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Finished the 5K today, I beat my goal of 45 minutes and crossed the line at 42 minutes and 50 second HUFFELPOWELL16 42 YOYONOMA
11/10/19 11:02 A
I think my cat loves my new running shoes as much as I do! Cant wait to get off the injured list and LORI-K 28 JAMER123
11/8/19 11:35 P
The tattered picture on the left is from 2006. It looks that way because it is stuffed into my gym b MIAMI_LILLY 196 BERRY4
11/9/19 3:52 P
Trying to get over my intimidation of lifting weights. Anyone have tips? URBANAUDREYE 7 GARDENCHRIS
11/7/19 12:40 P
Posted a photo UGOOGLY 19 KAYDE53
11/6/19 8:46 P
2 months of training and I ran my first 5k in two years (before I was pregnant). I met my goal of z JAMIEFAYW 14 DLDMIL
11/6/19 8:17 P
I haven’t been active much the last 3 days, my beautiful mother went to be with Jesus Monday @5:23 p WORKINGWOMAN31 274 WORKINGWOMAN31
11/7/19 8:59 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! 🎉 Guess what today is???? IT’S MY TWO YEAR SPARK-A-V TEXASHSMOMOF3 247 POGIRL17
11/6/19 11:47 A
I looked at some SparkPeople that I had followed a long time ago, some are now set to private and mo FRESHAIRE1 17 NYARAMULA
11/5/19 5:37 A
“Slow down your thoughts. Focus on your breaths. Get rid of the clutter in your mind. Prepare your m SPARKFRAN514 14 GABY1948
11/7/19 9:13 A
Signed up for the gym 3 months ago (maybe 4)...ton MIKESWIFEDEBRA 15 ALLYLIZZY
11/5/19 11:00 A
I fell down while running. I'm fortunate because it could have been worse. Nothing's broken. My neck SYZYGY922 15 MUDDYFOOTS
11/5/19 9:04 A
Workout 🏋️‍♀️ ✅ just look at those arms. Loving 🥰 it CBULLIS1 18 CGARR442
11/5/19 2:00 P
I took this picture of her the other day. Had to post. 💕 ALLYLIZZY 21 AMYINTHEWILD
11/2/19 9:51 P
Post 5:00am work out meal. Grilled steak and chicken with veggies.#cleaneating Don't you judge the LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 22 EO4WELLNESS
11/2/19 7:33 P
Weight loss was the first thing on my mind each time I would look at myself in the mirror every morn CAMELIA15 27 LORI-K
11/2/19 2:54 A
Good evening my SparkPeople family, I've been missing in action but reading a lot of blogs. Going th EVANS1848 13 GOODGETNBETR
11/2/19 10:23 P
My favorite time of the year. The sun sets where I can see it from the beach house JRDUPREE 20 HAPPYDAZ1
11/2/19 9:42 A
I HATE arm day with a passion LOL😭🤣 But still--I did 30 min of arms and abdominal, then 30 min in ROCALOCABRUSH 22 SNUZYQ2
11/2/19 1:31 A
Back is talking to me tonight. Overdid cleaning. I am sore and tired. Took 2 Extra strength arthriti LIVINGLOVINLIFE 31 GABY1948
11/3/19 7:14 P
11/1/19 4:45 A
Happy late Halloween, Sparkfriends! No spooky fun for me, just late night shoulders at the gym. On LORI-K 33 JANTHEBLONDE
11/3/19 11:55 A
My 1 year old pup passed away yesterday. Crying all day is a tough way to keep the calories down. BYEFATNANNY 91 LE_SIGH
10/31/19 7:57 A
Happy Wednesday sparkers!! From 524 lb!! Down to 220 lb!! Back up to 270 lb with weight training!! I GPALMER2019 43 LILIWHEELER
10/31/19 11:36 P
Yesterday I turned 48. I am going to lose 49 by my next bday. Here is my start photo. MDIENER 72 HAPPYCPA1965
