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This doggie knows how to relax! -RESAMARIE 11 SWSHENANIGANS
10/16/20 12:48 A
I tore a knee ligament a while back and it's taking for ever to heal so I haven't been able to do mu MUSTLOVEROCK 8 BUTTERFLYJANS
10/15/20 7:00 P
I'm trying yall CHERYLBLOSSOM14 17 GEORGE815
10/15/20 8:57 P
4/30/20 8:20 P
Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines. — Robert H. Schuller MUSTLOVEROCK 5 TCANNO
4/4/20 2:49 A
4/3/20 8:37 A
The highlight of my day! breakfast in bed a croiss MUSTLOVEROCK 9 LUANN_IN_PA
3/30/20 8:24 A
Almost time for a road trip! TWEETYKC00 12 GABY1948
3/31/20 11:44 A
Well, we finally had a company meeting and looks like all 3 of us in our family will continue to go CANDPDUGAN 11 LIS193
3/28/20 5:11 A
Duncan is loving that I’m home so he and I can chill out in the recliner. Thinking I’ll do a work ou KPINAZ 11 MOMOF4JDRS
3/27/20 10:23 P
Sad world we live in now. Be safe TRACY9103 14 DONNA_CPS2
3/26/20 4:05 P
I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you MUSTLOVEROCK 2 EMMACORY
3/26/20 1:14 P
Posted a photo NOLALIJE11 12 CHERRYZMB60
3/26/20 7:58 P
Posted a photo NOLALIJE11 11 CATWMNCAT
3/26/20 2:27 P
You know I'm all about quantity and low calorie!!! TMP0418 51 DRINKALOTH2O
3/26/20 8:52 P
Posted a photo NOLALIJE11 17 RREDFORD5
3/26/20 4:34 P
Did another bouquet today! AKIMBRE1 29 FITMOMMA_OF6
3/26/20 9:38 P
My dog died yesterday so I did not log any info. I did drink a stale rootbeer and had a slice of ha SASSYGIRL64 37 LIZZIE138
3/24/20 6:57 P
3/24/20 9:17 P
Good morning! I am spending some time just cuddling the dogs who are crashed out asleep. A little s LESLIELENORE 30 WIZARDHOWL
3/25/20 12:15 A
“Don’t use all your muscles, only the ones you want to keep.” #moveit #motivationalquote MUSTLOVEROCK 2 GEORGE815
3/21/20 5:25 P
The hard work will show don’t give up! MUSTLOVEROCK 9 GEORGE815
3/21/20 5:29 P
Live and learn. EVIE4NOW 35 KAYDE53
3/21/20 9:12 P
Posted a photo MUSTLOVEROCK 13 TM403J
3/20/20 5:51 P
Posted a photo JENNIFERBR51 25 LADY_KATHY
3/20/20 4:23 P
A little humor during this stressful time: My kitten's work...he doesn't know how valuable this is a SBABEYTA1 41 JAMESEVER
3/20/20 9:36 P
Staying on track & loving my new reusable snack bags 🖤 I’ve been making small changes here & there, MUSTLOVEROCK 20 EVIE4NOW
3/20/20 12:37 A
My husband's friend tested positive for COVID-19 and my mandatory paid vacation will be over tomorro PEREZJPRZ19 15 EVIE4NOW
3/20/20 12:49 A
Colourful health. -POOKIE- 12 GABY1948
3/20/20 10:02 A
I have been self-isolating since I had some coughing and wheezing and congestion with a very slight PAMBROWN62 37 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/19/20 9:20 P
Beautiful day for a walk STEPH6377 6 MUSTLOVEROCK
3/18/20 5:47 P
Someone must be sheltering in place... PCK12J 15 TRIMNUP
3/19/20 10:47 A
How many calories are in a fly?? Cause I just swallowed one!! 🤢🤢 TXSASSY76 16 FORGIVENESS4ME
3/24/20 8:41 A
From 210 down to 199. My goal was 200. 4 weeks of just running and eating healthier. #FeelsGoodMan # WHOSMIZOH 14 WHOSMIZOH
3/20/20 1:36 P
Anyone else having a hard time being stuck in the house because of this Corona virus and eating ever PROUDLILMOM 11 GEORGE815
3/18/20 5:18 P
3/18/20 5:23 P
It may be moving slowly, but I'll take it! If y'all knew how many slip ups I've had... You'd be shoo KATRINAPLUS_TX 27 LOWQUALITYSOUND
4/14/20 3:25 A
Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. MUSTLOVEROCK 4 TCANNO
3/18/20 3:58 A
☘In this new life order of keeping a safe distance... Happy St. Patrick's Day! Stay Healthy! PYNETREE 18 BEYONDOPHELIA
3/18/20 6:20 A
Just thought this is worth sharing. MUSTLOVEROCK 18 GEORGE815
