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All be back when the week is new and all have new LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 18 NANCYANND55
9/19/20 5:14 P
I aced my recertification exam tonight! I’m notor AMYINTHEWILD 33 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
8/23/20 6:19 A
Day 1 sugar free and I’m crawling up the walls (which I guess means I really need the detox). Subst AMYINTHEWILD 18 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
8/23/20 6:14 A
Picked peaches today! These won’t win any prizes, but I’m always so amazed that they can grow here AMYINTHEWILD 21 LILIANN400
8/23/20 1:09 P
🌟⭐️💫✨ It ALL starts with a Healthy Mind 🌟⭐️💫✨ #bepositive #beanencourager #lightheway STILLSPARKLEIGH 93 AZMOMXTWO
8/19/20 7:10 A
It's my birthday today, so I am offering myself grace to enjoy it. Keep working toward goals, but en KAYJ76 199 MDOWER1
8/18/20 8:17 P
Who says masks aren’t sexy?? #MaskItMonday MIAMI_LILLY 21 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
8/14/20 3:45 A
Tranquility 💗 ALLYLIZZY 24 PCK12J
8/15/20 11:15 A
8/15/20 11:17 A
Who wants to join in with my laughter? So I ordered these shorts over a month ago. I left my expecta LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 27 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
8/3/20 1:45 A
Not much activity today, during my study session, but I took a break to grab some goodies from the g AMYINTHEWILD 67 IAN2409
8/5/20 8:50 A
This is how every Friday evening should start to a weekend! MeYooow y'all! ❤ Do something fun, new, LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 26 LAPPEROO
7/28/20 8:27 A
Today is my Birthday and YES.. I will eat cake❤️ SYDNEYSHERMANAU 236 PWILLOW1
7/21/20 9:48 P
My dad passed early this morning from the corona virus. He had Alzheimers, was legally blind (macula RECOVERYMAMA 307 TREECE1922
7/21/20 10:41 P
Someone needs to see this cuteness today. Frost and little Fanny. LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 27 LAPPEROO
7/16/20 5:33 P
Has anybody ever put a restraining order out against their refrigerator? Asking for a friend. 😄 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 14 LAPPEROO
7/16/20 5:35 P
#beforeandduring 27 months ago I decided to change my whole life. Body, mind and spirit. You're so DOUBLELSMOM 232 MCFITZ2
7/16/20 1:30 A
Non-scale Victory: Whole camping with our family this weekend, we all hiked up a mountain that was 1 7STIGGYMT 35 AOKDIET21
7/8/20 12:29 A
Trying something new and it is working! Shhh. 😊 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 10 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
6/16/20 9:39 P
6/12/20 5:53 A
Hi Spark family! Sorry I didn’t post this morning but it’s been a very emotional time. So I know TEXASHSMOMOF3 53 JANS-JOURNEY
6/11/20 11:54 P
Some times you just don't feel like sharing. ❤ -ing all the kitties! Yard work will have to wait i h LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 13 KAYDE53
5/31/20 10:33 P
In 8 days I will have an 8 year old. He is teaching me how to play dominoes. Should my head be hurti LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 14 ERIN_POSCH
5/30/20 2:44 P
My dominoes instructor. LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 12 CHEIVOUS
5/30/20 10:05 A
Today is a wonderful day my dear Sparkfriends. It COOKWITHME65 24 MARYCANDOIT5
6/11/20 12:37 A
Can I ask for some prayers for my back? I over did it and now its not happy with me. 😞 Currently lo LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 16 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
5/21/20 5:52 P
Today, my precious kitty, Mia is being put down. Less than a week ago, she started having seizures. MIAMI_LILLY 194 BERRY4
5/23/20 11:29 P
5/20/20 8:37 A
Home renovation is better than any gym lol WOMANOFSTEELE 27 KATHYJO56
5/14/20 1:25 P
Anyone remember Jeff Fox Worthy’s bit “You MIGHT Be a Redneck If.....” I always make it “You MIGHT B STILLSPARKLEIGH 40 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
5/13/20 5:20 A
Thrilled to be tooling around with a stroller again! We’ve limited our walks to how far I can carry AMYINTHEWILD 18 ALLYLIZZY
5/13/20 12:36 P
Blue skies and time outside this weekend. Lots of functional fitness trying to get sand off our law AMYINTHEWILD 32 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
5/9/20 1:38 A
5 hours left and I get to enjoy 6 days off with the family before a shift change for a month. Lookin LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 16 SURFIE
5/2/20 12:43 P
#BeforeAndAfter Before the shelter in place order RENNIE_ 36 CANNAWRITER2020
5/4/20 2:41 A
Good morning! 🌞 I'm spending less time on social media, including Spark, because I'm sliding full- SURFIE 26 DAWNWATERWOMAN
4/30/20 9:08 P
My first ever, homemade-by-hand, fresh sourdough bread. -- First slice w/ butter. 2nd slice w/ butte BERRY4 24 TERMITEMOM
4/29/20 9:28 P
Apple cinnamon oat meal and peanut butter bread 🍞 BLANCAROMERO4 18 EVIE4NOW
4/27/20 11:00 P