10/30/19 10:00 A
Transformation Tuesday! 43.6 pounds down from last year at this time. Different size workout clothes PRSPLACE 133 LUVOFME
11/3/19 3:05 P
The trade-off between eating right and exercise shifts as we age. So what is the new correct balance SCOTTMAN5 5 STIRLIBK
10/28/19 6:01 A
WITCHES WALK this evening was lots of STEPS and smiles 😁 .... the parade route is a mile and a half STILLSPARKLEIGH 32 MARINEMAMA
11/10/19 7:17 A
NSV... OMG...I just ran in the park wearing a spor MIAMI_LILLY 34 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
10/27/19 2:21 P
The Grind Includes Friday!! Remembered earbuds ⭐️used them to power a 🦵🏻🦵🏻day workout with Toby STILLSPARKLEIGH 23 AMYINTHEWILD
10/26/19 10:47 P
Goodmorning my friends, tire blowout this morning but all good. So easy to complain when life is "no JUSTSTICKWITHIT 25 TEXASHSMOMOF3
10/26/19 8:14 A
I am procrastinating...25 Florida avocados...and they all ripened AT THE SAME TIME!!! Ugh...I have t MIAMI_LILLY 29 BERRY4
10/24/19 1:26 A
Took 3 ibuprofen at 1:00 feeling ok ... had to teach body Circuit tonight & thank god I feel ok ... ENNAZUS176 6 EVIE4NOW
10/22/19 12:14 A
7 years ago today I ran my first Half Marathon at age 44. Yesterday I ran 12 miles training for the LORI-K 36 JANTHEBLONDE
11/4/19 9:51 A
Posted a photo FMAX168 5 LORI-K
10/16/19 12:27 P
It’s transformation Tuesday, Friends! I started lifting 3 years ago this month. I’ve learned a lot a LORI-K 56 JANTHEBLONDE
11/5/19 11:09 A
The battle with food is hard some days. But the daily fight is totally worth being healthy and feel SWORTHING6 33 DIPAFRODITA
10/20/19 9:55 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!! It’s weigh in day for me and I have to be honest the s TEXASHSMOMOF3 165 CGARR442
10/17/19 9:19 P
Last week’s 2 mile run time 26:44. This week it was 24:50!! I shaved almost 2 minutes off!! I am sup MIAMI_LILLY 36 ALLYLIZZY
10/14/19 12:12 P
I’ve been feeling under the weather but had an amazing run today. Listen to your body and persevere. LORI-K 33 JANTHEBLONDE
11/5/19 11:10 A
This is Miss Lilly! 1CRAZYDOG 97 GABY1948
10/16/19 4:57 P
Today I am 79 but feel about 30. May everyone have a wonderful day. REDGINGER1 277 GRVPLSV
10/14/19 9:30 A
Weekly Landing Bonus Information! HICIM705 152 QTEALADY20031
11/10/19 7:20 P
First 5x5 today, 120 lbs on the chin up machine! Lowest weight yet! I'll get to that unassisted chin TARAZED 7 LORI-K
10/8/19 1:49 A
I took a week off. Went to the beach with my daughters and their families for their 30th birthday (t SUSANPGHRN 33 ARNETTELEE
10/8/19 7:11 A
Upped my free weights a little today. I love that feeling when ypu have to up your challenge cause i REVENGETIME40 10 YMWONG22
10/8/19 5:24 A
....::Fanning flames for a successful day for YOU and me! 2BDYNAMIC 26 GABY1948
10/10/19 10:11 A
On a little 4 day getaway and still managed to run 9 miles yesterday and worked out twice in hotel g LORI-K 26 TIGERSEYEHEART
10/8/19 4:49 P
Ran in my happy place and shaved 3 1/2 minutes off my time for 2 miles since last week! MIAMI_LILLY 23 TEXASHSMOMOF3
10/6/19 6:46 P
