19 12:40 P
I stuck to my plan today. Oatmeal Healthy snacks Southwest salad lunch dinner Two scoops of ikos FINISHEDLOOK 6 _RAMONA
12/10/19 1:43 A
Great day! I tracked and stuck to plan. Now off to bed I go! Long physical day at work tomorrow! My TYMBERWOLFE 5 GARDENCHRIS
12/10/19 11:38 A
Need some much needed motivation. I keep saying tomorrow then dont follow through even though I want PROUDLILMOM 4 KOALA_BEAR
12/9/19 11:38 P
I just posted my "beginning" picture on my profile (which is from October 4). It took me FOREVER to MAIN4ME15 3 _RAMONA
12/10/19 1:43 A
New week, new chances to get it right, to get it done. What are your goals this week? How do plan to LIVINGLOVINLIFE 11 SPEDED2
12/10/19 11:09 P
6/7 snack free evenings.... 1 more to go :) KAWLIGANZ 4 KOALA_BEAR
12/9/19 11:24 P
This is my yummilicious dinner tonight grilled chi KIMGYM4 15 KOALA_BEAR
12/9/19 11:23 P
Hey guys Im new here. Just started working out with my girlfriend. Lost 12lbs already 60 more to go. BOLTONNICOLE764 7 GORDONED
12/10/19 12:08 A
Didn't get as much activity done today becauae I h LOVIN_LISS 10 ARNETTELEE
12/10/19 4:38 A
Sometimes it's so hard staying away from freshly baked cookies...but I did it today! LYNSB3 12 _RAMONA
12/10/19 1:45 A
I drank 8 cups today! 2 days away from finishing my first full week! #h2whoa NHALSEY310 12 BIGRENTMAN
12/10/19 10:19 A
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 19 _RAMONA
12/10/19 1:46 A
Posted a photo ZYNDALL 19 _RAMONA
12/10/19 1:46 A
12/10/19 2:20 P
12/9/19 9:28 P
Finally weighed in last night and tonight for the first time since Thanksgiving. Before weighing in JAMESEVER 24 _RAMONA
12/9/19 1:21 P
Today was a good day. 6PACKKKK 3 KOALA_BEAR
12/9/19 2:05 A
So I lost 80 lbs. I’ve gained back 20. Please give me advice on how to lose more weight and some. KARENBJACKSON20 7 DININA48MN
12/9/19 2:54 A
Getting back on track! Lord help me with all of this holiday temptation around me! With my busy sche TYMBERWOLFE 8 PATRICIA-CR
12/9/19 10:50 P
Officially one week in SparkPeople. I am so thankful I found this community. It is nice to know othe NOTTHEEND 11 PAMBROWN62
12/9/19 4:18 A
I finally lost 90 lb. It took me 22 years. The struggle was well worth it. Well worth it indeed. TIGERSEYEHEART 35 1958TMC
12/10/19 6:49 A