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Has anyone ever had their RMR tested? I had mine tested and it was quite high at 2,076. They measure OPATIK9 12 OPATIK9
11/23/19 6:44 P
I feel I am the live story of a warm sunshine’s give into dark cold days... I was a positive happy g MSFIGGY 9 NVRGIVINGUP
10/29/19 3:39 P
Starting back today on my diet need to lose 85 lbs before june 2020 for my goal weight help push me. BRIGHTEYES43071 16 EVIE4NOW
10/25/19 6:04 P
Whats your fave salad dressing ALOVEBEAM 7 ALOVEBEAM
11/14/19 7:51 A
Figgy’s Lettuce (Romaine) and Rocket (Arugula) Salad: For 1 Person. 3-4 leaves romaine lettuce 10 le MSFIGGY 12 MSFIGGY
10/21/19 2:47 P
I know this is not a place for Psychotheraphy for family issues but if i stay alone and speak to mys MSFIGGY 15 SLIMMERKIWI
10/29/19 7:44 P
Who says that #Keto or #lowcarb is not sustainable? I’ve been doing this for a 1 year and 3 months a NVRGIVINGUP 23 NVRGIVINGUP
10/23/19 1:00 A
I have a new hobby, with the olive oil we get from our farm, i learned to make natural organic soaps MSFIGGY 37 NVRGIVINGUP
10/29/19 3:43 P
I froze a bunch of vegetables, for the winter time use, as it was cheaper and no chemical used in th MSFIGGY 19 MSFIGGY
10/18/19 2:11 A
Peppers I grew in my botanic balcony on the 10th floor at my apartment flat. My baby girl is so curi MSFIGGY 13 MSFIGGY
10/18/19 2:11 A
A new wood fire oven built in our farm yard, my brother came from the States for a 2 weeks visit. Ev MSFIGGY 14 NVRGIVINGUP
10/29/19 3:44 P
A cousin came today for a visit after 2 years, and first thing he said was, what is going on with yo MSFIGGY 6 NVRGIVINGUP
10/29/19 3:45 P
Again some family issues and I am not talking to anybody in the house today. I took all the quick ju MSFIGGY 6 MSFIGGY
10/11/19 1:31 P
Happy Sunday, today i cleaned the whole house and now cooking for my customers. Very tiring but acti MSFIGGY 5 MSFIGGY
9/29/19 4:12 P
Where has my life joy gone?????? MSFIGGY 2 FRISKYCRITTER
9/27/19 8:01 P
Message Removed CD25101131 4 GEORGE815
9/27/19 5:01 P
Went over my calories yesterday, not by much, but SPOKANPHOENIX 8 BLUECAFE
9/28/19 11:34 A
More trees! REDWHALEY 18 KAYDE53
9/27/19 9:05 P
Was headed to the gym today because it was supposed to be 30 mph winds, but I didn’t see it blowing GINNABOOTS 32 EVIE4NOW
9/27/19 11:00 P
Every time i workout, next days i suffer from different aches, last 2 weeks i had hurting ribs that MSFIGGY 7 MAGAN1
9/27/19 6:50 A
Back up. I just keep fluctuating every other week 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ HJUDIE1 19 MSFIGGY
9/27/19 4:38 A
Focus on you ✌👍🏻💪 #BeforeAndAfter MRSDANIELAL 21 LE_SIGH
9/27/19 7:41 A
Today is my 41 Birthday.... But in family because of mom and sister...and friends I have great scars MSFIGGY 36 SYZYGY922
9/26/19 6:23 A
Today, I cooked and didn’t order junkfood for delivery again. I am slowly getting rid of that bad ha MSFIGGY 16 MSFIGGY
9/23/19 11:48 P
Lunch today Zoodle, veggie, and chicken soup. JEANUT 9 GARDENSFORLIFE
9/23/19 9:47 P
"The secret to great wealth and spiritual contentment? OK, hold on. I think I've got an app for th NANASUEH 12 GABY1948
9/25/19 8:42 A
This morning I did something that I haven’t done ever in my life... I gave up on an Open Buffet Brun MSFIGGY 23 MSFIGGY
9/21/19 5:04 P
Zero motivation.... MSFIGGY 10 MSFIGGY
9/19/19 6:24 P
Hello, is it possible to hurt the ribs by stretching on pilates ball with 260 lbs body? Did anybody MSFIGGY 1 MSFIGGY
9/19/19 6:22 P
I have read, if you eat 1 tomato and a cup of broccoli everyday, for a month, it makes your body get MSFIGGY 9 MSFIGGY
9/19/19 7:51 A
today was Bible study and our red hat luncheon, since this was my birthday month,you wear a purple h KURTZIE1998 41 SPARKFRAN514
9/20/19 2:44 P
So overwhelmed. There's a million things on my to do list and because of that, my mental health is s OPTICALXILLUSIO 17 JRDUPREE
9/19/19 9:55 A
Good morning to all. Taking care of MIL today, poor dear has an upset tummy. Back to town for more m JEANUT 3 MSFIGGY
9/18/19 1:30 P
As a single person I have a hard time eating g properly. Any suggestions? OWEAVIE 4 MSFIGGY
9/18/19 1:27 P
Ughhh I am 260 lbs but still WHY am I sooo comfortable sitting on this couch...???No willing to go f MSFIGGY 7 JEMADE
9/17/19 12:49 P
I think I have posted this funny before. But, it is too funny not to repeat. Have a terrific Tuesda HEALTHYME98 14 DEE107
9/18/19 12:14 A