Omg how should I eat this❤️ BLANCAROMERO4 22 EVIE4NOW
4/27/20 10:59 P
Standing in line at Costco with my Starbucks venti iced mocha made with almond milk and no whipped c ALLYLIZZY 23 6PACKKKK
6/22/20 12:15 A
Fuel is Key!! Be true to your body. Think before it makes a spot on your palate..🤔is it what my bod ALISEKAY 15 EVIE4NOW
4/25/20 12:07 A
All I wanted to do is quit today. I spent my morning being poked and prodded as they did tests for ME4ME 23 SLASALLE
4/25/20 12:54 A
Dragon fruit smoothies are beautiful 😍😍😍 DEARDESTINIE 26 NENEBFIT
4/24/20 9:52 A
How I felt leaving for work the other day. This is LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 23 JER-BER
4/24/20 5:28 A
I find myself feeling frustrated this week. I want progress and I’m having a hard time being patient FITLIZZE4 15 SPARKNB
4/23/20 12:35 A
You can't eat the fast food if you don't have your wallet! Shhhhhh. I will be flying under the radar LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 11 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/23/20 7:00 A
Self Acceptance means resting and “being still and quiet with myself” occasionally..... oh, and tryi STILLSPARKLEIGH 29 PCK12J
4/19/20 12:14 P
Happy birthday to me 🎉🎂🎊 44yrs young and 3yrs still healthy Woo hoo it's a win win 😁 I'm happy TMP0418 216 CONNIET88
4/19/20 9:25 A
Lots of functional fitness today, hauling the remaining trash from the last summer’s flash flood (tw AMYINTHEWILD 38 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
4/18/20 12:47 A
You know the world is crazy when you can’t tell if I’m going grocery shopping or giving a prostate e MIAMI_LILLY 36 FREDBEAR49
4/22/20 11:31 A
What is your bedtime and what time do you wake up? BRAZENRAINBOW 20 LIVINHEALTHY9
4/18/20 9:52 A
Good morning, Spark Fam! 🌞🌞🌞 I hope your Wonderful Wednesday is full of blessings and joy. 💖 SURFIE 18 DAWNWATERWOMAN
4/8/20 9:52 P
I can't wait until they reopen the parks! I want to go rollerskating! I do what I can inside the hou SURFIE 17 SURFIE
4/6/20 1:05 P
30 Day Challenge ! Living without joint pain🙌🏼 You Are One Step Away from a stronger, healthier yo ALISEKAY 12 ALISEKAY
4/6/20 1:59 P
I know this has nothing to do with spark people, b OPTICALXILLUSIO 30 FREDBEAR49
4/18/20 11:17 A
4/7/20 8:44 P
Laney Grey is doing her best with social distancing. In the first pic she is clearly active. 2nd pi LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 19 7STIGGYMT
4/5/20 4:27 P
With a wacky sleep schedule I'm often looking out the window if I see the floods lights have been tr LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 24 TIGERSEYEHEART
4/1/20 3:52 P
Just a quick funny- sent from my sister in law!!😻😻 KENNYBARBIE12 24 PEGJW111
3/25/20 8:24 A
Hmmmm- little bookends lol!! KENNYBARBIE12 27 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
3/23/20 1:16 A
Earlier in the day we worked at our rescue. I worked on the outside catio building a mini picket fen LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 18 -POOKIE-
3/24/20 4:25 A
Why are 7 year olds so honest? I worked on the catio this morning. Not thinking about the sun. I w LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 13 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
3/23/20 12:34 A
We've been busy! Tonight we started making mask for the health care providers. F modeled his very ow LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 17 -POOKIE-
3/24/20 4:26 A
#FacetoFaceFriday Sometimes, we just need a reminder of how far we’ve come!! MIAMI_LILLY 54 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
3/22/20 1:02 A
Friday Calls For Fancy Water!!! 💋 #h2whoa STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 AMYINTHEWILD
3/14/20 9:24 A
Good morning spark family ❤ Hope you all had a fan TMP0418 147 F5-FURY
4/4/20 11:53 A
Same weight a year later. Give or take a few One year of powerlifting!!! See a change? Y'all go PHOXYM 29 PHOXYM
3/7/20 10:12 A
What Healthy Things will you do today ?!? I will CRUSH that water goal 💧💦💧 #h2whoa and I will see STILLSPARKLEIGH 81 TOMSGAL85
3/7/20 5:34 A
Good morning spark family 🥰 Weekly weigh in 2 mo TMP0418 118 JULIEA7201
3/7/20 12:01 P
2.5 miles walked to get a BP check in. Textbook perfect! And enjoyed the cold, crisp sunshiney day. -POOKIE- 82 KITT52
3/7/20 2:20 P
Breakfast 420 calories which includes my first pot TMP0418 26 TMP0418
3/6/20 8:03 A
Posted a photo -POOKIE- 24 CD4114015
3/2/20 7:54 A
Keeping those yucky cravings under control with my home-made snack packs! 👍 JER-BER 59 ISNESS
7/7/20 9:33 P
Happy sunday everyone! I as usual couldn't sleep so I sewed instead! I looked up a video and made a LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 52 COOKWITHME65
5/25/20 10:56 P
Post 5:00am work out meal. Grilled steak and chicken with veggies.#cleaneating Don't you judge the LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 27 FOODISLOVE
4/21/20 8:26 A
IMPORTANT Biz Meeting Planned and Executed! CEO prepped and served a low calorie/good macro option STILLSPARKLEIGH 17 ISNESS
6/21/20 9:05 P