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I overdid it yesterday and feel like I don't deserve to eat today. PUPPYBUG 10 KURTZIE1998
2/16/20 11:14 P
Today I had great fun using my new gas powered chain saw. Another tree pile burned. NOLAHORSERIDER 7 LOVENHWOODS
2/16/20 10:28 A
The sky after sunset. 🌊✨ ALLYLIZZY 31 CHEIVOUS
2/15/20 9:58 A
I had a moment today in the dressing room at Norby’s. I found this amazing dress and jean jacket tha BEAGLEGIRL79 307 SMITHL72
2/12/20 10:25 P
Posted a photo TEXASJENNE 27 LWLAR7
2/11/20 3:45 A
#BeforeAndAfter 13 more lbs to go. JCMATT58 59 LISAMARIE2015
2/15/20 9:01 P
I have had a great weekend. We had high winds which broke some large branches and also blew down a h NOLAHORSERIDER 6 AQUAGIRL08
2/10/20 9:36 A
Message Removed CD320440 433 L*I*T*A*
2/2/20 11:32 P
Weekly Landing Bonus Information! HICIM705 91 SPEEDY143
2/16/20 8:27 P
I'm enjoying my 64th birthday today! #foodfeats JSTETSER 268 CGARR442
1/30/20 11:02 P
What a beautiful day today was. NOLAHORSERIDER 3 WHYTEBROWN
1/27/20 6:56 P
It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but I’m keeping with it, y’all. As always, apologies fo TXMURDERINO 79 NIKO27
1/26/20 7:19 P
Today we met at the church to practice some songs. Man, we practiced for over 4 hours. I thought my NOLAHORSERIDER 6 LOVENHWOODS
1/25/20 10:09 A
1/25/20 7:18 A
Posted a photo MARJOHN164 21 GMACAMI
1/23/20 8:57 P
Today I walked the dogs several times and then drug trees and limbs to the burn pit. I learned how t NOLAHORSERIDER 10 LOVENHWOODS
1/24/20 6:19 A
Post Your Daily Log-In and Team Bonus Flags Here ! CANNINGNANNY 5169 GREYTDOLPHIN
2/18/20 12:32 A
Hello spark people family. I'm checking in. I haven't been perfect but I have been slowly but stea MUSICLADY923 64 LE_SIGH
1/21/20 10:31 A
Turning in now. Wishing everyone a good night's sleep. NOLAHORSERIDER 9 BARB4HEALTH
1/20/20 1:18 P
Chat Corner--Let's Take a Break! 2BDYNAMIC 1325 CHERIRIDDELL
2/18/20 12:57 A
So here my story.... A few years ago (3?) I had the moment where you look in the mirror and are jus MBIERAUGLE 10 ARNETTELEE
1/20/20 6:46 A
Remember the spinning Ice Disk that formed last year in Westbrook Maine? It's BACK!!! WOW!! I am s DIANEDOESSMILES 23 75HEALTHYME
1/19/20 5:15 P
I had a good morning today. Weighed in and I am now down 10 lbs. Still 40 to go but feeling great 257MAGGIE 11 APEG202
1/19/20 9:50 A
My weight is finally coming down. I am hoping for one pound a week. NOLAHORSERIDER 9 AQUAGIRL08
1/19/20 12:00 P
To the left... me last year... 28 of december 2018. To right me 28 of december 2019. 24 poned less a JCMURILLOF 41 CSEGUIN2
1/19/20 12:00 P
Down 60 lbs and 20 more to hit my goal! Then we will see if another 20 is needed. HEALTHYLISA 161 49LINDA77
1/19/20 5:11 P
7.5 litres of vegetarian chili! Had so much I couldn't fit all the pre-cooked beans in the pot so h -POOKIE- 16 HIPPICHICK1
1/20/20 8:48 A
Last night I had 2 servings of a digiorno pizza and a couple of beers.. I was afraid to see how much CAMN2010 10 KOALA_BEAR
1/18/20 11:51 P
Offically Plateaued. Depressed about it honestly. I have been on keto for a few months, went from 23 SHANNONMCNULTY1 7 FRISKYCRITTER
1/19/20 7:08 A
Yesterday I helped wash and wax the horse trailer I was using as a camping trailer. Whew. It just wo NOLAHORSERIDER 3 LOVENHWOODS
1/19/20 8:08 A
-Share Something About Yourself- 2BDYNAMIC 578 FRAN0426
2/6/20 6:19 P
I am 29 years old. About a year ago I was finally almost to my goal weight and was surprised with a ANNA6031 18 DAJODU
1/16/20 6:16 P
Posted a photo MARJOHN164 13 ARNETTELEE
1/16/20 6:28 A
Household items A to Z 52BINCE 5329 FRAN0426
2/18/20 12:34 A
A to Z USA Locations 2BDYNAMIC 3841 FRAN0426
2/18/20 12:35 A
Last names A-Z 2BDYNAMIC 894 FRAN0426
2/18/20 12:39 A
Your Time and Weather 2BDYNAMIC 486 GRANDP
1/16/20 1:50 P
My ear is still having bouts of pain, but overall I am doing good. I am so happy. I think ear aches NOLAHORSERIDER 7 SABLENESS
1/16/20 6:34 A
I’ve officially made it into the 1’s....Woohoo!!!!! I haven’t seen a 1 in front on the scale since t GINGERMONKEY21 177 MINILOVER1
1/15/20 4:25 A
