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Post a fitness icon! MINDYJ1 30354 MADEINBRITAIN
8/12/20 3:30 P
what was the last vegetable you ate? SIMMPLYPERI 18273 PATJOONWW
8/12/20 1:47 P
Coffee today? CD494922 138374 GREENIETWO
8/12/20 3:21 P
Keep the doggie walking ! KAYWEB555 8887 SUNSET09
8/12/20 5:23 P
Let's count to a Million NOVIA1 1003610 PATRICIAAK
8/12/20 5:40 P
Keep the Dog on the first page ANHELIC 24 LEARN211
8/11/20 9:48 P
Late night knock at the door and no body there. Just a gift basket with a note that said "you've b CARLOSLAKELAND 27 AQUAGIRL08
8/12/20 2:19 P
Some days the workouts are a necessity. You’re not feeling it but those are the most important ones! RASMUSSEN5 8 TUBLADY
8/12/20 7:38 A
Happy Taco Tuesday 🌮🌮😁💕 CATWMNCAT 24 NAVYWIFESKI
8/12/20 6:38 A
I need to get my carbs back down and exercise minutes up. #goalfeats LEARN211 4 BERRY4
8/11/20 10:31 P
A chaotic, busy, stressful day was made a little brighter when we saw this sign at our clinic today SOUTHERNJAVA 13 STILLSPARKLEIGH
8/11/20 9:33 P
I lost my first 20 lbs y'all! I can't believe how easy keto is. BREE78 28 HAZEL2278
8/12/20 2:00 A
Hit my goal of 140lbs this past Saturday... -60lbs in 48weeks... slow and steady, baby steps the who CATWMNCAT 191 JRDUPREE
8/12/20 11:19 A
Post a summertime emoticon!! MUGSYMOM 2009 SOOZIEQUE55
8/11/20 1:04 A
Post Something Green! MUGSYMOM 8152 SOOZIEQUE55
8/12/20 2:16 A
Post Something Orange! MUGSYMOM 7410 JLPEASE
8/11/20 3:34 P
Stop by and leave a smiley... DAIZYSTARLITE 61006 PATJOONWW
8/12/20 1:46 P
Emoticon- Rotate devil and happy face BIKERDIANE 23560 BARCLE
8/12/20 4:54 A
Keep the "PARTY" going............ LMMONTES 3369 BUTEAFULL
8/12/20 4:48 A
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 78841 SUNSET09
8/12/20 4:41 P
Been staying on track with exercise for 2 weeks. Food tracking is next, but feeling better to have RNOCHICK 25 1DARKHORSE
8/11/20 5:35 A
Tough today! BEBABY77 9 MJ7DM33
8/10/20 9:31 P
35 min walk today. NEPTUNE1939 8 URBANREDNEK
8/11/20 11:16 A
So glad it's easy to track macros. I knew I needed a low carb high protein dinner with plenty of pot TEACHERH 28 MJ7DM33
8/10/20 9:22 P
I got in a very sweaty morning gardening session, moved 2 wheelbarrows full of compost! Whew! Tomato TEACHERH 18 DWROBERGE
8/11/20 12:00 A
8/11/20 3:19 P
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 23 DEE107
8/10/20 8:56 P
Bourbon Glazed Salmon, Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potato😋 Are you tired of my foo CATWMNCAT 32 PCK12J
8/10/20 7:23 P
Starting my birthday week off right, pedicure, gifts for myself including weight lifting gloves, and HUFFELPOWELL16 32 ALLYLIZZY
8/10/20 1:51 P
Have a nice evening everyone! LINDALEE24 22 LIS193
8/10/20 3:34 A
Well I'm over on this weigh-in 🙄😒. I'm ok with this though I had grandson this weekend so I went o HJUDIE1 17 FELICIA1963
8/9/20 7:06 P
Keep the Ladybug on the first page!!! BONNIEBEE 15063 PATJOONWW
8/12/20 1:37 P
Keep The Turkey On The First page BLUEJEANGRL80 397 LEARN211
8/9/20 6:05 P
Keep the Roses Going PURPLEROSE414 13174 EVENSTAR5
8/12/20 12:38 P
Keep the Teddy Bear on this page GOODHEALTH08 2224 GOODHEALTH08
8/12/20 1:38 A
Keep Mr. Turtle on the first page SMITTY934 24828 SUNSET09
8/12/20 4:49 P
Keep the kitty on first page SCOOBYDOOBIEDOO 57872 PATJOONWW
8/12/20 1:45 P
Today is an active rest day. I ended up going for a 6+ mile walk around a local park for some fresh LOLOLOVESLIFE 23 KAYDE53
8/9/20 10:36 P
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 26 52BINCE
8/11/20 5:56 P
Had my green smoothie this morning for breakfast containing 2 C water, 2 C fresh spinach, 1 C fresh CATHYSFITLIFE 18 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/9/20 10:14 P
