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1/11/20 5:34 A
So proud of myself! Did something I haven t done in prob years! I came out of the dollar store wit CLARKTAMMY37 44 CLARKTAMMY37
1/8/20 9:22 A
Birthday Girl #BeforeAndAfter JANETHERRING88 206 RODRIGUEZ41508
2/1/20 9:46 A
Today I start back. I let my Degenerative Disc Disease cause me to go into a depression. So I'm clim KATRAPHOEIX 5 ASF220
1/6/20 8:19 P
I've been away but I am climbing my way back. I lost 30.4 pounds in 2019....sadly I've gained some b MRSFANCYLADY 11 EDLEAR
1/11/20 5:35 A
1/7/20 12:29 A
Are u guys ready for that scream here it goes "SCREAMING LOUDLY" ok I'm done. Omg I did it y'all my CD24115281 246 QSHEPP
7/15/19 10:46 P
Dr. appointment today 68.9 lbs lost so far. #BeforeAndAfter SPIDERLADY1313 48 TAYGRL
7/19/19 8:58 A
160+ Pounds Gone !! QUEENANNETTEJ 37 MAYDAY62
7/12/19 2:22 P
5mile run yesterday. Drinking coffee and deciding what the workout plan is for today! 🚵‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏋️‍ KEEPITUP05 10 ALLYLIZZY
6/25/19 2:14 P
I'm not even telling people I know in real life...and I'm not requiring perfection....but today I be AMYCURTIS01 244 MMMMD59
6/24/19 10:02 P
Evening walk with my husband. LIMDUR 10 DUCKTURNIP
6/5/19 9:52 P
Doing a complete 180 on my workouts I am doing 60mins on bike and tomorrow do 60mins on strength... CD24115281 32 CD24115281
6/6/19 9:29 A
Got up early this morning because it was packing day to come home. But I also had a virtual 5k to do RIPDJEANSNROSES 10 AMYINTHEWILD
6/5/19 10:03 P
My started weight 510 now weight 383 I'm trying to get to l87 pray for me an I didn't have know surg JEANGREENGIBBS1 33 TLV106
6/3/19 9:52 P
Not sure what is going on with me lately. I am up 8 lbs since this time last year. My husband broke CKATT3 10 TRENTDREAMER
5/28/19 5:12 P
Crushing the weekend warrior challenge! HEAT730 16 BONDMANUS2002
5/28/19 5:15 P
Edit: Your support continually blows me away Spark DOUBLELSMOM 158 BONURALISA
5/29/19 1:17 A
5/24/19 6:45 P
5/24/19 11:55 P
Enjoy Your Weekend! MSROZZIE 21 ALLYLIZZY
5/18/19 2:23 P
My pet's name would be cucumber... 🤪 DEM-TOM 304 RECOVERYMAMA
5/10/19 10:01 A
5/9/19 12:42 P
Today, my focus is on.... LPORTER2015 943 LINZEE118
1/8/20 11:50 A
We MUST tell ourselves this each and every day. NO-ONE is coming to save us. That might sound harsh. MRSFANCYLADY 9 TESSWILDFLOWER
5/8/19 5:55 A
Question a day in May #3: What does your joy look like today? HEAT730 11 GEORGE815
5/3/19 8:17 P
My family really needs prayers, thank you so much! AMYMBUNCH 33 EO4WELLNESS
5/4/19 2:07 P
13 Pounds down in 12 weeks. Slow and steady wins the race. (Or I could say, there are a lot of hil SUZIEQ2013 17 GEORGE815
5/3/19 8:39 P
I've been admitted to the hospital CHEYNESMOM948 17 ELSCO55
4/23/19 12:26 A
Today was a good day! #fitbit BECK_66 20 ALLYLIZZY
4/23/19 11:30 A
Posted a photo MKPARKE77 29 ALLYLIZZY
4/23/19 11:28 A
4/23/19 2:19 A
Eat to fuel your body not to feed your emotions. Need to remember this! AMYBRO1 20 HAPPYDAZ1
4/23/19 10:09 A
4/22/19 10:46 P
Still going! #BeforeAndAfter SPARKLAURAK 30 MAHEDAGO
4/25/19 3:03 A
Easter was a little rough and I back stepped a little. But it is a great reminder to look back and SWORTHING6 22 123THERESA123
4/23/19 8:26 A
I wish I could let you see how happy I am! I am down 21.9 pounds since I recommitted myself to my g MRSFANCYLADY 16 SASYPHRAS
4/15/19 2:40 P
My plans for the rest of April! I'm excited to do them. It's not to hard it's definitely challenging CD24115281 14 CD24115281
4/15/19 11:14 A
Before: Father/Daughter Dance 2012 After: Junior Prom 2019 #BeforeAndAfter RDMOORE01 17 JULIEA7201
4/14/19 10:59 P
It is essential to our success! MRSFANCYLADY 24 EO4WELLNESS
4/13/19 6:02 P
Hello all its been awhile since I have been on here but I am happy to report that I am down 140 lbs ANGIE920 24 FRISKYCRITTER