Day 2 of 5% Challenge. I ran over 6 miles this weekend for my team. Go Warriors! _WARRIOR4LIFE 14 DLDMIL
10/6/19 2:47 P
Happy TBT Sparkers!! Hope everybody's having a great week so far!! Stop procrastinating!! You know w GPALMER2019 75 CHERIRIDDELL
10/4/19 1:28 A
Um is it October? 🎃🍁🍂Felt like an August run to me.🔥5k for hump day!✔🙂 #running KEEPITUP05 18 KHALIA2
10/4/19 1:00 P
#transformationtuesday and I feel like I finally had a huge breakthrough. Are you ready for this?? TEXASHSMOMOF3 135 AMYINTHEWILD
10/2/19 5:39 P
I had a lovely bike ride with my hubby this evening, then we hit the gym for back and biceps. I feel LORI-K 31 ISNESS
10/5/19 1:59 A
4 miles for Monday😊🎃🍁🍂Yoga and ST✔ #running #motivation KEEPITUP05 27 KHALIA2
10/4/19 1:01 P
Good Sunday morning, fellow L names! And everyone else of course. Anyone else in the hotter parts of LINSEYBAKER82 10 JULIEA7201
9/29/19 11:23 P
Does anyone else have a hard time believing in yourself and loving yourself, like I do? Today I am g RUTHIEBEAR 23 CHOCOHOLIC2276
9/29/19 8:43 P
I LOVE knowing all my hard work paid off and I am now an Ironman!!! Very emotional crossing the fin GIANTOCR1 52 TMP0418
9/30/19 8:43 A
10 more days til I get to stand beside my best friend as she gets to marry the man if her dreams. So AUTUMSUN 15 ARNETTELEE
9/28/19 7:36 A
Beautiful day for a bike ride here in TN. I got in my exercise while exploring new places! Keep movi LORI-K 22 JAMER123
9/26/19 10:49 P
How will you get over the Hump today? It’s early cardio for me 🏃🏻‍♀️ followed by evening ST 💪🏼 # STILLSPARKLEIGH 42 MAYDAY62
9/25/19 10:10 P
Lovely flower found on my workout /outdoor walk tonight 👏😀 SUNNYWORKOUT30 22 SUNNYWORKOUT30
9/25/19 3:10 P
#transformationtuesday #144poundsgone #itsoktobeproud Saw this quote on IG earlier, sometimes I fee TEXASHSMOMOF3 23 CGARR442
9/25/19 7:53 P
When your doggy wants to exercise and do stretches with you! HOLLYM48 58 LOS101
9/25/19 6:52 P
Fall Supper In New Mexico Green Chile Pork, Cheese Enchiladas y Chicharrones (pork rind) as a cr PELESJEWEL 20 TMP0418
9/23/19 1:45 P
Today’s happy: I HAVE LOST 50.5 POUNDS!!!! My BMI is NORMAL! I am no longer officially overweight. THE_FAE 174 ARNETTELEE
9/23/19 7:46 A
Joyful Sunday Moments Had a good cup of coffee, enjoyed harvesting Chile Peppers 🌶 from my little PELESJEWEL 36 -POOKIE-
9/23/19 8:17 A
10/9/19 9:52 P
9/27/19 5:45 A
Last post taking an sp break thanks everyone and good luck MARJOHN164 22 AKELLY45
9/16/19 6:12 P
I am inspired by all of the outdoor fitness posts with beautiful scenery here on the CF. I enjoyed t LORI-K 40 JAMER123
9/13/19 1:05 A
Resting with my little CHI after an amazing run this morning. Sometimes you just have to run your fe LORI-K 23 JANTHEBLONDE
9/12/19 1:40 P
I met my goal...90lbs lost. So proud of me. Long road...3 years losing weight slowly and healthy. N CLPAKELE12 98 EVANS1848
9/8/19 10:33 P
Found A Box While Cleaning Today with “scattered pictures” Left: 328 lbs. or more Right: The 2019 M PELESJEWEL 43 PELESJEWEL
9/8/19 12:52 P
Working On Being The Best Version Of Me which involves learning.... Not everyone will like me, and PELESJEWEL 42 ALLYLIZZY
9/8/19 1:11 P