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May I ask a question? I ate on track yesterday and I am a month into this and I still get scared I GRETCHJOY 5 NOVELAFAN
8/4/20 9:26 A
Are you getting a little bit of Isaias like I am? What are you planning for an inside workout? I'm t KJONES1971 3 NOVELAFAN
8/4/20 9:20 A
I wasn't feeling it yesterday, but I did it! Awesome way to start my week! LALAP1012 38 YMWONG22
8/4/20 9:27 A
The calm before the storm, batten down the hatches. JIMIPAGE29 21 4EVERDIETER
8/4/20 10:19 A
The first thing in my mouth today, 16 oz of water. This is destined to be a good day. Now, for coffe BRUCELANGLEY 22 NANCYPAT1
8/4/20 9:53 A
8/4/20 9:49 A
Does anybody else use the Stealth for planking? How do you record the workout? My sone is demoing h FLORIDABELLE83 10 RO2BENT
8/4/20 9:49 A
I saw these beautiful, blooming trees on my walk this morning. JENNIFERBR51 20 4EVERDIETER
8/4/20 10:21 A
Hydration Station in effect. I've already finished 64 ounces from midnight to 7 a.m. Refilled and st FITWITHIN 14 ENOCRECMAS
8/4/20 9:28 A
Just a thought EVIE4NOW 46 LKASOFF
8/4/20 10:30 A
When John and I were in the checkout line at Walmart, there was a teacher behind us. I just had to s QSIESUE1960 4 SHOLAWAY19
8/3/20 8:07 P
Astrid is sticking close to mom today! And I to her. Had to do cervical MRI today and it was very GRAMMY065 11 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/4/20 6:29 A
I am getting closer..... SISSYFEB48 25 LWLAR7
8/4/20 1:42 A
Walked around all day saying "Never Miss A Monday, I have to workout"... about an hour or so ago hub CATWMNCAT 29 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/4/20 6:25 A
I feel so excited for real me and my two beautiful girls worked out with me today ya RIAH52 26 CNUGIN
8/4/20 7:12 A
Beautiful, but hot and humid ride today. VFR4US 11 LWLAR7
8/4/20 1:43 A
A collection of treasures today. I rewarded mysel AMYINTHEWILD 19 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/4/20 9:16 A
Trying something new. Going to SAVE each new weight on my phone as the wallpaper and screen saver. NOVELAFAN 10 DEBBIEDOODLE65
8/3/20 8:10 P
Sauteed cabbage and marinated tofu... thanks @NAVYWIFESKI I marinated the tofu in your sriracha mari CATWMNCAT 24 PCK12J
8/4/20 12:18 A
Just chicking on everyone... BRUCELANGLEY 17 JER-BER
8/3/20 9:10 P
This is my favorite new thing. Still low impact enough for my bum knees and shoulders as long as I RAERAERAE62 21 COMEBACKKID12
8/4/20 12:39 A
Posted a photo TBOYD5000 20 RACHAEL2020
8/3/20 6:04 P
Always a favorite spot for me and Miss Bitty Mae. It's where she learned to swim. And chase ducks! L JEWELRYLOVER 23 NAVYWIFESKI
8/3/20 9:18 P
So excited to share my progress. I knew it would t GETFITWITHNIC 131 TCANNO
8/4/20 2:12 A
Marc and I on a hike GREENGEENY3 14 QSIESUE1960
8/3/20 6:56 P
Last night’s sunset. It looked like the sky was on fire 🔥 NANHBH 20 SLASALLE
8/2/20 11:41 A
Starting an am walk on the vacation. K_BRADLEY1 16 ERIN_POSCH
8/2/20 10:07 A
Little bird in my Japanese Maple tree. I hope you all have a blessed Sunday. RUTHIEBEAR 26 DEE107
8/3/20 12:27 A
After 2 weeks and one day of running 4 days a week and changing my diet to be more healthy and consi LIZISHAPPY4LIFE 15 CATWMNCAT
8/2/20 11:52 A
8/2/20 3:33 P
It's just gotta get better, right? EVIE4NOW 63 PWILLOW1
8/2/20 5:33 P
Today is my 70th. Birthday! And this granddaughter who was born on MY birthday is 30 today!! They ga MHUMBERS1950 247 GMACAMI
8/2/20 11:33 P
Oregano, mint, basil, and rosemary are doing well. Enjoying cooking with our fresh herbs from our do MARIECHRISTINE5 18 NOVELAFAN
8/1/20 12:37 A
It's weird to be devastated by a normal CT scan. I was really hoping for an answer to my hip/abdomen MICULTRA8 6 NAVYWIFESKI
8/1/20 11:08 A
Down to 59 lbs DBEREV 30 GMACAMI
8/1/20 11:16 A
Jeeze, my only option to get ADA accommodations as a teacher is to stay obese, since my advanced age DZANII 8 DZANII
8/1/20 10:19 A
Is it bad to put off house cleaning for a few days so i will have some activities to do in the heat MCATLEDGE 2 NOVELAFAN