4/12/19 9:01 A
From 2010 until now. From bein Disabled to YO I AM able!! DIANEDOESSMILES 45 GOODGETNBETR
4/17/19 10:16 A
June 2018 till now! Lost 52 pounds so far. Another 25 to go!! TRACYHUHN 53 FISHGUT3
4/12/19 8:58 A
I'm a whole new woman after losing the size of an extra person! JULIHC82 163 MLR_00
4/12/19 7:40 A
I believe I did great burning those calories on the treadmill! CD24115281 13 CD24115281
4/9/19 12:55 P
Today was warm. I easily drank my 8 glasses #h2whoa NEEK66 6 CLOUDWALKING
4/8/19 9:48 P
My only goal was to be in more pictures rather than behind the camera! So glad I found this amazing DOUBLELSMOM 21 DOUBLELSMOM
4/9/19 12:20 P
#nsv so super excited I have been wearing a 26/28 for a long time. I don’t like to spend money and b RAINYN2004 26 SUNNYWORKOUT30
4/14/19 8:13 A
So I dont usually post on here, but I hit a huge milestone this week and wanted to share. I'm down 5 ESCHRUFER 207 ESCHRUFER
4/9/19 7:03 A
Wow I was stuck I a plateau for three weeks the scale didn't move , finally Sunday I broke thru 4lbs KAR815 6 KAR815
4/11/19 8:57 A
Yay me!! First week lost weight is 5lbs!!! 😂 KYLE08 2 MRSFANCYLADY
4/8/19 4:05 P
You are worth it! MRSFANCYLADY 14 DARCY-B
4/6/19 9:15 P
4/6/19 6:41 P
#FaceToFace Friday. I can't believe the difference. I am so glad I took pictures along this journe BEAGLEGIRL79 148 KATYNB
4/5/19 3:26 P
I felt like I wasn’t making good enough progress, because instead of losing like I want to, I’ve jus ALLYLIZZY 44 TMP0418
4/7/19 8:31 A
#feelgoodfriday #facetofacefriday #flashbackfriday I used to hate candid, surprise photos. I need DOUBLELSMOM 18 REYNAJUST4KIX
4/5/19 1:53 P
Down 12 pounds! 18 to go! NSV, today I'm wearing pants that were too small and now fit perfectly! Al RUTHIE2315 18 2CGARRETT2
5/28/19 5:32 A
Wow. That’s a visual! MSJWALKER52 21 MHUMBERS1950
4/5/19 2:18 P
I turn 42 today! I am 10 pounds lighter than last year and have lost a total of 40 since 2017! Hop KENNYBARBIE12 191 MOJOZEN
4/8/19 10:22 P
Here we go! Day 1 of my journey... SHRINKINRADGRL 19 BARBWMS
4/2/19 2:17 P
It is a daily struggle to lose and keep weight off... I encourage you to stay the course! Keep your MRSFANCYLADY 8 ALLYLIZZY
4/2/19 3:23 P
Workout complete! I may go to the gym again tonight with my sister! It feels so good after you finis CD24115281 28 -RUBIES-
4/2/19 12:50 P
#BeforeAndAfter just a progress shot but I'm starting to see changes and I feel so much better! MGRANT584 19 NICOLENCCU
8/9/19 7:31 P
I got my hair done yesterday. Down 34 pounds since the first picture. #BeforeAndAfter POOBUS 91 LOULOU1709
4/6/19 8:48 A
Coming up to my 1 year in 12 days. 91lbs between photos and countless inches! The life I've gained f DOUBLELSMOM 170 JRDUPREE
4/2/19 11:48 P
#BeforeAndAfter A little at a time but I'm getting there!! Hope everyone has a blessed day🤗 JEANA45 66 LOULOU1709
4/6/19 8:46 A
Hello everyone! It's been a very long time since I've been on Spark. I was doing very well then un NANCIE223 3 MRSFANCYLADY
4/1/19 11:31 A
10 more gone. Yippie MARILYNN814 19 JHADZHIA
4/2/19 1:29 A
100 pounds down. 85 to goal weight. SBREWER771 135 FAITHP44
4/1/19 5:46 P
Hoping to put a smile on today! I have struggled through one of the worst binge episodes to over tak MSMITCHELL2696 169 ENNAZUS176
4/1/19 9:32 P
Spark friends have a Saturday so good it makes all the other days jealous. PAMBROWN62 13 WOMANOFLOVE
3/31/19 10:05 P
Over 200 pounds lost! APIQUE 126 GWAKEFIELD
3/30/19 10:27 P
Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. MOM0F2_DANNIE 237 SUNSHINE150
3/30/19 9:35 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Yesterday was a great day, and although y’all know I’m all about #NSV, TEXASHSMOMOF3 253 LINDSAYB2013
4/9/19 12:14 P
Dinner went wrong when my ninja tried to kill me. Craziness. JENNI-NIKKI 47 PATSYGO
3/25/19 3:44 A