The court will be again in November. Thanking God sooooooo much it went well last time I think... Bu MSFIGGY 5 MSFIGGY
9/14/19 8:06 A
What a weird dream I had when i was sleeping. I was looking for somebody who can make Korean food, t MSFIGGY 5 ZRIE014
9/11/19 12:29 A
I ate pear instead of gummy worms tonight DARCIEDURA 15 PEGJW111
9/11/19 7:46 A
#friendfinder. 34 yr old. Momma of a 2 yr old. Live in Niagara Falls,Ontario, Canada. Just diagnosed SMILINSWEETIE 4 KEEPINGITOFF3
9/18/19 9:01 A
Today a friend who grows commercially brought us a couple artichokes & some brussel sprouts cut righ KOALA_BEAR 8 AOKDIET21
10/2/19 5:00 A
Good morning Spark family. Last 2 days until the court, eventhough I know only what is good for me w MSFIGGY 9 MSFIGGY
9/9/19 3:01 A
Good morning Spark family, another morning I woke up with a killing headache, my blood pressure is o MSFIGGY 13 _LINDA
9/5/19 9:42 A
This past weekend was so hard. An ex BF of mine is in the hospital about to go into Hospice. I HAD t DRINKALOTH2O 32 DRINKALOTH2O
9/7/19 11:55 A
9/5/19 3:17 A
Today's lunch was a true concoction lol. CD24115281 10 MSFIGGY
9/5/19 3:04 A
Tore both ACL and mcl in both had surgery trying to recover so I can get back on my weight loss j KLOVETJ17 14 LOF7203
9/5/19 3:57 A
2:25am on way to gym. SIXPACKEDDD 7 LITTLEREDHEN8
9/5/19 5:09 A
Did you know, if you leave a glass of water under sun for a while and then drink it (cover with a li MSFIGGY 6 MSFIGGY
9/4/19 10:02 A
May you find lots to make you Smile today! LITTLEREDHEN8 22 HAPPYDAZ1
9/4/19 9:19 A
Dorian has left SOUTH Florida.....we were safe ...No damages - only a few gust of winds hit us!! GOO FLASUN 32 LIS193
9/5/19 3:23 A
So all you people have to do is decrease your calories. I gained a lot of weight when I quit smokin ATHOMPSON606 3 ATHOMPSON606
10/20/19 12:51 A
I had such a great, productive day! I also got to workout after all! KEVSHAS 20 MSFIGGY
9/4/19 4:13 A
Pray for me, I am recovering from anorexia and I'm struggling. Much love to everyone. JOSISWAN 8 BONNIE1552
9/4/19 5:33 A
Please think of all the animals in the hurricane, that didn't have a nice owner. They need us!! ATHOMPSON606 6 MSFIGGY
9/4/19 4:12 A
Two and a half hours in the dojo tonight - got some some good cardio in! Came home and made a sandwi DAD_AINT_HIP 13 NEW_CATS_MEOW
9/4/19 9:17 A
Sometimes we just gotta patient with our bodies and abundantly love ❤️ ourselves. SIXPACKEDDD 6 MSFIGGY
9/4/19 4:11 A
When ☝️ you put 🍋 in a blender the fiber being chewed while you drink 🍹 your water based concoctio SIXPACKEDDD 4 MSFIGGY
9/4/19 4:10 A
Hoping the storms pass fast around here. TWEETYKC00 10 GABY1948
9/5/19 8:50 A
My mat absorbed tears and fears as I listened to the gentle yet powerful guidance of my teacher. My SOLACEMISTMKR 16 MSFIGGY
9/4/19 4:08 A
Love this!!! The 2019 FALL 5% Challenge is now OPEN for new and returning members. If you love sup DIANEDOESSMILES 13 DEE107
9/5/19 12:13 A
Here's one from last month that I forgot to put up that I wanted to share: NITEMAN3D 24 CGARR442
9/4/19 7:40 P
I just bought new underwear not even a month ago and they are starting to get baggie. So I went to s DEBYDOINGIT 26 NEVAPATE3
9/4/19 8:12 A
9/4/19 2:49 P
Two older boys went back to school yesterday, youngest goes back today, final son goes back on Monda NANLTHOMPSON 9 TABATHA_CAIN
9/4/19 7:04 A
Posted a photo SIMPLYME_LORI 17 GRANNYOF05
9/4/19 8:21 A
Good-bye my beautiful sweet Bernie! No more fighting for food and water, and hiding from cars and c MIMAWELIZABETH 15 PATRICIA-CR
9/4/19 2:04 P
Hurricane Fernand is slowly moving from Gulf of Mexico to South Texas. Flood warning till 7 pm tonig AOKDIET21 30 7STIGGYMT
9/4/19 5:49 P
11:30 pm here on this side of the world. My kitties still running around playing hide and seek, but MSFIGGY 5 GEORGE815
9/3/19 6:44 P
When this happened I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. On the plane they had to change my sea MSFIGGY 15 MSFIGGY
9/3/19 2:09 P
Here I am again...thankful that my seat on the wagon hasn't been given away as abandoned! AMYJO1967 12 JRDUPREE
9/3/19 10:56 P
Finished all this canning this morning and installed new cordless blinds (six) on my back-porch. La STEEPERSLOUNGE 29 PICKIE98
9/4/19 11:04 A
I'm getting real tired of saying I'm back after I fall off the wagon. But here we are again... I'm b KAT808 9 RICHE38
9/3/19 12:43 P
Sitting at the balcony at farmhouse, trying to relax my mind, I am stressing as the court day come c MSFIGGY 17 MSFIGGY
9/3/19 11:11 A
9/3/19 7:06 A