My weekend celebrating being sober! I got my targus pierced and as it didn’t hurt doing it.... holy LILMEMEJEAN 16 SHELLLITA
8/10/20 8:27 P
I don’t get pictures taken often. Started January LEMOW72 135 KAYDE53
8/9/20 10:36 P
Good morning SparkFam! It's a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in PA. It's lawn mowing weekend, s LIVINGHEALTHY16 176 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/10/20 6:57 A
Keep Mr Frog on the front page NHARRIS46 8669 PATJOONWW
8/12/20 2:19 P
Keep duckie on page one!! SCOOBYDOOBIEDOO 17702 GREENIETWO
8/12/20 3:19 P
However, I did accomplish what I set out to accomp LOTTALOX 21 KAYDE53
8/8/20 9:13 P
"Diet Day 1: I have removed all the bad food from the house. It was delicious." NANASUEH 34 GABY1948
8/9/20 11:57 A
How do you like the progress I'm making on my new beach body? BIRDLOVER-CJ 24 GEORGE815
8/8/20 7:13 P
Here's what the desert looked like from last night I thought I posted it sorry RIAH52 30 GETITDONE79
8/9/20 9:44 A
Do you own a food scale? MANKIE87 409 LEARN211
8/8/20 1:31 P
Share your challenge goals SPARK_COACH_JEN 3379 LEARN211
8/8/20 1:28 P
This is your the best you can. SIMPLY_JAE 12 GARDENCHRIS
8/9/20 12:52 P
Made a promise to myself 10-yrs ago to commit to a lifestyle change. My goal then was to get to ON GO_GAL_GROW 133 CATHYSFITLIFE
8/9/20 4:30 P
Heyyyy sparkers! Today is the day! Today I reached my goal weight!!! #BeforeAndAfter MISSMONMON 280 BLOND1E
8/11/20 11:36 A
93 degrees out 😓 It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t particularly pretty (me, not the scenery) but my Friday LOLOLOVESLIFE 12 MJ7DM33
8/7/20 9:45 P
Doing well. Hope I can stick with it! #moveit BIRDLOVER-CJ 8 WHITECAT19
8/8/20 2:53 P
When I don't want to exercise I ask myself "Excuse or Reason?" If it's a reason (Hurt, sick) FINE t DIANEDOESSMILES 20 LYNCHD05
8/8/20 7:52 P
I went swimming for 45 minutes in the afternoon wi ROSIE432 16 NEVERTOOLATE4ME
8/7/20 11:50 P
Today is my 30th birthday and I had such a wonderful day. I started my day with coffee and a heartwa DRBENGSCH2021 15 HAZEL2278
8/8/20 1:57 A
Actually I’ll be watching Snow White it Beauty and the Beast...but you get the idea! I’m trying to c SOUTHERNJAVA 30 SILOBEND1
8/8/20 2:18 P
Dinner - Southwest smoked turkey sausage with mushrooms, red and green peppers. 😋...Happy Friday ni NAVYWIFESKI 25 FLASUN
8/8/20 4:33 A
Keep the bananas on the first page! MINDYJ1 2393 HANOVERLADY
8/10/20 9:07 A
Keep the cornucopia on the first page! MINDYJ1 441 LEARN211
8/7/20 8:19 P
Posted a photo APRILDV 22 ANNA907
8/7/20 12:39 P
I had a very active day with one hour of body pump at the gym, I went swimming at an outdoor pool fo ROSIE432 9 _RAMONA
8/7/20 2:35 A
Posted a photo MARILYNS481 10 _RAMONA
8/7/20 2:34 A
Made it to 10 days with no sweets or artificial sw MUSICLADY923 4 ZOOMTHOM
8/6/20 9:20 P
My girls in their prom gowns even though they did not have a prom these are the pictures they had ta MSAAMAANDAA 21 HOWBADDOUWANTIT
8/6/20 11:40 P
Keep the grapes on the first page MINDYJ1 14554 PATJOONWW
8/12/20 1:46 P
Having surgery in 2 months hoping to be down some sizes before then... #BeforeAndAfter PENCHAIR1016 16 ELISEMARIEFARIS
8/11/20 11:38 A
Love when hubs wants salad for dinner💕 CATWMNCAT 28 PCK12J
8/7/20 1:34 P
Bible Characters A to Z QUEENCREOLE 894 BOSTON481
8/12/20 1:31 P
Any successes with adding spices? LOSINGSEVRYTHNG 90 CHERYLSCOTT54
8/9/20 5:02 P
Good evening, good night, and may your day be pleasant and peaceful! RREDFORD5 19 PCK12J
8/6/20 1:14 P
Got annoyed that weight loss became next to nothing after time. Tried many things. Some silly like NEVERAUTUMN 4 NEVERAUTUMN
8/6/20 11:29 P