1-11-2020 Yesterdays hike (2 hours) at the Nature Preserve, was so fun! I watched an Egret take flig SPARKLINGME176 17 GARDENCHRIS
1/13/20 12:10 P
52 minute spinning class #moveit MOINSDEMOI 4 BILLTHOMSON
1/13/20 5:50 A
I have had an ear ache most of the day..Feels like a knife is stuck in it! Grrrrrr NOLAHORSERIDER 11 1CRAZYDOG
1/13/20 5:49 P
Keto Cinnamon Rolls! Today I made time to try out a new recipe I ran across last night, and I am rea FASHIONROADKILL 35 VGORDON3
1/21/20 6:45 P
Birthday Girl #BeforeAndAfter JANETHERRING88 206 RODRIGUEZ41508
2/1/20 9:46 A
We’ve been getting lots of sunny days in California so far this Winter. Currently 57 degrees here. ALLYLIZZY 18 JRDUPREE
1/6/20 11:39 P
I know it is Cliche but I am back again to spark this is my year to finally focus on me. #newbie WELCOMINGCHANGE 5 MACHOSHELBY
1/16/20 5:59 A
I’m nowhere near even the minimum number of calories in my range. Is that bad? CATHYKEMPHARVEY 6 CATDUCK1
1/6/20 8:38 P
Oh, the horror! 😂 SURFIE 25 JAMESEVER
1/8/20 10:42 P
Well I am back bigger than ever and I figured 90x1degree changes is easier than 1x90 degree change.. SCHWABENGIRL 6 EVIE4NOW
1/7/20 12:14 A
Slow cooker cabbage roll soup - no rice. Keto friendly. ROSALIE28 27 COOKWITHME65
1/18/20 10:02 A
Stuffed bell peppers with broccoli...( stuffing)?turkey, bell peppers and onion, spicy cheese and ol BEARHUGG81 15 EVIE4NOW
1/7/20 12:03 A
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 11 DUCKTURNIP
1/7/20 8:43 P
shovelling snow all day LEANJEAN6 41 CTUPTON
1/11/20 10:40 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 EVIE4NOW
1/7/20 12:34 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 TOMSGAL85
1/7/20 5:39 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 EVIE4NOW
1/7/20 12:33 A
1/6/20 6:32 P
Found out that I neglected to grease the ball on the truck before we left for camping. A quick fix w NOLAHORSERIDER 5 ILOVEROSES
1/7/20 8:43 A
New Year, Same Goals.. to become the best version of myself, possible. 60 lbs gone and the best is s SIMPLYKEN32 115 CHERIRODRIGUEZ
1/21/20 7:45 A
My fitbit is not tracking my minutes correctly Today. Had to enter them manually. Steps are right I LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 MORTICIAADDAMS
1/5/20 1:36 P
I have come back to Sparkpeople with improved motivation and determination. I know I can do this. SWRIGHTSON 16 SWRIGHTSON
1/5/20 12:26 P
my friend who took care of Racey sent this to me while i was gone and it made me smile. SPARKFRAN514 28 GABY1948
1/7/20 6:00 P
Sciatic nerve is no joke. Flared up on Thursday and it's still going strong tonight. MRSTUGGY 8 CSROBERTSON621
1/4/20 11:26 P
Had to come home from camping this weekend due to storms that popped in. Plus it is going to be supe NOLAHORSERIDER 5 ILOVEROSES
1/6/20 7:39 A
What a great day we had here in Florida. Just perfect. NOLAHORSERIDER 5 SABLENESS
1/1/20 1:04 P
Last ✨sunset✨ of the decade. 🌟🌟🌟 Goodbye 2019. Hello 2020! 🌟💫✨ ALLYLIZZY 31 BLUECAFE
12/31/19 7:44 P
Revamped my goals and already starting instead of waiting til 2020. 2 sets of 10 minutes on this ba LIZSPRINGSTEEN 27 LOVENHWOODS
12/31/19 9:10 A
Today i am yet again restarting my weight loss journey. This past year hit me hard - readjusting to DVSBUNNY 88 FAIRVIEWBONNIE
12/31/19 9:00 A
I need Fitbit friends to do challenges with. Add me. DAVINA811 4 DIANEDOESSMILES
12/30/19 12:50 A
Had a blessed day. Sang two new songs at the 5th Sunday sing. Love our church family! NOLAHORSERIDER 11 IAMAGEMLOVER
12/30/19 10:40 A
Had a great day today. Washed, waxed and vacuumed my truck. WooHoo! NOLAHORSERIDER 10 HOLLYM48
12/27/19 9:29 A
I forgot to take my Fitbit off the charger today. Booooo.. Now my steps won't calculate correctly... NOLAHORSERIDER 13 SUSIEMT
12/23/19 4:43 P
Daddy got this today at a thrift shop. I can sit in my home and pedal. This is small, which is nice SISSYSTEPHENS28 15 EVIE4NOW
12/22/19 10:15 A
Posted a photo SMITHL72 20 EVIE4NOW
12/22/19 10:27 A
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Just finished one hour of Leslie Sansone Work it out video NOLAHORSERIDER 10 ILOVEROSES
12/21/19 9:36 A