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A to Z compound words TIYMEKAI 20539 NANHBH
7/4/20 10:04 P
NEW!! Last names A to Z WOLFSPIRITS 21184 THREEE
7/4/20 9:46 P
A Grocery Store Item A to Z WOLFSPIRITS 73880 THREEE
7/4/20 9:49 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 6 TERMITEMOM
7/4/20 9:12 P
I am proud of the country I live in, but even more proud of those that are stepping up to make it be RUNNINGRAFE 15 GEORGE815
7/4/20 8:58 P
Now I'm ready for 4th of July party I made two different salads so it'll be fun MSAAMAANDAA 11 GEORGE815
7/4/20 9:02 P
Saw these beautiful hydrangeas bushes on my walk this morning DEBBRALE 35 GMACAMI
7/4/20 10:11 P
God bless America! NANHBH 13 GEORGE815
7/4/20 8:49 P
7-4-2020 God bless America! 100,000 people coming to LV to visit, we are home after my hike in natu SPARKLINGME176 8 DGRIFFITH51
7/4/20 8:36 P
Land Of The Free Because of the Brave Let Freedom Ring! GO_GAL_GROW 24 1CRAZYDOG
7/4/20 6:56 P
7/4/20 5:12 P
Tomorrow The 4th of July. There is a lot of social unrest right now just as we have had several time LIVINGLOVINLIFE 17 _RAMONA
7/4/20 2:17 A
"One must not trifle with love."-Alfred de Musset SWEETNEEY 13 ELSCO55
7/3/20 9:53 P
7/4/20 5:13 P
How's your cooking? BARBIEE52 35 VALLEYGIRLSPAGE
7/4/20 3:25 P
Keep your fur babies close this holiday week. If you are not a pet owner, please be considerate of h NANHBH 18 ROCKYCPA
7/4/20 12:52 P
One more fun Lego hope every one is enjoying a sunny day and getting your water in. SPARKFRAN514 11 WIZARDHOWL
7/4/20 6:46 P
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 48 75HEALTHYME
7/3/20 10:09 P
Going on a riverboat tour today VHAYES04 6 JRDUPREE
7/2/20 10:52 A
I am so grateful for today. IMAGINEJOY 29 GOGETTUM
7/2/20 10:20 A
Wonder how fast we could all go if caught in this specific situation...hope I never have to find out FOREVER_AGAPE 23 RREDFORD5
7/2/20 11:49 A
Four years ago our youngest was married at our house. Taken by the photographer on our dock at sun RUTHIEBEAR 41 WALLAHALLA
7/2/20 8:12 P
Onto another great day #h2whoa 20KAREN 3 TURQUROISE
7/2/20 8:36 A
IDK, I mean, is thin a feeling? Because I definitely FEEL thin today. LOL- not even sure if that mad PHOENIX001 4 KAREN_EDMONDS
7/2/20 8:43 A
Love my besties! EVIE4NOW 21 CATWMNCAT
7/2/20 11:12 A
New month, new goals. Let’s do this! NANHBH 17 ROCKYCPA
7/2/20 9:25 P
I wrote a new blog, today! It will be good all month! I add to it, many times! Check it out & reply, SPARKLINGME176 10 WALLAHALLA
7/2/20 8:11 P
Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians! DEBBRALE 15 CHERRYZMB60
7/1/20 11:32 P
This is dinner. Doing apple and orange later. Of course got to have my half avocado. QSIESUE1960 7 GEORGE815
7/1/20 9:35 P
Seriously, what more could happen this year? NANHBH 18 JTHEALTHY1
7/2/20 8:22 A
Giant cookie for a cheat snack-don’t worry I didn’t eat the whole thing lol GREYSONGREYBAE 9 GEORGE815
7/1/20 9:37 P
Posted a photo FROGGER591 20 HAPPYCPA1965
7/2/20 2:30 P
Wellness Goals Starts with YOU Happy July GO_GAL_GROW 21 NIKKINIKKI136
7/1/20 11:59 P
Happy July everyone lets make it a great one on the journey. here is another Lego creation f SPARKFRAN514 15 NANHBH
7/1/20 4:11 P
A nice refreshing afternoon Strawberry Smoothie 💓 ALLYLIZZY 27 GRAMMY065
7/1/20 1:13 A
I had my granddaughter today. This is one way I entertain, the slip and slide with bubbles! 😂 She t MYKDSRDRVNMECRZ 19 LAH1222
6/30/20 11:27 P
Posted a photo LJBOWSER1 19 LAH1222
6/30/20 11:28 P
What next? NANHBH 19 ORTATK
7/1/20 10:11 A
I sure do love buying from our local farmers market, these cucumbers are huge and the best I’ve ever RVLIFE6859 15 NANHBH
