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Up early for no reason, guess I'm off for that early morning workout with the daughter @BABYLADY15 . LADYKAYCE 8 CHERYLHURT
1/15/20 7:19 A
So blessed that I got to wake up to another beautiful morning and another day where I am alive and w LADYKAYCE 9 RUTHIEBEAR
1/15/20 7:13 A
Good morning my friends! Feeling a bit blue because I've been letting stress get to me. The illness TORRESG24 8 TABATHA_CAIN
1/15/20 6:40 A
I keep telling myself this over and over.. Self motivation is the best LADYKAYCE 12 KNYAGENYA
1/15/20 7:31 A
I’ve officially made it into the 1’s....Woohoo!!!!! I haven’t seen a 1 in front on the scale since t GINGERMONKEY21 177 MINILOVER1
1/15/20 4:25 A
Curried lentil soup was my meal today while my family of four boys ate chicken and waffles... KATELEYNES 17 EVIE4NOW
1/15/20 12:33 A
#BeforeAndAfter KJENQN 216 LE_SIGH
1/15/20 6:39 A
2 lbs to the 2teens! 21 lbs to ONEderland! -46.8 GREENIETEANIE 67 _BABE_
2/14/20 1:21 A
Guess i better get this shopping trip done.. LADYKAYCE 2 GOINGFORSKINNY
1/12/20 11:47 A
9 days of consistent work outs. I feel so good and I'm seeing changes JODY-ANB 77 _RAMONA
1/13/20 12:20 A
A Sunday morning walk - the roads and paths all quiet at this time of year SWEETENUFGILL 93 SWEETENUFGILL
1/13/20 6:03 A
was not able to make it to the gym due to having an emergency but I did do my shopping so I guess I LADYKAYCE 5 KOALA_BEAR
1/6/20 2:59 A
Posted a photo LADYKAYCE 11 BOOKNUT52
1/6/20 3:41 A
Had a craving for ice cream so I made a smoothie thick and put it in a bowl and ate it with a spoon MCATLEDGE 9 KOALA_BEAR
1/6/20 3:10 A
Had a night out with The Man. Had lots of fun. Went to the Festival of Lights and walked a bit. Had FIREBRTHR 16 STILLSPARKLEIGH
1/10/20 11:40 A
I need to get my motivation back! TANICETO30 7 KOALA_BEAR
1/6/20 3:05 A
Trying to do small steps to a lifelong lifestyle change. Do the things you like. Gym is not for me. FINISHEDLOOK 15 -POOKIE-
1/6/20 4:05 A
I woke up this morning determined to make this life change permanent. I am now getting ready for bed LADYKAYCE 16 LADYKAYCE
1/2/20 10:19 A
I'm a newbie.. glad to be here BABYLADY15 9 LADYKAYCE
1/2/20 1:57 A
As everyone knows the 1st of January is the day that you put the old year behind you and let the new LADYKAYCE 5 MARCIE_ELAINE
1/1/20 2:11 A
🎆Selfie for Self-esteem🎆 Happy New Year SparkPeople Fam🎉 GCWILLI1 13 TEXASHSMOMOF3
12/31/19 11:27 P
Selfie for Self Esteem ! LDB122012 16 TYENOVKIAN
1/1/20 12:24 A
2010 to 2020 - 82lbs lost - vegan - Its been a hard decade and the hardest blow was losing my son T MOMS3KIDS 24 123THERESA123
1/1/20 9:04 A
This is the year. I'm going to be 100 pounds lighter in a year. I want to set a good example for my EMPHILLIPS14 8 NOCALORIES
1/1/20 12:01 A
I want to say hello to all my spark friends... I'm glad to be a part of spark, and look forward to 2 MHUMBERS1950 12 MHUMBERS1950
1/1/20 11:44 A
I have reached my weight loss goal in 2012 with sparkpeople and have been able to keep a healthy wei LIZYR777 9 DININA48MN
1/1/20 12:46 A
Message Removed CD23641654 10 BONNIE1552
12/31/19 8:21 A
Made it 3 miles tonight. Jogging and walking. I do better on a treadmill but did enjoy the starry sk SCTHEMIS74 8 _RAMONA
12/31/19 2:15 A
Self love and appreciation. Two very important things we should all know in our lifetime. You can ch LADYKAYCE 5 KRISUA
12/31/19 12:57 A
My son gave me an awesome gift. He took me to see the play Hamilton! I've loved the soundtrack for a LOVESTYPOS 21 HMEGLI
2/28/20 9:50 A
Raining outside, couldn't get in a walk so I used the step climber which is set on a 15 degree incli WATHENCR 16 WATHENCR
12/31/19 2:02 P
I’ve used spark people before and I know it works... I just started my health journey in November... JRNY2JME 6 JRNY2JME
12/30/19 3:04 P
Yep, it's that time of year again when everyone starts to think about how they can better themselves LADYKAYCE 8 MEROBERTS21
12/30/19 3:16 A