8/1/20 12:19 A
8/1/20 1:33 A
Posted a photoYesterday was my 5 year CANCERvesery BARROW6 27 GABIRUSZCZAK
8/1/20 9:51 A
8/1/20 6:51 P
To the ones who commented on my snake here is another pic with his keyhole marking. SHELLYHARNDEN62 5 ZRIE014
8/1/20 12:26 A
First photo is me at 310 pounds. The second some where between 265-260. Im not sure as I dont have a WRITERSQUIRREL 16 CNUGIN
8/1/20 9:51 A
Offically a size 12 from a 28/30 womens plus size Next Goal size 10 #BeforeAndAfter ANNIEROKOV 43 COOKWITHME65
8/2/20 3:57 P
I'm excited about setting up my August Spark page - I always like to refresh my page at the beginnin SWEETENUFGILL 19 WIZARDHOWL
8/1/20 6:50 P
My sweet baby girl Cricket ate pieces of a cork coaster two days ago. She has not been feeling grea BMHINER 27 ALLYLIZZY
7/31/20 1:41 P
Well eating at 5am has already proved unproductive. I was do worried I would be starving at my job YISKAMIRYAM 5 YISKAMIRYAM
7/31/20 1:34 P
Windows open! Humidity gone! FIINALEE 4 SMORSEBVR
7/31/20 8:06 A
Posted a photo JENNIFERBR51 14 JENNIFERBR51
7/31/20 3:02 P
7/31/20 5:01 P
Took over 2 years but finally broke a stubborn plateau! LAURASDAD 18 BANKER-CHUCK
7/31/20 8:56 A
I'm gonna do this, bit by bit...morning pep talk w NEWRUNNERCLARE 26 1BLAZER282005
7/31/20 8:56 A
We know what we need to do... Then we are sad when we don't do what we need to do.... We have &/or CINDY247 33 PATRICIA-CR
7/31/20 4:47 P
TGIF!!! Never look back and regret your past decisions, no matter how awful they were. Every mistak MIAMI_LILLY 30 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/1/20 7:05 P
Happy Friday Spark Friends!!! Have any plans for your weekend? FLASUN 46 JAMER123
8/1/20 10:50 P
Good morning! Slept last night 🤗 and got in about 35 minutes of P90X shoulders and arms this mornin JER-BER 37 LILIANN400
7/31/20 3:25 P
Last day of July sparkers -- let us hope for a better August - a safe vaccine for us all be happy TRAILWALKERJO54 22 GRAMMY065
7/31/20 2:23 P
Picture day! FOTOLEXIC 246 JAMER123
8/1/20 10:50 P
Great NSV today! Slipped easily into a pair of size 18 jeans that are almost too loose for no belt! JEWELRYLOVER 25 SHOAPIE
7/29/20 9:55 P
I've got this! #goalfeats JSTETSER 26 MADEINBRITAIN
7/30/20 4:17 A
whoever is in charge of the weather forgot to rain on Manchester (UK) for a few hours, so I quickly AGGIELIZ 5 GRAMMY065
7/29/20 3:50 P
Good morning Spark friends and welcome to Hump Day!! Was in bed all day yesterday with migraine, but QSIESUE1960 7 MCBETH
7/29/20 7:34 A
Eating fresh veggies! #foodfeats JSTETSER 40 GABY1948
7/30/20 1:01 P
Good morning spark friends, happy Wednesday! We can learn so much from our furry little friends. Do CARLOSLAKELAND 29 AQUAGIRL08
7/29/20 5:03 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 26 MOMMACAT57
7/29/20 11:31 A
Good Morning from NC! TFORD200 25 GMACAMI
7/29/20 12:08 P
Skinnytaste's crustless broccoli quiche. MARSHASHADOW 17 GMACAMI
7/29/20 12:09 P
Finally surgery day. I'm optimistic that the outcome will be successful. They're using robot and I h 1BLAZER282005 74 JER-BER
8/3/20 2:02 A
Please pray for my hubby today he is running 33 miles (he signed up for a 10k, but wants to accompli RENEEMI 21 STEVE-RUNNER
7/28/20 2:26 P
2020 has not been my best year. Guess who's back? VEG_GIRL04 18 VEG_GIRL04
7/28/20 12:28 P
Breakfast this fabulous Tuesday morning is a BLT ( 2 slices turkey bacon, tomato & lettuce on a whol MELISSALYNN0323 8 MELISSALYNN0323
7/28/20 2:10 P
First I want to Thank everyone for yesterdays compliments I was asked did I have some kind of wt lo ANNIEROKOV 24 JOY468
7/28/20 11:44 A
Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader LILMEMEJEAN 21 LASTDIET2017
7/28/20 12:55 P
My best friend and fitness buddy! JOANNEJI 34 COMEBACKKID12
7/29/20 12:03 A
Day 2 of pre tracking every bite..... it starts with toggling between the good stuff 💦#h2whoa and t STILLSPARKLEIGH 67 TEXASHSMOMOF3
7/28/20 11:06 P
Found my gown yesterday extremely happy SEAWITCH10 183 KEONEE
7/28/20 11:23 P