6/30/20 6:17 P
Celebrating A Milestone Today GO_GAL_GROW 98 GRAMMY065
7/1/20 1:18 A
…:::Staying positive ... 2BDYNAMIC 38 JAMER123
7/1/20 11:00 P
Beautiful weather in California today in the low 80’s. Went suntanning. Enjoy your evening! 💕 ALLYLIZZY 17 NAVYWIFESKI
6/30/20 7:43 A
Nighttime walks are among my favorites DAD_AINT_HIP 11 KATHRYNGC
6/29/20 11:17 P
#BeforeAndAfter As promised! A total of 81 bags of red cedar mulch .. approximately 40 pounds each I-AM-TITANIUM-2 14 PEGJW111
6/30/20 1:36 A
This has been another one of those days that just flew by due to being over tired and sleeping most SAINTBERNARD6 7 NANHBH
6/29/20 11:08 P
Trying to be perfect is overrated. NANHBH 12 ROCKYCPA
6/30/20 2:35 P
Hard to believe this is made of Lego! its a part of a exhibit at the Denver Museum of Natura SPARKFRAN514 15 WIZARDHOWL
7/1/20 12:00 A
Rise and shine. It's a beautiful Monday! HICKOK-HALEY 29 EDLEAR
6/30/20 4:50 A
...:::The mystery remains.. 2BDYNAMIC 36 GABY1948
6/30/20 1:10 P
lets make the last days of June Sparky SPARKFRAN514 19 WIZARDHOWL
7/1/20 12:01 A
WoW finally hit my goal weight ! I’m so happy 😁 now the hard part maintaining it menopause isn’t E ENNAZUS176 128 NIKKINIKKI136
6/28/20 11:45 P
Inspirational Thoughts ~ DGFOWLER 20 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
6/29/20 9:08 A
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 18 AZMOMXTWO
6/28/20 5:49 P
This is why I need my Spark team. LJBOWSER1 9 GEORGE815
6/28/20 11:25 A
Getting back into the swing of things, and walk my dog Emma. HICKOK-HALEY 40 BLESSED2BEME
6/29/20 11:16 A
Good Saturday Morning! Aligned, Centered, Calm, True! Choose This You Today. Blessed Saturday To GO_GAL_GROW 30 NANHBH
6/28/20 9:08 A
Happy Saturday! Make it the best day possible! HOLLYM48 23 SPEDED2
6/27/20 11:18 P
Awe Yeah ❣️ You know what time it is ❤️☕️✨ I woke up and put on my SASSY 👖 ( and I have a back up p STILLSPARKLEIGH 73 NENEBFIT
6/28/20 5:32 A
Have a fabulous Saturday! NANHBH 10 ROCKYCPA
6/27/20 10:21 P
Posted a goal DENA105 28 GEORGE815
6/27/20 2:51 P
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 27 JAMER123
6/27/20 10:16 P
I could not be more excited to find out that Australia/NZ are hosting the womens world cup in 2023!! 21SPONGEBOB21 15 GEORGE815
6/26/20 5:54 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 34 GABY1948
6/28/20 11:33 A
The weekend sure took its time getting here. Sunday is going to be a beach day. ELIR_KVOTHE 20 GEORGE815
6/26/20 5:50 P
YES .. I saw the end of both rainbows! I-AM-TITANIUM-2 117 KAYDE53
6/26/20 10:02 P
You have moments in life that you seem to be waiting for to be perfect, don't wait, enjoy the moment BOMBCHELL23 44 GEORGE815
6/26/20 5:43 P
✍ Hope you're taking care of business Today's Healthy-Happy Do List . . . 🌟 Preparing for Exc JAMESEVER 18 GEORGE815
6/26/20 5:48 P
Five Ws... NANHBH 17 GEORGE815
6/26/20 5:48 P
Lighten the load and ... 2BDYNAMIC 31 GABY1948
6/27/20 3:43 P
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 36 JAMER123
6/26/20 11:29 P
Gotta agree with this. EVIE4NOW 28 ERIN_POSCH
6/26/20 11:13 A
Made sloppy Joes with extra lean ground turkey plus extra veggies (peppers, carrots, onions and cele JANIMOEN 16 GEORGE815
6/25/20 7:13 P
Colonoscopy results .... everything looked perfect, don't have to have another one for 5 years. DM2020 22 NENEBFIT
6/26/20 12:18 A
Well, how is it goin' today, wonderful Sparklers? Enjoy a sunny flower while we do all we can to get RREDFORD5 19 JRDUPREE
6/26/20 1:35 A
Last peas of spring. Hopefully there’ll be another spring and more peas next year. SNYDERDEANJ 14 GEORGE815
6/25/20 7:10 P