3/16/20 8:53 P
I’m so stressed and anxious about what’s goin on in the world and I’m having a lot of trouble contro NETFLIXANDTEAL 17 NETFLIXANDTEAL
3/18/20 12:42 P
It may not be the most inventive meal in the world but it was quick, nutritious, and delicious. Roas KAWLIGANZ 21 1BLAZER282005
3/17/20 7:01 A
I tried two new products today: Pasta Lensi brand Red Lentil Fusilli, and Banza brand Chickpea Penne SURFIE 26 1CRAZYDOG
3/15/20 2:27 P
I have time off for quite awhile since I can't go into work. So today I painted this picture!! It DIANEDOESSMILES 33 DIANEDOESSMILES
3/15/20 9:06 P
A local restaurant posted something that I thought was a great idea in this crazy time. If you don’t LJBOWSER1 7 _RAMONA
3/15/20 3:06 A
Woo Hoo… Doing the Happy Dance (I literally danced around the house)! Lost 1.5lbs this week which br CATWMNCAT 33 KAWLIGANZ
3/18/20 8:58 A
Posted a photo NOLALIJE11 19 GEORGE815
3/14/20 8:51 P
Happy Saturday SparkFriends!!!! It's been a busy work week so I look forward to light errands and re ROCALOCABRUSH 12 10XPERLB
3/15/20 2:00 A
Sipping coffee while listening to the rain. 💕☕️ Happy Saturday! ALLYLIZZY 39 TOMSGAL85
3/15/20 5:42 A
My hometown is "ground zero" in Kentucky for the Coronavirus. No toilet paper or bleach anywhere in LODYANGEL 24 CHANGE771
3/13/20 11:44 P
Breathe in. Breathe out. Stay calm. No panic. No hoarding. Stay positive. Be smart. FIINALEE 12 RETAT60
3/13/20 11:02 P
I'm so excited! I finally ordered myself a smart watch yey! the brand is "Luxini" has anyone heard o MUSTLOVEROCK 8 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/13/20 7:29 P
3/17/20 5:01 P
3/13/20 11:21 P
Question of the Day CD14456645 5872 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/21/20 11:47 A
When I hear somebody sigh, 'Life is hard,' I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?'” 😂 MUSTLOVEROCK 12 NITEMAN3D
3/12/20 1:04 P
Healthy lifestyle benefit. Old me would have glanced out the window and said that's a really pretty TIKITAMI 20 KOALA_BEAR
3/10/20 2:48 A
Message Removed CD25286720 18 HUFFELPOWELL16
3/10/20 8:17 A
Couldn’t agree more! The scale does not define who I am! #Selflove ❤️ MUSTLOVEROCK 23 _RAMONA
3/10/20 1:46 A
What do you do for fun? MILLER-S 33 BOB5148
3/13/20 10:16 A
Happy Sunday! & Happy Birthday to me! 🥳🎂 MUSTLOVEROCK 34 MUSTLOVEROCK
3/9/20 3:20 P
#Selflove is on the top of my to do list today. MUSTLOVEROCK 3 AOKDIET21
3/9/20 3:30 P
I have a dumb question, but why does some of the nutrients show up more then once on the daily chart ONETHM 2 MUSTLOVEROCK
3/6/20 3:21 P
For those of us that do, hang tough! HWNHMMBRD 13 DAWNWATERWOMAN
3/6/20 9:30 P
Not meat! This is shredded jackfruit, spiced and dried in the oven, ready to add to chili for a grea -POOKIE- 16 MADEINBRITAIN
3/7/20 3:09 A
Has anybody tasted the new El Pollo Loco Chickenless tacos? It makes me really happy every time a me MUSTLOVEROCK 5 MUSTLOVEROCK
3/6/20 12:10 A
Posted a photo GOODFELINE 29 _RAMONA
3/6/20 2:03 A
Started my diet back up 1/31/2020 and I have lost 17lbs so far. I have a long way to go but I am enc LWEBB0 19 _RAMONA
3/6/20 1:26 A
Just finished up P90X Chest and Back followed by Ab Ripper X. I love that I can almost keep up with ANTMAID81 16 DBEAU57
3/5/20 1:00 A
5/6/20 8:16 A
Congrats to March people! KRISUA 7 KRISUA
3/4/20 10:42 P
3/3/20 10:42 P
Don't text while driving today. NEPTUNE1939 5 MUSTLOVEROCK
3/3/20 3:50 P
Time for another cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 6 MUSTLOVEROCK
3/3/20 3:49 P
Feeling motivated today thanks to @LIVINHEALTHY9 and @NIGHTGLOW you guys are awesome, I'm so lucky t MUSTLOVEROCK 4 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/2/20 8:16 P